Grandiose Papua Vanilla

Where to buy vanilla pod?

Meet the new darling of chefs, Grandiose Papua New Guinea vanilla

Le Comptoir de Toamasina, specialist in vanilla since 2010, offers you the opportunity to buy online the most beautiful gourmet vanilla pod from Papua New Guinea . A Prestige vanilla pod

For this origin, the new terroir of exceptional vanilla , we offer you two varieties: planifolia and Tahitensis . But the two vanillas will undergo the preparation of so-called bourbon vanilla

This vanilla is harvested by hand and offers you the best value for money of vanilla in the world

Papuan vanilla is not a wild vanilla pod but it offers notes of leather and spices which will continue towards each aromatic palette of its variety. 

This Papua Grandiose vanilla is a huge favorite. It is a vanilla that is a wonderful replacement for Madagascar bourbon vanilla. 

Because it offers incredible aromatic power.  

Discover the two varieties of Papuan vanilla: 

  • Tahitensis Vanilla from Papua  : This is a truly superb and beautiful vanilla bean, the vanilla that every baking lover must have in their kitchen. It offers notes of leather and spices which continue for a long moment of floral vanilla.
  • Planifolia vanilla from Papua : A vanilla with notes of spices and leathers with a touch of musk which gives way to a long intense chocolate vanilla. 

If you love vanilla, you have arrived at the best site specializing in exceptional vanilla. We only sell Gourmet quality Grand Cru vanilla.

Papua Tahitensis vanilla

Discover Tahitensis Gourmet Vanilla from Papua New Guinea at Comptoir de Toamasina. This variety offers fruity, floral and woody notes, ideal for enhancing your dishes. We offer this hand-harvested vanilla, guaranteeing the best value for money. Buy in different quantities, from 2 to 100 beans.  Main notes: woody and floral vanilla Aromatic: A vanilla pod...

Papua New Guinea Vanilla Planifolia by the Kilo

Buy Papua New Guinea Vanilla Planifolia by the kilo. I offer you the best value for money in PNG vanilla by the kilo, from my 250g sachet to the 5kg pack. Discover a vanilla pod that is a real nugget for lovers of rare vanilla. An aromatic treasure with notes of spice, musk and cocoa vanilla that linger on the palate. Main notes: woody and floral vanilla...
Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea per kilo Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea per kilo 2
  • On sale!

Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea per kilo

Buy tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea by the kilo. Discover our 250g to 5kg packaging. PNG vanilla beans are blacker and thinner than Tahitian vanilla. This PNG pastry vanilla offers fruity, floral and woody notes. It is the same variety as Tahitian vanilla.  Main notes: woody and floral vanilla Aromatic: A vanilla pod with first notes of spice and...

Vanilla Planifolia from Papua New Guinea

The Vanilla Planifolia from Papua New Guinea is a rare vanilla pod, a luxury vanilla with intense and deep aromas. Papua New Guinea will produce vanilla pods of Tahitensis and Planifolia varieties. The Comptoir de Toamasina en Comptoir de la vanilla and vanilla researcher of the world offers you to buy the best black vanilla pods from Papua, of the...

Papuan vanilla, the secret of great chefs by Chef Arnaud

Vanilla fascinates your taste buds and it is fascinating and mysterious. 

Arnaud, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, developed a passion at the age of 20 with the most prestigious spice in pastry

Vanilla is a must for the food industry . This palate vanilla for its two varieties Planifolia and Tahitensis has a sophisticated aromatic palette

They are perfect for making everyday pastries and desserts , as well as creative cuisine and sophisticated dishes .

two varieties of vanilla with a qualitative one that is sophisticated, a vanilla that is sophisticated.

Tahitensis vanilla is the one that will take your taste buds on a journey with an incredible richness, grandiose for surprising recipes. He is the star of original creations and creative cuisine. 

Simply split it with the tip of a knife and let it infuse for 12 hours in milk. 

Then you make a perfect vanilla infusion and make a dessert worthy of star chefs at home

Planifolia Vanilla is different, it will give a frank and tasty note that reminds us of the vanilla of our childhood

Vanilla from Comptoir de Toamasina is rich in seeds and has the best level of vanillin. Which brings intense aromas to your pastries

Since 2010, we have had the habit of weighing and testing each vanilla that we select to have perfect vanillas.

The size and characteristics of our good Papua vanilla

A good size makes all the difference. In the pure tradition of vanilla, our vanilla is between 14 and 22cm .

We have two size categories: 14 to 16cm, the traditional vanilla pod and the exception 18 to 22cm. 

It is during the final stage of packaging that we will take all the attention to carry out a final quality control to ship you only the pods that will thrill us. 

Our choice is limited to the finest gourmet vanilla from Papua . A black vanilla , unsplit. 

Did you know that from its harvest to its shipment, that is to say from the first pollination to its preparation and tasting, all the steps are done at home. 

Our Papua Grandiose vanilla is distinguished by meticulous quality control and a vanilla that professionals and individuals looking for quality vanilla can rely on the expertise in vanilla of Comptoir de Toamasina

We guarantee you an aromatic profile that the greatest chefs seek with an incredible natural vanillin content . 

