Buy a selection of exceptional  spices ,  peppers  and  vanilla pods at Comptoir de Toamasina, I am Arnaud Sion, the creator of this family business.

In 2010, I became passionate about vanilla and wanted to democratize the sale of this spice. I left to train in September 2010 in research, selection and above all in the cultivation of this precious spice. 

Little by little our range of spices will expand to offer you an exceptional taste immersion.

During my captivating travels around the world, I discover new spices and I select the best importers of spices and peppers in France to offer you grandiose flavors. 

Immerse yourself in a unique experience exploring Brazil, where our dedicated collectors bring us delicacies such as acai, acerola, guarana and tonka bean, straight from the source.

We each carry out a ranger expedition to discover a plantation, a new producer and offer you a spice, a super food that is off the beaten track. Discover origins and qualities of exceptional finesse, a true invitation to an incomparable culinary journey.

Le Comptoir de la vanille depuis 2010

Discover the Excellence of Vanilla Beans

As  a spice enthusiast, I meticulously select each vanilla pod , like a  chef sommelier choosing his great wines. Each origin offers an intense, gourmet and unique aromatic experience . Opt for quality vanilla beans, purchased at the right price, and support my spice research work.

The Magic of Vanilla

Vanilla , this magical spice, evokes  the imagination of faraway places and the tenderness of childhood. Coming from the dried fruit of a vine of the orchidaceae family, the vanilla tree originates from the primary forests of Mexico . It is the planifolia variety which is the most cultivated in the world with 80% of global production, but Brazil is the only country which has the rarest and most expensive vanilla in the world, Bahian vanilla. 

Why choose your vanilla at Comptoir de Toamasina?

Our Commitment to Quality

Our efforts to ensure the highest quality vanilla beans extend from selection to your kitchen. I was trained by producers to select for you the best vanillas that come from earth of spices. On my blog, you will  learn everything about vanilla , from the rarest vanillas to the most classic. 

Preservation of Quality

In my workshop in France, each purchase of vanilla is prepared with care. We use the best storage methods, and our PET bottle packaging is specially designed to preserve the full flavor of this natural spice. Whether you buy vanilla planifolia, vanilla tahitensis, each pod, bourbon vanilla powder, tahitian vanilla will have a unique flavor. This is why since 2014 and the Thalassa report on my vanilla route my nickname has been Arnaud Vanille. Buy a pod that comes from traditional refining and has a good level of vanillin. I offer you a unique selection of exceptional spices. 

Varieties and Grands Crus

Among nearly forty varieties, the three best known are planifolia  (Vanilla fragrans) ,  tahitensis (Vanilla tahitensis) ,  bahianaise  (the most expensive and rare vanilla in the world) and pompona  (Vanilla pompona) . From vanilla from  Veracruz in Mexico  to gourmet vanilla from  Madagascar  to vanilla from  Bahia , explore the delights of our carefully chosen varieties.

Arnaud Sion, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina

"Privileging this or that origin makes no sense to me. Because each vanilla will have its own aromatic power. But terroirs are hardly suitable for growing vanilla like the Amazon and its acidic lands."

The cultivation of vanilla joins that of the vine. There are many people who work moderately well, but only a few will have the knowledge and know-how necessary to offer quality products. In choosing a good vanilla, there is a dimension of terroir, climate and botanical variety, but above all the work of women and men. A good vanilla pod should be supple, shiny and fleshy. At 20 years old, I dedicated my life to vanilla, and on my YouTube channel, you will learn everything about this princess.

Immerse yourself in the Mysteries of Vanilla with Le Comptoir de Toamasina

In addition to buying the best bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar, explore the captivating behind-the-scenes of maintenance, vanilla production and especially the use of this spice on my blog and YouTube channel including how to split vanilla. We would like to offer you grand cru vanilla pods, the crème de la crème of vanilla.

Discover the artisanal methods and unique varieties that make up this precious spice. In Brazil, more than 40 varieties of vanilla await you, wild or cultivated. Travel with me to the world of spices and vanilla in expedition ranger. 


We want to offer you the finest ranges of spices and spice blends , for creative cooking every day.

