Paulista Evasion Green Tea - Citrus
Paulista Evasion Green Tea - Citrus
Paulista Evasion Green Tea - Citrus
Paulista Evasion Green Tea - Citrus
Paulista Evasion Green Tea - Citrus
Paulista Evasion Green Tea - Citrus

Paulista Evasion Green Tea - Citrus

Paulista Escape green tea is a journey into the world of citrus fruits. It bears this name because it is used in the creation of my Soleil Paulista cocktail.

You will love its citrus notes in a cocktail because it evokes the energy of São Paulo, a city where modernity meets tradition. This fragrant green tea is an invitation to explore the richness of flavors and the Brazilian art of living.

It delivers a tangy fresh flavor when brewed, The sweetness of green tea harmonizes with the tangy and sweet citrus, providing a perfect balance of sweetness and liveliness.

  • Potency of fragrant green tea:  8/10
  • Main Notes:  A green tea with tasty citrus notes
  • To savor:  In the morning and after lunch

Savor excellence with our exclusive selection,  where each sip transports you on an unforgettable sensory journey.  Come explore the best of citrus green tea  and let yourself be seduced by its unique character.




Discover Évasion Paulista Green Tea , a creation inspired by the vibrant metropolis of São Paulo. Just like Arnaud, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina who captured the essence of Bahia, we have captured the spirit of São Paulo in this fragrant green tea. 

The name of the tea is due to the cocktail that Arnaud made in Sao Paulo in 2018, during the presentation of this tea at a fair. 

The name of the cocktail is Cocktail Soleil Paulista, it was made with our green tea flavored with citrus fruits, here is the recipe: 

Ingredients :

  • 60 ml of  cachaça  (a Brazilian alcohol made from sugar cane)
  • 30 ml of  passion fruit juice
  • 15 ml lime juice 
  • 10 ml of  sugar syrup  (or more depending on your preference)
  • 1 sprig of  mint  for garnish
  • Ice cubes
  • 20 ml of  Paulista Evasion Green Tea  (prepared and cooled)

Preparation :

  1. In a shaker, mix the cachaça, passion fruit juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and  cooled Paulista Evasion Green Tea  .
  2. Add ice cubes and shake vigorously for about 10 seconds.
  3. Strain the mixture into a cocktail glass filled with ice.
  4. Garnish with a sprig of mint for a touch of freshness.
  5. Enjoy your  Paulista Sun Cocktail  while sipping slowly, imagining the bustling streets of São Paulo.

Arnaud Sion, a connoisseur of pepper and vanilla, invites you to discover a fragrant green tea which is a true invitation to escape and creativity. Ideal for a refreshing break, this tea awakens the senses with the liveliness of citrus fruits.

Far from the power of black tea or green mate,  Évasion Paulista Green Tea  is distinguished by the freshness of citrus fruits and the delicacy of green tea, taking your taste buds on a sensory journey with a hint of pai mu tan white tea.

Whether you prefer it hot for a moment of relaxation or iced for an explosion of freshness,  Évasion Paulista Green Tea  is your ticket to an escape to the citrus plantations during your lunch break.


Opting for Évasion Paulista Green Tea means choosing a sensory experience that celebrates the diversity and energy of São Paulo, in the cocktail that you can make with this citrus tea. Here is why it stands out: 

  • Citrus Energy  : Each infusion is an explosion of aromas, releasing the invigorating scents of citrus, instantly transporting you to a citrus grove.
  • City Freshness  : The refreshing presence of citrus fruits awakens the senses, bringing a touch of freshness that brightens your day like a burst of light in the metropolis.
  • Harmony of Green Tea : The subtle alliance of green tea with citrus fruits offers a delicate base that enhances the lemony flavors, for a refined taste experience.

By choosing Évasion Paulista Green Tea , you embrace more than just a drink, you discover a unique fragrant green tea and if you make our cocktail you embrace the vibrant soul of São Paulo. This is the assurance of a great escape, with each tasting. 

Imagine a melody that accompanies your first tea tasting, music that captures the essence of São Paulo.

