Buy your vanilla extract from Tahitensis or Madagascar at Comptoir de Toamasina where the magic of vanilla works to enhance your culinary creations. 

French vanilla specialist, imagined a vanilla from the sunny lands of Madagascar or producing country of the Tahitian variety in ready-to-use liquid vanilla extract. 

Each drop is infused with the authentic taste and characteristic potency of real vanilla bean . 

Our vanilla extract is the result of careful concentration for a rich and intense taste experience. By choosing our product, you are opting for the quintessence of planifolia vanilla from Madagascar, known for its sublime aromas.

Make your life easier in the kitchen with our liquid vanilla extract. When you don't have time to prepare a pod, our solution allows you to benefit from the enchanting flavor of vanilla without compromise. A teaspoon of our extract will be enough to flavor your desserts, creams, flans, rice pudding, macaroons, and even your drinks with an exquisite note.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we are passionate about the quality of our products. Our vanilla extract is your secret ally to transcend your culinary creations and amaze your taste buds as well as those of your guests.

Opt for excellence, choose Le Comptoir de Toamasina for your gourmet moments. Order now and let yourself be carried away by the intoxicating delicacy of our vanilla extract. Transform each recipe into a true symphony of flavors thanks to our exceptional vanilla, and awaken the gourmet in you!

Tahitensis Vanilla Extract with Pastry

Tahitensis Vanilla Extract with Natural Pastry. Our vanilla extract has been selected with the highest standards in order to offer you the top of the range vanilla extract. During your recipes it will replace the vanilla pod in a wonderful way. The natural aromatic extract of vanilla is 100% natural goes into the preparation of pastries, ice cream and...
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Vanilla Extract Madagascar

Bourbon vanilla extract from Madagascar is an invitation to travel and culinary escape. Our liquid vanilla extract is very greedy and of exceptional quality. If you do not have time to open a vanilla pod, then come and use our vanilla extract. It will take a few drops to pleasantly perfume your preparations. Main notes: Intense vanilla Aromatic: An...


Explore the refinement of our natural liquid vanilla extract at Comptoir de Toamasina , a real gourmet gem that will enhance your pastry creations . Coming from the famous bourbon vanilla pods , particularly renowned for their origin in Madagascar , our extract reveals a unique depth and aromatic richness, perfect for enhancing all your sweet delights.

Bourbon vanilla, prized for its exceptional quality, is fully revealed through our extract, ideal for flavoring creams, flans, yogurts, syrups, and many other sweet delights. Opt for a teaspoon of this vanilla extract to transform your recipes into real taste feasts.

When choosing your natural liquid vanilla extract, favor excellence by opting for a product without alcohol. Our Madagascar vanilla extract is particularly appreciated for its rich fragrance and subtle taste, which instantly elevates your desserts. It is made with sugar, water and vanilla, 3 natural ingredients.

Every drop of our vanilla extract tells a story of passion and dedication.

Vanilla, a delicate orchid of the Vanilla planifolia variety, requires careful cultivation and constant attention. Cultivated as a liana, it relies on support trees such as the mango tree or the avocado tree. Flowering, occurring after three years, is followed by an additional wait of eight months before harvesting the pods.

The preparation process is also meticulous, entirely manual, requiring patience and rigor. Complex steps, from scalding to steaming, from sun drying to manual flattening, to careful drying in the shade for eight months and precise calibration.

Vanilla extract from Comptoir de Toamasina comes from the seeds and pod of a tropical orchid called Vanilla planifolia for its Malagasy variety.

This demanding plant requires three years to reach maturity, during which our farmers hand-pollinate each flower before it blooms. 

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we present vanilla extract with seeds to satisfy your demand. But here are the two different commercially available vanilla extracts in sugar syrup: 

  1. Natural vanilla extract: Made from extracted vanilla called red vanilla. It is the ideal vanilla for making vanilla extract because of its value for money. Vanilla extract is preservative-free and can be stored in the refrigerator after opening. Perfect for cooking and baking, it guarantees the creation of exceptional desserts. here, the vanilla is put in a water + sugar solution, it is left in the solution so that it takes on the natural vanilla aroma then the whole thing is filtered. 

  2. Natural vanilla extract with seeds: Made from real vanilla pods but always of extraction quality, i.e. the red quality is perfect for all kinds of preparations. Easy to use, it can be stored in the refrigerator after opening. With one or two teaspoons per recipe, get similar results to using a vanilla bean. Here you have the same vanilla extract, which is vanilla macerated in a solution with water and sugar to make a syrup with the vanilla that infuses into this preparation, to give the aroma of vanilla, then the vanilla extract is filtered to keep the natural bourbon vanilla extract and its seeds unique. 

Explore the delicacy of vanilla with Comptoir de Toamasina and let yourself be carried away by the excellence of our extracts for an unparalleled culinary experience. Order now and transform every sweet moment into a festival of refined flavors.


Much more than just an aroma in a bottle . You should know that to make vanilla extract with seeds, you can currently do it with two varieties of vanilla. Planifolia vanilla and therefore Madagascar vanilla to make bourbon vanilla extract and the tahitensis variety for the extract made from this variety. But be careful, it is not made with vanilla from Tahitensis, here it is from other countries producing tahtiensis varieties, such as vanilla from Papua . But you will still purchase pure vanilla extract .  


Madagascar vanilla is one of the most famous and popular varieties in the world of baking. Originally from the island of Madagascar, this bourbon vanilla is distinguished by its rich and subtle aroma which brings exceptional depth to desserts.

