Madagascar Pepper

Madagascar pepper

It is good here that you will buy online the best pepper of Madagascar. The black pepper of Madagascar is a pepper in grain that is grown on the Big Island. The land of Madagascar will provide an ideal climate for a pepper of character, with a high aromatic strength with lemony and woody notes.

In Madagascar, we find the classic Madagascar pepper, black, white and glass and the famous pepper of Voatsiperifery, a rare and addictive pepper. It is a pepper with intense and deep notes.

Do not hesitate to discover our bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Madagascar Black Pepper

The black pepper of Madagascar is an extraordinary pepper, the best in the world with the ceylan pepper. It offers a fresh, spicy, long-lasting taste with a slight lemon flavor. Buy the best Madagascar pepper at the Comptoir of Toamasina. Pepper power: 6/10 Main Notes: Woodsy and a citric touch Use: Ideal for all savory dishes, especially meats Origin:...

Black Pepper Madagascar 250g

Madagascar black pepper is the best pepper in the world and offers the best value for money. We sell black peppercorns from Madagascar, very high quality, with very large grains. A pepper with a unique taste, fresh and woody with a slight lemon note, a sign of the best peppers in the world. In resealable 250g bag Pepper power: 6/10 Main Notes: Woodsy and...
Madagascar Black Pepper 1 Kilo Madagascar Black Pepper 1 Kilo 2
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Madagascar Black Pepper 1 Kilo

Madagascan black pepper offers incomparable finesse, very balanced aromas, coffee color and reasonable spiciness. Black pepper from Madagascar and a very aromatic black pepper. It offers a slightly lemony note, which make it the ideal black pepper for everyday cooking. 1kg whole black pepper from Madagascar in grains. Pepper power: 6/10 Main Notes: Woodsy...

Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery at Kilo

Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper in its economical format. Come buy the best wild pepper from Madagascar Voatsiperifery. A fresh and woody pepper on the palate. an ideal pepper for all of your savory or sweet recipes. Our pepper comes directly from the best producers in Madagascar. Pepper power: 10/10 Main notes: Intense vegetal notes and extreme freshness...

Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery

Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper from Madagascar in its traditional freshness packaging. Come buy and discover Voatsiperifery pepper, to the world with fresh and woody notes. An exceptional pepper that can be used anywhere in the kitchen from sweet to savory. We select the best producers who harvest the best peak pepper in Madagascar. Pepper power: 10/10 Main...

Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery Mill

Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper is a distant relative of Madagascar black pepper. The Voastsiperifery Pepper means voa which itself will mean tsiperifery which is the Madagascan tree. It is a very rare and very aromatic pepper. Wild pepper is an exceptional pepper harvested by hand. Buy the best wild pepper in the world. Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper in a mill...

Buy the best pepper from Madagascar online

Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar - Madagascar wild pepper

The Black Pepper of Madagascar is first of all a peppercorn that will make us travel dream. Who does not dream to visit Madagascar, to borrow its roads aboard a pick-up and to discover a vegetation and a universe which still intact.

Le Comptoir will pick the best peppercorns from Madagascar in the most remote places of the big island.

Buying a black Malagasy pepper, a Malagasy spice (Madagascar cinnamon), a vanilla bean from Madagascar is first of all going to meet a culture, a tradition of farmer who will produce wonderful spices .

To smell a spice of Madagascar is to return to an inexplicable culinary journey.

The History of Madagascar Pepper

The epic of Malagasy pepper

Arnaud Sion to discover the pepper of Madagascar- Buy the best Madagascar pepper live from the producer

It is a French who will introduce pepper to Madagascar, his name is Émile Prudhomme. He introduces him after a scientific mission to Java.

Émile Prudhomme was the director of the National Institute of Colonial Agronomy and in charge of the development and culture of coffee, tobacco, spices and Malagasy pepper of course.

He will write in 1899 in a notice related to the Malagasy agriculture. It has not yet been done serious research and tries on pepper in Madagascar.

He will simply introduce Malagasy to pepper growing in Madagascar by importing pepper vines to Madagascar.

Malagasy pepper was first introduced to Nossi-by and then developed in the eastern region of the Big Island.


In early 1940, Muller's disease will attack pepper foot in Madagascar.

It was necessary to import a more resistant variety of pepper, in order not to lose the culture.

It was decided to import Belontoeng, a variety from Indonesia.

Did you know that Madagascar is one of its islands to have a wild pepper called Voatsiperifery wild pepper?

How is black pepper from Madagascar grown?

All about black pepper from Madagascar

Wild Pepper from Madagascar, Voatsiperifery

The scientific name Piper nigrum gives the black pepper which is a tropical plant cultivated for its red-black fruits with the spicy and tasty taste. It is a liana with leaves that alternate between the ovals that develops on a support by means of its roots.

As with all other plants, the pepper plant requires its own climatic conditions.

First of all it is important to know that the pepper comes from the Piper Negrium creeper, like black, white, green or red pepper. False peppers, no and they can not be called pepper. Except that in the current language we use pepper.

The Culture of Madagascar Pepper

Black Pepper of Madagascar Price per kilo

 In order to meet the highest quality requirement, crops must meet all kinds of criteria.

At first, it is necessary that the earth of the pepper tree is porous. The better the land is, the better the production will be. For fertility we will talk about humus and nutrients. This is where the measurement of nutrients is concerned or it is the elements that will make the most spicy or simply tasty. Also the pepper tree likes depth in the ground.

