Rare Peppers

Buy quality rare pepper at the best price

Rare peppers are at the confluence of flavors and creative cuisine

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is a counter where you will buy the best rare peppercorns

Rare peppers are peppers from the Piperaceae family but which come from species other than the classic black pepper called Piper Nigrum. 

Let yourself be transported and travel by the discovery of these rare peppers, discover their stories and how to use them properly in cooking. 

When you smell a rare pepper , you will discover a symphony of unsuspected flavors

We advise you to use them with a mortar

Le Comptoir de Toamasina allows you to buy rare peppers and rare berries of very high quality and at the best price. Rare peppers will not belong to the Pepper Nigrum family . 

Among the rare peppers you will find timut bay which is not a pepper with  its citrus notes , wild pepper from Madagascar , red pepper from Cambodia , long fruit pepper , cubebe pepper , baiano pepper , macaco pepper and  Timiz Bay

We have selected just for you the peppers and berries that make us tick.

Take a trip to the lands of peppers and berries with our boxes of peppers from around the world and create creative cuisine that inspires escape and discovery. 

Allspice - Grinder

The Jamaican chili is a boon for all cooks. It brings a taste of 4 spices between pepper, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Jamaican Pepper is ideal for gratins and white meat dishes. Pepper power: 4/10 Main notes: Notes of 4 spices, cloves and wood Use: Ideal for all savory dishes, especially meats Origin: Guatemala and Brazil The Jamaican pepper is an...

Allspice Berry

The Jamaican pepper is an extraordinary pepper. We must call this pepper Chili by pepper of Jamaica because only pepper nigrum can have the name of pepper. But in the custom we say pepper chili from Jamaica. The Jamaican Chili has a taste between nutmeg and cloves. It looks a bit like the 4 spice mix. It is a great pepper, especially for gratins. Pepper...

Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)

Cubed pepper with a fresh aroma and at the same time minty. Cubèbe Pepper is an excellent pepper, a gourmet pepper. The Cuban Pepper or Pepper with tail is very tasty with tasty notes and with a taste of fresh mint naturally. It is an ideal pepper to sprinkle with cavaillon melons. Pepper power: 4/10 Main Notes: Menthol and Eucalyptus Notes Use: Salad,...

Cubebe pepper - Grinder

Cubebe pepper with a fresh and minty aroma. Cubèbe Pepper is an excellent pepper, a gourmet pepper. The Cuban Pepper or Pepper with tail is very tasty with tasty notes and with a taste of fresh mint naturally. It is an ideal pepper to sprinkle with cavaillon melons. Pepper power: 4/10Main Notes: Menthol and Eucalyptus NotesUse: Salad, dessert and Asian...

Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo

Cubeba pepper with a fresh and minty aroma. Cubèbe Pepper is an excellent pepper, a gourmet pepper. The Cuban Pepper or Pepper tail is very tasty with tasty notes and with a taste of fresh mint naturally. It is an ideal pepper to sprinkle with cavaillon melons. Pepper power: 4/10 Main notes: Menthol and eucalyptus notes Use: Salads, desserts and Asian...

Green Sichuan Pepper

Green Sichuan Pepper offers a taste experience of exceptional robustness and depth, setting it apart from its more famous cousin, Red Sichuan Berry. This green variety unveils its own unique palette of flavors, revealing sublime floral and citrus notes that intertwine harmoniously with peppery, earthy accents. A hint of terroir evokes the bewitching...

Green Sichuan Pepper per kilo

Green Sichuan peppercorns look like peppercorns to the non-expert. It will have intense citrus aromas, with lots of freshness on the palate. There are notes of lime, combava and floral with a touch of Jasmine. But the most surprising thing is that green Sichuan berries will give you a numbing sensation on the tongue. Berry strength: 06/10 Main notes:...

Long Pepper

Long Pepper or Java Pepper is a rare and unique pepper. It's piper longum, a pepper with spicy and sweet sensual notes. You will discover a different and long attack on the palate, first a taste of chocolate, anise, liquorice and cinnamon, then a warm and slightly spicy side. A delicious pepper for salty or sweet cooking. Pepper power: 8/10 Main notes:...

