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Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Pussimbing

Darjeeling Black Tea FTGF0P1. Here is a tea typically from a spring harvest with vegetal, herbal, floral and fruity notes. Our tea comes from a high altitude garden to guarantee the best leaves. Power of black tea: 8/10 Main Notes: aromatic herb To savor: Morning and early afternoon here, at Comptoir de Toamasina Comptoir des thés excellences, you will...


Pettiagalla Orange Pekoe black tea is a very high quality black tea with beautiful long and regular leaves with slightly spicy notes of Sri Lankan soil. You are going to buy a black tea with a cup of dark red color with a powerful aroma of spicy and honeyed notes. Power of scented black tea: 7/10 Main notes: spices and honey To savor: In the morning Buy...

Black Tea Kerala OP

Black tea from India from Nellimyampathy gardens will be characterized by an intense taste, it develops a note of hazelnut and honey, specific to the province of Kerala. An ideal tea for breakfast with or without milk. Power of black tea: 8/10 Main Notes: Hazelnut and Honey To savor: In the morning The plus: maybe enjoy with milk Buy Kerala's best black...

Lapsang Souchong Tea

Lapsang Souchong smoked black tea, smoked black tea, prestigious tea because it is made with special woods. It offers smoky notes with a vegetal touch. A frank tea, powerful from the first attack on the palate. it offers a smooth texture. Power of black tea: 10/10 Main notes: wood with a vegetal touch To savor: In the morning Buy the best Lapsang Souchong...

Black Tea Nepal Grand Cru - Golden Buds

Black tea from Nepal is an exceptional grand cru tea. Gourmet tea par excellence, it will develop notes of gourmet, honey, spice, floral and slightly woody notes. Gold tea from Nepal is golden in color and offers you a cup of intense gold color. Bag: 70g Power of black tea: 7/10 Main notes: spices, honey and oak To savor: In the morning and early...

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Le Comptoir de Toamasina selects the best black teas. We take special care to buy black teas with an intense aromatic palette. We want every cup of tea to be an epicurean journey.

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What is black tea?

Black tea is a leaf of oxidized green tea, the Chinese call black tea, red tea in reference to its copper color of its infusion. Black tea is completely oxidized tea. The production of black tea is done in five stages: Withering, rolling, oxidation, roasting and finally sorting. The sorting will make it possible to differentiate the different grades of tea.

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Everything you need to know about black tea leaf

An oxidized green tea?

Black Tea was discovered in the 1600s, a shipment of green tea from China arrived in England completely oxidized. Indeed the import of tea in the 17th century was done only by boat. Green tea was put under the waterline but with the heat and the sun, green tea fermented during the sea voyage and it became black. In Asia green tea is not very popular and almost all stocks are exported.

Nowadays there are two methods to practice the oxidation of black tea the first that we nicknamed the orthodox method or the CTC. You should know that by oxidizing tea, we have a better preservation of tea. It can be kept for several years against 12 to 18 months for green tea. You should know that black tea contains more theine.


Traditional method

Traditional Method First we will wilt the tea leaves for about a day. In order to dry the leaves. The leaves will lose half of their water content.

We will then spread the leaves on a long ventilated tray so that they dehydrate and they can roll without breaking.

Then the tea will be put in a hot and very humid atmosphere for about 2 hours.

To stop the fermentation, we will heat the leaves to a temperature of around 90 ° C.

But in a dry atmosphere.

Making black tea is an art. If you modify any step, the appearance and the taste can be modified.

Méthode CTC

CTC simply means Crush, Ear and Curl which means in French, grinding, shredding and looping.

The tea will wilt, the leaves will be crushed and then shredded. At the end of the stage the leaves are rolled up in a sort of huge rolling barrel.

The Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea represents 75% of world tea production. It is the most consumed tea in the West. Tea unlike green tea will keep its freshness for several years, against 12 to 18 months on green tea. The virtues of black tea are numerous.

It is said to reduce diabetes, cholesterol, gastroenteritis ....

Black tea with a high concentration of flavaroid, that is to say it would be beneficial against osteoporosis in women. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains it would increase blood circulation and it will reduce myocardial infarction. But don't forget that black tea contains a lot of caffeine, much more than green tea and will keep you awake throughout the day or can be used as an energizer.

The infusion of black tea

To make a good infusion of black tea. He will make a teapot to simmer the water between 90 ° C and 95 ° C and let the tea steep for 3 to 4 minutes.

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