20 Vanilla Pods from Tahiti Tahaa
20 Vanilla Pods from Tahiti Tahaa
20 Vanilla Pods from Tahiti Tahaa
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20 Vanilla Pods from Tahiti Tahaa
20 Vanilla Pods from Tahiti Tahaa
20 Vanilla Pods from Tahiti Tahaa

20 Vanilla Pods from Tahiti Tahaa

20 vanilla pods of Tahiti Tahaa  with a length of 14cm. It is a winning vanilla from year to year thanks to the know-how of the producers and preparers Tahitian. Our vanilla Tahaa will be characterized by a  vanilla pod very oily, oily with a beautiful dress wrinkled, with extraordinary perfume.20 vanilla pods of Tahiti Tahaa.

  • Main notes: anise and prunes which gives way to a taste of floral vanilla.
  • Aromatic: The star of pastry. A vanilla pod with an intense fragrance of gourmet vanilla, the most intense of vanilla
  • Quality: Gourmet - Extra
  • Category: Grand Cru

Order online at our Vanilla counter, the Tahitian vanilla pod Tahitensis. A vanilla pod that invites you to a culinary escape with its notes of island flowers.

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Vanilla pod of Tahiti Tahaa

Purchase Tahiti vanilla online at the best price. Find the best vanilla in the world with an essential flavor.

A vanilla pod of excellence for vanilla lovers.

Sale of Tahitensis vanilla pods from Tahiti island of Tahaa. The best of the vanilla bean harvest for you.

Purchase sale of the best vanillle of Tahiti

Vanilla pod of Tahiti Tahaa

Vanilla from French Polynesia, the beautiful Tahitian Vanilla

The  vanilla from Tahiti is a vanilla of goldsmith, c is a vanilla hybrid between the Vanilla planifolia and the Pompona. His name is Vanilla tahitensis but known under the name of vanilla from Tahiti, vanilla Tahaa, Vanilla Bora Bora or Vanilla Raiatea. Between the Different vanilla of Tahiti you have the size that will be different and the taste that is going to be different, a anise flavor prune to chocolate taste. But they will all have a great length in the mouth. This vanilla that comes to us directly from the best producers of Tahiti.

The vanilla from Tahiti is ideal for the whole of the cold preparations, as the creams, yoghurts, blanks, the pastry cream, fruit salads and soups of fruit.

Online sale of wonderful vanilla pods of Tahiti Tahaa, not expensive thanks to our economic conditioning. In the Bag of 20 pods you will find a vanilla from Tahiti of Tahaa. This vanilla is going to offer you an aroma delicately fruity and sweet with a floral extension. This is a flight of extreme flavor. The vanilla from Tahiti Tahaa is a vanilla to taste the difference. At the opening of the bag you will meet with an explosion of flavor with in a first time, a note and anise Pruneau which will continue by a taste of vanilla very subtle typically of the vanilla Tahiti and more specifically of the vanilla from Tahaa. Its fragrance remains extremely long in the mouth.  

The Comptoir de Toamasina creates by Arnaud Sion in 2010 is the specialist of the vanilla from Madagascar since its inception and since June 2016, specialist of the Tahitian Vanilla and of high quality. Taste of the products of exception at the counter of Toamasina.  

Description of the product

Products: 20 vanilla pods of Tahiti Tahaa

Quality: Gourmet

Size: 14cm

Weight of the Pod:  between 4G and 7G

Origin: Tahiti Tahaa

Feature: product of exceptional quality. Vanilla pod very oily and oily, a beautiful dress wrinkled, very shiny with a perfume intoxicating. With an aroma of prunes and of star anise.  

Packaging: sachet

Other conditioning available:  1 clove10 pods gearbox and 250g of vanilla pod pastry format

Conservation of the vanilla pod of Tahiti Tahaa

Conservation of the vanilla pod of Tahiti Tahaa

To keep the vanilla pod of Tahiti Tahaa in box of 10 pods in the best conditions, the counter of Toamasina recommends that you store the extract to the shelter of the light and any impact of temperature.  

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