Vanilla pods: Price per kilo

Arnaud expert in vanilla since 2010

The creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, Arnaud Sion or Arnaud vanilla for his first customers on the Place Sébastopol market in Lille is a specialist in vanilla pod.

Since 2010, it sells vanilla pods of Grand Cru quality for the pleasure of its customers who are pastry chefs or individuals.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we want to offer you only the best of vanilla pods only pods of high quality that can be called vanilla pod Gourmet, Grand Cru, Extra.

The price of a kilo of vanilla for the food industry

vanilla pods price per kilo - arnaud vanilla

The vanilla market is a niche and expert market. There are many parameters to take into account to know the true price of the vanilla pod.

But first of all, you should know that more than 60% of vanilla goes to the food industry, which is by far the largest consumer of vanilla pods.

Vanilla is the favorite perfume of the French but also the first aroma in the world. Whether you go to Brazil, the USA, Belgium or even France, this is the perfume that you find all over the world. Like coffee and cocoa which are also perfumes that consumers love.

You should know that this little princess will enter into many industrial recipes and especially in the making of vanilla ice cream, yogurts, desserts, chocolate and drinks.

And yes, to soften and remove the bitterness from the chocolate, we will add a little vanilla.

Today the vanilla pod is in the form of powder, vanilla extracts, natural vanilla aromas.

Good to know that Coca-Cola will use 10% of the world's vanilla for its sodas.

Climate change an aggravating factor

In Brazil, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina feels the climate change everyone is talking about.

The increase in heavy rain, cyclones bring the vanilla crop into the vagaries of the weather.

A cyclone, heavy rain during flowering and the price of vanilla can soar.

You should know that after a cyclone the vanilla tree will hibernate and the production will be lower.

Knowing that if a foot is torn off, it will take 5 years for a new foot to produce 5kg of green vanilla or 1kg of black vanilla.

Nowadays Papua, Ind and Brazil are starting to produce vanilla and its new productions will smooth out the vanilla market which can react very quickly in the event of a natural disaster.

Good to know that the coast of vanilla in Madagascar may be subject to the cyclone.

Strong demand for vanilla

The vanilla pod is a noble spice. And like all noble spices, the more a society will get richer the more its population wishes to discover this flavor.

Today China will take love of vanilla with its new social class which has purchasing power to buy and discover luxury products.

Because all over the world the vanilla pod is a luxury product.

In Europe, it is considered a black pepper in terms of price, because it is the fruit of our colonization.

Do not forget that it is the French colonists who will start the cultivation of vanilla in Madagascar.

Buy quality vanilla pods

A vanilla pod is not going to come down to a price. But rather a flavor of a vanilla producer.

First you have to buy a vanilla pod from a vanilla producer.

Then the vanilla must be very well refined, with an ideal humidity rate of 35% for the vanilla pod.

A vanilla pod which is harvested at good ripening.

If you want to find out the price of vanilla bean then come and read our article on our blog: The price of vanilla bean from Madagascar and the world.

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