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You will find the online reference of Madagascar's bourbon vanilla pod. Only the best of the harvest.

Madagascar bourbon vanilla with a beautiful black color and dark brown.

Our vanilla pod is very fat and supple.

Our vanilla is prepared and refined in collaboration with our partner in Madagascar.

Discover our vanilla pods with cocoa notes and its famous black or dark brown color.

Discover our vanilla extract from Madagascar and vanilla bean powder.

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20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar owes its name to producers who have introduced this variety on the Big Island in 1880. Vanilla Gourmets is a constant year after year, it owes its balanced alliance and scent to the "know-how" of the Malagasy farmers.The Comptoir de Toamasina offers you a rich and voluptuous bean. We are happy to propose you one of the Best...

100 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans

100 Bourbon Vanilla beans from Madagascar, gourmet quality or quality extra, in sachet. The Bourbon Vanilla beans from Madagascar are shiny, flexible, black, fleshy, fragrant, fluffy and smooth-skinned. This vanilla has notes of caramel and chocolate

2 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans

2 vanilla pods of Madagascar AOC Bourbon, gourmet quality,14 to 16cm, tube freshness. Our Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar are flexible, black, fleshy, shiny, perfumed, fluffy and smooth-skinned. In a tube design. It offers a extraordinary flavor with notes of cocoa. 2 Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar in tube. 

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla - Categoria Ouro

Le Comptoir de Toamasina launches gourmet quality Bourbon Gold vanilla from Madagascar. This vanilla pod is superb and it is the fruit of research and testing in our plantation in Minas Gerais to select an intense vanilla. Main Notes: Cocoa and Caramel Aromatic: The star of pastry. A vanilla pod with an intense fragrance of gourmet vanilla, the most...

15 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

15 pods of Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, gourmet quality, 15 to 17cm in a box. Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar are flexible, black, fleshy, glossy, fragrant, fluffy and not cracked. Our Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar offers the highest concentrations aromatic, with cocoa notes.

Vanilla Extract Madagascar

Bourbon vanilla extract from Madagascar is an invitation to travel and culinary escape. Our liquid vanilla extract is very greedy and of exceptional quality. If you do not have time to open a vanilla pod, then come and use our vanilla extract. It will take a few drops to pleasantly perfume your preparations. Main notes: Intense vanilla Aromatic: An...

50g Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

50g Bourbon Madagascar vanilla pods, gourmet or extra * quality, from 14 to 16 cm and 17cm to 21cm depending on the batch. Bourbon Madagascar vanilla pods are bright, fleshy, mellow, shiny, black, fragrant and not split. Our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean in its economical size offers hints of chocolate and caramel. average of 10 to 12 or more pods Main...

250g Vanilla Beans Madagascar AOC Bourbon

250g of Madagascar vanilla Bourbon AOC gourmet quality/Extra biological. Our vanilla pods of Madagascar, are brilliant, fat, fleshy, fluffy, shiny, black, very perfumed with a note of cocoa and not split. Sold in sachet sub-vacuum of 250g  Main Notes: Cocoa and Caramel Aromatic: The star of pastry. A vanilla pod with an intense fragrance of gourmet...

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans per kilo

Buy bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar per kilo, gourmet-extra * quality, black , 14 to 16cm. Bourbon Madagascar vanilla pods are bright , fleshy, mellow , shiny , black , fragrant and not split . This is the top of the vanilla pod of Madagascar. A Madagascar Bourbon vanilla in its economical format offers hints of chocolate and caramel. Main Notes:...
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50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar - Gourmet, Prime, Grade A1

Madagascar bourbon vanilla pod in a black or brown color . It offers a unique scent of intense vanilla notes with a slightly cocoa flavor. This is the vanilla bean of star chefs . Our gourmet quality bourbon vanilla is ideal for use in salty or sweet cuisine. It comes from Mananara North , a vanilla that comes from a late harvest. Main Notes: Cocoa and...

Buy Vanilla from Madagascar

It is with this little princess that Arnaud Sion created the Comptoir de Toamasina, in 2010. A vanilla pod that comes from a very remote plantation in the bush in Madagascar. To get there it takes 48 hours of 4x4 bush.