Long Pepper - Grinder

Long Java pepper mill with a warm, fruity flavour. Discover a rare pepper that will transform your kitchen into a creative cuisine. Our long pepper mill will enhance all your sweet and savory recipes. Our pepper mill is specially designed to grind coarse peppercorns by hand. Pepper strength: 8/10 Main notes: Warm, round notes of chocolate and aniseed....

Long Pepper 200g

Long Pepper or Java Pepper is a rare and unique pepper. It's piper longum, a pepper with spicy and sweet sensual notes. You will discover a different and long attack on the palate, first a taste of chocolate, anise, liquorice and cinnamon, then a warm and slightly spicy side. A delicious pepper for salty or sweet cooking. Bag of: 200g Pepper power: 8/10...

Long Pepper 500g

Long Pepper or Java Pepper is a rare and unique pepper. It is the piper longum, a pepper with spicy and sweet sensual notes. You will discover a different and long attack on the palate, first a taste of chocolate, anise, liquorice and cinnamon, then a warm and slightly spicy side. A delicious pepper for salty or sweet cooking. Pepper power: 8/10 Main...

Long Red Pepper Cambodia

Cambodian red long pepper is a rare pepper with a rich and complex flavor. It is the most expensive long pepper in the world. It is a pepper that will offer you notes of Bahia cocoa and tonka bean.Pepper Power: 8/10Main notes: Cocoa from Bahia and tonka beans very long in the mouthUse: Ideal for all salty and sweet dishesOrigin: CambodiaIt is harvested...

Maniguette - Seed of Paradise

Discover the maniguette, a spice endemic to Guinea and Africa. A seed of Paradise with the spiciness of pepper that mixes with fruity, tangy notes with a touch of citrus and ginger. It's an explosion of flavor when you go to grind it.Bay Power: 9/10Scent: Fruity, tangy with a touch of citrus and gingerUse: Beef, Fish and SaladOrigin: GuineaHere, you will...

Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - Mill

Open the gates of Paradise with the Maniguette. The maniguette is not a pepper but a spice that will thrill your taste buds. It is also called the pepper of Guinea see the pepper of the Paradise. It is an incredible seed with a note of ginger, pepper and cardamom. We love it, in its pepper mill. Bay Power: 9/10 Scent: Fruity, tangy with a touch of citrus...

Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - per kilo

Treat yourself to a little piece of paradise with the maniguette seed per kilo. Discover the delicacy of false maniguette pepper which is ideal for replacing pepper. A balanced seed without spiciness but an aromatic explosion. It takes your taste buds on a journey to Africa and its flavors that make us dream like the 20 vanilla pods from Madagascar. Bay...

Pepper of Selim

Selim seeds are a fragrant spice with a strong, sweet and somewhat peppery taste. We discover a superb aromatic palette with notes of ginger, licorice and black pepper. They can be used whole for stews and sauces then ground to add incredible flavors to fish, pork and vegetables. This bay of Selim is absolutely worth discovering for African recipes and...

Pink Berry - Brazil

Discovered in Brazil, this fake pepper gives a pink berry or also called pink pepper. The pink berries draw their aromas from the earth and give you a resinous and slightly tart fragrance. Bay Power: 4/10 Main notes: Softwood and acidulous Use: Salmon, foie gras, soup, fish, tagliatelle and vegetables Origin: Brazil The pink berry are also eaten as a...

Red Sichuan Pepper - Grinder

The Sichuan Red Piemnta with rechargeable grinder will literally take your cooking on a journey. A stunning berry straight from China with woody, floral and citrus notes. It is the cousin of Timut pepper. Much appreciated by pepper lovers, the Sichuan berry, which we classify as a rare pepper, will be a wonderful discovery for you with its citrus and...

Selim Pepper - Grinder

We offer you the best rechargeable Selim pepper mill, ideal for taking your taste buds on a journey. With more than 25 peppers at Comptoir de Toamasina, specialist in rare and berry peppers, it is difficult to buy 25 different pepper mills and especially the high price of a good pepper mill. Pepper Potency: 5/10 Main notes: Licorice and black pepper...

