Timut Pepper Nepal
Timut Pepper Nepal
Timut Pepper Nepal
Timut Pepper Nepal
Timut Pepper Nepal
Timut Pepper Nepal
Timut Pepper Nepal
Timut Pepper Nepal

Timut Pepper Nepal

Timut pepper or Timur berry is a rare and extraordinary pepper. Timur Bay is surprising on the palate with notes of citrus and more specifically pink grapefruit. A culinary invitation to make fish and salad. In a 30g bottle of Timut Nepal pepper or a 120g and 500g sachet. Buy the best timut pepper at the best price per kilo.

  • Pepper power: 9/10
  • Main Notes: Citrus and pink grapefruit notes
  • Use: Salads, meats, fish, vegetables, fruity and chocolate desserts and Asian cuisine
  • Origin: Nepal - Himalayan foothills

Timut pepper of a rare quality that will transform your creative cuisine into a firework of intense flavors. Buy timut pepper from Nepal at Comptoir de Toamasina at the best price per kilo.




Buy Timut Bay Nepal . You will learn everything about the Timut Bay of Nepal ! Prepare yourself for a unique taste experience, a true invitation to a culinary journey. This rare and exotic spice, often nicknamed “ grapefruit pepper ”, is a wonder of nature that you will discover here at Comptoir de Toamasina . On our site you will be able to buy it at the best quality ratio. From a simple package in a bottle, to the pepper mill up to packaging by the kilo.

Originally from Nepal, Timut Berry is an exceptional spice with captivating aromas of grapefruit and yuzu . Its unique scent is a revelation for the taste buds and a source of inspiration for gourmets looking for new flavors. Now let's talk about Zanthoxylum armatum.

Did you know that if you travel to Nepal, you will discover the cultivation of this rare spice in the region of  Surkhet and Langtang . here you will discover a region with high plateaus of Nepal. If you go at the end of summer you will be able to harvest this berry by hand yourself. 

This wilderness area in the mountain range is simply unique and incredible.

Timut Berry, with its notes of citrus and pink grapefruit, is much more than a simple spice : it is an invitation to creative cooking and the discovery of new recipes. Whether you are an experienced chef or an enthusiastic amateur, this spice will allow you to explore new culinary horizons and add a touch of authenticity to your favorite dishes.

At Comptoir de Toamasina , we offer you the opportunity to acquire this rare treasure at the best price . Order now and let yourself be seduced by the authentic flavor of Timut Bay. Transform your dishes into true gastronomic masterpieces and amaze your guests with this exceptional spice. Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover Timut pepper from Nepal , a culinary experience that will awaken your senses and enrich your cuisine. Order today and let the magic of Timut Bay transport you to extraordinary new flavors! 


The name "Timut pepper" has been banned in France since 1945 under an order issued for reasons of regulation and preservation of the term pepper. This measure aims to protect consumers and ensure clarity in product identification. Indeed, "Timut pepper" is not technically a pepper (piper nigrum), but rather a berry from a different species, zanthoxylum armatum, native to Nepal. You should know that even real pepper and fake pepper are not legal. Don’t hesitate to discover our organic pepper to flavor your dishes.

The ban aims to avoid any confusion among consumers who could be misled by the name "pepper" when it is a spice with distinct aromas of grapefruit and yuzu. This regulation also aims to protect the market for real pepper, in particular piper nigrum, which is one of the most consumed and marketed spices in France.

In short, the ban on the name "Timut pepper" in France since 1945 is based on considerations of clarity, transparency for consumers, and preservation of standards and traditions in terms of spices. It thus makes it possible to distinguish the different varieties of spices while guaranteeing the quality and integrity of the real pepper market.


After a trip of several months in Asia, Arnaud, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, discovered Timut Bay in China with Sichuan Bay in a Xi'an market.

Today we select the timut bay with the greatest methodology. 

Here, we invite you to discover a very high quality timur bay. 

Order your fake Timut bay pepper and discover a rare pepper known for its intense notes of citrus and pink grapefruit. 

Timut Berry is a rare quality berry for an explosion of flavor. 

The berry is called timut pepper in popular language, because it is so famous that we like to call it that. But a law from 1945 says that only the Fruit of the Piper Nigrum can have the name pepper. 

