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Long Pepper or Java Pepper is a rare and unique pepper. It's piper longum, a pepper with spicy and sweet sensual notes. You will discover a different and long attack on the palate, first a taste of chocolate, anise, liquorice and cinnamon, then a warm and slightly spicy side. A delicious pepper for salty or sweet cooking.

  • Pepper power: 8/10
  • Main notes: Hot and round chocolate and anise
  • Use: Savory and sweet cooking
  • Origin: Indonesia

Buy the best quality long java pepper and discover our tips and recipes. Discover the kitten pepper and its sweet and captivating notes for creative everyday cooking.




Let me introduce you to Java Long Pepper , a unique variety native to the island of Java, Indonesia, that promises to transform your cooking and take your culinary experiences to new heights.

For me, it is the best pepper for baking. Of Indian origin, it is a wild pepper in its origins before being cultivated. Today, it's my pepper of choice.

Appreciated worldwide for its intense aroma and warm flavor with a touch of cocoa , Java Long Pepper is much more than a simple spice – it is an invitation to explore new taste dimensions.

This exceptional spice has its origins in the rich and fertile lands of India before thriving on the island of Java.

Recognizable by its elongated shape and characteristic color, Long Java Pepper offers a refined taste experience, subtly harmonizing nuances of sweetness with delicate notes of licorice and cinnamon.

This complex marriage makes it an essential ingredient, appealing to both chefs and fans of creative cuisine.

The history of Javanese Long Pepper dates back centuries, where spices were treasures traded along maritime trade routes. Today, this spice continues to fascinate palates with its distinctive character and rich taste profile. Its diverse use extends from traditional Indonesian dishes to contemporary gastronomic creations , bringing an inimitable touch to every bite.

Much more than a simple condiment, Java Long Pepper offers an infinite range of culinary opportunities. It is a rare pepper.

Explore its creative uses to transform your dishes into true taste works of art.

Whether you want to enhance a sauce, flavor a meat or add a bold note to a dessert, this versatile companion is ready to surprise and delight the most discerning palates.

I am going to introduce you to my favorite pepper which is one of the best peppers in the world.

Discover innovative uses and inspiring recipes that will inspire you to incorporate this exceptional spice into your everyday cooking .

Prepare for an exquisite taste adventure as we unveil the well-kept culinary secrets of this precious spice.

My commitment to quality is evident in every grain of our Long Java Pepper , carefully harvested by hand in the producing country, you will have a traditional drying.

When you choose our kitten pepper, you are opting for excellence, ensuring an unparalleled culinary experience.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, experts in rare pepper hunting, we invite you to discover for yourself the difference that our Long Java Pepper can make. Explore its fascinating history, benefit from expert usage tips and dive into tasty recipes. Buy the best long pepper to enrich your favorite dishes with its warm and dynamic flavor , adding a creative touch to your daily life.

  • Did you know: Long Pepper , although almost forgotten on our current tables, offers a rich history. It was one of the first peppers imported to Europe, offering an incredible flavor, between chocolate, anise and cinnamon, accompanied by an extraordinary fragrance. A culinary treasure to rediscover, perfect for enhancing both savory and sweet cuisine.


Immerse yourself in an exceptional sensory experience by opting to purchase Java Pepper online with its unique and intense notes on the palate .

We offer you long java pepper in a bottle, pepper mill and long pepper by the kilo but always at the best value for money; 

 This culinary treasure, originating from the island of Java in Indonesia, reveals a palette of distinctive flavors that awaken the taste buds.

Each grain of this captivating pepper offers a harmonious combination of nuances, subtly combining sweet, spicy and aromatic notes.

Whether you are an experienced cooking enthusiast or simply looking for new culinary sensations, purchasing Java Pepper from long pepper specialists promises to transcend your dishes and create unforgettable taste experiences.

This exceptional spice thus becomes much more than a simple ingredient, but an invitation to explore the art of gastronomy through authentic and refined flavors.

Long pepper, also known as long fruit pepper or Java pepper, is distinguished by its rarity and its surprising character on the palate.

