Black pepper

Buy the best black peppercorns online at the best price per kilo

Black pepper - Buy black pepper online at the best price

The Comptoir de Toamasina as Bartolomeu Dias vogue around the world in search of the best black peppers.

It's here that you will buy the best black pepper in grain at the best price.

Buying black pepper is very simple, but a pepper with a story that changes everything. At the Comptoir de Toamasina we have a subsidiary in Brazil to directly import black pepper from Brazil without intermediary and small plantations that can not export because of the small quantity produced. For our other countries we establish partnerships, go directly to meet producers and work with their partner in France.

Buy black Pepper

Discover our carefully selected black pepper on our online pepper sales site, you will find tips, recipes to use black peppercorns and its properties.

At the Comptoir de Toamasina, you will buy at the best price black peppers in grains of very high quality.

The history of black pepper

All about the origin of black pepper

Les caravelles du Portugal à la conquête du poivre

Peppers such as black pepper and spices have a long history.

To know the history of pepper we must understand the conquest of spices

Spice is a long story that shaped the world and the discovery of the main shipping routes

We must go to Mesopotamia is the conquest of cloves in 1700 BC where was found the first writings on spices and the stammering of trade.

Egypt continues the discovery with its pharaohs, via the ports which is on the red sea, because it had relations with present India. This is where the first grains of pepper, cardamom and cinnamon arrive.

The Romans subsequently developed the roads opened by the Egyptians and continue the trade.

The golden age of Alexandria

Alexandria is the junction point between the East and the West world. It quickly becomes a major hub for trading and trading spices including black pepper.

You should know that spices have a value at the time comparable to gold. Traders organized and propagated the scarcity of spices.

Muslim traders of spices to the doges

In the Middle Ages, we find the Ottoman Empire and Muslim traders who will control the spice trade between India and the Mediterranean.

Kozhikode in India was considered the world capital of spices and Comptoir des Poivre.

Zhang He, a great Chinese explorer, will be wetting the ink many times in Kozhikode harbor in India.

In the Western world, the wealth of commerce was in the city of Venice, city of the doges.

Doge in Venice

For 100 years, Portugal controlled all the world's shipping routes, including the most prestigious one in India and its coast of Malabar.

Lisbon became the richest capital in the world. And the expansion of Portugal did not stop there, it conquers Brazil.

The war between the city of the Doges and the Ottoman Empire, for the control of the Mediterranean causes no price explosion.

Venice was the biggest trading place in Europe and a real maritime power.

The war was to avoid intermediaries and reduce the tastes of acquiring these luxury goods.

The Adventure of Portugal - A small country that shaped our current shipping routes

The Portuguese went in search of a direct route to India.

This was the goal of Vasco de Gama in 1497, when he failed to wait for the Indies by the Atlantic.

Bartolomeu Dias was the first to discover the Cape of Good Hope and Vasco da Gama passed him to arrive in India.

A monopoly that was broken by the northern Europeans - Holland

Comptoir de Toamasina, Comptoir des plantations of black peppercorns

The Holland country of navigators, did not appreciate the monopoly of the Portuguese and will send Mandrakes (Dutch ship) to the conquest of India.

The Dutch drove the Portuguese from part of India and their Indian trading posts.

The Dutch will also consolidate the establishment in Indonesia and the spice-producing regions such as nutmeg, clove and black pepper.


To organize the new trade, Holland created the Dutch East India Company in 1602 with private capital.

It was considered one of the most powerful enterprises of young capitalism in the 17th century.

To install it, Holland founded Jakarta or Batavia.

After the golden age of the Dutch, England and France engaged in a war for control of the World and spices.

France created the French East India Company and the English the East India Company.


It will take until the 19th century and the stabilization of empires to see the price of spices and black pepper fall.

What is black pepper?

Freshly picked black pepper, freshly picked pepper bunch

Black Pepper comes from the fruit of the Piper Negrum that is harvested just before it matures and turns red.

At the Comptoir de Toamasina, we are witnessing crops around the world, especially in Brazil.

Pepper is a liana that grows along a tree or guardian. It should be known that the creeper liana can go up to 10 meters in height.

Pepper harvest is simple when the bunch is well formed.

So the black pepper is harvested green then it will be dried in the sun.

The sun's rays and its heat will provoke a fermentation action in the heart of each peppercorn

The plantation workers will return the peppercorns very regularly so that they are well dried on all surfaces.

After 5 to 7 drying stays, the pepper is ready to be calibrated and bagged for export.

Black Kampot Pepper, Black Kerala Pepper, Black Madagascar Pepper (Malagasy Pepper or Malagasy Black Pepper), Sri Lanka Black Pepper, Black Pepper Voatsiperifery, Black Pepper Tellicherry

It is the most consumed pepper variety in the world in the kitchen.

Black pepper is a very particular spice that for centuries has a very important status almost a currency.

The story of pepper and its epic is exciting, until we reach our table.

