100 Tonka Beans From Amazon
Fève de Tonka 50g
100 Tonka Beans From Amazon
Fève de Tonka 50g

100 Tonka Beans From Amazon

Tonka bean is originally from Brazil, it gives a fragrance with notes of almond, vanilla and caramel. It is an incomparable fruit. Its taste is warm and delicious.

It can be gently infused in milk for pastries, but it can be used on veal like grilled shrimp.

  • Resealable bag of: 100 beans
  • Bean power: 9/10
  • Main notes: Almond, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and tobacco
  • Use: Savory and sweet cooking
  • Dosage: Grate the bean until you get the power you want
  • Origin and plantation: Brazil, Amazonas state harvested by the indigenous population and Para rural producer

awaken your taste buds with the Amazon spice, the tonka bean. Discover the taste of tonka bean, where to buy the best tonka bean.

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100 Tonka Beans Pará

This is where you go tonka bean at the best price per kilo. A tonka bean with taste for creative recipes.

Our tonka bean comes either from the heart of the Amazon rainforest and from a producer in Para.

We want to bring you in our packaging of 100 tonka beans from Brazil.

A new spice for creative cuisine that will bring a touch of escape to your kitchen. It will grate like a nutmeg.

Purchase Online sale of 100 Tonka Beans, economical packaging, inexpensive, pastry format

Tonka Beans Buy

Buy and Sell Tonka Bean

Buy the best Tonka beans in the world, the Tonka bean from Brazil is of high quality, with white spots in the grooves of the bean, a sign of a high quality Tonka bean.

The names of the tonka bean in the world

In Brazil it is called cumaru fava, it also bears the name Tonka bean (Dipteryx odorata) or Tonka bean, Tonkaboon, Tonkabohne, Tonkowiec wonny, cumaruzeiro, Sarrapia or Haba tonca, Боб тонка, ト ン カ ビ ー ン ズ.

What is the tonka bean and the taste of the tonka bean

The tonka bean is a black seed that comes from Brazilian Teak, it is a gigantic tree from the Amazon that will reach 30m high and will live more than 1000 years. It is a spice which is produced only in South America, Venezuela, Guyana and especially in Brazil more particularly in the State of Pará.

The best tonka beans in the world are produced in the state of Pará. Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the only direct importer with producers of Tonka beans in Brazil in France. Each year Arnaud Sion goes to Pará to discover the best tonka beans and other natural products from this State.

You should know that two tonka beans will be enclosed in the orange fruit of teak. The fruit will look like a mango. During the harvest, the seed is red, we will let it dry for about a year before obtaining the famous black seeds. They are the size of a large almond. The word tonka designates the fruit of Brazilian teak, in the Tupi language. Tupis are an Indian tribe in the Brazilian Amazon. More particular in the State of Amazon and that of Pará

Whole tonka beans

The taste, the flavor of the tonka bean is complex, it is completely unique. It has a natural taste of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, almond and cinnamon. You understand why the tonka bean is a product widely used in the perfume industry.

Tonka bean is a rare spice, that's why its price is high.

Product Description


Product: Tonka bean from Pará in Brazil

Packaging in resealable bag: 100 Tonka beans

Feature: Almond, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon notes

Provenance: Brazil from the State of Pará and Amazonas

Tonka bean wholesaler - buy tonka bean wholesale

the harvest of the Brazilian tonka bean Arnaud vanilled in David's plantation

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the first Franco-Brazilian grocery store to be a tonka bean wholesaler.

We suggest you buy a rare quality tonka bean with exceptional flavor.

We are a wholesaler of tonka beans from Brazil in France and Brazil thanks to our counter.

We buy and sell directly from the best tonka bean plantations with an exceptional sweet almond taste.

If you are looking for a cheap supplier of tonka beans to replace the vanilla bean, this is where you will buy the best Brazilian tonka beans.

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