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Pai Mu Tan White Tea Special China

White tea from China with large clear leaves with lots of white buds. A sweet and flowery infusion. Sold in 50g box Tea power: 3/10 Main notes: a flowery tea To savor: Afternoon and evening Buy the highest quality Pai mu Tan bench tea at the best price at Comptoir de Toamasina. It is a precious white tea that comes from the Fujian region of China. China...

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What is white tea?

White tea is a specialty of the province of Fujian in China. Of all the varieties of teas that exist in the world, it is the tea that will undergo the least transformation. So White Tea is the most natural of all teas. White tea from Fujian is not oxidized, white tea from Fujian will only undergo two operations.

One is wilting and the other is desiccation. There are two types of white tea, Aiguilles d'Argent and Bai Mu Dan

How to prepare white tea?

White tea is a very delicate and high-end tea. White tea should in no case be left to infuse in boiling water but rather in water between 65 ° C and 75 ° C. Why?

Because it is the ideal temperature range so as not to take away from the white tea leaf its antioxidant properties and preserve its very delicate leaf.

The ideal teapot for preparing white tea is a porcelain or cast iron teapot because it retains heat. In no case should you use an earthenware teapot. It is necessary to leave its leaves free so that they reveal their perfumes.

The virtues of white tea are revealed during brewing and in a good container. To get a great brew, a quality brew, you must leave it at least between 5 to 15 minutes maximum. The infusion time will vary according to your taste.

The color of white tea is pale yellow. White tea is drunk without sugar and without milk. White tea will give you a feeling of well-being and will fight against bad cholesterol.

Savor white tea for its finesse and lightness.

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