Madagascar's vanilla from the Comptoir de Toamasina is the sign of excellence. A vanilla with character and a symphony of flavors that will make you travel during your creations.

Madagascar Vanilla Bean: the Comptoir de Toamasina markets and imports the best vanilla from Madagascar Aoc Bourbon. Our vanilla comes only from small plantation and local producers. We guarantee you an exceptional vanilla pod. You will buy a great vanilla. Sale of Madagascar's vanilla. Buy the best vanilla from Madagascar directly from the producer at Comptoir de Toamasina. Arnaud Sion and his producer of Vanilla from Madagascar seen in Thalassa.

Sale of Vanilla from Madagascar

Purchase the Vanilla podsfrom Madagascar directly from the Producer. From the classic format to the economical format


The Comptoir de Toamasina specializes in the import of vanilla beans from Madagascar. we offer you one of the best Madagascar Bourbon vanilla pods. You can buy with confidence a quality vanilla seen on TV in the show Thalassa. The vanilla pod of Madagascar is our core business. All of our vanilla comes from small plantations in Madagascar.

The Comptoir de Toamasina is first of all, a name, Arnaud Sion, who comes back from the big island and asks himself this question: "Why not try to make accessible the vanilla of Madagascar to the general public". He imported 10kg of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar from a small plantation that marketed in the local markets of the city of Lille - in Sevastopol on Saturday andin Place du Concert on Sunday.

Vanilla pods from Madagascar - Vanilla counter

Vanilla directly from the Producer


Buy the best vanilla in Madagascar. All the vanilla pods at Comptoir de Toamasina are the assurance of the vanilla beans from the best plantations in Madagascar. Arnaud Sion selects the best pods in the best vanilla tree in Madagascar.  Madagascar's vanilla or Vanilla Planifolia Bourbon AOC. It is a black or dark brown vanilla. It is a vanilla bean that is much fleshier than its big sister vanilla from Mexico. Madagascar vanilla will be characterized by a fruity and cocoa flavor. The vanilla bean from Madagascar is very present in the mouth thanks to its very strong vanilla flavor.

Cooking the vanilla pods of Madagascar delivers an aroma that is diffused everywhere. It's an aroma that will be very persistent.

Buy the best vanilla beans from Madagascar directly from the producer at Comptoir de Toamasina, the best value for money.

The History of the Vanilla from Madagascar

But, what is to buy the vanilla pod from Madagascar?

Importer-vanilla de Madagascar-price-to-kilo

It is first of all an emblematic vanilla, which owes its bourbon name to the planters of Reunion Island who introduced it in 1880 this variety on the Big Island.

The Vanilla is an orchid that lives in the tropics. It is the perfect vegetable spice that lives in harmony with its environment, nature.

The Vanilla is a very complex plant, which requires the respect of a process or a strict protocol in order to guarantee its biological cycle and that it can offer you an intense and long aroma in the mouth.

The orchid that produces the vanilla pod of Madagascar is a hermaphroditic plant, ie it contains both male and female sexes. But in the absence of a little bee that only exists in Mexico, you have to pollinate by hand. It requires a contact between the two sexes which are separated by a thin membrane. Do not forget the flower of flowers from 10:00 to 12:00. After the pollination the vanilla flower will die to give the fruit the famous vanilla bean of Madagascar. A vanilla flower thet gives a vanilla pod. After pollination, it takes 9 months for the fruit to become fully mature, in Madagascar the harvest is made between June and July after a decree of the Malagasy government. It then takes 3 months of preparation and 3000 to 4000 manipulations for each pod to guarantee and shape the best bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar.

Our Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod in its Gourmet quality or extra for the Malagasy nomenclature is constant from year to year, it owes its balanced alliance and its perfume to the knowledge of the Malagasy planters.