Here you move away from classic piper nigrum and spicy flavors to discover a whole new dimension of pepper. Every grain of our  Long Java Pepper is harvested by hand on the hot and humid island of Java, creating a truly exceptional peppery experience.

This long Java pepper offers a warm flavor with light notes of chocolate on the nose, making it the ideal companion to enhance your red meats and poultry. In grain, it turns out to be a rare, complex and surprising pepper. Let yourself be carried away by notes that are both spicy and sweet, with a delicate marriage between chocolate, anise, licorice and cinnamon.

Imagine Java Pepper sprinkled on steaks and sliced ​​roasts, added to eggs, grilled vegetables, or even incorporated into desserts. It transcends every dish, adding a creative touch to your everyday cooking. Don't wait any longer to explore new flavors and adopt an innovative approach to cooking with Java Pepper . Purchasing this rare spice from long pepper specialists is an invitation to a unique and refined taste experience, ready to elevate your culinary preparations to new heights of delight.


Java Long Pepper , scientifically referred to as Piper longum , emerges as a climbing vine belonging to the Piperaceae family . Prized for centuries in Asian cuisine , Long Java Pepper stands out for its distinctive flavor and its warm, long taste.

Its versatile use, whether mortared, grated or ground, enriches a variety of dishes. But what exactly is Java Long Pepper?

Also known as Java pepper, this vine has its roots in India, growing wild in the Himalayas. Piper longum, from its scientific name, represents an extraordinary pepper, considered to be the first to have been imported into Europe, although its omnipresence has diminished over the centuries.

Harvested when ripe and dried in the sun, Java Long Pepper comes in the form of long grains, measuring between 2 and 3 cm, displaying a dark gray-brown hue.

An interesting fact to highlight: a similar, rarer species exists in Africa, precisely in Ethiopia. However, it cannot compete with the extraordinary heat and flavor of Java Long Pepper. These subtle nuances and rich history make it a great ingredient for adventurous food lovers.


Long Java Pepper , a jewel among spices , has its origins in the foothills of the Himalayas , where it grows wild, blossoming its unique flavors under the generous sun of the region. However, its fame is not limited to these mountainous lands, as it is also cultivated with devotion in other regions suitable for its flourishing, including Cambodia and Kampot.

Growing Java Long Pepper is an art that requires a tropical climate and rich soil, two essential elements to allow this climbing vine , scientifically known as Piper longum, to fully flourish. The foothills of the Himalayas offer an ideal natural setting, but passionate growers have extended these plantations to other suitable regions, thus helping to preserve this exceptional spice.

Piper longum, also known as long pepper, occurs as a small shrub, characterized by an imposing woody root and numerous jointed, creeping stems, thickened at the nodes (Figure 1). Its leaves, alternate, spreading and devoid of stipules, present a great variability in size, the lowest measuring between 5 and 7 cm, while the upper ones are limited to 2 to 3 cm long. The flowers develop in solitary spikes, giving rise to fruits grouped in fleshy spikes, measuring 2.5 to 3.5 cm long and 5 mm thick, oblong in shape and of a blackish green hue.

Collection of mature cobs is followed by the drying process, resulting in the commercial form of pippali. The base of the root is also known as pippalimula. Three categories of piplamul are distinguished: quality I, characterized by thick roots and underground stems, fetches a higher price than quality II or III, composed of fine roots, stems, or broken fragments. The final product for medical purposes consists mainly of cross-cut pieces, measuring between 5 and 25 mm long and 2 to 7 mm in diameter, cylindrical, straight or slightly curved. Some have distinct, swollen internodes, exhibiting leaf and rootlet scars. The surface displays a soiled light brown hue. The medicine gives off a distinctive odor and offers a pungent bitter taste that induces tongue numbness.

The reputation of the Long Java Pepper variety transcends borders, elevating this spice to the rank of the best in the world. Alongside the famous Kampot pepper, Long Java Pepper captivates connoisseurs and star chefs, seduced by its subtle flavors and unique character. This variety is the result of meticulous cultivation and respect for tradition, perpetuated by dedicated growers who understand the subtleties of its development.

