Timur Berry Nepal 120g

Timur Berry Nepal 120g

Timut pepper or Timur berry is a rare and extraordinary pepper. Timur Bay is surprising on the palate with notes of citrus and more specifically pink grapefruit. A culinary invitation to make fish and salad. 120g fresh sachet of Timut Nepal pepper.

  • Pepper power: 9/10
  • Main Notes: Citrus and pink grapefruit notes
  • Use: Salads, meats, fish, vegetables, fruity and chocolate desserts and Asian cuisine
  • Origin: Nepal - Himalayan foothills

Order your timut pepper online at the best price per kilo and discover this rare pepper known for its intense citrus notes. Extraordinary pepper for creative everyday cooking.

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Timur Berry Nepal 120g

Pimenta Timut de Kathmandu do Nepal Packaging 120g

Timur berries from Kathmandu of Nepal - Timut pepper from Kathmandu of Nepal

Nepal and its capital Kathmandu contains a treasure, an extremely rare false pepper, the bay of Timur.

It can be found on the stalls of Kathmandu, in the spice markets.

It is harvested from August to October in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, by farmers.

Timut pepper or timur berry comes from an exotic land, just like Brazil, which contains natural treasures.

It will develop an extraordinary fragrance between citrus and pink grapefruit which will transform your creative cuisine into a gourmet escape.

Did you know: That he is part of the Szechan family, he is a cousin of Sichuan pepper;

The berries, however, are smaller.

Be careful not to put too much in your recipe because its exotic notes may turn into anesthetic power.

Then you will be able to make sweet or savory dishes with this large rare and intense berry. 

A rare berry with tasty notes of citrus and pink grapefruit also called Timut pepper

What is timut pepper? First of all, the timut pepper originates from Nepal.

It is a pepper that grows only in the wild on a small Nepalese tree in the mountain range of Mahabharat.

Nepalese pepper is also called Timur berry, Timut pepper, Tejpal, Kathmandu pepper, Grapefruit pepper, Nepalese pepper, Pomelo pepper, Timur Pepper timut pepper.

Timut pepper is a very common spice in Nepal, mainly in the Terai region in the south of Nepal. In this region of southern Nepal, timut pepper is consumed daily.

The timut is therefore a berry which resembles Sichuan pepper but in brown brown and in smaller it also has a small black seed inside which is hard and bitter.

You should know that we only consume the pericarp of timut pepper.

Buy pepper, timut berry Zanthoxylum armatum

Purchase and sale of timut pepper. Timut pepper is a rare and refined pepper that belongs to the same family as Sichuan pepper come and discover at Comptoir de Toamasina the best timut pepper imported directly from Nepal. Timut pepper and a nice olfactory surprise a pepper with notes of citrus and pink grapefruit which will enhance your dishes and surprise your guests with its exceptional taste.

Pepper, Timut Bay

The flavors of timut pepper also called timur berry

Timur berry has a strong smell of grapefruit and citrus hence its nickname of grapefruit pepper.

There are also citrus and orange floral notes with a background of exotic fruit flavor on the palate.

The flavor of Timur berry is subtly fruity, delicately flowery with a slight spiciness and a very pleasant anesthetic sensation.

It leaves a trace a length in the mouth of grapefruit citrus it is a fresh and slightly tart fragrance.

Product Description


Product: Timut pepper or Timur bay Nepal

Packaging Resealable bag: 120g

Characteristic: Citrus flavors and more specifically pink grapefruit. An invitation to cook fish, salads.

Origin: Nepal

Other packaging available: Timut Pepper 30g bottle, Timut Pepper 500g economical packaging

Using Timut Pepper in your creative savory and sweet kitchen

On the road to timut pepper

Le poivre timut du Népal s'utilise essentiellement avec des poissons comme des salades. Mais il est agréable dans toutes les cuisines du salées aux sucrées en passant de l’entrées aux desserts et jusqu’aux boissons.

Le poivre Timut peut se concasser et se griller.

On peut le mettre au début ou à la fin de cuisson.

Il est utilisé pour relever subtilement le goût de tous vos produits de mer et les poissons langoustines, homard, noix de Saint-Jacques, langouste, crustacé. Il peut aussi s'utiliser dans la cuisson créole pour aromatiser un poulet coco ou dans le sucre pour des desserts fruités.

Vous pouvez l'ajouter dans les salades de fruits, une mangue ou un ananas à la poêle, les compotes ainsi que dans les confitures. 

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