Arnaud Sion , the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina , invites you to discover a meticulous selection of gourmet vanilla . Each pod is chosen for its exceptional value for money and its ability to evoke the sweetest memories of childhood.    

  • Vanillas of the World : Explore our collection of vanillas from the four corners of the globe, offering sweet and floral  flavors , intense aromas and musky nuances with a hint of cocoa . Our vanilla is the promise of a revolution in your culinary art.    
  • Expertise and Tradition  : With more than  14 years of experience  in the vanilla trade and cultivation, Arnaud Sion brings unparalleled knowledge to each pod. Our test plantation in Brazil is the testing ground where we cultivate a passion for vanilla and share our knowledge on the best way to  select and use  this precious spice.

Buy your vanilla with confidence at Comptoir de Toamasina to create creative cuisine with the  best vanilla , and let yourself be guided by our expertise for an unforgettable taste experience.

  • Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar:   A Bean Adored by Pastry Chefs, Rich, Supple and Irresistible. With Subtle Cocoa Flavors and Exquisite Vanilla Intensity.

  • Tahitian Vanilla:  A Dazzling Bean with Sensual Aromas of Prunes and Anise, Blooming into a Captivating Floral Vanilla

Brazilian Vanilla:   A Generous Bean with Exotic and Floral Aromas, Enhanced with a Subtle Touch of Acidity

  • Vanilla from Papua Tahitensis:  A Gourmet Treasure with Aromas of Spices, Leather and Floral Vanilla
  • Papuan Vanilla Planifolia:   An Aromatic Journey with Aromas of Spices, Leather and Intense Vanilla

  • Le Comptoir de Toamasina selects like a sommelier the most beautiful vanilla pods during its annual trips.

    Arnaud travels the world in search of the most beautiful varieties of vanilla to introduce you to creative cuisine.

    Our vanillas are beautiful, herbs with rich, intense aromatic notes. 

    You love the world of vanilla then you will love Comptoir de Toamasina, the vanilla specialist since 2010.


our Brazilian experimental plantation. Although Mexico is recognized as the birthplace of vanilla, with increasingly valuable and varied Mexican vanilla production, Brazil stands out as the country with the greatest diversity of vanillas in the world, including wild varieties and unique.

Discover the Bahian variety , dubia vanilla , and other exquisite species from Mata Atlantica and Cerrado vanilla . With more than 40 native species , Brazil is a true treasure trove of diverse vanillas, often from micro-lots and sometimes grown wild in lush forests or on Brazilian plantations, as Brazil becomes a vanilla producer      

Arnaud Sion , founder of Comptoir de Toamasina and the Arnaud Vanille plantation, invites you to explore our range of vanillas, each offering unique characteristics for cooking. We offer you a complete guide to choosing the ideal vanilla based on its variety and the recipes you want to make, for daily creative cooking . 

The exceptional vanillas of Comptoir de Toamasina  :

