Oolong Tea

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Come and meet our Oolong teas. A blue-green tea which comes mainly from China and Taiwan. Buy online in our tea house a selection Oolong that is low in theine and very sweet. It is a tea that has a sweet and flowery flavor on the palate. So come find out.

Oolong Tea 50g

Oolong Tea means "black dragon" or "black snake", it is also called blue or blue-green tea in reference to the color of their infused leaves, they are fermented then this fermentation was interrupted during the process. Our Oolong is semi-fermented with a regular leaf. In 50g bag Power of Oolong tea: 8/10 Main notes: Fresh, slightly buttery flowers To...

Online sale of Oolong Grand Cru Tea

Le Comptoir de Toamasina, invites you to buy a very high quality oolong tea. We select the best oolong tea so that you enjoy a tea of excellence.

Oolong Tea is ideal for tasting in the morning and early afternoon.

Its texture and complex for an intense and voluptuous fragrance.

What is Oolong tea?

Oolong Tea also called by the Chinese blue or blue green tea by reference to its leaf which oscillates blue and green when the leaf is infused. Oolong Tea is a tea that is semi-fermented, the fermentation was interrupted during the process. For Oolong tea, more ripe leaves are used, which therefore contain less tannins and theines. Our selection of Oolong comes from Fujian.


We will let the leaves wilt in the sun for a few hours, then we will put them in the shade, to start the fermentation process.


The next step is sweating, it is a very important step for the Oolong, in a room maintained at a temperature at 25 ° c with a humidity level varying between 85% and 90%, the leaves will be brewed. This is where the aromas will express themselves. The degree of fermentation will depend mainly on the desired sweating. In China the fermentation is around 10 to 15%. This allows for very light, vegetable and slightly woody flavors. To stop the fermentation we will practice a roasting which will stop the enzymatic reaction, responsible for the fermentation. it is the same operation operation that one operates for green tea.

Rolling the sheet

As for green tea, we will practice a rolling which will give the shape to the tea leaf. The leaf is thus very large, crumpled or rolled up like a pearl. We are in the excellence of tea.

The infusion of Oolong

To fully appreciate your Oolong tea, it is essential to respect the dosage and temperature of the water. The infusion time of an Oolong tea is between 5 to 7 minutes at 95 ° C

The dosage is different depending on the type of oolong you are going to taste. You will find the dosage on each of our boxes or sachets. 

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