Selim Pepper at Kilo

Buy Selim berries by the kilo at Comptoir de Toamasina. You are an individual looking for the magnificent Selim Bay. We offer packaging per kilo for amateurs and professionals of gastronomy to buy Selim berries at the best price per kilo. Discover our Selim pepper mill and our rechargeable pepper mills. Pepper Potency: 5/10 Main notes: Licorice and black...

Sichuan Green Pepper - Grinder

Buy the Green Sichuan Pepper Mill with a more robust, earthier flavor than its better-known red cousin. It is a berry that is superb to replace pepper with a beautiful aromatic power and incredible notes. Bay power: 06/10 Main notes: Eucalyptus and Lemon Use: Ideal for all savory dishes, especially meat and fish It is highly prized in traditional Chinese...

Sichuan Pepper - China

Sichuan Pepper is a pepper with a very special flavor and scent. Native to China, Sichuan Pepper has woody notes as a prelude and then a powerful and very warm flavor. Its scent is very lemony and a little resinous. It is a fresh, fruity and spicy pepper with a little bitterness. It is an ideal pepper to spice up both savory and sweet dishes. Bay Power:...

Sichuan Pepper 500g

Sichuan Pepper is a pepper with a very special flavor and scent. Native to China, Sichuan Pepper has woody notes as a prelude and then a powerful and very warm flavor. Its scent is very lemony and a little resinous. It is a fresh, fruity and spicy pepper with a little bitterness. It is an ideal pepper to spice up both savory and sweet dishes. Bay Power:...

Timut Bay - Mill

Discover Timut Bay in a refillable pepper mill. A berry with notes of pepper, Timut will take you on a journey with magical notes of citrus, pink grapefruit, yuzu and a floral and woody touch. It is a berry that is incredible on the palate and that we use from starter to dessert Pepper Power: 9/10 Main Notes: Notes of citrus and pink grapefruit Use:...

Timut Pepper Nepal

Timut pepper or Timur berry is a rare and extraordinary pepper. Timur Bay is surprising on the palate with notes of citrus and more specifically pink grapefruit. A culinary invitation to make fish and salad. In a 30g bottle of Timut Nepal pepper or a 120g and 500g sachet. Buy the best timut pepper at the best price per kilo. Pepper power: 9/10 Main Notes:...

Timut Pepper Nepal at Kilo

Timut pepper or Timur berry is a rare and extraordinary pepper. Timur Bay is surprising on the palate with notes of citrus and more specifically pink grapefruit. A culinary invitation to make fish and salad. 500g vacuum-packed sachet of Timut Nepal pepper. Pepper power: 9/10 Main Notes: Citrus and pink grapefruit notes Use: Salads, meats, fish,...

Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery

Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper from Madagascar in its traditional freshness packaging. Come buy and discover Voatsiperifery pepper, to the world with fresh and woody notes. An exceptional pepper that can be used anywhere in the kitchen from sweet to savory. We select the best producers who harvest the best peak pepper in Madagascar. Pepper power: 10/10 Main...

Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery at Kilo

Discover Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper by the Kilo: Madagascar's essential spice with Madagascar vanilla.   Come and explore the unique flavor of Voatsiperifery wild pepper in its economical format. Our best-value format by the kilo. Originating from Madagascar, this wild black pepper from Madagascar offers a fresh, woody taste experience, ideal for...

Buy rare peppers online that are off the beaten track

Arnaud Sion , the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, invites you to discover peppers that will take you off the beaten track

Each origin is a discovery that inspires escape and the discovery of a treasure of nature .

Peppercorns which are nuggets of nature . A little nugget full of flavor

Pepper was used as a currency and today it is a journey of meaning

Each pepper comes from a selection that should invite you on a culinary journey. 

A rare pepper must surprise and amaze with its quality, its palette of flavors but must also have a good maturation like the vanilla pod from Madagascar.

So set off to discover flavors of grapefruit, mint, blueberry and give your creative cuisine a new meaning

The Rare Pepper Buying Guide

Berries and peppers are universal spices that will take your taste buds on a journey.

Pepper is the pearl of all spices . With sea salt, there is no recipe without this little wonder.

Arnaud, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina who is a private chef in Brazil , will want to create Le Comptoir de Toamasina because it is not easy to find good vanilla , good peppers and especially pepper mills with good pepper in grains.