Each plot of land that accommodates the growth of Java Long Pepper thus becomes a sanctuary of flavors, where the marriage of the tropical climate and the fertile soil gives rise to long grains rich in aromas. The cultivation of this exceptional variety becomes an ode to the passion of growers and the culinary heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. Thus, Java Long Pepper is part not only of the history of the Himalayas, but also of the cultures that honor and preserve this taste treasure.


The history of Java Long Pepper, with its richness and heritage, dates back to ancient times , spoken of even by the Roman encyclopedist Pliny the Elder, who, with his usual dry wit, left his observations on the fruit of the pepper plant, Piperaceae. However, it was in the 14th century that Jehan de Mandeville, author of the famous medieval travelogue of fantastical voyages to the Far East, sketched a persistent description of the Java Long Pepper, comparing it to "something like the flower of 'a hazel tree' or a kitten.

Since at least 1000 BC, Indian Ayurvedic texts already praised the versatility of long pepper, praising its stimulating and warming properties. Until the 16th century, this precious spice was a treasure in the global spice trade, traveling from its cradle in northeast India to eastern China and western Europe. Medieval cooks, such as Guillaume Tirel, head chef of the French royal court, considered it among the basic spices, alongside ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and others.

Long Java Pepper was also a favorite in spiced wines and digestives. The following centuries saw its decline, giving way to alternatives such as chili peppers, which were cheaper and easier to grow. However, Java Long Pepper is currently experiencing a culinary and medical renaissance, highlighting its unique qualities. Recent clinical trials have highlighted its anti-inflammatory properties, while contemporary spice retailers, such as Steenbergs, Sous Chef and Peppermongers, have contributed to its rediscovery. Today, used in modern ranges of sauces and praised as "the most beautiful spice of all" by Nigel Slater, Java Long Pepper has found a new place in 21st century gastronomy.


Here, we will explain to you how to use this pepper properly, you will know everything about how to infuse it properly, how to grind it properly, whether it should be roasted or not. Because long pepper is known for its aromatic profile, in an aphrodisiac cocktail to give a unique touch thanks to its hot and spicy flavor even in lamb. 


Java long pepper stands out for its unique flavor profile . It offers a harmonious combination of pungent, warm, slightly sweet and spicy notes. Its intense aroma brings a special touch to dishes. The taste of long pepper is often compared to black pepper, but with more subtle nuances such as licorice, cinnamon and even fruity notes. It is a versatile condiment capable of enhancing the flavor of various culinary preparations.


In culinary matters, Long Java Pepper stands out by enriching a multitude of recipes .

Its subtle use can enhance meat, poultry, vegetable dishes, and even desserts, especially chocolate mousse.

Long Peppercorns can be delicately crushed in a mortar, releasing an explosion of flavors, or grated to obtain a finer texture. Grinding just before use guarantees optimal preservation of its aromas and taste properties.

But you can use it in simmered dishes, we advise you here to use the small cob in a long infusion.

This pepper, also known as Java Pepper, offers a warm and slightly sweet note, the result of a harmonious marriage between cinnamon, green anise, licorice and chocolate. Its fragrant character stands out with sweet and slightly fruity notes, while presenting a milder spicy intensity than that of black pepper.

The ability of Long Pepper to withstand prolonged heat makes it ideal for dishes such as osso buco, goat's milk cheese, winter soups (especially tomato) as well as stews. The possibilities of use extend to marinades of meats, fish and dishes with sauces.

Its exceptional character is also expressed in the field of desserts, bringing a delicate touch to melons, strawberries, compotes, lemon tarts and chocolate cakes. A particularly tasty combination is revealed in the whipped cream accompanying strawberries, thus revealing the rarity and excellence of Java Long Pepper, a taste treasure in its own right.