Buy exceptional spices and spice blends from Comptoir de Toamasina . Explore our careful selection and buy with confidence, whether you're a passionate amateur or a chef looking to enrich your culinary experience.

We offer classic packaging with bottles with flappers but also economical and per kilo packaging for your restaurant .

Discover a variety of spices, from the simplest to the most complex, available for purchase in different forms such as powder, seeds, and elaborate blends .

Browse our categories, from classics to rare spices, chillies, curries, saffron, vanilla seeds, edible flowers, ready-to-use, exquisite blends , all ready to add to your cart.

We also offer a range of unique flavors to enhance your creations. 

Immerse yourself in a unique sensory world by purchasing our exceptional products, carefully packaged to guarantee optimal freshness. Spices for a simple marinade or a complex dish like the great chefs. Don't resist temptation, explore our offers, discover new flavors and transform your kitchen by purchasing with passion at Comptoir de Toamasina . Make each purchase a sensory experience, and let your taste buds guide you towards culinary excellence .

But not only that, on our YouTube channel, we offer you everything you need to know about how to roast a spice so that it can take your cooking on a journey , because roasting increases the aromatic power of each seed.


In the heart of Minas Gerais, our Comptoir Brazil transports you to a world of authentic delights . We are specialists in  the import and export of Pepper in Brazil . I was trained on plantations in Espirito Santo for the selection of quality pepper and also exceptional spices in Bahia, Brazil. For me, each of my peppercorns and seeds should take you from Indonesia to Madagascar via Brazil. 

Pepper is the best-selling spice in the world and we owe it to ourselves, as with vanilla pods, to the most rigorous selection. Madagascar black pepper weighs 500g per liter.

 Wild Madagascar pepper  will have a unique aromatic power and above all a beautiful color.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we are  passionate about the richness of flavors from around the world . Pepper (Piper Nigrum), native to the Malabar coast in India, is the king of spices, available in different varieties with subtle nuances.

You should know that there are  4 colors of pepper and they come from the same vine. 

Green, black, white, red... these colors only denote the maturity of the same fruit. Green pepper, picked before maturity, offers a subtle spiciness, but be careful it is a pepper that must be freeze-dried or put in brine. Black pepper, dried in the sun, reveals deep and complex aromas. We favor traditional drying in the sun in order to have a beautiful wrinkled color and not a smooth pepper. Because it is in the pericarp that it will have the piperine and the pepper flavor.

White pepper , obtained after a  careful process , brings a refined elegance to your dishes.  Dip water to remove its pericarp  it is then dried. But be careful, it has animal notes . Only white Kampot pepper does not have its animal notes . 

Red pepper ,  the  final stage of  pepper maturation, is the most complicated to make. It is a unique pepper with  flavors of red fruits and cocoa . 

Avoid buying powdered peppers, use the grinder when serving to preserve their delicate aromas.

At Comptoir de Toamasina we sell our peppers in  a magnificent range of pepper mills . 

Do not hesitate to practice the  pepper roasting tip  that we reveal to you on our YouTube channel and on our blog. 

Discover the diversity of these  spices, going beyond simple condiments .

In our kitchens, the use of different varieties of pepper personalizes dishes, providing a unique culinary experience.

I invite you on a  sensory journey , through which each spicy note reveals the authenticity of our selection.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, our expertise in  rare peppers transforms each dish into an  unforgettable  taste experience . Join us in this culinary exploration, where diversity of flavors meets excellence.


We are the first online delicatessen to offer you vanilla, superfruits, tonka bean and other spices that come from Expedition Ranger, our documentary series on our business of importing and exporting Brazilian superfoods. It took me 8 months to find acai, 1 year for acerola and 2 years for tonka.

Even the leader in spice sales in France contacted us to buy our tonka bean. Our tonka bean comes directly from the Kayapos, an indigenous community in the Amazon.

On our store you will discover SuperFruits from Amazonia, Minas Gerais and Brazil carefully selected by myself, Arnaud Sion, from Comptoir de Toamasina .   

My commitment to eco-responsibility is reflected in our choice of acai, sourced from an environmentally friendly plantation in the Amazon. Each use of our acai berry powder allows you not only to do good for your body but also to adopt an eco-responsible approach. Our partner practices reforestation, thus contributing to the virtuous circle of nature. And the acai is powdered directly in the plantation. This is one of our most proud spices. 

