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The Tonka Bean with its flavor that sails between almonds, caramel, vanilla and tobacco, will take you to a kitchen. Arnaud Sion, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina will meet our producer partners with our Pick-Up In Brazil. Buy the best tonka bean online directly from the producer to the consumer. For our tonka bean we have two sources of supply one in the Para in Brazil and the other in the state of Amazonas.

Tonka bean - Brazil

Tonka bean is originally from Brazil, it gives a fragrance with notes of almond, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. It is an incomparable fruit. Its taste is warm and delicious. It can be gently infused in milk for pastries, but it can be used on veal like grilled shrimp. Bean power: 9/10 Main notes: Almond, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and tobacco Use: Savory...
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Tonka Bean From Amazon - 50g

The Tonka bean is originally from Brazil, it gives a fragrance with notes of almond, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. It is an incomparable fruit. Its taste is warm and delicious with a slight bitterness close to cocoa. It can be gently infused in milk for pastries, but it can be used on veal like grilled shrimp. 50g bottle Bean power: 9/10 Main notes:...

Tonka Bean From Amazon - Kilo

The Tonka bean from Amazonia, it also names the beautiful from Amazonia. Our Tonka bean comes from the State of Para in Brazil. The Tonka bean gives a warm and very delicious fragrance with notes of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. It is delicious in desserts, fish, vegetables, crustaceans and white meats. Bean power: 9/10 Main notes: Almond, caramel,...

The story of the tonka bean

All about tonka bean

Arnaud Sion Importer of Tonka Bean from Brazil

Tonka Beans in Brazil Pastry What's it?


The name of the tonka bean is also called cumaru fava and its taste comes from coumarin.

Coumarin refers to the main substance of the tonka bean.

It is first of all a black seed that will come from Brazilian teak. Its scientific name is Dipteryx odorata.

This tree is gigantic, it can reach about 30m in height and can live more than 1000 years. It is a majestic tree.

You can also find teak fruit in Venezuela, French Guiana and sometimes in the Caribbean.

Teak Fruit - Tonka Bean


Inside the teak fruit that is as big as a mango is going to be a mango.

When the time of harvest comes, the red-colored seed will be dried in the sun and dipped in alcohol.

The size of the tonka bean is equivalent to an almond.


The Tonka Word


The word tonka comes from tupi guarani.

The taste of tonka bean

What are the tastes of tonka beans at Pastry


The tonka bean or cumaru fava in Brazil has a complex aroma, suave, captivating that invites to the culinary journey. It is very difficult to summarize in a few words the taste of tonka because this spice offers an impressive aromatic palette. The taste of the tonka bean is reminiscent of vanilla, chocolate, almond, caramel and tobacco.

The Amazonian Indians and the Mythology of the Tonka Bean

Abaçai is not only the Brazilian subsidiary of Comptoir de Toamasina, but it is the god of the spirits of the forest.

In mythology, one holds the tonka bean in the left hand and a dead snake in the right. Tradition has it that the tonka bean is thrown into the stream and that the snake is caught in the highest branches of the teak.

Its rarity and unique taste makes it a rather expensive spice and beware, it is prohibited for import into the United States. Did you know that deforestation with soy causes teaks to drop.

Abaçai by Comptoir de Toamasina is our Brazilian subsidiary.

Why do I have to buy and discover the Tonka Bean?

Buy the best tonka beans from Brazil in France

Tonka beans - Brazil

If you do not know it yet, then go for it, tonka bean is an incredible discovery.

She is full of aromatic flavors and symphony will invade you.

But beware some graters are enough.

The Tonka Bean is for me a "must" to have in his kitchen. It's simple, when you take Tonka beans of excellent quality and make them feel, the effect is immediate!

The spice offers powerful and feminine notes. It is used readily as a substitute for vanilla in English creams, salty dishes and especially chocolate desserts.

How to use in the kitchen tonka beans from Brazil pastry?

How to use the tonka bean in the salty or sweet cuisine?


To use the tonka bean optimally in the pastry shop, we advise you to grate it or grind it at the last moment to preserve the aromas of the tonka bean.

Never buy ground tonka beans because they do not express the real flavors of the bean.

When you go to use the bean, you have to go slowly because it is a cocktail of flavors.

It is better to put in enough and add later. Did you know that it can be infused gently so that its flavors are diffused.

We will use it a lot in desserts and sweet cooking or it will make a substitute use of vanilla.

This little princess from Amazonia will marry wonderfully with chocolate, chocolate mousse, creams, cakes, truffles, chocolate pies, apple pies, cakes, fondant ....

You will love the tonka bean in creams: crème brûlée, butter cream, custard, vanilla cream.

But we can use it especially in dessert pastas such as pancakes, waffles, cookies, cookies, pastry, ice cream, as we told you in the pancakes with frangipane .....

It can also be used in the preparation of dessert doughs such as pancake pasta, waffle dough, pie dough, and your cookie mixes, cookies, yoghurt cake, pastry, icings, frangipane, rolled cake, cupcakes , cheesecake, greedy, dessert, etc.

Use it too with your fruity desserts: pies, fruit salads, compote, baked apple, etc.

Tonka beans in the salty cuisine:

Although the main use of the tonka bean is pastry or desserts, but we love it in the salty cuisine.

Tonka beans are going to be delicious with seafood: scallops, lobster, prawns, langoustines or in the simple fish like the Indian of Amazonia.

Did you know that Amazonian Indians also use acai powder in fish.


In Brazil, with great chefs that we supply in vanilla from Madagascar, we have discovered recipes for soups, soups and soups. It is a divine wonder that only Abaçai can offer us.

Discover our articles on the price of vanilla

It will deliciously accommodate seafood: scallops, lobsters, prawns, langoustines, etc.

Do not hesitate to add some in your soups, soups and velvety, it's divine!

To be sure of the success of the association, use the bean with pumpkin or sweet potato.

Synergies with tonka bean


The tonka bean goes well with Brazilian nutmeg, acai and guarana. But also in a béchamels, purées or Parmentiers to increase the taste.

Tonka Bean Pastry Recipes

Recipes with Brazil Tonka Bean
Tonka beans - Purchase, use and recipes

Importer and Wholesaler of Tonka Bean from Brazil to Pastry

Tonka beans from the Toamasina counter come directly from our producer in the state of Pará. To arrive there it takes 36 hours non-stop 4x4 from Belo Horizonte. Comptoir de Toamasina has its own subsidiary in Brazil Abaçai. Arnaud Sion goes every year to look for the tonka beans from Brazil brought from our pick-up.

Arnaud Sion selects Brazilian tonka beans from our producer's plantation.

You will discover tonka beans the largest beans with the best flavors.

If you are looking for exceptional tonka beans, they will be available only here.

My search for spices with leitmotiv excellence takes here all its meaning.

You will have for the first time in your hands, fresh Tonka beans, harvested by rural producers. (Attention indigenous people no longer produce tonka beans).

Did you know that tonka beans are ideal for replacing vanilla in baking.

Arnaud Sion Tonka bean researcher in Brazil
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