Here are some examples from chef Arnaud of Apogée Bar: 

some ideas for using Java Long Pepper in recipes:

  1. Salmon Tartare with Long Pepper:

    • Mix fresh diced salmon with olive oil, lemon juice, capers, and fresh herbs.
    • Just before serving, add a pinch of crushed Long Pepper to add a unique aromatic dimension.
  2. Long Pepper and Mushroom Risotto:

    • Prepare a creamy risotto with mushrooms sautéed with garlic and parsley.
    • Add freshly ground Long Pepper at the end of cooking to intensify the flavor and create a subtle contrast.
  3. Duck Breast with Long Pepper and Honey:

    • Marinate duck breasts in a mixture of honey, soy sauce, and crushed long pepper.
    • Grilled or roasted, the duck will take on a unique flavor, combining the sweetness of honey with the scent of Long Pepper.
  4. Long Pepper Fruit Compote:

    • Prepare a fruit compote with apples, pears, and berries.
    • Add a pinch of Long Pepper at the end of cooking to elevate the dessert to a refined and surprising level.
  5. Crème Brûlée with Long Pepper:

    • Infuse the cream for the crème brûlée with crushed Long Pepper while heating.
    • Strain before pouring over the egg yolks for a subtly spicy flavor in the crème brûlée.
  6. Hot Chocolate with Long Pepper:

    • Heat milk with cocoa and sugar to make hot chocolate.
    • Add a pinch of ground Long Pepper for a chocolate drink with a delicate spicy note.


Recipes highlighting long Java pepper do not lack creativity. Whether in savory dishes like curries, meat marinades or spicy sauces, or in bold desserts like spiced chocolates or flavored pastries, long Java pepper can turn any preparation into a feast unforgettable taste. Let yourself be inspired by these recipes to explore the full culinary potential of this exceptional spice.


To take full advantage of long Java pepper in cooking, a few practical tips can help you enhance your dishes. By crushing the peppercorns in a mortar, you release more flavor and aroma. It is recommended to grate long pepper to obtain a fine texture, ideal for delicately sprinkling on your preparations. Grinding long pepper just before use best preserves its taste and aromatic properties, guaranteeing a culinary experience rich in flavors.


Spice combinations with long Java pepper offer a range of creative possibilities in cooking. Combine long Java pepper with cinnamon for a warm, spicy touch, or pair it with milder spices like anise or nutmeg to create unique aromatic blends. Bold combinations with other peppers, such as black pepper or Kampot pepper, can also bring a new dimension to your recipes. Explore these combinations for tasty and surprising dishes.


In terms of flavor, Long Java Pepper stands out for its sweetness and complexity, offering a unique taste experience in comparison to other types of pepper . Unlike the more robust profile of traditional black pepper, long pepper reveals subtle nuances of licorice and cinnamon, lending a unique dimension to dishes seeking to stand out with their originality.

This difference in taste makes long pepper an ingredient of choice for chefs looking for a more refined aromatic palette.

Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and other regions, Java Long Pepper acquires distinct characteristics that set it apart even from renowned varieties such as Kampot pepper.

Its geographical origin gives it particular nuances, creating a unique sensory experience. The sweet and complex flavor of long pepper makes it an ideal companion for dishes where aromatic subtlety and a distinctive note are sought.

By discovering the different varieties of pepper, long pepper stands out for its ability to bring a touch of originality without overwhelming the other flavors. Whether to enhance meat dishes, enrich desserts or create innovative marinades, Long Java Pepper offers an infinite range of possibilities to lovers of creative cuisine.

Its unique flavor, balanced between sweetness and spicy notes, makes it a preferred choice for those looking to add a subtle and exquisite dimension to their culinary creations.


Long pepper (Piper longum) occupies a prominent position in the global market due to its key constituents such as piperine, piperlongumine, sylvatine, sesamin, diaeudesmine, pipermonaline, and piperundecalidine, which give this plant multiple medicinal properties. 

Its economic importance stems from its growing demand in the food and pharmaceutical sectors according to the article.   

The price of long pepper on the world market varies depending on the quality, origin and production method. Producing countries, including India and Indonesia, play a significant role in this economy, exporting substantial quantities of long pepper to meet international demand.

  • The price per kilo is 70 euros

It is good to know that researchers are focusing more and more on the in-depth study of long pepper, both from the point of view of its phytochemical composition and its pharmacological profile. This increased attention is essential to better understand the medicinal benefits of this plant, as well as to optimize its cultivation and production methods, thus contributing to its essential role in the economic and medical sectors.


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We offer you a long pepper with a beautiful color and a flavor that is intense and deep. 
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