It offers magical notes of pink grapefruit and citrus. A berry with a very good length on the palate for an impressive culinary journey. 


Timut Bay of Nepal who are you? I am the timur bay but my notary makes me need the pepper denomination . I have magical notes that range from pink grapefruit to citrus notes . In the mouth, I have an incomparable length, very long citrus notes . I come from the foothills of the Himilaya in Nepal, particularly Langtang and Surkhet . 

People like to combine me in cooking with white meats, fish , vegetables , but I work wonders in cocktails and desserts, especially chocolate . 

Le Poivre Timut is a fireworks display of flavors, love at first sight for creative cuisine . A Timut pepper of rare quality and very tasty in the mouth at the best price.  

WHAT IS TIMUT pepper ?

 What is timut bay  ? First of all, the  timut  bay is native to  Nepal .

It is a berry that only grows wild on a small tree in Nepal in the  Mahabharat mountain range . Nepalese pepper 
is  also  called Timur Berry, Timut Pepper, Tejpal ,  Kathmandu Pepper ,  Grapefruit Pepper ,  Nepalese Pepper, Pomelo Pepper ,  timur Pepper timut pepper .    

Timut pepper is   a very common spice in  Nepal  , mainly in the Terai region in southern Nepal. In this region of southern Nepal, timut pepper is consumed daily.

Timut   is therefore a  berry  that resembles  Sichuan pepper  but  brown and smaller .  It also has a small black seed inside which is hard and bitter.

You should know that we only eat the pericarp of the  timut pepper .

To find out more: Timut  is part of the Zanthoxylum family which is the big cousin of Sichuan and Sansho. 


The harvest is from August to October . The berry is harvested then put in the sun to dry and finally stored in an attic to finalize the drying. 

Afterwards, the berry will be cleaned of its thorns. 

To go further: The shrub grows between 800 and 3000 meters above sea level. It is a rare and tasty berry. 


Although we like to call the pepper Timut, Pepper, it is not a real one because only the piper negrum is a pepper. 

A real pepper will grow on a tree and this berry comes from a shrub. 

Today, great starred chefs use timut pepper like pepper. 


The taste of Timut berry is an exceptional sensory experience that awakens the senses and transports your taste buds on an exotic journey . This spice, often nicknamed "grapefruit pepper" , is characterized by an intense smell of grapefruit and citrus which instantly distinguishes it . Citrus fruits will have a predominant place in the aromatic power of the berry . This berry goes really well with long pepper. 

It is good to know that if you have read our article how to use pepper, the berry will be used in the same way. Using the pepper and using the berry are the same thing.

Beyond this first impression, subtle and complex notes are revealed. Citrus and orange floral nuances enrich the aroma, creating a harmonious blend that evokes citrus gardens in full bloom. On the palate, the flavor of Timut berry is a delight for the taste buds: a subtle fruitiness mixes with a delicate floral touch, while a slight spiciness brings an additional dimension of flavor.

What makes the Timut berry even more remarkable is its ability to leave a lasting mark on the palate. After each bite, you will be enveloped by lingering notes of citrus, mainly grapefruit, which leave a fresh and slightly tangy scent, leaving an unforgettable taste imprint.

  •  But be careful, even if the berries are not cooked at the time of cooking, they will not have an aromatic power. When serving, they will release their flavors. Because if you add too much, you will have an anesthetic effect. 


Timut Bay, a star in traditional Nepalese cuisine , finds its roots in the magnificent Kathmandu Valley, birthplace of Buddha. This spice has gained fame and popularity over the years, becoming an ingredient of choice, even in the kitchens of the greatest chefs. What sets it apart is the complexity of its aromas, its freshness, its lightness and its versatility.

You should know that the berry is one of the essential components of creative cuisine. Berries are essential to Nepalese cuisine. More than 2,000 years of history . Here, you will learn everything about the bay, a reference in traditional Nepalese cuisine but also in creative cuisine. A bit like pepper .

Timut berry lends itself to a multitude of culinary preparations, whether ground, crushed, pilled, grilled or infused, providing an infinite backdrop for the most daring creations. With its subtle aromas of grapefruit, lemon and yuzu, it can be present at all stages of a meal, from starter to dessert.

