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The Timur berry is called Timut pepper, Timut pepper, Tejpal, pepper grapefruit, Poivre de Timut, Kathmandu pepper, pomelo pepper,Baie de Timur, Poivre de katmandou.

It is a berry with intense and magical flavor.

It's notes of pink grapefruit, citrus and yuzu. It is a pepper that selection.

It is good here that you will buy online the best Timut pepper or timur berry at the best price per kilo.

You will buy a pepper of rare quality and discover tasty recipes.

We love it on fish, vegetables, egg dishes, chocolate desserts made from fruits.

Discover our recipes with timut pepper on our blog: Recipes at Timur Bay

Buy Timur Berries - Timut Nepal Pepper

Since 2010, Comptoir de Toamasina specializes in the importation of Madagascar vanilla and Malagasy spices.

We were a vanilla counter but we travel the world in search of flavors and natural riches and today we are proud to present timut pepper or timur berry.

Comptoir de Toamasina is also a pepper counter and a producer of spices and super foods in Brazil with our Brazilian counter Abaçai.

What is Timur Berry?

Timut or timur pepper is first and foremost a delicious pepper, a very surprising pepper.

It is harvested from a thorny shrub called Xanthoxylum armatum.

Its fruit is small and forms a small black seed surrounded by a pericarp of a brown color.

You should know that in Timur Bay you do not eat the pericarp.

Timut pepper develops magical aromas of pink grapefruit and citrus.

It is a fake pepper that grows mainly in the highlands of Nepal.

The taste of Pepper Timut

The Timut is a berry that looks like Sichuan pepper but brown brown and smaller. It also has a small black seed inside that is hard and bitter. Only the pericarp is consumed.

On the nose, it has a strong grapefruit flavor, hence its nickname pepper grapefruit. There is also a hint of lemony flowers with a smell of exotic fruits.

On the palate, the flavor of Timur's Bay is subtly fruity, delicately blooming, with a slight hot spiciness and a very pleasant anesthetic sensation. It has a nice length in the mouth leaving a fresh and slightly acidic scent.


How to use Timut Pepper

Timut BIO Pepper or Timur Berry from Nepal or find it

Timut Pepper is very easy to use in the kitchen.

It will be the ideal condiment for all of your creative cuisine, it will accompany all your dishes from salty recipes to dessert.

In other words, you will make exceptions.

The timur berry will perfume your dishes perfectly whether it is  crushed, ground, grilled or simply infused.

So do not hesitate to discover our recipes on our blog and make vibrate your taste buds and that of your guests, friends and guests is an incredible berry with an intense aromatic palette.

Salty recipes with the Timur Berry:

Bring a touch of exoticism to your meat, fish, poultry and vegetable dishes with the timut berry.

This is a very easy to use berry in all salty recipes.

He will do wonders in a carpaccio of oxen.

In Asia we love it in poultry, fish and vegetables.

But be careful not to put too much pepper timut as it can anesthetize your tongue.

The timut pepper goes perfectly with your stews because it is very resistant to cooking. Then you can use it in your Flemish carbonnade, beef bourguignon, feijoada.

It is very good with seafood and fillet of fish.

But we love it especially on scallops, which gives it a touch of exoticism and citrus notes.

The dishes with eggs such as vegetables are not left out, you should know that it will marry very well with an omelette, a fried egg or just a boiled egg.

Timut pepper is a very good substitute for Sichuan Bay.

  • Shrimp sofa with pepper timut
  • Verrine of the sea at timur bay
  • Onion confit with timut
  • Quinoa salad at timur bay

Sweet Recipes with the Timur Berry:

Sichuan Berry is not the star of pastry. But timut pepper will work wonders in your pastry recipes.

It is simply the best berry for a creative recipe with chocolate.

Then make a cream, mousse, macaroons and soft chocolate with timut pepper .

The notes of citrus and pink grapefruit will make your taste buds vibrate.

Let your imagination and creativity, to make recipes with timur beery. 

It will take a little pinch for a salad of fresh fruit, compotes, pies or fruit at the pan see roasts.

  • Tabouleh fresh fruit pepper timut
  • Pineapple Carpaccio, Timut Pepper Mango
  • Timut pepper chocolate cream
  • Sweet chocolate with bay of timur
Scallops with Pepper Timut
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