Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo
Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo

Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo

Professional or economical packaging of acai pulp powder at the best price per kilo.

Acai berry is the fruit of an Amazon pinot palm tree with energizing and revitalizing properties.

Part used: Acai pulp Origin: Brazil - Amazon Composition: 100% acai fruit Method: Lyophilization

  • Power of the spice: 9/10
  • Main notes: Characteristic flavor of acai with a mixture of fruit and chocolate
  • Usage: In sweet and salty
  • Native: Brazil, Para and Amazonas

Make acai juice and acai sorberts with our freeze-dried acai powder. An acai that is healthy and full of antioxidants and good vitamins. A unique experience. Buy the best acai berry powder at the best price per kilo.

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Acai Pulp in Powder Per Kilo

Acai powder for making frozen or frozen acai pulp

Comptoir de Toamasina selects for the best ripe acai berries with a unique taste. Our freeze-dried acai pulp is ideal for making your own acai pulp, acai bowl, acai ice cream at home, in your restaurant or in your pastry shop for a creative dessert.

So if you want to buy frozen acai, frozen acai pulp in France. Buy our freeze-dried acai powder and make your acai pulp, acai puree and homemade acai juice in your kitchen. 

Buy the best freeze-dried acai powder in France

Le Comptoir de Toamasina thanks to its Brazilian Comptoir, Abaçai, invites you to buy the best acai powder in order to make yourself at home, the delicious recipe of frozen acai pulp or frozen acai pulp .

When you ask yourself the question or buy acai berries, it's here at Comptoir de Toamasina you will buy the best freeze-dried acai berry.

ORGANIC AÇAÍ PULP powder for preparation of frozen or deep frozen acai pulp

A powdered acai pulp to make the recipe for frozen acai pulp

Acai of reasoned and eco-responsible agriculture

Le Comptoir de Toamasina says stop to the acai which is harvested by pickers who risk their lives to climb to the top of the pinot palm.

We prefer to work with partners who practice eco-responsible agriculture where the acai is harvested using an elevator which mounts the workers to harvest the acai berries.

Then our partner pays the school to the children of the workers and especially offers a Plano de Saude (private insurance) in order to have better health coverage.

The Acai berries of Comptoir de Toamasina come from a plantation that practices reforestation in the Amazon forest with the pinot palm.

Where to Buy Acai Berry

Where to Buy Acai Pulp Powder to Make Frozen Acai

Frozen daçaí pulp - Buy frozen daçaí pulp

Thanks to our Counter in Belo Horizonte, we can buy directly from the acai plantation and export the acai pulp powder ourselves.

We control in Brazil with strict criteria the quality of our acai pulp.

So that you buy the best acai berry with the best virtues.

It is in the heart of the Amazon forest that the plantation of our partner producer, Acai is located.

The acai berries are harvested very ripe and then in the hours following the harvest will be powdered by a lyophilization procedure directly at the plantation.

The pinot palm which produces the acai does not undergo any treatment, for an acai without pesticide and without fertilizer.

Nutritional Declaration for 15g of Acai powder Abaçai by Le Comptoir de Toamasina

ENERGY: 70kcal / 295kj

FAT: 6.2g



Sugar: 1g



SALT: 3.6mg

IRON: 0.7mg

COPPER: 0.16mg


Acai naturally contains an exceptional proportion of vegetable fats, consisting of oleic acid called omega-9 (56.2 of the total), palmitic acid (24.1%), linoleic acid that we call omega-6 (12.5) and also a significant concentration of beta-sitosterol.

Acai also contains a proportion of fiber. Acai powder therefore also contains vitamin C, but a high concentration of calcium 260, iron, vitamin A.

Acai also contains a dozen flavonoids. Which makes it a great fruit.


Description of the Acai Powder pulp:


Product: Açaï Roxo powder from Pará in Brazil Freeze-dried

Packaging in sachet: 1.2kg

Composition: Açaï powder 100% Pure

Feature: Açai naturally contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, C and E.

Provenance: Brazil from the State of Pará

Recipes for açaí drinks and sorbets with acai pulp powder

It is here that you will buy acai berries powder to make your healthy and natural acai drinks and sorbets with delicious taste and all this with your talent.

Make in your kitchen, in your workshop, acai-based drinks, acai drinks with our acai powder. You will even be able to make the famous recipe of frozen acai pulp. And in addition with our acai powder it is 50% less than the frozen acai pulp ready in your organic store.

Do not hesitate to add powdered acerola to take advantage of the benefits of vitamin C or powdered guarana to fill up on energy.

Recipe with acai powder

Acai base 1


Ingredient: 75% water, 3% acai powder Abaçai, 14% crystal sugar, 6% glucose and 2% stabilizing base.

Acai base 2

Ingredient: Dilute 80g of Acai powder Abaçai in 920g of water and stir until completely dissolved.

To make the juice

Mix all the ingredients as above and add 50% water to make a total of 150%.


To make the acai sobet

Take the acai base and you can put it in your freezer or ice cream maker.


Acai bowl

  • Beat 30g of acai powder, 50g of sugar (or sugar at your convenience) and 60ml of fresh water. You must shake until the solution is complete.
  • Add 200g of ice cube and pass to the mixer until obtaining a creamy base and you can serve.

How to make your frozen acai pulp

Homemade frozen acai pulp recipe

Pulpe d'açai congelée recette maison

You want to make your own frozen acai pulp, then follow our recipe.

The Acai Fine Recipe: Dilute 80g of Acai Abaçai powder in 920g of water and stir until completely dissolved.

The medium acai recipe: 120g of acai pods Abaçai in 880g of water. Mix everything until dissolved.


Now you know how to make an acai pulp recipe, don't hesitate to add freeze-dried fruit to your recipe and create your own recipe.

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