Acerola Cherry Powder - Vitamin C

Toamasina countertop powder acerola naturally contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, calcium, phosphorus and iron and vitamin C, the main vitamin of acerola cherry.

Arnaud Sion, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, carefully selects the best acerola powder and has a test plantation in Brazil to grow this cherry barbados.

The Acerola cherry varies according to the season, in summer a very bright red while in winter a red-orange. We are trying to select the acerola cherry of the greenest color because it contains the most vitamin C.

According to the harvest the powder can evolve from a bright pink to a pale pink .

The natural taste of acerola can be sweet , acidic or super-acidic .

Our acérola is Warranty without GMO, resulting from a sustainable and responsible agriculture, without preservatives and 100% natural.

Buy acerola powder to find your natural source of vitamin C and boost your energy to keep your tone and vitality throughout the day .

Acerola Powder

The acerola cherry is a cherry that wishes you well. The acerola is first of all a tree in South America. More particularly from Brazil from the Amazon to Minas Gerais. Its fruit is the Barbados cherry or West Indian cherry. It is a small red berry known as a natural source of vitamin C. It is 20 times more than a glass of orange juice.Power of the...

Acerola Powder 150g

Acerola powder 100% natural from Brazil. Our acerola comes from our plantation for a part in Minas Gerais in Brazil. We control from harvest to packaging, the whole process. The acerola is naturally strong in vitamin C and offers a concentration 20 times higher than that of a glass of orange juice. It is a little cherry that wishes you well. Power of the...

Acérola Powder 500g Malphighia punicifolia

The acerola is first of all a tree in South America. More particularly from Brazil from the Amazon to Minas Gerais. Its fruit is the Barbados cherry or West Indian cherry. It is a small red berry known as a natural source of vitamin C. It is 20 times more than a glass of orange juice. Acerola Powder 500g Malphighia punicifolia Pure and Organic. Power of...

Buy powdered Acerola from Minas Gerais in Brazil

acerola powder

Acerola natural vitamin C

The first question that arises about acerola is what are the benefits of acerola.

The first answer is that this cherry contains the highest vitamin C content in the world.

The Comptoir de Toamasina itself selects in Brazil the best acerola powders with the highest concentration of vitamin C.

Acerola Powder

What is the true taste of acerola cherry

TFirst of all it is necessary to know that the shrub which makes grow the cherry of acerola to a dense foliage, it can reach 3 meters of height.

It is a shrub that loves the climate of Cerrado in Brazil. The Cerrado is an eco-system . To summarize, it is hot and humid in summer and hot and dry in winter to see cold when a polar mass goes back to Minas Gerais .

The Acerola cherry has a bright red color in summer and rather orange-red to see green in winter. You will have acerola powder naturally rich in different vitamin C if it comes from a summer or winter harvest.

This shrub can also produce 12 harvests a year, it never stops and resists very well extreme weather condition, from 15% humidity to more than 80 in summer.

This tree also grows in Mexico, Pananama and Guatemala.

Produtor Acerola Powder Minas Gerais Brasil Compra e venda de acerola em pó bio

Acerola - Use and cultivation of acerola in Brazil

Acerola is a fruit that is native to South America, the Central Caribbean and Central America. It is known as cherry barbados or cherry of the West Indies. It is well known because of its high content of ascorbic acid , ie a vitamin, which meets the daily needs of vitamin C. It is important to emphasize that the more the Acerola cherry is green , the more it will have vitamin C and, depending on the time of harvest, there may be a change in the amount of vitamin C. In addition, acerola contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, calcium, phosphorus and iron .

Acerola varies in color, size and shape because there are several species . It is a fruit that is very fragile and only stays on the cherry tree two days after maturation . As far as taste is concerned, acerola can be sweet , acidic and super acidic and its use is very important in the production of Brazilian juice and powder in Europe .

Cherry tree acerola explanation

The Comptoir de Toamasina has a test plantation in Brazil and tells you everything about cherry acerola and cherry.

In Brazil, it is said that it was born from a tree called aceroleira that grew in a tropical or subtropical climate.

Its proliferation is rapid, by the seeds, the graft or the cut.

It takes an average size each year. Under constant irrigation, the tree produces fruits all the year round and in the nature, in the Cerrado or in town it will produce 4 crops.

In this case, cherry blossoms and fructifies mainly in spring and summer.

Climate and soil to grow acerola

Acerola cherry is a hardy plant that grows well in tropical and subtropical climates and withstands temperatures near 0ºC .

She likes an average annual temperature around 25º.

A rain well distributed over the year is a plus with an annual average between 1300 and 1500.

The most suitable soils for acerola are deep sandy soils and well-drained sandy-clay soils .

Buy the best acerola cherry online at the best price per kilo

Where to buy acerola powder

It is good here that you will buy the best acérola fresh fruit powdered for a rich vitamin C.

Where to find the acerola fruit? Only in Brazil will you find it. Between its maturation and its conservation in fruit, it is 7 days.

2 days on the cherry tree and 5 days in the fridge .

Comptoir de Toamasina thanks to its Brazilian Counter Abaçai, will allow you to buy a cherry acerola with the best control.

Buy the best natural acerola powder directly from Brazil without intermediary at the best price.

The benefits of acerola for health

All about acerola cherry

Before starting all the virtues come from book and Brazilian scientific journal or from other country.

Here is a study on acerola that we summarize that comes from Brazilian researcher => Acerola study

  • High vitamin C content that helps fight against general fatigue
  • High vitamin A content
  • Natural Toning Properties
  • Immu-stimulating
  • Prevents scurvy due to its high content of vitamin C.

Do not hesitate to read the study on the site science direct

cherry vitamin c - buy acerola

ORIGIN of our Acerola powder

The berries used or rather the acerola cherries that we use come from a small part of our test plantation in Minas Gerais or mineiro producer.

Then the acerola cherry will be reduced to powder in a factory in the state of Sao Paulo , then controlled by Brazilian pharmacist in accordance with Brazilian regulations (ANVISA) before arriving in France .

Our acerola cherry is powdered the same day or 48 hours at the latest after harvest. Its vitamin C content according to the Brazilian standard can not be less than 17%.

Why the acérola Comptoir de Toamasina does not have the Bio Label?

First, Le Comptoir de Toamasina wants to develop a sustainable and responsible agriculture .

And we prefer to check by ourselves the entire process of its marketing to its distribution to make you benefit from the most natural acerola cherry.

As for acai, it is very easy to buy organic acai in France but very difficult to buy a acai where workers do not go up to the top of the palm tree risking their lives. The acai plantation with which we work practices the reforestation in the Amazon with the Pinot Palm tree and especially the workers have a health insurance and climb with the help of a machine at the top of the tree.

We did the same for our powdered acerola , we looked for producers with family farming and a factory with the best conditions and a good location to produce our acerola powder .

Thanks to our Brazilian counter , Abaçai , we have our own counter in Brazil to meet our partner producers .

Tips for using acerola

Mix a teaspoon of Toamasina Countertop acerola powder in a beverage of your choice or incorporate into your food.

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