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Superfoods powders: Superfruits sold by Le Comptoir de Toamasina achieve the highest quality standards and come directly from families of growers in Brazil without passing through intermediaries.

This is possible through our Brazilian branch.


You can buy our Superfoods directly from Brazil thanks to our Brazilian branch.


Our Superfoods powders are exceptional for everyday cooking due to their large amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals, trace elements and more.


Le Comptoir de Toamasina is a leader in the pure and natural Superfoods and Superfruits powder business.


Buy Natural Superfruits powder for the best price

Our Natural Superfruits premium grocery store is the first organization that sells Superfoods  and owns its plantation in Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais. Our farm produces our Acerola Powder.  With our experience on the ground and our desire to thrive, we have listened and built trust with the small growers, allowing us to develop good relationships. With their agricultural expertise and our business “savoir-faire” we are pursuing our dream to break into the US market some exceptional products like the Açaï, Guarana, Camu Camu, Ginseng and pau d’arco/ipe roxo.

We have a license to export and we are proud to be unique: the only French company to offer superFruits directly from the growers without passing through intermediates.


Our superfruits are packed with nutrients, fiber, is rich in antioxidants, proteins and vitamins. superfruits have a higher than average nutritional profile than the regular fruit.

Superfruits include, but are not limited to, natural berries and raw fruits. We advise our customers to consume them whole and to not process them.

After harvesting, our superfruits are washed and selected to comply with our high quality standards. That allows us to meet your satisfaction when you are savouring our superfruits. They are then powdered as close to the field they were nurtured as possible to preserve the best nutritional aspects.


Superfoods powder definition

What are Superfoods?


Do Superfoods have an impact on your health?

Are you ready to find out? You are going to discover all the Superfoods’ secrets.


Superfruits, Superfoods, Superpowders, or functional foods as they are known today, are full of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and have a boosting effect on your body. Besides boosting your metabolism, they have a myriad of potential health benefits that can transform your day-to-day life. The vitamins are 100% natural.


Superpowders are berries’ powder, Superfruits like Acerola, pau d’arco/ipe roxo and more.


Superfruits are transformed into powder by grinding. The final step consists of freeze drying the product to maintain its active ingredients, quality and flavour.


Superfoods like Açai and Guarana are known for being practical ingredients and being easy to use in day-to-day nutrition.


We are working closely with Brazilian doctors to get the best advice, knowledge and expertise about the health benefits of our products. Every product detail is confirmed by a Brazilian doctor in order to comply with the French regulations and rules. Feel free to ask for more detailed information about our products.


Buy Le Comptoir de Taomasina’s Superfruits, the unique organization that works directly with Brazilian farmers and growers in France.


Superfood Açai Berry powder


Açai Berry powder benefits, buy online pure and natural Açai Berry powder. Buy Açai Powder


Açai comes from the Brazilian Amazon rain forest. The tree is a palm tree; its fruit is the Açai whose color is a mixture of blue and purple. It’s a teeny tiny berry that contains high levels of antioxidants.


Utilizing the ORAC ranking (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), that is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities, the Açai Superfruit turns out to be the top of the list. There is great distance between açai from the other regular fruits like pomegranate and blueberry.


The ORAC method is based on Alexander Glazer’s biochemical works at the University of California, Berkeley, and Guohua Cao biophysicist studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


Açai Berry powder is rich in calcium, iron elements, vitamins A, B, C and E. It also has a high fiber content and essential fatty acids omega 6 and 9.


As soon as it hits your tongue,  the Açai Berry powder offers you a special taste and an unique flavour. Now it’s your turn to play with your imagination and create recipes. Some tips, you can use Açai Berry for your smoothies, sorbets and ice creams.


Where can I buy Açai Berry in the US

Buy Açai Berry powder

Açai Berry powder recipes

Buy Açai Berry in the US

Natural and pure Açai Berry from Brazil

Recipe with Açai Berry


Superfruit Acerola powder


Pure Acerola powder, buy Acerola, a strong vitamin

Pure Acerola – Acerola powder – Natural Acerola


Le Comptoir de Toamasina provides a 100% natural and pure Acerola powder including the best vitamin C ratio.


The best Acerola comes from Brazil.


Natural and pure Acerola powder is pure vitamin C concentrate.


It is a superfruit that looks like a cherry.  Acerola contains 30 to 40 times vitamin C than a glass of orange juice.


Taking Acerola powder during the day give your energy and vitality all day long.


Buy Acerola

 Find some Acerola?

Natural and pure Acerola

Acerola powder price


Acerola smoothie recipe


Superfood Guarana Powder


Buy pure Guarana


Guarana powder Paullinia cupana Click and buy

Guarana weight management


Guarana is ideal to boost your day. It’s a Guarana Berry powder that will give you energy needed to complete your working and leisure day.


Guarana is a climbing plant located in Amazon rainforest in Brazil.


Guarana is known for its energetic and stimulating effects. It contains a high level of guaranine which is like caffeine.


The natives in the Amazon use Guarana powder when they go hunting because of its energetic effect and because it is an appetite suppressant.


Guarana is known for improving intellectual performance like concentration and memory.


Guarana possesses essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that strengthen the organism.


Superfood, Superberry Guarana can be mixed in a hot or cold beverage. Now refuel your energy with Guarana powder.


Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the only French organisation that works closely with Amazon farmers and growers. Come discover the purest, most natural and best Guarana powder in the US.



Guarana direct from Brazil

Buy Pure Guarana



Camu-Camu superfood Powder


Find and buy Camu Camu Powder


There is a new Brazilian superstar in town, it’s the superfruit Camu Camu. It comes from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, where this plants’ fruits and leaves are used for medicinal purposes. It has plenty of natural vitamin C.


It’s a red and purple slick fruit.

Camu Camu contains natural vitamin C.

It also contains: Valine, potassium, leucine, serine, flavonoid, gallic acid and ellagic acid.

These are important elements with antioxidant properties.

Our camu camu has a vitamin C rate next to 13%.

It tastes slightly acidic.




lapacho/pau d’arco/ipe roxo powder

buy online lapacho/pau d’arco/ipe roxo

find Brazilian lapacho/pau d’arco/ipe roxo powder



lapacho/pau d’arco/ipe roxo powder or ecoma adenophylla or Tecoma Adenophylla powder.


Iapacho powder comes from the bark of this tree and is also used by Natives of the Amazon. The bark is rich in iron and minerals.





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