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pepper in grains

The Comptoir de Toamasina is a high-end grain pepper store online. This is where you will buy peppers grains of excellence at the best price per kilo online.

You want to buy a cheap quality grain pepper, a high quality and cheap online grain fragrance.

We offer peppers with an incredible aromatic palette.

Did you know that its name comes from the Sanskrit pippali which becomes in the Greek language peperi then piper in Latin. The Portuguese call it Pimenta do Reino. The first pepper comes from the west coast of India, the coast of Malabar, then it reached Asia, Madagascar and Brazil and its coasts of Bahia and Espirito Santo.

Peppers in Grains from the Comptoir de Toamasina

Peppercorn loja online

Peppercorns have punctuated our lives since our earliest childhood.

To buy peppercorns is first of all to travel in time, to go on a quest for explorers.

At the Comptoir de Toamasina, we sail across the oceans and continents to offer you peppers of excellence and at the best price per kilo.

We want to perpetuate the tradition of the great navigators of yesteryear and be a smuggler of flavors and peppercorns.

But we do not stop there, we also have our own 4x4 to go directly to the planting flavors of Brazil.

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Only buy peppercorns, never ground pepper, because it will lose its flavors too quickly.

Arnaud Sion, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, selects and imports peppers and spices of excellence. Our products are selected according to very strict criteria, Buy only fresh peppers in grains of Toamasina counter.

Comptoir de Toamasina is the answer to all your questions: what is the difference between black pepper and white, which one to choose? Ranking of the best peppers in the world. You want to buy peppercorns: Madagascar pepper, Brazil black pepper, Kampot pepper, Sarawak pepper, Voatsiperifery pepper, Madagascar wild pepper, Muntok white pepper, Brazil pink berry and much more at the Toamasina counter.

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The history of peppercorns

Pepper the King of spices

Buy berries and peppercorns online

You want to know where the pepper comes from, the history of pepper and its great varieties, know its terroir.

The counter of Toamasina, offers you the discovery of pepper with fresh and powerful notes spiced with its history that will take you to the edge of the universe of spices.

The history of pepper and the conquest of spices

The history of pepper and the conquest of spices

The spices will shape the history of the world with the discovery of the main maritime routes.

We must return to Mesopotamia to conquer the clove in 1700 BC or we will find the first writings on spices and the beginning of the global trade in spices.

It is in Egypt that the story will continue. The pharaohs fond of spices, continue the discovery of the spice route and make the port of Cairo, the largest pole of exchange of spice.

The spices arrived via the Red Sea and then arrived at the port of Cairo, via caravans.

It is with the Egyptians that the first grains of pepper, cardamom and cinnamon arrive.

Then it is the Roman Empire that will continue the adventure of the road of peppers in grains and who will continue the trade.

The golden age of Alexandria in the spice trade


Alexandria was the point of connection between the East and the West. It is quickly becoming a major hub of trade and commerce in the Mediterranean.

You should know that spices have a value at the time comparable to gold. Because they were rare and precious.

From the Spice Muslims to the Doges of Venice


We must know that the Middle Ages, we find the Othman empire and Muslim traders who will control virtually the entire world trade in spices and peppercorns.

Kozhikode in India was considered the world capital of spices and pepper counter.

Zhang he, a great Chinese explorer, will wet the ink of his boat many times in the port of Kozhikode in India, to bring spices and pepper grains of excellence.

In the Western world, the most prestigious commercial capital was the city of Venice, the city of the Doges.


Portugal is the spices


For more than a century, Portugal has controlled all the world's shipping routes, including the most prestigious one in India and its coast of Malabar.

Lisbon becomes the richest capital in the world. And the expansion of Portugal did not stop there, it conquers then its most prestigious colony Brazil.

The war between the city of the Doges and the Ottoman Empire, for the control of the Mediterranean causes an explosion of prices.

This is why Venice was one of the richest capitals in Europe and why this capital is magical.

Portugal shaping the spice route and discovering shipping routes


The Portuguese will discover all the current shipping routes. The Portuguese go to India to conquer spices and precious metals.

It was Vasco de Gama in 1497 who discovered the route to India, while Spain failed to discover India by the Atlantic.