  • The pepper tree, particularly that of Madagascar, likes good rainfall. Pepper is one of the plants that needs the most rain. It is often planting near the equator where rainfall is excellent and close to the coast in Brazil. Studies in Brazil show who loves between 2500 and 4000mm / year. But as any plant too much moisture or a season too dry damages the plant.
  • To know during arid seasons where there is not much rain, harvests will be bad and of poor quality.
  • Temperature plays a vital role. The pepper tree hardly likes a temperature below 15 degrees at night. He likes an average 25 to 30 during the day. So tropical region

The different pepper in Madagascar - All Malagasy peppers

The pepper emits small ears covered with white flowers in summer or winter if the country practices two harvests a year.

Then the fruits will be harvested at different stages of maturity to satisfy the consumer:

  • green pepper is an immature fruit that is going to be preserved in brine
  • gray pepper is a fruit that is just mature and is going to be dried
  • black pepper is an almost mature fruit dried before being consumed ground, crushed or whole. Always buy it whole
  • red pepper is a mature fruit that is going to be dried
  • the white pepper comes from ripe black pepper or we will remove its pericarp ie the outer shell of pepper.

To know that in regions with less favorable climate. It can be grown in a heated greenhouse or in your conservatory.

And you can have your pepper at home.

Did you know that in pepper there is piperine?

  • Black pepper like black pepper from Madagascar contains piperine which gives its pungent taste.

Online purchase and sale of fresh black pepper from Madagascar - Madagascar black pepper directly from the producer

Buy the best Madagascar pepper online at the best price

Purchase of Madagascar pepper


Comptoir de Toamasina offers you to buy a black pepper from Madagascar in grains, fresh with a symphony of aroma.

It's good here at Comptoir de Toamasina that you will buy the best Madagascar pepper online at the best price.

Since 2013, we work to improve the quality of our Malagasy and offer you nothing but the best peppercorns. For a unique experience.

Madagascar Black Pepper Price - Buy Madagascar Pepper in Wholesale

World prices of black pepper

The price of Madagascar black pepper will depend on world prices and harvests.

Comptoir de Toamasina brings all of its expertise in the purchase and sale of black pepper from Madagascar to offer you a superior pepper at the best possible price.

Buy Madagascar pepper online at the best price per kilo, it's unique at the Comptoir de Toamasina.

Our Madagascar pepper comes from the best lands of the big island.

An exceptional land for an exotic pepper.

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Where to Find Fresh Madagascar Pepper?

Buy Online Malagasy Pepper in Fresh Black Grain

Want to know where to find fresh black Madagascar pepper, you do not have to look anymore it's at the Comptoir de Toamasina.

Comptoir de Toamasina search and find the best peppercorns from Madagascar and offer them at the best price per kilo.

You have doubts, come try it, buy and you will adopt it. Since 2010, the creator of the Comptoir de Toamasina Arnaud Sion, looking for superior peppers in Madagascar to offer you a pepper of excellence on your plate.

Try the black pepper from Madagascar from the Comptoir de Toamasina, remember that the Comptoir de Toamasina has a plantation in Brazil, a land of excellence for an exotic pepper.

How to use Madagascar black pepper in the kitchen

To know everything to cook well and use with Malagasy black pepper?

How to use Madagascar black pepper in the kitchen

Adding pepper to your kitchen can change everything. Buying a black pepper from Madagascar of excellence at the best price at the counter of Toamasina, can make travel your dish and bring him intense flavors.

Always grind or crush pepper with a pestle at the last moment.

Your pepper mill will have to make big grains.

The Madagascar pepper of excellence does not sting, it perfumes

A good Madagascar pepper does not sting your nose and will not make you sneeze. If so, it is because it is too old or mixed with pepper dust.

You must always add the pepper at the last moment of the cooking, so that it diffuses at best its intense and deep flavors.


Madagascar Peppercorns and the best pepper for every day and will offer you flavors of excellence and deep in cap. Come buy Madagascar pepper online.

  • Blanquette of salmon with Madagascar wild pepper
  • Ratatouille pudding with Madagascar wild pepper
  • tart tatin with tomato and wild pepper from Madagascar
  • Quails with mandarins and wild pepper from Madagascar
  • Magret with mango and wild pepper from Madagascar
  • Rhubarb jam with ginger and Madagascar wild pepper
  • Light tabouleh with wild pepper from Madagascar
  • Salmon tartare with wild pepper from Madagascar
  • Tiramisu Saint Moret with wild pepper from Madagascar

Virtues and benefits of Madagascar black pepper for health

Our sources come from various books, including the Medicine Library

The whole thing is controlled by Brazilian doctor consultant volunteer in our company to control our writings. In no case spices and peppers replace a consultation with a doctor. You will find here a quick retrospective of various books.


Peppers have been used for a very long time for their medicinal properties.

Today, it is used essential for its taste properties that go our happiness.

Researchers demonstrate several times a year the benefits of spices for our health.

But did you know that black pepper has other virtues than culinary properties.

Malagasy black pepper like other black peppers are very good for our health.

First, there is the aspect of traditional soft medicine that has been using it for centuries.

(The Comptoir de Toamasina reminds you that if you want to use pepper to practice fresh medicine, you can consult a homeopathic doctor, who will be led to answer all your questions).

Piperine good for health

Black pepper contains a lot of piperine that will facilitate the digestion and assimilation of nutrients in the body.

He will act against certain disorders of the intestine.

Black pepper is a natural antioxidant. The black pepper of Madagascar offers a very good synergy with the turmeric of Madagascar.

He intervenes in particular in the regulation of the cholesterol level according to scientific articles.

Black peppercorns and unsuspected health benefits

Whole black pepper is recommended in some diets to combat obesity.

It naturally promotes thermogenesis that will fight against fat.

Feeling pepper also helps to relax and relax.

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