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Long Pepper

Long Pepper or Java Pepper is a rare and unique pepper. It's piper longum, a pepper with spicy and sweet sensual notes. You will discover a different and long attack on the palate, first a taste of chocolate, anise, liquorice and cinnamon, then a warm and slightly spicy side. A delicious pepper for salty or sweet cooking.

  • Pepper power: 8/10
  • Main notes: Hot and round chocolate and anise
  • Use: Savory and sweet cooking
  • Origin: Indonesia

Buy the best quality long java pepper and discover our tips and recipes. Discover the kitten pepper and its sweet and captivating notes for creative everyday cooking.

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Long Pepper 

It is here at Comptoir de Toamasina, the Comptoir of the best rare peppers that you will discover and buy long pepper online. You will know everything about java pepper, its history, usage tips, tasty recipes.

Today, the long pepper is almost gone from our tables, unknown to everyone, and yet it is a pepper with a history, one of the first peppers imported into Europe and, above all, it offers an incredible flavor between chocolate and the anise. and cinnamon with an extraordinary fragrance. A pepper to cook salty and sweet.

Buy Java Pepper online in grains

Buy Java Pepper online in grains

What is Java Long Pepper?

What is long java pepper? Long pepper, you can find it with two names, long pepper or Java pepper. This vine comes from India, growing in the wild in the Himalayas. Its scientific name is piper longum. Long pepper or Java pepper is an extraordinary pepper, it is already the first pepper imported into Europe. But today it has almost disappeared from Europe.

The long pepper is harvested when ripe and dried in the sun. It will form a long pepper, 2 to 3 cm, with a dark gray-brown color. An exceptional pepper.

Pepper purists are scandalized when we say that long pepper is a pepper because the Piper Negrum may be called pepper (black pepper, white pepper, tellicherry pepper)

Did you know: That there is a similar species in Africa. It is rarer than the java pepper. It is in Ethiopia that you will find him. But it has neither the spice nor the extraordinary flavor of java pepper.

The Taste and Flavors of Long Pepper

The goût du poivre long, java po're pe'on peut appeler poivre long fruit est chaude et piquante. The most important thing is that there is more sucré with chocolate notes and cannell notes. A few thanks to extraordinary qualities, a rare one and an exception.


Produit: Poivre Long

Flacon Conditionnement: 40g

Characteristic: Poivre piquant et sucrée avec des notes de chocolat, anise, réglisse et de cannelle

Provenance: Indonesian

Autre conditionnement disponible: Sachet Refermable 200g, Poivre long 500g

How to use long pepper for creative cooking?

Long pepper or Java pepper has a warm and slightly sweet note, a marriage between cinnamon, green anise, liquorice and chocolate. It is a pepper that will be very fragrant with sweet and slightly fruity notes. The spiciness will be less strong than black pepper.

You can crush the pepper in the mortar or use it in a coffee grinder. You can also grate it.

Unlike other peppers, it tolerates prolonged heat very well.

It is ideal for osso buco, goat milk cheese, winter soups including tomato and soups. Pepper can also be used in marinades of meat, fish and sauces.

Long pepper is very interesting in desserts, especially in melons, strawberries and compotes. But it is delicious on chocolate, lemon pies, chocolate cakes.

But it’s a wonderful pepper on whipped cream with strawberries.

A rare and exceptional pepper. A pepper of excellence.

The best java pepper recipes

The best java pepper recipes

Where to Buy Long Pepper - Java Pepper - Indonesian Pepper Online

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