Stick and Cinnamon Powder

Stick and Cinnamon Powder

The Comptoir de Toamasina offers an excellent cinnamon pastry . Our cinnamon comes from the best plantations of Madagascar, Ceylon and Brazil .

We take special care in buying and selling cinnamon with an incomparable taste that will turn your creative cuisine into a true symphony of flavors .

Our cinnamon store offers the best cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder at the best price per kilo.

Cinnamon of Ceylon

Real cinnamon bark from Ceylon, our cinnamon has a C5 classification which makes it the best cinnamon in the world. Our Ceylon cinnamon has a taste that is both warm and sweet. You will discover a cinnamon with a fine and intense fragrance. Power of the spice: 5/10 Main Notes: Warm and sweet cinnamon notes Use: In both savory and sweet cooking Origin:...

Cinnamon sticks Madagascar

Cinnamon is the dried bark of the cinnamon tree. The cinnamon tree grows in tropical maritime climates, at low altitude, on sandy soil. Cinnamon is used in pastry, fruit syrups, sauces, mutton tagines, fruit compotes, rice. Our Madagascar cinnamon offers unique flavors with a sweet and slightly sweet cinnamon. Power of the spice: 6/10 Main notes: a sweet...

Or Buy Cinnamon Ceylon, Madagascar and Brazil

Buy online and discover our selection of cinnamon sticks from the world or powder, find our tips and creative recipes.

This is where you go to buy the best cinnamon.

What is cinnamon

What is cinnamon

You still have this question, but what are cinnamon ?

Cinnamon is not just cinnamon , it's cinnamon and cinnamon .

You have cinnamon cinnamomum also cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum or cinnamon Ceylon .

The second cinnamon is Indonesian cinnamon called cinnamomum cassia for brittle cinnamon .

But the two cinnamon come from the same family as Lauraceae

A history of cinnamon

What is cinnamon ? The cinnamon stick comes from the cinnamon tree . It is while drying that the bark rolls up on itself and forms the famous stick of cinnamon .

This spice was not the only one the cinnamon tree made, there are the cannellier berries and the leaves of the cannoneer .

Cinnamon has been known since ancient times. It has been used especially for its culinary properties and for its virtues for health .

The use of spicy wood is very much used by ancient religions .

It should be known that the Chinese cultivated the cinnamon 2,500 before Christ . Especially for its flavor and its virtues for health in Chinese medicine .

At that time, it was rare and very expensive.

The word cinnamon comes from Latin , " canna " which will say reed . It will be used in the language of Molière from the 12th century .

Did you know that in 1700 , cinnamon figured in no less than 50% of recipes in France .

French is a lover of cinnamon stick .

Then discover and buy the cinnamon pastry Comptoir de Toamasina .

Ceylon cinnamon or real cinnamon or cinnamomum

What is Ceylon Cinnamon or Real Cinnamon?

It is the best known cinnamon and the most tasty . But cinnamon is the least present on the market, because it is much more expensive than its little sister cinnamomum cassia .

The ceylon cinnamon stick is not easily broken , it is very beautiful at first and has a slightly sweet taste .

Cinnamon is a tree with evergreen leaves and thick bark that is irregular and strongly aromatic .

Ceylon cinnamon is from India and Sri Lanka , but today we will find it in Brazil and also in Madagascar.

The sticks can measure up to 23cm. But with the vagaries of transport the big sizes break.

We prefer cinnamon sticks between 5 to 12 cm.

Ceylon cinnamon

Buy Cinnamon Ceylon, Madagascar and Brazil, Real Cinnamon

Comptoir de Tomasina offers you to buy real ceylon cinnamon with incredible and magical flavor .

Buy online a so-called ceylon cinnamon with an incomparable flavor . The real cinnamon pastry .

The so-called cinnamon from Indonesia or China called cinnamon cassia, fake cinnamon or cinnamomum cassia

What is cinnamon breaking

Cinnamon cassis is native to Burma and China .

It is a cinnamon breaks because it is very easily friable.

The cinnamon stick breaks offers a very strong cinnamon flavor . And not subtle than that called true cinnamon .

It is a cheap cinnamon but you can quickly leave.

Because the flavor is too strong .

What are the difference?

You should know that both cinnamon have a different flavor . And not similar as some specialist spice sites can tell . You really have never traveled to a spice island to make no difference.

Cinnamon Ceylon offers a sweet scent of cinnamon that will be very long in the mouth . While that of Indonesia offers a very strong attack in the mouth.

The difference between the two species is coumarin. Coumarin also has it in the tonka bean of Brazil .

Coumarin is a natural plant substance. We find this essence especially in perfumery and cosmetics.

Cinnamon has a lot of coumarin while Ceylon is poor.

The Comptoir de Toamasina with medical advice to ensure the veracity of our writing and especially not to do medicine explains in a few lines the toxicity of coumarin.

Coumarin is toxic to our liver because it has hepatotoxic properties.

On the other hand, as some sites speak of high carcinogenic effect for our liver, we do not want to write on the subject because it is too sensitive and belongs to the medical profession .

How to make the difference between the so-called cinnamon of Ceylon or Indonesia

You have to know that there are differences between real cinnamon and false cinnamon .

The first is the thickness , then the color and the flavor .

The thickness of the cinnamon bark of Ceylon will be very thin, barely 1mm thick.

It has a slightly ocher orange color with a firm but very friable texture .

Its flavor is sweet, very fragrant with slightly sweet cinnamon.

An excellent cinnamon for pastry with round and hot notes.

The bark of cinnamon cassia or cinnamon is very thick so you get 3mm easily.

Its color is brown.

It has a very strong smell of cinnamon and very strong in the mouth . This cinnamon is easily friable .

Cinnamon recipe

When we ask the question , what cinnamon to choose .

I answer the cinnamon of Ceylon .

It offers an excellent aromatic symphony .

Cinnamon Ceylon is ideal for pastry .

The cinnamon of China with its too strong flavor is not very used by the great chefs, but nothing prevents you to use it in a coffee or infusion in a preparation with rum.

cinnamon recipe

How to use cinnamon in the kitchen?

Cinnamon Powder or Cinnamon Stick?

The cinnamon stick is a seducer .

Did you know that cinnamon is one of the most popular spices in France and especially in the Maghreb .

Cinnamon is used very often with apples or even chocolate .

In the West, we will use cinnamon in desserts while in the Maghreb or India we will use it in salted including white meat and poultry .

It is often added in tajines or couscous .

So do not hesitate to add in your cakes , cookies , fruits , pies and finally everywhere if you want to cook in an oriental way .

To use it, we advise you either the infusion or grating.

Do not hesitate to discover our saffron of Iran .

You can find in our teas:

Black Tea Aracaju Garden , Black Tea from Madagascar , Black Tea Adventurers , Green Tea Christmas .

For lovers of cinnamon notes , I advise you to chew a piece of cinnamon stick directly, like a liquorice stick .

Do not hesitate to make your cinnamon sugar simply by putting cinnamon in your sugar.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina vous propose d'acheter de la cannelle à pâtisserie d'excellence. Notre cannelle provient des meilleures plantations de MadagascarCeylan et du Brésil

Nous apportons un soin tout particulier à acheter un bâton de cannelle avec une saveur incomparable qui va transformer votre pâtisserie en une véritable symphonie de saveurs


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