  • Brazilian Vanilla :Brazilian vanilla is an incredible vanilla bean. These are the rarest vanilla beans in the world. With more than 40 varieties in the country we cannot describe them all to you. But it is a vanilla that is rather floral with tangy notes that are specific to Brazilian soil. 
  • Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar: When you wonder what Madagascar vanilla tastes like , it is a vanilla that is warm and round in the mouth with intense and delicious chocolate and vanilla notes . It is a beautiful and great vanilla to discover and work with every day.
  • Comoros vanilla: It is the cousin of Madagascar vanilla. The Comoros will produce a beautiful and great vanilla. It will have the same notes as Madagascar bourbon vanilla. If you put Madagascar vanilla and Comoros vanilla side by side you will not tell the difference. The country produces a beautiful vanilla but in a lower quantity than Madagascar. During the vanilla crisis in Madagascar this vanilla pod was available on our site.
  • Vanilla from Costa Rica: Vanilla from Guatemala: This vanilla with the name chesibik vanilla in the Mayan language is a rare vanilla, it is a vanilla with floral notes with a touch of clove and the very round note of cocoa spicy. But the quality is very uncertain, it is difficult to match the Malagasy vanilla producers who are the world vanilla experts.
  • Congo Vanilla: Congo vanilla is not available every year on our site and it is a rare vanilla. It will come from the Moon Mountains region where you have many vanilla plantations. It is an agroforestry culture. The notes are woody, with a touch of biscuits and cocoa due to the planifolia variety. On the other hand, the pods are not as beautiful as vanilla from Madagascar, Papua and Tahiti.
  • Guyana vanilla: A rare vanilla, with a very black color, a Grandiflora vanilla, Pompna Schiede vanilla, it is a vanilla found in the Cerrado in Brazil. We distinguish this vanilla by its notes of tonka with a touch of tobacco, ripe apples and above all a tangy side which is specific to Brazilian soil. The price of vanilla from Guyana is around 5 euros per pod for a weight of 10g.
  • Vanilla from Indonesia: Indonesia wants to become a major producer of vanilla. He will cultivate planifolia and tahitensis vanilla with the bourbon preparation. Its vanilla pods will be of lower quality than Madagascar vanilla. The pods are larger because the drying process is stopped with export in vacuum bags. Since Papua vanilla is more qualitative, there is a lot of smuggling between Papua and Indonesia. You will find a pod with a woody scent, sometimes of burnt wood which gives way to a note of floral vanilla. In Indonesia, we advise you to buy long pepper.
  • Indian vanilla: Indian vanilla pods are of the planifolia variety. It is said that Asia is the cradle of vanilla because in the history of vanilla, Malagasy vanilla comes from Asia. And the story is surely true. With dark brown colored vanilla, it is a light vanilla that leans towards spicy caramel. But it is much lower in quality than a black tea from India.
  • Mauritius vanilla: This bourbon vanilla because bourbon vanilla is an AOC which brings together the islands of the Indian Ocean is a beautiful vanilla. Fleshy, shiny and supple pods with a complex nose with floral and warm notes. It's a very nice vanilla but difficult to buy. We advise you to buy it from a plantation in Mauritius.
  • Vanilla from Mayotte: Few people think of Mayotte, but the French department will produce incredible vanilla. It is even better than Madagascar vanilla. This vanilla frost, with the same notes as Madagascar vanilla, a buttery and chocolatey taste, is a gourmet and intense vanilla.