Bartolomeu Dias was the first to discover the Cape of Good Hope and Vasco da Gama passed him to arrive in India.

Holland broke Monopoly of Portugal


It is the Dutch Mandrakes who will break the monopoly of Portugal on spices.

The Dutch are a shopkeeper and will develop the spice trade in Europe.

The Dutch will also consolidate the establishment in Indonesia and the regions providing spices such as nutmeg, cloves and black pepper.


To organize the new trade, Holland created the Dutch East India Company in 1602 with private capital.

It is considered one of the most powerful enterprises of young capitalism in the 17th century.

To install it, Holland founded Jakarta or Batavia, in order to fully control the trade of spices.

After the golden age of the Dutch, England and France engaged in a war for control of the World and spices.

France created the French East India Company and the English the East India Company.

It will take until the 19th century and the stabilization of empires to see the price of spices and black pepper fall.


The cultivation of pepper and the origin of peppercorns

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The Piper Nigrum is the king of spices, it is the vine that is native to the coast of Malabar, in the south-west of India. This creeper will belong to a botanical family of Piperaceae. Today it is found in many tropical countries.

The history of the botanical classification of peppercorns

Botanically, it was not until the 18th century to find the first classification of pepper in its current form.

The classification is Linnaeus


Today the pepper in the botanical, scientific sense of the term will become the Piper Nigrum, Piper Longum is the family of Piperaceae.


The classification will stabilize the hierarchy of the queen of spices.

A classification of order, family, species and it will prevail at the end of the 19th century as the standard and standard nomenclature.

The classification will stop on the plant and not the fruit.

When botanists work on peppers or Piper, they will no longer take into account taste and especially the famous pepper spice.

All peppers you can find today from the Brazilian coast through Madagascar, Africa, all come from Asia and the coast of Malabar.

Attention only the Piper can have the denomination pepper


The pepper denomination can only be affixed with the fruit of the Piper.

But in common parlance, pepper can be a berry, pepper or some things that comes close to it but why?

Simply with the historical origin.

It is the Portuguese who import pepper into the European courts. And the pepper in Portuguese is peppered and the pepper also means the pepper, pink berry ....

This is why in the popular language pepper and bay are commonly referred to as pepper.


Buy Pepper and know its origins


The pepper tree is a liana. Its flowers, which then give us the spice, are hermaphrodites and their pollination is done by the rain.


Green pepper, black, white, red and will be the same fruit

Poivre Vert, noir, blanc, rouge et va s'agir du même fruit

Pepper grows in clusters, on a liana.

Green pepper is a fruit that is picked before maturity. It is first of all a pepper that will be subtly spiced and with a delicate spiciness and intense freshness.

Today, it is absent from our markets, where it is dehydrated or simply put in brine.

Peppercorns turn yellow when they ripen and are usually picked at maturity.

They will then be dried in the sun and they will wrinkle and turn brown in the sun.

To become a black pepper.

When the pepper is completely mature, the fruits are painted with a shimmering red color. It is magic.

We will soak in pools of rainwater or river water.

Then we will get rid of their envelope and will dry in the sun to become a white pepper.

Do not be confused, red pepper, a mature berry with pink pepper that is pink berry and is not part of the botanical family of piperaceae.

Then gray pepper is an abuse of language, it does not exist.

This is a pepper powder with the worst grains of black and white pepper. It is a powdered pepper without interest.


You are wondering what pepper grains to buy, what is the difference between white, black, red or green?

At first, I explain to you how it is harvested and prepared.

  • Green: Green peppercorn is pepper harvested before ripening. We will keep it first in a very wet milue and then dry it gently. It will then retain its color and its characteristic flavor of its own.

  • Black: The black pepper is harvested after the green, the fruit matures, but it is harvested a little before. The black peppercorns will undergo a fermentation process before drying. It is the most pungent of peppers and especially the most fragrant of the family. This is why it is so widespread.

  • Red: Red pepper is probably the least known of the family, it is a fruit that reaches full maturity. It should not be confused with pink berries especially.

  • White: White pepper is part of the same family as red, it is a mature berry. So you have to clean up and remove the pericarp that covers the seed. It is a subtle flavor and less strong than black
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