This small grain, with its spicy, earthy, woody and biting flavor, occupies an important place in the history and gastronomic development of several nations. The unique taste of pepper goes well with most savory dishes and some sweet dishes.

Pepper was once so rare and valuable that it was used as currency to pay taxes, rents and dowries. Today, several countries produce excellent quality pepper, including India, Cameroon, Madagascar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

On pepper trees, peppercorns grow in clusters.

The pepper plant is part of the Piperaceae family, a family of tropical plants.

It takes about eight years for the plant to produce its first fruit.

It takes several weeks for pepper berries to mature, before ripening they are green, then yellow, and finally red.

All types of peppers therefore come from the same fruit and vary depending on the harvest phase, the drying time of the seeds and the preparation technique.

Green pepper, black pepper, white pepper and red pepper are the different types of pepper. The name pepper is only designated for berries of the Piperaceae family. 

All other berries that are not part of this family are called "false peppers." These berries are often mistakenly referred to as peppers. This is the case for “pink pepper”, “Jamaica pepper” and “Szechuan pepper”.

“Grey pepper” doesn’t really exist! This is verbal abuse. It's actually a tasteless combination of white and black pepper powders.

The different botanical varieties of rare peppers

Rare peppers can be of the piper nigrum variety, other varieties of the piper genus or even berries. 

They are rare because there is a small production, they are grand cru peppers, micro-regions or simply the place of production.

But often, it is the preparation of the pepper that will make it rare. 

We invite you to know the different varieties of black pepper.

Rare piper nigrum peppers: 

  • Green Pepper: The berry is harvested before it ripens and then preserved either in brine or by freeze-drying . Freeze-drying treatment is expensive, so it is rare to find pepper in this form and therefore increases its price and makes it a rare pepper. The freeze-drying technique and the one we use for our acai berry
  • Red Pepper  : the Piper nigrum species will produce red pepper at the last stage of maturation; it is a pepper that is harvested when fully ripe and dried. It is very difficult to find because producers prefer to produce black pepper, which is easier to dry and, above all, quick. 

As you see, the world of pepper is magical, each variety of Piper Nigrum will be appreciated by gourmets, lovers of cuisine and chefs, whether starred or not. Great chefs love red pepper for its fruity side.

Other varieties of pepper plants of the piper genus:

For a purist in the world of pepper, there is only Piper Nigrum which must have the pepper appellation . But in the Piperaceae family we have:

  • Piper Borbonense: Wild pepper from Madagascar Voatsiperifery, is a pepper with a confluence of flavors and it offers you an extraordinary journey into the world of pepper. 
  • Piper cubeba: Which will give the cubebe pepper, a tailed pepper with a touch of mint naturally, it's a magical pepper
  • Piper Longum: Long pepper or Java pepper, a magnificent pepper with warm cocoa notes
  • Piper Guineense:  It is a pepper that is only found in Cameroon, we must start with extraordinary peppers
  • Other pipers: Each country can have its type of piper, the piper is a big family that we like to discover for its side of taking us off the beaten track

Subscribe to Comptoir de Toamasina and come and experience the adventure of our rare pepper grocery store off the beaten track. 

False peppers - rare berries:

Rare berries can be confusing because of the name pepper that can be given to them. In the Portuguese language, allspice, black pepper, is called chili pepper for the second and chili pepper da Jamaïca for the first. So as you see the literal translation of chili is pepper, that's why we can have some confusion. 

The berries will have extraordinary flavors:

  • Aframomum melegueta: Here we are in Africa and in Guinea with maniguette guinea pepper
  • Pimenta dioica: This is the allspice , the tree that produces this berry will have the same smell as a wallflower
  • Schibus terebinthifolius: This is the pink berry , a berry that grows in the tropics and is found in plantations as well as in cities in Brazil. The tree adapts to hot and dry and hot and humid climates, for example Minas Gerais.
  • Tasmannia Lanceolate: Tasmanian pepper is a little devil in the mouth
  • Vitex agnus-castus: This is the pepper called monk pepper, lamb pepper
  • Xylopia aethiopica: A species that produces Selim pepper
  • Zanthoxylum piperitum: These are the berries that we love at Comptoir de Toamasina, Sichuan pepper and timur berries with their citrus notes. 