  • Vanilla from Mexico (Papantla in the state of Veracruz): It is the first vanilla pod, it is very little known today. It comes from vanilla planifolia, it is finer than Madagascar vanilla. It is a vanilla that is very little produced. 
  • Vanilla from New Caledonia: It is on the island of Ouvéa, Maré, Lifou and South Grande-Terre that you will have the production of vanilla in Papua. A vanilla that is interesting for its intensely vanilla notes with a fruity touch. It sometimes looks like cocoa from Bahia in Brazil. A vanilla with beautiful aromatic power.
  • Uganda Vanilla: This is a vanilla that is worth discovering. This vanilla contains a unique aromatic power with wild chocolate and spicy notes. It's a vanilla that will have an average preparation. It is very difficult to find Gourmet quality Uganda vanilla.
  • Papua Vanilla :  With the production of planifolia vanilla and tahitensis vanilla, Papua vanilla isone of the best vanilla pods in the world. Theplanifolia variety will have more vanillin levels than Madagascar bourbon vanilla. This vanilla will undergo scaldingas for thebourbon method. It is a vanilla which will have spicy and musky notes which give way tofloral notes for the tahitensis vanilla and chocolate for the planifolia variety.Papuan vanilla is the best vanilla in the world.
  • Sao Tomé Vanilla: Sao Tomé black vanilla is a new vanilla. It's a journey into a rare land, a new land of vanilla. This vanilla is grown as in plantations in Tahiti, not wildly as in Madagascar and Brazil. We find many intense and delicious cocoa notes and above all a tangy touch. This vanilla is of the planifolia variety.
  • Vanilla from Sri Lanla: Sri Lanka, formerly the island of Ceylon, is best known for its Ceylon black tea and its wonderful cinnamon , which is real cinnamon, verum. Sri Lankan vanilla is a planifolia vanilla with notes close to Mexican vanilla. It is both softer and more delicious in the mouth. But does not have the power of Malagasy vanilla. But by knowing the know-how of vanilla planters and producers, it is certain that this vanilla will become a great vanilla like Ceylon black pepper.
  • Tahitian Vanilla It is said to be the most awarded vanilla in the world. Tahitian vanilla is a vanilla that is delicious and very different from other vanillas in the world. We start with notes of anise and prunes which will give way to intense and delicious vanilla notes. You should know that this vanilla is extraordinary. A vanilla that is very long in the mouth with notes of floral and gourmand vanilla. It is the best vanilla pod in the world for cold preparations.
  • Tawaïn Vanilla: Tawai vanilla is a vanilla that is a new vanilla. Tawai is better known for its computer components than its vanilla. A vanilla with notes of vanilla fruits, a touch of gourmet cocoa and red fruit notes. It is rare and expensive at over 800 euros per kilo.
  • Vanilla from Tanzania: You know our black pepper from Tanzania , here we are going to tell you about a vanilla which is becoming the new vanilla of the bourbon gold vanilla bar in Brazil. An opening on the greengage which gives way to aromas of caramel and chocolate.
  • Vanilla from Tonga: It's a rare vanilla, we don't find it everywhere but the Comptoir de Toamasina will have a few pods per year. Here we have an intense gourmet vanilla with fruity notes, cocoa and a spicy touch. This vanilla is to be discovered.
  • Vanilla from Trinidade and Tobago: This vanilla was offered at Comptoir de Toamasina but did not pass its test to be for sale on our site. A vanilla that is planifolia but which will not have the intensity of a good vanilla. 
  • Vanuatu Vanilla: I am a vanilla that will have warm, fruity and cocoa notes. This vanilla works well. A vanilla that is love at first sight, from Arnaud Vanille. But we only have a few kilos per year of this delicious vanilla.