Madagascar vanilla beans are known for their quality, offering fragrant and delicate vanilla beans.

Natural vanilla extract from Madagascar is a must for any pastry lover wishing to enhance their sweet preparations. This extract is made with red vanilla pod. The pods per liter are between 150 and 500 depending on the concentration. Alcohol-free vanilla extract provides an ideal vanilla aroma for pancake mixers, as a few drops are enough. 


Tahitensis vanilla is another variety loved for its unique characteristics.

Cultivated mainly in French Polynesia and Papua, tahitensis vanilla is distinguished by its floral and fruity aroma, offering an interesting alternative to bourbon vanilla. Tahitian vanilla extract is sought after for its sweetness and delicate fragrance which goes perfectly with exotic desserts.

Tahitian vanilla pods are generally fleshier and softer, which makes them ideal for infusing sweet preparations than Papuan vanilla. 

You should know that the tahitensis vanilla used in the tahitensis extract is not from Tahiti but from other producing countries. 


Here, we will offer you the subtleties of anil extract in baking.

Natural liquid vanilla extract has risen to the rank of an essential ingredient in baking, deploying its ability to deliciously flavor desserts.

Discover with us how this exceptional ingredient can enhance your sweet creations.

Use in Pastry: An Incomparable Taste Experience

Popular recipes using vanilla extract offer a unique taste experience, whether for creams, flans, yogurts or syrups. Vanilla, mainly from Madagascar, adds a subtle and captivating flavor to each bite, transforming your sweet creations into true delights. You can even use vanilla extract in cocktails.

Precise Dosage of Natural Vanilla Extract

To get the most out of this powerful ingredient, the dosage of vanilla extract must be done precisely. We recommend a maximum of 5 g per kg or 2 g per liter of preparation. One teaspoon of the extract is enough to flavor your homemade desserts, creams, flans, cakes, sorbets and macaroons.

Intense and Delicate Aromas of Madagascar Vanilla

Natural vanilla extract, a concentrate of intense and powerful aromas, is essential in your kitchen, both for sweet and savory creations. Its mild, sweet and balanced character makes it a perfect ally for all your culinary adventures.

Culinary Inspiration: Where to Integrate Natural Vanilla Extract from Madagascar

Explore the flavors of the islands by combining vanilla extract with cake batter, in a compote, or even in a white fish sauce to surprise your guests. The possibilities are limitless !

Recipe Ideas with Vanilla Extract

  • Vanilla Chantilly: Incorporate a teaspoon into your cream before whipping it.
  • Pastry Cream: Mix a teaspoon into the preparation.
  • Flan Pâtissier: Add a teaspoon to the custard.
  • Vanilla Macarons: Add a teaspoon to the ganache before assembling it.
  • Vanilla French Toast: Mix a teaspoon into the egg and milk mixture for irresistible vanilla French toast.
  • Vanilla Pancakes: Add a teaspoon to the pancake batter for a sweet and fragrant touch when you wake up.
  • Vanilla Rice Pudding: Pour a teaspoon into the preparation.
  • Vanilla Fruit Smoothie: Pour a teaspoon into your fresh fruit smoothie for a sweet and sunny note.
  • Vanilla Sauce for Fish: Add a teaspoon to your pan with the white wine before heating over low heat.
  • Vanilla Tiramisu: Incorporate a teaspoon of vanilla extract into the mascarpone cream to enhance the taste of this Italian classic.
  • Homemade Vanilla Yogurts: Pour a teaspoon into the preparation.

Versatility of Vanilla Extract in Cooking

Liquid vanilla extract, much more than a simple aromatic additive, finds its place not only in pastries but also in savory dishes and drinks. Whether for cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, or simply to enhance a bowl of ice cream, vanilla extract adds an exquisite touch. Especially if you buy it from us with the vanilla seeds. 

A Versatile Flavoring for Your Drinks

Natural vanilla proves to be a great way to add flavor to alcoholic drinks and fruit juices. Vanilla extract can be incorporated in a variety of ways, whether in water, other liquids, or even in juices or smoothies for a delicious kick. Perfect for enhancing coffee drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes.

Discover the culinary art with vanilla extract from Comptoir de Toamasina, an exceptional ingredient for sweet and savory creations that will mark the palate and awaken the senses. Order now and take your culinary adventures to a new level!


Discover Arnaud's tips for buying good vanilla extract When looking to buy natural vanilla extract, it is essential to consider a few tips to ensure you get a quality product. Preferably opt for bourbon vanilla, known for its rich and subtle aroma. Make sure the product does not contain alcohol for a more authentic flavor. Check the origin of the vanilla, favoring vanilla from Madagascar or Tahitensis for their exceptional quality. 


Vanilla extract will require the same attention as the pod. 

However, to preserve its potency and exquisite flavor, careful storage is essential. You will discover the long shelf life of vanilla extract: 

Here are our tips for storing vanilla extract and maintaining its shine for as long as possible:

  1. Optimal Storage: For optimal conservation, opt for a cool, dry place, protected from light, heat, and humidity. Use an airtight container to prevent spoilage. This method is ideal if you plan to use the extract within one to two years after opening.

  2. Small Bottles, Big Efficiency: If you are a frequent user, invest in small bottles. This reduces the amount of air entering, thus preserving the freshness of the extract and preventing oxidation of the contents.

  3. Refrigeration or Room Temperature: For storage up to six months, refrigerator or room temperature are options. Choose an opaque container for optimal aroma preservation. Clear containers can allow light to penetrate, which can alter the potency of the extract over time.


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