Purchase Fresh Black Pepper in Grain

Fresh Black Pepper

Buy Black Pepper at the Best price per kilo

The Comptoir de Toamasina offers you to buy fresh black pepper of great quality and with the best price.

Our very competitive offer of black pepper per kilo with a price of peppercorns to the kilo the best of the market, for the quality we sell.

Arnaud Sion, researcher and producer of spices, finds you the best fresh black peppers in the world and we sell them at the best price in order to guarantee an exceptional quality to our black pepper.

Where to Find Fresh Black Pepper?

Buy Fresh Peppercorns Online

Black pepper - Buying, selling history, recipe and use

The Comptoir de Toamasina sells fresh black pepper and fresh white pepper of the highest quality.

We sell black pepper wholesale.

A black pepper in exceptional grain, a black pepper taste extraordinary.

Black pepper taste and exception colors

Arnaud Sion Importer of fresh black pepper in grain

The color of pepper is the first criterion of choice when buying pepper and especially black grain.

To know that black pepper, white or green is the same pepper. It is a fruit that comes from the piper nigrum, a climbing plant of the piperaceae family.

It is the treatment of the berries that will make it become white, black or green.

Black Pepper is a pepper with incredible strength.

Each black pepper to taste and a clean flavor.

It's when the black pepper is ground at the last moment of cooking or on the plate that it expresses its flavor.

Comptoir de Toamasina sells peppers of great qualities.

Peppercorn Black Malagasy through Sri Lanka pepper, we advise you to buy the best black pepper sold in France.

You will discover on our page which black pepper is the strongest understand the difference between black pepper or gray.

What is the best black peppercorn: there is not one black pepper better than another, each pepper has a flavor all its own.

Which black pepper to choose? In each of our sheets you will discover which black pepper corresponds best to your kitchen.

At the Comptoir de Toamasina you can buy black pepper by the kilo.

Black Pepper in Grain best price per kilo

Price of Pepper Grain Kilo

The Comptoir de Toamasina offers you a great selection of pepper of excellence in grain and especially black pepper at the best price per kilo.

Discover our black pepper from Madagascar with its lemon notes and its spicy excellence.

Kerala black pepper and its symphony of flavors.

Why not travel to Brazil and discover the black pepper of Brazil, a pepper that comes from Bahia and Esperito Santo.

Buying black pepper online is also traveling around the world.

Where to buy black pepper?

At the Comptoir de Toamasina you some to buy the best peppercorns that are sold in France.

We are a new Pepper Shop in France.

Come discover our pepper stall and buy black peppers of excellence.

How to use black pepper grain?

How to use black pepper grain

Black pepper is one of the most used spices in the world.

Most often it is used for its spicy and especially black pepper is the most aromatic peppers.

We like to use it in soups, meats, vegetables, vinaigrettes, sauces.

We always add the pepper at the end of cooking, a pinch is enough to subtly raise a dish.


Do not forget that black pepper is the great friend of salt, it accompanies it perfectly

It excels in breadcrumbs, chickens, cheeses or tofu.

We advise you to beat it with the pestle just before serving, it is with a pestle that will best emit its symphony of flavors.

Do not hesitate to do like the brazilians and barbecue with black pepper from Brazil and crushed to put on your meat.

Virtues and benefits of black pepper for health

Our sources come from various books, including the Medicine Library.

The whole thing is controlled by Brazilian doctor consultant volunteer in our company to control our writings. In no case spices and peppers replace a consultation with a doctor. You will find here a quick retrospective of various books.


Spices have long been used for their medicinal properties but also and especially taste and olfactory.

Today the modern tools of science and the work of scientists demonstrate the immense virtues of black pepper. Whose prices are getting cheap.

But did you know that black pepper has other virtues than culinary properties.

Black pepper has a digestive virtues, it is also used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. If you want to include it in your diet for medical reasons, you should consult a homeopathic doctor.


The effects of piperine on our health


Black pepper contains piperine that will help digestion and assimilation of nutrients by the body.

It also works against certain bowel disorders.

VERY INTERESTING TIPS: Natural Remedies for Gastric Reflux

It is a natural antioxidant spice. Pepper is a natural antioxidant and offers good synergy with turmeric.

He intervenes in particular in the regulation of the cholesterol level according to scientific articles.

Black Pepper in grain and its unsuspected virtues

Black pepper is recommended in some diets to fight against obesity.

It will naturally promote thermogenesis that helps fight against fat.

We also lend virtues against stress and will relax and relax the person.

Recipe with black pepper grain

The Comptoir de Toamasina, offers weekly recipes of the world with black peppercorns from our Comptoir of flovours of the world. 

  • Olive, basil and black pepper salted biscuit from Madagascar
  • Blanquette of poultry with black pepper
  • Tagliatelle with zucchini, shrimps with black pepper
  • Cheese patties with black pepper
  • Monkfish with black pepper

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