As you see, each variety is unique and takes the senses on a journey. 


Vanilla is a spice appreciated for its fragrance and delicate flavor . It is the favorite flavor of the French. 

The vanilla will come from various origins but it is good to know that each terroir will bring its own notes and aromatic power to the vanilla pod .

Vanilla is a fruit of the only orchid which will produce an edible fruit , the vanilla orchid which has its origins in Mexico .

 There are mainly four varieties of vanilla offered on the world market, including the Bahian vanilla variety grown by Comptoir de Toamasina which is the rarest vanilla in the world , get to know them to choose the vanilla you need!

A quick reminder, there are more than 40 vanilla orchids in Brazil , but vanilla planifolia will dominate 95% of the world market . But not all vanillas will have the same aromatic power. Here you will discover the 4 vanillas that you can buy: 

  • Vanilla Planifolia: Vanilla Planifolia is the original variety of Reunion vanilla, today AOP . It is mainly cultivated in Madagascar which will hold 80% of the world's vanilla production . It is the best-selling vanilla in the world . Exceptionally high quality, supple, dark black vanilla beans , with a warm scent with a hint of chocolate, are available from the Vanilla Planifolia species . Thus, there are three qualities of vanilla pods in Madagascar. Red vanilla (a low-end , brittle vanilla with a humidity level below 28%, especially red bourbon vanilla M - "gold medal does not exist, it's a trade name ), then tk vanilla , of which you can find red traces and finally gourmet quality vanilla the ultimate in vanilla . Gourmet quality vanilla pods have a fleshy and oily appearance and a dark color ranging from dark brown to deep black . planifolia is often considered the best vanilla in the world, by pastry lovers . It is the second vanilla with the highest vanilin content. The first is the Bahian vanilla from Comptoir de Toamasina. We must remind you that bourbon vanilla is a. AOC which brings together the islands of the Indian Ocean and Madagascar is the leading producer of this vanilla. Thus, Madagascar bourbon vanilla is distinguished from vanilla produced in Latin America, Asia or Tahiti. vanillin, but the name is to mark the consumer and so that he knows where the bourbon vanilla comes from. From appetizer to dessert, a bourbon vanilla bean can be used to make creative recipes. We advise you to discover the recipes from Comptoir de Toamasina on our blog, to discover all the methods of use.
  • Tahitensis vanilla:   This vanilla pod is the second best-known variety in the world of vanilla . For great restaurants and starred chefs, it is the best vanilla in the world . This second variety of vanilla can be picked when it is at the peak of its flavor and aroma. That is to say, unlike Madagascar vanilla , instead of vanilla opening when it ripens, Tahitensis vanilla does not open and you can dry it on the vanilla r. But tahitensis vanilla has a lower level of vanillin than planifolia vanilla . Tahiti tahitensis vanilla pods are fragrant, but rarely exceed 20 cm in length. Vanilla Tahitensis has a sweet aniseed then floral vanilla scent . T ahiti is the leading producer of vanilla tahitensis with production on the archipelago of French Polynesia. It’s a vanilla that makes you dream and turn heads. First its price then its notes which are rich and incredible. But there is a difference between Tahitian vanilla and Tahitensis vanilla from Papua, because the second will resemble Madagascan vanilla because it will undergo scalding. Discover our article on preparing vanilla . 
  • Pomona vanilla is a lesser known and less popular species of vanilla that is grown in the West Indies. The pod quality of this variety is considered inferior due to a lack of pod aromas . Pomona vanilla is also known as banana vanilla , and its yield is lower than other vanilla varieties. Pomona vanilla has less vanillin than bourbon vanilla, but it is still a flowery vanilla with colorful, sweet undertones; It even reminds me of licorice! But this hybrid vanilla between tahitensis vanilla and planifolia is a vanilla that will have incredible aromatic notes when it is well cultivated. It is a vanilla that is the favorite of Brazilian chefs, particularly Cerrado vanilla , a high quality pompona vanilla. The price of pompona vanilla is 1200 euros per kilo for exceptional gourmet quality in Brazil. 
  • Bahian vanilla, the rarest vanilla in the world:  Bahian vanilla is the rarest vanilla in the world and the most expensive vanilla pod in the world . With a price of more than 3000 euros per kilo . It is a wild vanilla , it grows in the state of Bahia, but also in Rio and Minas Gerais . It will have a vanillin level 4 times higher than Madagascar vanilla. It's a vanilla that's about 8cm.   This wild variety of vanilla was endangered but today with a new producer and the passion of Arnaud Vanille, this vanilla is becoming an essential vanilla

To learn more about our world of vanilla, subscribe to our YouTube channel and our blog to learn everything about vanilla.


At Comptoir de Toamasina , we understand that product excellence is essential for a delicatessen. This is why we offer vanilla bottles designed to preserve the quality and aroma of our exceptional pods.   

  • 2 Pod Bottles  : Ideal for vanilla lovers, our 2 pod bottles are perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their dishes without compromising on freshness.  
  • 5 Pod Bottles  : For cooking enthusiasts and chefs, our  5 pod bottles  offer a generous amount to experiment and create innovative recipes with the finest vanilla.
  • Packaging for Delicatessens  : Our packaging is specially designed for delicatessens, guaranteeing a high-quality product that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.
  • Packaging per kilo:  At Comptoir de Toamasina , we understand the importance of meeting the varied needs of our customers when it comes to vanilla. Some prefer to order one or two cloves, while others prefer to buy in large quantities, per kilogram. We chose to offer this flexibility for two fundamental reasons. First, a kilo of vanilla represents more than 350 pods, depending on their size and caliber. Vanilla lovers who use it regularly in their cooking often prefer to consolidate their orders to ensure a sufficient supply. Secondly, by offering vanilla by the kilo, we are able to offer more favorable prices to our customers. If you are looking for the best vanilla in the world at the best value for money, you will find it exclusively at Le Comptoir de Toamasina .