In savory dishes, the Timut berry plays the role of a magician of flavors. It can subtly enhance fish and seafood such as lobsters, scallops, shellfish and razor clams, giving them a delicious fruity touch. It also goes perfectly with beef carpaccio, coconut chicken, duck breast, sautéed vegetables, or even fried eggs. A simple turn of the mill at the end of cooking is enough to release its captivating aromas. Also feel free to infuse a few seeds into sauces, marinades or soups for an exceptional taste experience.

On our blog you will discover advice and recipes on this berry which can be found on all market stalls.

As savory appetizers, Timut bay tuiles and festive pepper toasts offer an explosion of flavors to awaken the taste buds.

In the sweet department, Timut berry is not left out. It can add a lively touch to your fruit salads, your compotes (whether apples, apricots, etc.) or your mango pans, with just a pinch of magic. In baking, it goes wonderfully with dark chocolate, transforming muffins, mousses, fondants and tiles into unforgettable delights. The Timut Chocolate and Berry Mousse Cake/Log recipe is irrefutable proof of this.

For tea time lovers, Timut berries can even flavor your teas and infusions, adding an unexpected dimension to your moments of relaxation.

It is essential to note that when grinding Timut pepper, it is best to avoid acrylic grinders and opt for wooden pepper grinders instead. They are better suited to this unique spice and will fully highlight its Nepalese aromas.

- On our blog discover the recipes for woks with timut bay.


The best  Timut pepper recipes  promise you an unforgettable taste journey to the heart of Nepalese exoticism. This rare and captivating spice, also nicknamed "grapefruit pepper", seduces palates around the world thanks to its unique aromas, a subtle blend of fresh grapefruit, yuzu and delicate spices. Discover here some of the most popular culinary creations highlighting this gem of gastronomy.

  1. Grilled Salmon with Timut Pepper  : A must-have, where Timut pepper pairs perfectly with salmon for an explosion of flavors.

  2. Exotic Seafood Salad  : The citrus aroma of Timut pepper enhances the freshness of seafood, creating an unrivaled harmony.

  3. Crème Brûlée with Timut Pepper  : An exotic touch in this classic dessert, with a Timut pepper caramel that will surprise your guests.

  4. Sautéed Shrimp with Timut Pepper  : A symphony of flavors, where Timut pepper enhances the delicacy of the shrimp.

  5. Duck Breast with Timut Pepper  : A perfect alliance between Timut pepper and duck for a taste explosion in the mouth.

  6. White Fish in Papillote with Timut Pepper  : A healthy and tasty way to cook white fish, with an exotic note as a bonus.

  7. Timut Pepper Sorbet  : Refresh yourself with this original ice cream with grapefruit and pepper flavors.

  8. Chicken Curry with Timut Pepper  : A spicy and fragrant variation of the traditional curry thanks to the addition of Timut pepper.

  9. Citrus Tart with Timut Pepper  : A refined dessert where Timut pepper subtly enhances the sweetness of the citrus fruits.

  10. Rice Pudding with Timut Pepper  : A creamy and delicious dessert, where Timut pepper brings a touch of elegance.


You want to have a 100% timut pepper evening, an evening of Nepalese pepper , then we offer you a complete menu:

  • Starter:  Crush some timut pepper then sprinkle over your scallops with salt. Brown the scallops in the pan for 30 seconds on each side with a good knob of butter. Then you can serve. 
  • The main dish: Take a rump steak, cut into 3cm strips then cook it with butter and sprinkle with timut pepper at the end of cooking. Accompany with a pan of vegetables and a light sprinkling of timut. 
  • Dessert: Make grilled papaya with pineapple. Brown the pineapple and papaya for a few minutes and sprinkle with timut pepper.  


To store Timut berries optimally and preserve their exceptional flavor, here are three practical tips:

  1. Storage in an airtight container : Place the Timut berries in an airtight container, such as a glass jar or a tightly sealed ziplock bag. This method will prevent moisture and air from entering, which could alter the flavor of the spice.

  2. Keep away from heat and light : Store Timut berries in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Heat and light can cause oxidation and alter the flavor of the spice. A dark cupboard or drawer in the kitchen is perfect.

  3. Regular use : To fully enjoy the intense flavor of Timut berries, it is recommended to use them regularly. Spices tend to lose their aromatic potency over time, so the sooner you use them, the better. However, by following the first two storage tips, you can extend their lifespan.

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