As you see, rare pepper is a big family and Comptoir de Toamasina wants you to discover the most beautiful berries at the best value for money. 

The history of Rare pepper

The history of rare pepper dates back to 2,000 BC.

Since ancient times, pepper has been a spice worth gold.

Although there is a difference between the fruit of the long pepper tree and the fruit of the piper nigrum pepper because they are cousins. Like Timut Bay and Green Sichuan Bay. Pepper has always been part of cooking.

Traces of it can be found as far away as Greece in Antiquity, originating from the western Indian subcontinent.

Portuguese exports will be able to compete with Italian exports in Europe thanks to the travels of Vasco da Gama, who brought it from India directly to the European market. Without forgetting without Bartelomeu Dias who will pass the milestone of good hope.

It took at least two millennia to get our hands on the peppers and blends we use today.

Pepper was the symbol of wealth 

For a long time, buying pepper was considered a social signifier, especially in Europe, where the price of pepper was quite high. You could pay with peppercorns back then. Spice with a side like gold.

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is one of the oldest and best-known spices in the world, is widely used in cuisines around the world. Like oil today, it was the most important agricultural commodity in the past. The cuisines of many cultures use the dried and powdered seeds of this plant. The chemical ingredient, piperine, gives it a smoky and somewhat peppery taste. Discover our smoked pepper.

More than 4000 years ago, it appeared in the wild on the west coast of India, known as the Malabar coast. It took a millennium, or 3000 years, to start cultivating it 

Tips for choosing the right pepper - Discover 7 tips from chef Arnaud

Each of our rare pepper product sheets will provide you with explanations on the history , tips for use and recipes

Let yourself be transported by the discoveries of Comptoir de Toamasina and its rare peppers. And discover the know-how of the producers and an intense and intoxicating aromatic symphony

Chef Arnaud, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, invites you to discover the 7 tips for buying a good rare pepper 

  • Number 1 - Choose peppercorns: Peppercorns retain their aromas
  • Number 2 - Give your preference to peppers from plantations and origins:  Pepper from Kampot, Sarawak, Madagascar, the earth gives its aromas to the pepper and a rare and incredible aromatic power. It's the same for berries.
  • Number 3 - Cook with the 4 colors of pepper: Black, green, red or white pepper, like wine, enjoy its wide range of flavors
  • Number 4 - Crush your grains and berries not too finely: The heat is mainly found in the peel of the pepper and the heart contains its flavors. Fine crushing gives more weight to the spiciness of the pepper
  • Number 5 - Pepper cannot withstand heat and loses its aroma: A turn of the mill at the last moment is ideal or crush it like mignonette peppe
  • Number 6 - Dare to pair and mix berries and peppers: Desert/pepper or even melon pepper, strawberry/pepper and Sichuan berry, fish and grapefruit berry (Timut)
  • Number 7 - Have several peppers:   Cooking with several peppers allows you to add new flavors to your dish

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What is a rare pepper and rare berry?

Arnaud Sion, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, was the youngest spice researcher to our knowledge. It was at the age of 21 in 2010 that he began traveling the world in search of world flavors.

Our  company is 100% family-owned and we also work with family plantations in Brazil. Find spices and peppers from Brazilian plantations with export with our Counter in Brazil. 

Berries  and rare peppers will have a very different flavor from other peppers.

First of all, rarity and then unique aromatic imprints.

Smell, bite, taste and don't hesitate to combine its excellent peppers.

Buy a rare and excellent pepper at Comptoir de Toamasina.  

 Rare peppercorns come  from  all over the world  and bring you  incredible flavors .

Arnaud likes to discover new incredible peppers that you don't know about.

We like to help you discover rarity and especially peppers that are off the beaten track. 

When you start cooking with a pepper, you will quickly fall in love like with the vanilla bean

Kampot pepper

There is no official Kampot pepper store

Comptoir de Toamasina selects Kampot pepper of one color, black, red and white. We hope that Kampot pepper has a touch of mint that will revolutionize your cooking. 

Cambodia is a land rich in history and pepper. Today it is said to be the best pepper in the world.

Kampot pepper is now a topic of conversation. At the same time it deserves it, this pepper is considered one of the greatest in the world. This is a pepper that comes from Piper Negrum, the famous tropical vine, which makes it a real pepper, unlike its cousins, cubeb and long fruit pepper.