Each bottle and packaging reflects our commitment to quality and authenticity. They are not only practical but also elegantly presented, ensuring that each Arnaud Vanille vanilla pod is a true treasure in your delicatessen assortment.  

Our bottles are purchased in the Netherlands and we print our labels ourselves. Choose vanilla pods from Comptoir de Toamasina for your delicatessen and ask for our catalog. 


Vanilla is a versatile spice that can be used in a wide variety of recipes, from sweet desserts to savory dishes. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which vanilla to choose to achieve the best result in your preparations.

For pastries, Madagascar vanilla and the planifolia variety generally preferred for its intense taste and rich in aromas and the traditional notes of vanilla.

Tahitian vanilla beans have an aniseed and floral aroma that is perfect for adding depth to desserts such as cakes, creams, flans and ice creams. But as they say, cold preparations.

It is important to choose fresh, high quality and fleshy vanilla pods , as they contain a large quantity of black seeds which bring an intense flavor to your preparations. The vanilla beans can be cut in half lengthwise and the seeds can be scraped out to use in the recipe .

When it comes to savory cooking, vanilla powder is often preferred for its subtle taste and versatility. Vanilla powder is made from dried and crushed vanilla beans, which results in a smoother, more subtle flavor than fresh beans. Vanilla powder is ideal for adding a sweet, fragrant note to savory dishes such as cream sauces, meat marinades and soups. We have explained how to make vanilla powder.

But if you have to use vanilla in savory cooking, you should know that depending on the recipes you are going to make, you will have to choose the right vanilla. 

And chef Arnaud from Apogée Bar will use Papuan vanilla in Tahitensis or planifolia as a marinade to give a high intensity to his preparations . Then for more exclusive sauces and dishes , in savory cooking the chefs love to use Dubia vanilla, Bahia vanilla and Cerrado vanilla . These are the 3 best vanilla beans in the world for savory cooking .

Chef Arnaud from Apogée Bar offers you weekly journeys into the world of vanilla with his gourmet and intense recipes.

To choose your vanilla pod, there is no secret, a good vanilla must be supple you must know how to tie a knot with a magnificent intense black color, a shiny brown and especially when you touch it it must not have any water coming out of that. 

In three words, a good vanilla will be: Soft, oily and shiny


Vanilla is one of the most popular and widely used ingredients in cooking . This spice has a mild taste, it is said to resemble our mother's milk in smell. He has articles on this. Make your baby smell vanilla and see who relaxes. Find out how to make vanilla milk

As you have seen, each origin of vanilla will have its own aromatic power .

Now you know that you can buy vanilla at Comptoir de Toamasina, the French vanilla specialist since 2010.

Chef Arnaud will invite you to discover how to enhance your pastries with a luxurious and gourmet touch: vanilla.

Find out how to use a vanilla pod in cooking:

  1. Using Vanilla Beans: Vanilla beans are the most popular in baking and cooking. To use them, you need to cut the pod in half lengthwise and scrape out the black seeds inside . The seeds can be used in cakes, ice creams and sauces to add a rich, intense flavor. Discover on our blog how to infuse vanilla
  2. Use Vanilla Extract: Vanilla extract is a liquid that is made by extracting the flavors of vanilla. It is easy to use and can be added to a variety of recipes, such as cookies, cakes, hot and cold drinks, and many more. Vanilla extract can be made on a hydroalcoholic base or sugar base
  3. Using Vanilla Powder: Vanilla powder is made by grinding dried or used vanilla beans. It can be used as an alternative to vanilla extract and is especially delicious in savory recipes, such as cream sauces, soups and salads. It's mainly to give a little visual side
  4. Use vanilla sugar: Vanilla sugar is a mixture of sugar and vanilla. The vanilla sugar can be made with crushed vanilla or simply used vanilla which will be reduced to powder. It is often used to sweeten recipes like pastries, creams and sauces, and can add a subtle but pleasant touch of vanilla to these dishes.

