Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper
Madagascar Black Pepper

Madagascar Black Pepper

The black pepper of Madagascar is an extraordinary pepper, the best in the world with the ceylan pepper. It offers a fresh, spicy, long-lasting taste with a slight lemon flavor. Buy the best Madagascar pepper at the Comptoir of Toamasina.

  • Pepper power: 6/10
  • Main Notes: Woodsy and a citric touch
  • Use: Ideal for all savory dishes, especially meats
  • Origin: Madagascar

It is a slightly spicy pepper, black pepper from Madagascar offers a woody and lemon note. Buy the best pepper from Madagascar, at the best price. The loose Madagascar black pepper that everyone should have in their kitchen.




Madagascar black pepper is a piper nigrum. In Madagascar, you produce  black pepper  in the  Tamatave region  and  voatsiperifery pepper  which is the  wild pepper of Madagascar.

My  family business was founded in 2010  with only  vanilla from Madagascar.

Little by little I increased my range of flavors with a  collection of spices from Madagascar .

In addition to my range of vanilla and peppers, you will discover  Madagascar cinnamon  and  Madagascar turmeric .

I offer you on my site  the 5 most beautiful spices from Madagascar and always at the best value for money.

Malagasy pepper  will have unique climatic conditions , the only place on earth where I find its conditions is in  Kampot  and in  the state of Espirito Santo and Bahia in Brazil .

Each peppercorn  that I select must have  a weight of 500g per liter .

But why, quite simply because it is the best quality of pepper . This is called  Astra quality in pepper export.

Here I will explain why Madagascar pepper is so unique, the colors of the berries, its drying and its use. 


On my online store, you will buy exceptional peppers, a whole black pepper, black grains with a beautiful wrinkled color which is a sign of a pepper with manual drying in the sun and not mechanical. 

Madagascar black pepper is for me the best pepper for everyday cooking. 

If you are looking to buy or sell the best pepper for everyday use, I recommend Madagascar pepper. 

My shop will offer you black peppercorns at the best value for money.  

  • The price of black pepper from Madagascar per kilo is 29 euros. The perfect packaging for restaurateurs and chefs. But if you are a black pepper lover, the format is ideal but should ideally be consumed within 2 years after opening. We offer it at 16 euros per kilo with our 25kg bags, available by email.


In France, only the fruits of Piper nigrum, including Black Pepper , Green Pepper, Red Pepper and White Pepper , can claim the name " pepper " without further clarification. It's an ordinance from 1945. I explained this regulation, why timut pepper cannot be called pepper. 

Compared to Voatsiperifery Pepper, a wild variety with vines with a risky harvest because it can grow up to 25 meters high, because it is a pepper that grows in the tops of trees in tropical forests .

Black Pepper is the simplest pepper to grow, ensuring more generous harvests than red or white pepper. With black peppercorns, you can have two harvests per year while white or red is one harvest per year. 

Read our article on:

You should know that pepper cultivation takes place in plantations with stakes up to 4 meters high , with manual harvesting and manual drying of the pepper.

There are 3 types of pepper drying . Manual drying , you will have a pepper with a beautiful pericarp and good spiciness because it is in the pericarp that the pepper will have the bite and spiciness. Generally, it takes 7-8 days to dry the peppercorn . Semi-mechanical drying , here the pepper will have manual and then mechanical drying. Mechanical drying is faster but you will simply remove its pericarp and you will have a pepper without bland spiciness and which is not very aromatic. 

The pepper is calibrated, put in dry containers and exported. 

Then, upon arrival in Europe, the pepper must be debacterized and packaged in France in our workshop.

When we talk about the history of pepper, you should know that the introduction of the pepper plant to Madagascar dates back to the early years of the 20th century , thanks to the efforts of Emile Prudhomme , pioneer of colonial agronomy. Under his leadership, pepper quickly became an emblematic crop of the island, contributing to its agricultural development.

Despite the difficulties encountered in the 1930s, notably with Muller's disease which affected pepper plantations, the successful introduction of a resistant variety, Belontoeng, ensured the sustainability of pepper cultivation in Madagascar.

However, despite its exceptional quality, Madagascar Pepper often remains unknown on the international market, eclipsed by other more widely marketed varieties. It is high time to recognize this culinary treasure at its true value.

In Brazil, I discovered pepper plantations close to coffee plantations. It was really in Bahia that I discovered the same plantations in Madagascar.


Black peppercorns from Madagascar are the best pepper in the worldfor me, for everyday cooking.

An exceptional black pepper with a good spiciness and a beautiful aromatic power .

You will discover a pepper with fresh notes, woody notes and above all a citric touch. 

It offers a nice depth in the mouth with a nice length. Its spicy touch will reveal its unique notes.  


But how to properly use Madagascar black pepper? This is the question everyone is asking.

I would like to tell you, you have to grind it at the last moment and, above all, ideally crush it for a unique culinary experience, for a unique experience with incredible freshness and spiciness.

It is a pepper that goes very well with red meat, white meat and especially fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, anchovies, tuna, eel and salmon.

It excels in sauces, especially tomato and brown sauces. I do not recommend it in white sauces because it will color the sauce.

It turns out to be the star in vegetable-based dishes such as chard, red cabbage, lentils, chickpeas... It is also ideal for marinades and cold meats, combined with white cheeses, and to enhance fruit in salad, compote, syrup or jam: strawberries, cherries, figs, peaches, pineapple as well as in chocolate desserts: creams, mousses, fondants, cakes.