In the south of Cambodia, local farmers produce it while respecting the environment.

It is named after the region in southern Cambodia where it is grown: Kampot. Additionally, it is found in the Kep province. In the Kampot region of Cambodia, another type of pepper is grown which is also considered one of the best in the world: Kampot long pepper.

The fact that it is the first Cambodian agricultural product to obtain a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), a designation that has protected this pepper since April 2, 2010, makes it a unique spice in Cambodia. The protected geographical indication (PGI) is an identifier for products whose quality or reputation is linked to the place of their production, transformation or development.


This is not without reason, because its unique taste comes, like that of our wines, from the extraordinary soil of Kampot and the way of agriculture of the province.

The origins of Kampot pepper cultivation date back to the 13th century. In the 19th century, a sultan of what is now Indonesia burned all of the country's pepper plants to prevent Dutch invaders from taking them. It will then be time to transplant the Indonesian plants, and Cambodia will then replace Indonesia as the world's pepper supplier.


According to the story, Kampot pepper is a survivor: from 1975 to 1979, when the Khmer Rouge, a radical communist political and military force in Cambodia, took control, Kampot cultivation was completely abandoned in favor of rice farming. . After 1979, as true resistance fighters, several local farmers revived its cultivation, which has since spread throughout Kampot and Kep.


Second small incident, in her work A dam against the Pacific, Marguerite Duras, who spent her childhood in the province of Kampot, mentions the famous pepper.




What does Kampot pepper taste like?



The smell of Kampot pepper is delicious, with notes of pear and apple, delicately minty, and exquisite notes of eucalyptus. It will quickly overshadow the rest of your peppers!


As with other peppers, there are red, green, white, and of course black peppers, each with subtle distinctions:



  • Kampot green pepper: cannot be exported, it is only consumed locally. Picked before maturity, it is still delicate and less spicy than black, but its scent is remarkable. It is often eaten fresh before being preserved in brine.
  • Kampot black pepper: is an almost ripe fruit, both powerful and delicate. Floral aromas with a hint of eucalyptus and fresh mint are detected by pepper experts. 
  •  Red pepper: from Kampot is the ripe fruit whose peel is red. It is quite spicy and weakly aromatic. It has fruity and floral notes, with a pronounced lemon taste. It is a fantastic alternative to Pondicherry red pepper, equally famous for its remarkable quality among Indian peppers.
  • White Kampot pepper: is actually a red pepper from which the pericarp has been removed. It looks similar to black pepper, but is milder and less abrasive. It has extremely subtle tastes of citrus, undergrowth and herbs.

You are wondering about Kampot pepper and we will answer them:

  • Where to buy the most beautiful box of Kampot pepper? It is here, at Comptoir de Toamasina, that you will buy a box of Kampot pepper in a mill or simply in a bottle.
  • What is the price of Kampot pepper? The price per kilo of real Kampot pepper varies depending on its packaging. A 50g bottle will be more expensive than a 200g sachet or even per kilo. The price of Kampot pepper will vary between 70 euros to 200 € per kg, depending on the sellers and the quality of the pepper. Concerning white and red, the prices are generally higher than black because they are the most difficult peppers to make.
  • Where to buy Kampot pepper? You can buy your Kampot pepper at Comptoir de Toamasina. We favor value for money over the sole criterion of cheapness and we offer our first packaging in bottles and not in simple sachets.
  • Where to buy ground Kampot? Buy ground Kampot pepper at Comptoir de Toamasina. It is yourself with our Kampot pepper mill that you will grind your Kampot pepper at home.
  • How to store Kampot pepper? Like all well-prepared peppercorns and spices, you will store them away from light and any temperature shock.

How to use rare pepper in cooking

Rare pepper  is a rare spice with very impressive flavors and aromatic imprint. 

Most often it is used to have a more exclusive flavor, than the classic black or white pepper.

We like to use it in  soupsmeats ,  vegetablesvinaigrettes , sauces.

We always add pepper  at the end of cooking , a pinch is enough to subtly spice up a dish.

Did you know that rare pepper loves its friend salt and above all it will work wonders in all your dishes. Read the advice for each pepper carefully.