Combine vanilla with other ingredients: Vanilla is delicious when combined with other ingredients such as chocolate, fruits, coffee, nuts and spices like cinnamon and cardamom. Try combining these ingredients in recipes to create unique and delicious flavors. We made a video on the best chocolate fondant with a runny center, adding vanilla to reduce the bitterness and give more gourmet notes.

In summary, vanilla is the most versatile spice that can be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Whether you use vanilla beans, extract, powder or vanilla sugar, or combine it with other ingredients, you can be sure that vanilla will add a touch of luxury to your dishes. So don't hesitate to experiment and add vanilla to your favorite recipes and discover on our YouTube channel and blog our vanilla recipes with chef Arnaud, from Apogée Bar and Bourbon Gold Vanille in Nova Lima.


Vanilla is one of the most precious and widely used spices in the culinary world . It ranks just after black pepper .

However, to get the most out of it, it is crucial to store it correctly for the best possible preservation.

We are going to repeat here the tips that you find in our advice article for optimal conservation of vanilla .

Vanilla is very sensitive to environmental factors such as heat, humidity, light and air, which can alter its flavor and aroma. Following these simple tips will help maintain the quality of the vanilla for a long time.

  • The choice of packaging for storing vanilla is crucial:   Airtight glass tubes and jars are one of the best choices for storing vanilla. They must be of appropriate size to avoid contact with air, as oxygen can alter the quality of the vanilla. Aluminum or plastic corks are preferable to cork, which can be a breeding ground for mold. You need a jar that traps as little air as possible. If there is too much air, make a bunch with the vanilla and surround it with baking paper. Another option is to use a metal can similar in size to the vanilla beans to limit contact with air. Vacuum bags are also a great option for storing vanilla. This method allows you to completely remove air and preserve the quality of the vanilla for a long time. At Comptoir de Toamasina we also offer PET tubes which are ideal for preserving your vanilla pods.
  • A cool, dry place: It is important to store vanilla in a cool, dry place, away from light and humidity. Vanilla tends to lose moisture over time, which can alter its flavor and aroma. By following the tips above, vanilla can be stored for 12 to 18 months while maintaining its chewy texture.
  • However, certain storage methods should be avoided, as they can alter the quality of the vanilla. For example, the use of aluminum foil, paper towels, plastic bags or cling film is not recommended because it can dry out the vanilla and encourage the proliferation of mold.
  • It is also important not to store vanilla with other spices, as this can mix the aromas and alter the flavor of the vanilla. Read our article on vanilla is a chameleon 

In conclusion, it is crucial to store vanilla correctly to get the most out of it for the longest time possible. It is possible to buy 1 kg of Madagascar vanilla and store it for 1 year without problem.

Vanilla beans are a precious and delicate ingredient, and proper storage can make all the difference in quality and flavor. By following these simple tips, vanilla can be stored for a long time while retaining its fluffy texture and delicate aroma.

Be careful, we are not pigeons and we must here warn you about bad methods of preserving vanilla . 

When you come across a vanilla sales site that advises you to store the vanilla in alcohol or even in the freezer , you are sure that the vanilla specialist site is aware that you have purchased a batch that may have been poorly prepared .

At the Arnaud Vanille plantation , we never store our vanilla in the freezer or in alcohol. The vanilla is exported to Madagascar in a cardboard box with parchment paper and the vanilla can be kept for more than a year without problem with this preservation method. 

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