Cinnamon of Ceylon
Cinnamon of Ceylon
Cinnamon of Ceylon
Cinnamon of Ceylon

Cinnamon of Ceylon

Real cinnamon bark from Ceylon, our cinnamon has a C5 classification which makes it the best cinnamon in the world. Our Ceylon cinnamon has a taste that is both warm and sweet. You will discover a cinnamon with a fine and intense fragrance.

Power of the spice: 5/10

Main Notes: Warm and sweet cinnamon notes

Use: In both savory and sweet cooking

Origin: Sri Lanka

Buy cinnamon from Ceylon Tuyau from our Comptoir aux épices online at the best price per kilo. True cinnamon with a savory aroma. The best cinnamon in the world. Also discover Madagascar cinnamon

Cinnamon of Ceylon
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5/ 5


Cinnamon of Ceylon

Buy the best Ceylon cinnamon stick online. We suggest that you purchase cinnamon bark from cinnamomum zeylanicum online.

On our page, you will be able to buy the best cinnamon stick from Ceylon, discover its history, learn all about how to cook it and create creative cuisine.

Buy and Sell Ceylon C5 Cinnamon Pipes or Powder Online

Ceylon cinnamon


Cinnamon is first of all the bark of a tree, the cinnamon tree. By drying the cinnamon bark, it will curl on itself to form a stick of cinnamon naturally. The cinnamon tree gives another spice, the cinnamon berries.

Cinnamon is the most famous and used spice in the world from Antiquity until today.

The use of spicy wood still has a preponderant place in polytheistic religious ceremonies.

Cinnamon was used by the Egyptians to embalm the mummies.

China cultivated for at least 2,500 years before Jesus Christ for its health benefits and also its culinary virtues.

It is by road that it arrives in Europe. It was rare and very expensive at the beginning, only the nobles and the King could buy cinnamon.

The word cinnamon comes from the Latin "canna" which means reed. It was in the 12th century that the word arrived in the French language.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, in France, cinnamon figured in more than half of the recipes that are listed.


Cinnamon is not just cinnamon but two kinds of cinnamon, two types of species. There is the Cinnamomum Verum which we call Cinnamomum Zeylanicum which we will ordinarily call Ceylon Cinnamon and the Cinnamomum Cassia which we call Indonesian Cinnamon.


Cinnamomum Verum is the most famous cinnamon it comes from Ceylon, Brazil, India and Madagascar. It is the most expensive cinnamon, the cinnamon which has the most taste and the finest. The excellence of cinnamon.

The cinnamon tree is a small tree with evergreen foliage and very thick, irregular and very aromatic bark.

The Peculiarity of Ceylon Cinnamons

Our cinnamon has a C5 classification which makes it the best cinnamon in the world.

Our cinnamon sticks are not hard, the cinnamon sticks from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) provide a fine and intense fragrance with warm and sweet notes. We can say that our Ceylon cinnamon is the star of desserts, ideal in pies, clafoutis, muffins, cakes, apple cake .....

Product Description

Products: Cinnamon Ceylon stick or Ceylon cinnamon powder

Bag weight: 30g or 40g

Characteristic: Cinnamon stick with a fine and intense fragrance with warm and sweet notes.

Packaging: Bag or bottle


Cinnamon and its cinnamon stick is seductive. Cinnamon is a very popular spice. It is used for sweetness, very often in association with apples but also chocolate.

In the West, we will use cinnamon generally in desserts, while in North Africa, India, Greece and the East, we will put the cinnamon stick in savory dishes, especially in red meats and poultry. We add it to the cuckoos and tagines.

On the other hand, cinnamon in desserts, we will put it everywhere, in cake dough, cookies, fruits, pies, I mean everywhere.

So don't hesitate to use Ceylon cinnamon stick in all of your dishes, for its subtle and very aromatic fragrance, while remaining discreet and subtle. You can sprinkle half a teaspoon for 4 people. But also in your vegetables, your starchy foods.


Cinnamon is ideal for all mixed salads or directly in the vinaigrette. Ceylon cinnamon is one of many salad ingredients or salad spices.

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