A word from Arnaud Sion: By making my cocktail with  Évasion Paulista Green Tea , you will discover a symphony of flavors that evokes nostalgia for the bustling life of São Paulo, all in a unique cocktail: 


To prepare a perfect cup of Paulista Evasion Green Tea from Comptoir de Toamasina, here are the steps to follow for a most pleasant experience:  

Measure  : Use approximately 2 grams of tea for every 250 ml cup of water. Adjust the quantity according to your preferences for a milder or stronger infusion.    

Heat the Water  : Bring your water to a temperature of 75-80°C . Be careful not to exceed this temperature to avoid making the tea bitter. 

Infuse  : Pour hot water over the tea leaves and let steep for 2 to 3 minutes . For a more intense taste, you can let it steep for up to 5 minutes .  

Enjoy  : Filter and pour the tea into your cup to enjoy. For a refreshing version, let cool and add ice cubes.

Composition  :

  • Sencha Chinese Green Tea  and  white tea  : They form the sweet and refreshing base of this tea.
  • Lemongrass  : Adds a lemony note and invigorating freshness.
  • Orange and Lemon  : Bring a touch of citrus for a sparkling flavor.
  • Passionflower  : Known for its soothing properties and exotic taste.
  • Marigold Flowers and Rose Petals  : Offer a vibrant color and a delicate fragrance.
  • Orange Peel  : Intensifies the citrus note for a complete taste experience.


To create your own Paulista Green Tea at home, inspired by the excitement of São Paulo, follow this artisanal recipe that captures the essence of the city in every cup.  

Natural Ingredients and Benefits  : Prepared with care, this green tea blends 100% natural ingredients for an authentic and healthy experience. Sencha green tea combines with the liveliness of orange, the freshness of lemon, and the exoticism of passionflower. Marigold flowers and rose petals provide a delicate floral touch, while zesty orange peel offers a zesty, invigorating note.

A Green Tea with Multiple Virtues  : This unique blend is a pleasure for the taste buds and an ally for your well-being. Each ingredient has been chosen for its virtues: lemongrass for its soothing effects, orange and lemon for their richness in vitamins, and passionflower for its relaxing qualities.

Quick and Easy Preparation  : Follow these simple steps to make this green tea at home, perfect for a moment of relaxation or to accompany your dynamic afternoons.

Composition for 100g of “Homemade” Pauliste Green Tea  :

  • Sencha green tea: 80g 
  • Lemongrass: 5g (approximately 1 stem)  
  • Dried orange: 4g 
  • Dried lemon: 4g 
  • Dried passionflower: 2g 
  • Dried marigold flowers: 1g 
  • Dried rose petals: 1g 
  • Dried orange peel: 2g 
  • Natural flavor of orange, grapefruit, bergamot and lemon: 1g (adjust according to desired intensity)  

Preparation  :

  1. Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Add the natural flavoring and mix well so the flavor is evenly distributed.
  3. Store your mixture in an airtight container away from light and humidity.

With this recipe you can bring the soul of São Paulo into your home and become a master in preparing fragrant teas.


When temperatures rise and the hustle and bustle of the city takes its toll, a refreshing iced tea is the perfect ally to hydrate and relax. With Citrus Green Tea  , you are guaranteed a refreshing break with city flavors.  

Ingredients  :

  • 20g Homemade Paulista Evasion Green Tea  
  • 1 liter of filtered water
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange slices or mint leaves for garnish (optional)

Preparation  :

  1. Heat the water until simmering, but not boiling, to preserve the integrity of the green tea leaves.
  2. Remove from the heat, add the Paulista Evasion Green Tea and let it infuse for approximately 3 to 5 minutes , depending on the intensity of flavor you desire.   
  3. Strain the tea to remove the leaves and citrus pieces.
  4. Let cool to room temperature, then refrigerate until the tea is completely chilled.
  5. Serve the iced tea in tall glasses filled with ice cubes.
  6. Garnish with orange slices or mint leaves for an extra touch of urban freshness.

Tip  : For an even more sparkling version, add a little orange or lemon juice to your iced tea.

This  citrus iced tea  is ideal to drink shaken in summer. The delicate nuances of Sencha green tea, mixed with the invigorating flavors of citrus fruits and the freshness of ice cubes, make it an invigorating drink full of vitality. To be enjoyed without moderation for a well-deserved break or to accompany lunch on the balcony.

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