50 gousses de vanille bourbon de Madagascar
50 gousses de vanille bourbon de Madagascar
50 gousses de vanille bourbon de Madagascar
50 gousses de vanille bourbon de Madagascar
50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar -...
50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar -...
50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar -...
50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar -...
50 gousses de vanille bourbon de Madagascar
50 gousses de vanille bourbon de Madagascar
50 gousses de vanille bourbon de Madagascar
50 gousses de vanille bourbon de Madagascar
50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar -...
50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar -...

50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar - Gourmet, Prime, Grade A1

Madagascar bourbon vanilla pod in a black or brown color . It offers a unique scent of intense vanilla notes with a slightly cocoa flavor.

This is the vanilla bean of star chefs .

Our gourmet quality bourbon vanilla is ideal for use in salty or sweet cuisine.

It comes from Mananara North , a vanilla that comes from a late harvest.

  • Main Notes: Cocoa and Caramel
  • Aromatic: The star of pastry. A vanilla pod with an intense fragrance of gourmet vanilla, the most intense of vanilla
  • Quality: Gourmet - Extra with the respect of a long ripening

Buy 50 high quality Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar in our Vanilla Counter. A vanilla pod with intense notes.

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  50 Vanilla Beans Bourbon Madagascar - Gourmet, Prime, Grade A1

Vanilla pod - Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar

The vanilla pod of Madagascar is the vanilla of star chefs , pastry chefs.

It is a gourmet vanilla bean with an intense vanilla flavor and a slight hint of cocoa .

Its color is dark brown to intense black .

This vanilla will marry beautifully in desserts , including crème brûlée with vanilla .

The origin of vanilla from Madagascar is the region of sava, Sambava, Antalaha, Vohemar and Andape .

But our vanilla pod will benefit from a late harvest . It comes from the region of Mananara North . The last area that will harvest the green vanilla pod .

Find our delicious vanilla bean from Madagascar with a long and intense ripening.

Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar - A vanilla bean with a history and ancestral quality

Where does the vanilla bean come from ? You will immediately answer Madagascar . Yet its origin is Mexico .

Vanilla from Madagascar will benefit from the AOC Bourbon appellation, which will include Vanilla from Madagascar , Vanilla from the Comoros , Vanilla from Reunion and Vanilla from Mauritius.

Since the beginning of the 20th century Madagascar has been the leader in vanilla beans with a production that accounts for 80% of the world's vanilla production .

This vanilla pod quickly gained international fame thanks to its excellent value for money .

The vanilla bean from Madagascar is an ancient vanilla with a unique and authentic flavor .

It benefits from the know-how of Malagasy vanilla producers .


This vanilla offers an aromatic amplitude that transports it into a world of flavors .

It's a vanilla that we quickly get hooked.

We like it in sweet food: a vanilla fruit jam, a vanilla pastry cream. But we like it in crème brûlées.

The bourbon vanilla pod is easily accompanied with all of your recipes thanks to its symphony of flavors.

How Arnaud the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina discovered Bourbon Gold vanilla from Madagascar?

Arnaud Sion , the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina loves to travel .

At 16 years old it is the discovery of Florida , at 17 years old China , then it is Vietnam , Asia and Madagascar .

It was during his first trip to Madagascar that meets Flora a vanilla producer who will train Arnaud in the art of vanilla .

The vanilla pod fascinates us with its smell that reminds us of our childhood.

It is true that vanilla is the favorite perfume of the French .

It is on the market of Sevastopol that the adventure of Comptoir de Toamasina starts in Lille in March 2010 .

Our bourbon vanilla is going to be the star of the market of the place Sébastopol in Lille , then of the place of the concert.

Then our vanilla pod will travel to California , Argentina , Brazil and all over Europe .

So come and discover the vanilla pod of Comptoir de Toamasina , the vanilla pod specialist .

Do not hesitate to discover our acai powder , Brazilian tonka bean and acerola .

Buy Vanilla beans

The vanilla pod from Comptoir de Toamasina comes from far away.

It takes 48 hours of 4x4 bush non-stop to go from Tamatave to our town plantation.
When you arrive at the plantation it's an omnipresent, intoxicating scent of vanilla.

Every day the vanilla pod is put in the sun to be refined and especially to massage it to refine it.

To arrive at our vanilla plantation partner only the pickup arrives there.

At the Comptoir de Toamasina, you will buy a 100% natural vanilla pod.

vanilla-bourbon - Madagascar-refining

Our vanilla pod has a story. It comes from a family producing vanilla .

Comptoir de Toamasina will try every year to travel around the world to discover vanilla plantations, vanilla growers and you discover the best pods vanilla producing country .

Vanilla is our little princess since 2010 and we select it carefully .

Our vanilla pod of Madagascar

Our vanilla pod is a superb discovery, they offer you an intense culinary journey and greedy.

We are trying to build partnerships across the vanilla world to give you the best pods .

So buy the best bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar at Comptoir de Toamasina , the vanilla pod specialist in France .

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Quality Extra Gourmet

Is Vanilla Bourbon gourmet quality extra from our Comptoir de la Vanille better than the others?

The Malagasy vanilla pod is the first spice that Comptoir de Toamasina has imported.

When we select the vanilla bean , we want to buy and sell the best vanilla bean.

Our partner in Madagascar helps us find the best vanilla pods and its plantation will provide us with this black gold.

The best vanilla pods are at Comptoir de Toamasina.

It is a vanilla with a moisture content between 28% and 33%. We do not want a vanilla that is too wet because of the high risk of mold on the Madagascar vanilla bean .

Our vanilla beans offer you a vanilla bean with cocoa notes, a gourmet vanilla with vanilla beans with a unique flavor.

How to store and use your Madagascar Bourbon vanilla quality Gourmet Extra?

The article on how to keep your vanilla pod

To get the most out of your whole symphony of flavors, take care to split your pod along its entire length, you can put it in your milk and bring it to the boil then you remove the seeds put it in your recipe. You can dry your vanilla pod and put it in sugar.

Arnaud vanilla expert on the road to Brazil vanilla pod

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