Herbal Teas

The Best Herbal Teas

Find a selection of herbal teas and infusions of the World. You will buy here infusions that invite to travel and gourmet escapes. Buy herbal teas and infusions, flavored or natural, good for your health and vitality worthy of a herbalist of yesteryear.

But always at the best price and high quality.

Also find in each of our herbal teas a description of the benefits, such as using them.

It is that you will find the best online brew sale shop with a range that will increase each month.

Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)

The Chinese star anise or star anise is the fruit of a tropical tree that is found in southern China. Star anise is also produced in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Japan and the Philippines. Ideal for pastries or herbal tea. Power of the spice: 9/10 Main notes: The characteristic notes of star anise with its anise flavor Use: Savory, sweet and herbal tea...

Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)

The hibiscus flowerb is the "star" drink of West Africa. To prepare the bissap, we will infuse (in Africa, we infuse it one night preferably in cold water) the hibiscus flower, then we drink it in a fresh and very sweet infusion.  The infusion of hibiscus flower (carcadé) is appreciated for its taste that is both tangy and fruity. Power of herbal tea:...

Leafy Verbena Leaf (France)

The scented verbena leaves are very popular in herbal tea for its sweet and lemony taste, but also in cooking in the preparation of liqueurs, to flavor desserts such as fruit salads, ice creams and cakes. Power of herbal tea: 5/10 Main notes: Characteristic notes of verbena with lemon notes Use: Savory, sweet and herbal tea Le Comptoir de Toamasina,...

Carioca Silhouette Herbal Tea

The first slimming herbal tea sold in France made in Brazil. With regular physical activity and our carioca herbal tea, find the carioca silhouette that sleeps in you. The Slimming Herbal Tea is a cocktail of youth that will combine Rooibos from South Africa with Brazilian Mate. A dynamic herbal tea to regain a magnificent silhouette. Poder do chá de...

Herbal Tea of Araxa

Go on a trip to Brazil and come and discover the Araxa Garden herbal tea. This herbal tea comes directly from the Brazilian gingham in Minas Gerais. Enjoy a delicious infusion, while stimulating yourself and regaining your vitality and energy. Fruity infusion full of good vitamins to find a tropical moment, the Brazilian sun, during your working day....

The Best Herbal Teas

Buy Herbal Teas and Herbal Infusions Online

Buy Herbal Teas and Herbal Infusions Online

An herbal tea is first and foremost a term that is broad and will encompass all infusions and other traditional techniques of maceration or decoction.

An infusion is therefore very frequently used to designate an herbal tea. For example in Brazil a tea and an infusion has the same name. (Cha)

To prepare an herbal tea is to put the plants in simmering water for 5 to 10 minutes to filter.

For an infusion to be effective it is necessary that the water is at 80 ° C or 65 ° C in idealy.

Then you can let your infusion tea in your cast iron teapot ideally to keep the heat.

The term decoction will consist of putting the plants in cold water and boiling it for a longer or shorter time. Then the infusion is filtered.

The decoction is better to preserve the benefits of the plant.

Do not hesitate to discover our acerola powder rich in natural vitamin C.

Maceration is simple, you must put your herbal tea in contact with water at room temperature and try to infuse it for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

So the recommendations for use:

To prepare a good herbal tea:

  • 2g for a cup of water
  • Do not hesitate to add a touch of honey

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