In fact, it’s Comptoir de Toamasina’s best seller.

Here I offer you 8 recipes that I like to use with Malagasy pepper:

  1. Madagascar Black Pepper Chicken: For authentic flavor, sear pieces of chicken in a pan, then season generously with freshly cracked Madagascar black pepper and a touch of fleur de sel. Serve with sautéed vegetables for a simple but flavorful dish.
  2. Pasta with Madagascar Black Pepper and Garlic: Cook pasta al dente, then in a pan, brown chopped garlic in olive oil. Add crushed Madagascar black pepper and the cooked pasta. Mix well and serve with grated parmesan for an explosion of flavors.
  3. Grilled Salmon with Madagascar Black Pepper: Before grilling the salmon fillets, season them with crushed Madagascar black pepper and salt. Serve with a black pepper cream sauce for a touch of freshness and heat.
  4. Madagascar Black Pepper Rice: Cook white rice, then mix it with butter and crushed Madagascar black pepper. Serve as an accompaniment to grilled meats or vegetables.
  5. Roasted Potatoes with Madagascar Black Pepper: Before roasting in the oven, season potato wedges with cracked Madagascar black pepper, olive oil and fresh rosemary for a touch of boldness.
  6. Madagascar Black Pepper Omelette: Beat eggs with crushed Madagascar black pepper and a pinch of salt. Cook in a pan with a little butter for a deliciously spicy omelette.
  7. Vegetable Soup with Madagascar Black Pepper: Brown various vegetables in a saucepan with olive oil. Season with crushed Madagascar black pepper and add vegetable stock. Simmer until the vegetables are tender and serve hot.
  8. Arugula Salad with Madagascar Black Pepper: Mix arugula with parmesan shavings, cherry tomatoes and olives. Dress with a vinaigrette made from olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cracked Madagascar black pepper for a fresh and spicy salad.


On our blog we explained the maillard reaction to you. And before each use, we advise you to roast the pepper as in the video for an explosion of flavors. 
Roasting black pepper is essential to intensify its flavors and aroma.
In this video that I made you will discover the traditional method of roasting black pepper used by chefs and cooking enthusiasts.
By heating the peppercorns to their core, we allow their flavors and aromatic power to flourish thanks to the Maillard reaction, responsible for browning and enhancing flavors.
This technique is also popular for preparing cumin powder.

The best method for roasting pepper is to heat a pan over medium heat, adding oil as necessary to flavor a meat. Once the pan is hot, the peppercorns are added, making sure they are not touching, and are stirred regularly for even roasting. When the kernels begin to pop like popcorn, after one to two minutes, they are removed and dried on a paper towel. Then they can be crushed and added to the meat before serving.

Roasting reveals the aromatic power of black pepper, while the oil is infused with its aromas during infusion over medium or low heat. It is important to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the pan during the roasting process.


To preserve the aromatic power of Madagascar black pepper, we recommend that you follow its 4 basic principles to preserve it month after month:

  1. Store it in an airtight container if you purchased it in our kilo packaging: To prevent moisture and air from penetrating and altering the flavor of the pepper, store it in an airtight container such as a glass jar or stainless steel container.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight: Madagascar pepper should be protected from direct sunlight, as it can alter its color and aroma. Store it in a cool, dark place in your kitchen.
  3. Do not grind in advance: Malagasy black pepper retains its flavor and aroma longer if ground just before use. Avoid grinding it in advance and store it whole.
  4. Avoid excessive heat: Malagasy pepper should be protected from excessive heat, as it can alter its flavor. Avoid storing it near a heat source such as a stove or a sunny window.

By following these precautions, you can keep Madagascar pepper fresh and flavorful for a long time.


You no longer have Madagascar black pepper or you don't have any and you want to replace it, so I give you my top 5 of the best peppers to replace this jewel of Madagascar: 

  1. Fried green pepper from Madagascar  : Green pepper picked before maturity, we advise you to buy it freeze-dried. You will roast it with a little green Sichuan berry for a fresh and especially citrus touch. 10g of fried green pepper for 3g of green Sichuan berry . 
  2. Kampot White Pepper :Here, you are going to say Arnaud you are totally crazy, white pepper has nothing to do with white pepper. Wait a bit, I'll show you the opposite. It is the only white pepper that will have fresh notes of mint with a citrus touch. Here, I will add a little black pepper from Tanzania with a side of citrus and a good spiciness. 8g of white kampot pepper for 3g of black pepper from Tanzania. mix and crush and it's ready. 
  3. Pink berries: Pink berries can replace Madagascar black pepper, here, you will put 5g of crushed berries with 4g of crushed wild Madagascar pepper. And you're going to have a unique blend. 
  4. Tsiperifery wild pepper  : A rare pepper with a unique and powerful taste, warm and woody notes, it offers a beautiful aromatic power. But to give a unique touch, I will mix 8g of Tsiperifery with 2g of Sichuan red berry .
  5. Long pepper  : Known for its complex and slightly sweet aroma with a touch, it offers a new dimension, I will add a little cubeb to break up its chocolatey side. 7g of long pepper for 3g ofcubeb pepper

Discover our world, to see the world of pepper differently and fly with us to a ranger destination across Brazil. 

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