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Discover our range of red teas online, or for purists Rooibos. This is where you will find the best offer for plain Rooibos and Flavored Rooibos (Flavored).

You are going to buy organic or flavored and natural Rooibos teas. We offer a range of Rooibos with Brazilian notes. Including Rooibos flavored with flavors of Brazil.

Our range of tea increases every month with new creations, come and discover them.

Rooibos Nature Super Grade Premium

The Rooibos Nature Super Grade Premium or red tea gives a pleasant drink in the mouth, without any caffeine, a round, slightly sweet taste and a note of red fruits. Light tea, without bitterness, very pleasant for an afternoon or evening. Power of the rooibos: 9/10 Main notes: red and round fruit To savor: The afternoon and to night You will buy here, in...

Rooibos Sun of Brazil (Passion Fruit - Mango)

Rooibos Soleil from Brazil: A very nice blend of supergrade red tea with flowers, natural flavors and pieces of fruit. It is a red tea that is both fruity and very delicious. An ideal tea for the evening that will immerse you in the Carioca universe. Rooibos power: 8/10 Main notes: Passion and mango with the sweetness of rooibos To savor: Afternoon and...

Rooibos Brazilian Winter (Pineapple - Coconut)

Brazil with its wonderful cities, Salvador de Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, its beaches, its magnificent nature, its fruits, its flamboyant and its samba. Thanks to our Brazilian winter Rooibos delicately scented with pineapple and coconut. You will find all the atmosphere and the sweetness of the Brazilian winter in an infusion. Brazilian Winter Rooibos Rooibos...

Carioca Silhouette Herbal Tea

The first slimming herbal tea sold in France made in Brazil. With regular physical activity and our carioca herbal tea, find the carioca silhouette that sleeps in you. The Slimming Herbal Tea is a cocktail of youth that will combine Rooibos from South Africa with Brazilian Mate. A dynamic herbal tea to regain a magnificent silhouette. Poder do chá de...

Super Grade Rooibos and Brazilian Scented Rooibos

Super Grade Rooibos and Brazilian Scented Rooibos
Le Comptoir de Toamasina, offers rooibos, flavored rooibos and rooibos herbal tea in all its forms.
Rooibos has very relaxing properties, in rooibos or flavored as in herbal tea you will know the know-how of our tea house.
Our Perfumed Rooibos are comforting, relaxing and above all gourmet infusions.
Discover the flavors of our Brazilian rooibos with the flavors of Brazil.

History of Rooibos

Rooibos supergrade is the national drink in South Africa.

The Rooibos plant grows in South Africa.

Its very low tannin content and especially that it is devoid of theine makes it the ideal drink for the evening and the afternoon thanks to the antioxidants.

Did you know that the plant belongs to the legume family.

It will be known as Aspalathus linearis, it is cultivated in the north of the Cedarberg region, about 200 km north of the city of Cape Town.

What is Rooibos?

Rooibos is a tea-free infusion, rooibos is a fake tea. But it's the ideal infusion for the evening.

Rooibos tea a healthy drink with multiple virtues

It is very rich in antioxidants which will fight against the aging of our cells.

False tea, because rooibos is not real tea. Contains other virtues. Scientific studies are underway and aim to demonstrate that the fake Rooibos red tea is good for digestion, sleep, antioxidants and against certain allergies.

It is a healthy and delicious drink. It is ideal for the evening by the fire.

In addition it is 100% without theine and tannins. It is not very astringent and the flavor is round, warm and slightly sweet.

It is excellent for a fragrant mix.

A shrub unique in the world and unique in South Africa

It is a tree that looks more like a bush. It can reach up to 1.5 meters high.

It is a shrub that consists of a stem that branches into multiple very fine branches. It is covered with light green leaves in the shape of long needles.

In spring, the shrub is covered with small yellow flowers which will each produce a small fruit containing a single seed.

It is an infusion that has been consumed for over 400 years.

The epic of the rooibos began in 1930 with cultures for export.

When you go to buy Rooibos, there are two varieties, one simply dried gently in the sun and the other that will be oxidized.

It is this version that we consume.

Rooibos harvest

The harvest takes place during the first three months of the year, which correspond to the summer season, in South Africa.

Rooibos shrubs will be cut with a sickle about 30cm from the ground.

The leaves and stems are chopped, crushed by mechanical rollers and then placed in small heaps in an outdoor courtyard and moistened: the oxidation reaction then begins and gives the plant its characteristic taste and red color.

Then the leaves will be spread on the ground to allow them to dry gently in the sun.

After they are put on a sieve to remove the pieces of stem. After they will be steamed before being packaged.



Traditionally we will taste Rooibos with sugar and milk, as in South Africa, but in Europe we will prefer it plain. i

In the West, we often prepare it plain without sugar because we love its notes and its slightly sweet nutty flavor.

You can drink it hot or cold, it's up to you!

Come and discover our Rooibos Soleil from Brazil and Rooibos Winter from Brazil.

But unlike tea, it should be brewed longer, that is to say more than 5 min or even up to 10 min of infusion, it will not become bitter.

Infuse 1 teaspoon of rooibos for a good cup, in just wriggling water, that will be enough!

How to Prepare a Rooibos Infusion

To prepare a good infusion of Rooibos, unlike tea, it must be left to brew for a very long time.

You should know that it is infused for almost 10 minutes.

You have to put a tablespoon for a good cup, in water at 80 ° C

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