We advise you to beat it with a pestle just before serving; it is with a pestle that will best emit its symphony of flavors.

Don't hesitate to do like the Brazilians and make barbecues with rare and crushed pepper to put it on your meat.

For us every pepper and berry is extraordinary. You will know everything about how to use our peppers in the kitchen.

In general, peppers and berries can be used in all white and red meats, all raw or cooked vegetables, starches, salads, marinades, sauced dishes, all fruity desserts (pie, crumble, salad salads). fruits), and chocolate desserts (muffins, biscuits, cakes, fondants, etc.).

It is suitable for all fish, but particularly quality fish. There is no food that peppers and berries cannot enhance.

Regarding the taste variations between the many types of peppers and berries, to be more specific:

  • Black pepper and Sichuan Bay and Timut: goes well with red meats, duck, pâtés, terrines and vegetables.
  • White pepper and berries complement seafood, shellfish, fruits, pepper sauces and béchamel
  • Red pepper and berries go well with robust meats such as game but also in desserts

As you see the world of pepper is incredible

What is the most fragrant pepper ?

The most fragrant pepper in the world, it must be unanimous in great kitchens and pepper lovers, it is the red pepper of Kampot and the wild pepper of Madagascar.

Both peppers are extraordinary. Peppers with rare aromatic power.

Kampot pepper will have a naturally fruity and minty scent while wild Madagascar pepper will have fresh and vegetal notes.


It is the wild pepper from Madagascar which is, to our knowledge, the rarest pepper in the world. Our wild Madagascar pepper is a little wonder of nature.

It is a pepper with rare and intense finesse and aromatic power.

You should know that it is produced in a limited quantity each year, because it does not have any cultivation.

We answer your questions:

  • What are the 3 peppers? There are 3 cultivated peppers, the 3 varieties are Piper nigrum, Piper longum and finally Piper cubeba, Bordonese pepper is a pepper that grows in the wild
  • What is wild pepper? It is the fruit of Piper borbonense, a species of the Piperaceae (pepper tree) family, which grows wild only in Madagascar. This vine will produce a peppercorn only at the top of the tree which it will use as a support. It is a pepper that is worth it because it grows more than 20 meters high
  • What is Timut pepper: In French law, Timut pepper does not exist, because it grows on a tree so it is called timut bay or timur bay. It offers notes of pink grapefruit and citrus

The magical and varied flavors of rare peppers for your creative cuisine - Le Comptoir de Toamasina, the choice of quality and taste

When we want to discover the world of pepper , we start with black pepper , a classic pepper, then we want to know rare peppers and wild peppers .

We immediately image flavors and magical variety. Its flavors are incredible. 

Madagascar black pepper is certainly, along with Vietnamese pepper, the first grain that you will know.

Then little by little, you will discover new flavors like wild Madagascar pepper which comes to us from the vine which is the cousin of black pepper.

In culinary and pastry shows we see more and more prodigies using rare peppers such as long fruit pepper and  Timut berry

Baie Timut is the  fashionable berry , great chefs love it . Why because it is a pepper which has flavors of citrus and pink grapefruit . It is a berry that resembles pepper notes thanks to its spiciness. 

It is a rare bay like its cousin  Sichuan Bay.

But be careful, Timur Bay and Sichuan are fake peppers. Why, they don't come from the piper nigrum but from a berry. 

The Portuguese were the first to import pepper and its berries into Europe, but in the language of Camões, peppers and berries became Pimenta. 

In France you can only call pepper , Timut and Sichuan . A 1945 law gives the pepper the exclusive term piper nigrum .

So fall under the spell of the rare peppers from Comptoir de Toamasina and taste magical peppers.

You will discover an incredible range of pepper with notes that will take you on a journey around the world.

Travel through Cambodia with our red pepper and Kampot. 

Discover Java and its long pepper. 

 Why not buy a plane ticket to discover your favorite pepper from Comptoir de Toamasina.

But before traveling you will discover a pepper that will make your plate creative.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina sells excellent and high quality pepper. 

We do our best in our search for spices and peppers to discover the most beautiful peppers and rare berries.

We form partnerships in France, Europe and around the world to offer you extraordinary flavors. 

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