Discover our vanilla pods, powders, flavors and extracts for your cooking and creating excellent dishes. 

A grandiose vanilla with powerful aromas

In the 2000s, the Tahitensis vanilla pod from Papua New Guinea was not known. Even today, we offer you micro-lots, because it is more or less 2 to 3% of world production. 

Unlike Madagascar which represents more than 80% of world production. 

Vanilla producers in Papua have a lot of credit for producing this vanilla

The vanilla orchid Planifolia and Tahitensis will produce a vanilla flower which is always pollinated by hand , in the ancestral way.

Papua continues the tradition of vanilla farmers.

Grown in young plantations, the Planifolia and Tahitensis green vanilla pods will undergo the so-called bourbon preparation method.

That is to say, the princesses will be put in a bath at 63°C for 3 minutes then undergo steaming and finally refined in accordance with tradition. 

It takes more than 6 months after harvest to obtain quality Papuan vanilla.

This unsplit black vanilla pod will be checked by plantation officials at each stage of the process, then will be put into bundles by size, tied with raffia and exported in the pure tradition of vanilla grower know-how. 

Where to Buy Papua Vanilla Beans ?

When we ask ourselves the question where to buy vanilla pods from Papua, we arrive at Comptoir de Toamasina.

The adventure of our Comptoir de la Vanille is a simple meeting between a producer and a vanilla lover in Madagascar .

Little by little Arnaud will engage in the search for vanilla pods which come from the most beautiful terroirs in the world and which promote the work of producers. 

Every year we develop vanilla sectors to transport you into the world of flavors.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we are keen to create links with producers and chefs

Arnaud, travel to Brazil to discover exceptional vanilla , peppercorns , rare pepper and flavors from around the world in the most beautiful terroirs. 

The characteristics of our grandiose Papuan tahitensis vanilla

When we enter the world of vanilla, we want to discover other varieties but also new terroirs. 

Papua invites you to discover planifolia vanilla from New Guinea. 

But what is the difference between bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and planifolia vanilla from Papua? 

First of all, it's the same variety. A variety that comes from Mexico, country of origin of vanilla. 

Planifolia vanilla from Papua is first of all a vanilla pod which is a little blacker than Madagascar vanilla

You will discover a vanilla pod with notes of fresh spices with an approach of cocoa leather. 

Then, you will find notes of cocoa like Malagasy vanilla. 

It is a vanilla that we recommend letting it infuse for more than an hour in milk before using it. 

The characteristics of our planifolia vanilla from Papua - vanilla of excellence

This gourmet quality black vanilla pod has a humidity level above 30%. It's a very beautiful vanilla, fat and oily with notes of spices and leather which will continue with notes of flowery vanilla. 

It is a vanilla to absolutely discover for its complex notes and its rare intensity. 

It's a vanilla that offers an explosion of flavor. We are very far from Madagascar bourbon vanilla and its Planifolia variety and its cocoa vanilla note. 

A real treat for pastry lovers. It is a vanilla pod that we like in cold preparations and savory cooking.

Did you know that Tahitensis vanilla is the same variety you find in French Polynesia. 

But its flavor is very different from Tahitian vanilla. You will instead encounter a complex vanilla with spicy notes and a background of island flowers. 

Vanilla mouthfeel very easy to work with which takes your taste buds on a journey

You should know that Papua vanilla has a nickname: PNG vanilla .

This excellent vanilla is a very easy vanilla pod to work with for ice cream, sweet and savory dishes. 

It gives an incredible taste, texture and texture to your preparation. 

We have always been surprised by the scent and aromas that this vanilla gives off. 

Growing vanilla takes time. 

Papua took almost 18 years to produce excellent vanilla. 

Today, vanilla from Papua competes with vanilla from Madagascar and even Tahiti for its Tahitensis variety

It's a bit like Brazilian vanilla , which is called tonka bean in the mainland country. 

A vanilla  that has been produced to please you.

So don't wait any longer to get it. Professional, Individual, this vanilla of remarkable quality is made for you. 

Taste Papuan vanilla and you won't be able to do without it. 

Specialist in importing the best vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea

The lands of New Guinea and its terroir give the PNG vanilla pod aniseed and floral notes. This vanilla pod from Papua goes perfectly with both sweet and savory dishes. 

The New Guinea vanilla pod will differentiate itself from other vanillas in the world thanks to its freshness and intense fruit aromas. A vanilla pod with a fruity symphony. 

Buy the best vanilla pod for an arranged rum

When we ask ourselves the question which vanilla for an arranged rum , today we recommend Papua vanilla. 

It is a vanilla bean with a feminine flavor with its touch of musk and round notes. 

Arnaud, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina and vanilla specialist since 2010, invites you to discover Papua vanilla.  

A vanilla pod to enhance your recipes

This vanilla will enhance your talent for baking and creative cooking.

Because we want to bring you the best spice in your kitchen, we must offer you impeccable quality. We offer you the best of vanilla through our range. 

As a gourmet, Arnaud, who is a vanilla researcher, became a private chef in Brazil during his first years in the country. 