Come discover and buy the vanilla pod of Madagascar AOC Bourbon Comptoir de Toamasina directly from a small Malagasy plantation. It will offer you a unique experience. You could discover our vanilla route in the show Thalassa on France 3 in 2014. This difficult route to get the best vanilla pod of Madagascar. We control each of our pods with care and precaution to guarantee you the best vanilla pod of Madagascar on the market. All our vanilla pods from Madagascar are bright, fleshy, shiny, mellow, black, very fragrant and not split. Our vanilla from Madagascar releases notes of chocolate and caramel that sublimate all of your pastries. The Comptoir de Toamasina offers one of the best vanilla in the world, from a small plantation in Madagascar.

With our partner plantation since our debut 2010, we offer you a cheap vanilla but of an exceptional quality. The Comptoir de Toamasina sells only the best vanilla beans from Madagascar. Come discover our Madagascar bourbon vanilla offers in its gourmet quality, you will find a high quality vanilla directly from the producer to the consumer. You can watch the road of our bourbon vanilla from Madagascar on our blog or via the excerpt from Thalassa's report.

Preservation of Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod

How to preserve Madagascar vanilla

Purchase bourbon vanilla from Madagascar

To preserve the Madagascar vanilla pod, they must be stored in a dry room protected from light and any temperature shock. Vanilla only tolerates very little the big variations of temperature.

To effectively preserve your vanilla pod, you can buy our Madagascar vanilla pod sold in packs of 2 or 15 pods. This one is in a specially designed packaging for preservation.


You can use a glass jar, tightly closed with an aluminum stopper, never put a cork, which can cause mold.

The iron or wooden box, can be used but it must be neither too big and must close very well.

Buy our vanilla pods from Madagascar AOC Bourbon

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Price of vanilla

Vanilla de Madagascar price

Discover our article on the vanilla from Madagascar price.

Sale of vanilla from Madagascar for pastry

Vanilla Madagascar for pastry, pastry, chefs, restaurants, professionals chefs, pâtisserie


The Comptoir de Toamasina is the supplier of vanilla for professionals, pastry chefs, pâtissirie chefs, restaurants, professionals. A vanilla bean ideal for cooking and making pastries.

For individuals, find the vanilla of chefs, top chef, the best pastry chef or the best pastry chef in our online shop.

Madagascar Vanilla wholesaler


Buy Vanilla in Wholesale

The New Counter of Sambava Vanilla Sambave Region, The Counter of Toamasina and its Counter in Sambava

Or find-the-pod de-vanilla Madagascar

Discover the world of Madagascar vanilla at the Comptoir de Toamasina. A company working directly with producers in Madagascar, with respect and ethics.


The Comptoir de Toamasina is the first wholesaler of Vanilla from Madagascar in Brazil in San Diego and in Lille. These are the three places where we have set up our showroom test.


We are a wholesaler of vanilla from Madagascar a little different from our competitors because we are working with a producer family in Madagascar, which you can see in Thalassa TV show and we only sell the best vanilla from Madagascar. It is not 3 qualities available from us, but unique gourmet quality extra.


We are the first wholesaler in France to sell exceptional quality vanilla used by the biggest names in pastry in France, Brazil and the United States. Our vanilla from Madagascar will be characterized by its unique and very characteristic taste.

Buy Madagascar vanilla directly from the producer at the Comptoir de Toamasina, the best vanilla in the world available for you.


Buy Vanilla from Madagascar at the best price

Recipes with Madagascar vanilla bean

Discover the best recipes with Madagascar vanilla beans:

  • The best vanilla recipes
  • Pannacotta with red fruits and vanilla from Madagascar
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Gaspacho with Madagascar vanilla peach
  • Coconut milk soup, pineapple, banana and Madagascar vanilla
  • Madagascar vanilla donut
  • Skewer of scallops with Malagasy vanilla pod

Madagascar Vanilla Grand Cru

The vanilla pod of Madagascar and the star of the pastry. The queen of vanilla pods.

We select the best vanilla pod, as for great wines, we offer the vintage of excellence in vanilla pod.

Vanilla from Madagascar Producer

Since 2010, we have been working with a family of vanilla pod producers and processors.

Come discover our vanilla pod with a long maturing.

Our vanilla pods from around the world

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