As pioneers, we are the first Comptoir to offer you acai powder directly from the producer to the consumer, guaranteeing exceptional quality and transparent traceability. Acai, Brazil's essential superfood, is celebrated for its antioxidant and energizing properties. Coming from the heart of the Amazon rainforest, this small purple fruit becomes a source of vitality and nutritional benefits in various preparations, bringing an exotic and healthy touch to your daily diet.

Also explore our acerola, a small red cherry renowned for its exceptional vitamin C content. A valuable ally for strengthening the immune system and promoting vitality, acerola adds a tangy and refreshing note to your smoothies and healthy recipes. You should know that depending on the summer or winter harvest, its color is different. 

Our selection also includes guarana, a plant native to Brazil, known for its stimulating and toning properties. This seed with a slightly bitter taste is used creatively in energy drinks and desserts, offering a natural alternative to energize your daily life and enjoy the benefits of plants from the richness of Brazilian biodiversity.

Did you know that our acai, planted, cultivated, harvested with care, represents a cycle of approximately 15 years, underlining our commitment to an eco-responsible and sustainable approach. Join us in this sensory and nutritional adventure, adopt our SuperFruits and transform your eating routine into an exotic and healthy experience. Make each purchase a contribution to preserving the environment and your well-being. Explore the riches of Brazil with passion at  Comptoir de Toamasina .


Explore a world of exquisite flavors with our selection of varied teas, ranging from green, black, white, dark, to oolong, plain or flavored teas . At Comptoir de Toamasina , we invite you to discover the best of tea through a rigorous selection of exceptional original teas, grand cru teas, and exclusive scented creations. Visit our blog and YouTube channel to learn how to brew tea properly and discover innovative recipes like Earl Gray tea custard or a tea-infused tart.

As an online tea store operating since 2010 , we are committed to offering original tea creations at competitive prices, such as our “Escape to Madagascar” flavored black tea for adventurers.

We offer a wide choice of teas, including green teas from China and Japan such as Sencha , as well as black teas from Ceylon and Darjeeling. On each of our product pages, you will discover detailed descriptions and advice on the best way to enjoy it.

With us, you have the possibility to buy teas by the gram or by the kilo .

Also discover our selection of flavored tea creations, such as our Earl Grey , as well as rooibos and herbal teas to satisfy all palates during a gourmet break.

Our tea store stands out for its advantageous prices, a variety of original flavors, fast delivery, meticulous packaging of each tea, and a constant concern for the satisfaction of our customers.

Opt for loose tea and discover an authentic taste experience. Loose tea is economical, ecological, and offers a full taste, thus preserving the full potential of the tea during its infusion, without being compressed by a bag.

Immerse yourself in our world of flavors by exploring our exceptional range and unique recipes. Make every cup an unforgettable sensory experience with Comptoir de Toamasina .


In the captivating world of Comptoir de Toamasina, my company that I created in 2010 which began in the Lille markets. 

My expertise is shared without reservation to enlighten your path through the exquisite world of peppers, spices, and vanilla. My mission and that of my company is to introduce you to the art of cooking for free, to arouse your curiosity, and to enrich your knowledge about spice harvests and prices.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, innovation is not limited to the quality of our products, it also extends to our commitment to training amateur cooks, chefs and delicatessen professionals. Immerse yourself in our educational universe through tutorials and exclusive videos available on our YouTube channel. Each of our videos offers an immersive immersion in the heart of vanilla plantations, spices, and flavors of the world, creating a unique experience for all cooking enthusiasts.

Our series of video reports, called "Ranger Expedition", invites you to discover the spice route through Brazil, one of the most enchanting countries in the world. Follow us on our journeys, such as our trips to Brasilia and Jalapao, captured each year to offer you a unique vision of the lands of spices and peppers.

Tonka Bean

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Spices are like poetry, they tell a story. 

They are at the confluence of flavors, culinary traditions and botanicals.

Thanks to its creator Arnaud, we are going to meet the best producers of spices and flavors in Brazil, like Bartolomeu Dias.

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Our flavors are carefully picked thanks to the rigor of the producer and his know-how which is ancestral for our Brazilian peppers and açai.

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