Today, on the blog and on our YouTube channel, the counter of toamasina , we offer you recipes to thrill your taste buds for haute couture and high-end cuisine. 

Discover our saffron from Iran

  • Pineapple and vanilla compote
  • Pineapple and vanilla cake from Madagascar
  • Apple vanilla cream
  • Papuan vanilla soles
  • Lobster with Mandes and Papua Vanilla
  • Chicken with thyme and vanilla

Over time, the New Guinea vanilla pod will retain woody and spicy aromas.

Where to buy vanilla sticks ?

Where to buy vanilla sticks? Where to buy plump and tasty vanilla beans. 

Our Vanilla Counter of Excellence invites you to buy a vanilla that comes from a long aromatic tradition, from a culture combining tradition and innovation

Our Papuan vanilla is the new queen of chefs , this popular spice which is the favorite flavor of the French , will take you on a journey to Oceania to discover a mythical vanilla

Grandiose Papuan vanilla in its gourmet quality is 1% of production .  

it is recognized worldwide for its deep and plural olfactory notes .

Tahitensis and Planifolia vanilla from Papua is a revival in the world of vanilla producers with an attractive and sweet smell , a journey into the vanilla of the vanilla islands .

With his vanilla stick , Arnaud wanted to surprise you and introduce you to a vanilla that will increase your delicious pleasure in cooking

An epicurean and exquisite vanilla that will combine with all savory and sweet dishes to flavor your creative recipes in a sensational and delicious way. 

The use of Papua New Guinea vanilla

But how do you use a fresh Papua vanilla pod? 

Arnaud, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina explains everything to you with Arnaud, his creator. 

How to use vanilla is very simple, on our blog you will find all the tutorials and tips for using good vanilla.

But here are some ideas: 

  • A little vanilla cake
  • Custard pastry
  • A liquid preparation 
  • Vanilla powder
  • Make vanilla extract
  • make a homemade rum
  • Homemade jam

Buy unsplit black vanilla pods - Le Comptoir de Toamasina world export of edible vanilla

The Papua New Guinea vanilla pod for baking is the new darling of chefs.

A vanilla with a rare and striking fragrance. It will oscillate between warmth and freshness for a floral touch for the Tahitensis and cocoa for the planifolia. 

Until 20 years ago, this vanilla was not known on the vanilla market .

New Guinea vanilla begins with a small group of producers on Manus Island who begin planting vanilla plants.

5 years after planting, here is the first harvest and this vanilla pod quickly became the darling of chefs.

Today, it is in the Sepik region that New Guinea vanilla is most produced .

It is a vanilla with sensual and spicy notes for a perfume which has a unique and unusual concentration for a vanilla in this range.

A dive into the vanilla islands. 

 Le Comptoir de Toamasina always works as close as possible to producers and collectors in order to offer you excellent vanilla pods.

Where to find real vanilla pods - A Grand Cru of Vanilla

When we get into buying vanilla, it's hard to know but what is the best vanilla? 

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we offer you videos and tutorials which will explain the different vanillas and our ranking of the best vanilla.

Le Comptoir de lavanilla invites you to discover for us the best origin of exotic vanillas, a wild vanilla by its notes and above all a unique origin. 

Tahitensis and planifolia vanilla from Papua has certainly been the best vanilla in the world since this year. 

The x tahitensis from Papua resembles a Tahitian vanilla with a softer price. 

If you want to know where to find a Grand Cru Tahitensis vanilla pod. 

Order your vanilla pod with its grandiose scent and set off to discover a cuisine with a strong imprint that will give a new horizon and an olfactory journey that will combine and provide magical contrasts.

How to keep vanilla fresh and use them properly ?

When you buy exceptional vanilla , you want to have the best preservation

 We invite you to follow our advice upon receipt of your vanilla pods

It will be enough to either leave the vanilla in our special vanilla box or use one of our techniques:

  • In a glass jar or in an iron or wooden box in baking paper. Wrap your vanilla pods in parchment paper and place them in the jar. This allows you to keep the vanilla for many months
  • Place your vanilla away from light and any temperature shock. Ideal temperature for storing vanilla sticks between 15 and 20°C
  • Never put your vanilla next to other spices. Vanilla is a chameleon and risks picking up the flavors of other spices. 

Preservation in alcohol and in the freezer is recommended, the first method will give an alcohol taste to it and remove its humidity level. 

Buy the precious and very fragrant vanilla from Papua in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and everywhere in France

Today, it is very difficult to find an online vanilla reference store that meets producers and does not purchase photos on sites. 

If you live in Belgium , Switzerland , Canada and anywhere in France .

Le Comptoir de Toamasina offers you the most delicious vanilla with a fragrance composed of contrasts and glow . This vanilla is a celebration of sweetness, warmth and animal intensity

If you wish to purchase an intense, moving vanilla, this reassuring scent which envelops a pastry flan.

Then this warm vanilla pod, gently vanillinated with sensory notes, is made for you.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the reference store for the purchase of high-end vanilla and all at the best price.

Discover the irresistible vanilla from our World Flavors Counter. 

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