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Paprika is a sweet pepper. It is often in the form of a slightly spicy red powder. it is widely used in Spain and the Balkans. It will bring a colorful and spicy touch to your dishes without making them hot.

  • Power of the spice: 8/10
  • Main Notes: The warm and rich notes of cloves
  • Use: soup, goulash, vegetables, poultry, fish, red meats and Greek cheese

Sell on the line of high quality sweet Paprika at the best price per kilo. Did you know that paprika is the ripe fruit of sweet pepper. The return to maturity and delicately dried in the sun and powdered. Come buy paprika and find out in the recipes and tips for use.

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Paprika is a staple of our daily creative cuisine. We suggest you buy quality sweet paprika at Comptoir de Toamasina. An excellent spice counter. Discover recipes and tips for use with our powdered paprika.

Sweet paprika - buy, sell, recipes

Buy sweet paprika online

Purchase and sale of red peppers with a sweet and slightly bitter taste, naturally and above all very aromatic, for creative recipes. Its spiciness and sweetness give it strength. It will marvelously enhance all of your daily cooking. A tasty and delicate spice. A touch of exoticism in your kitchen.

What is paprika and its history

Paprika is a pepper that originates from South America, first imported by the Spanish colonizers, it will find its acclaim in Hungarian cuisine.

The Hungarian paprika is considered the best in the world, this spice is a red pepper which has a slightly bitter sweet taste with a very aromatic taste.

Its spiciness is very soft which allows you to decorate your dishes with a light spicy touch.

They will go perfectly with your meat stews, whether red or white, in fresh cheeses, creams, fish and in avocados.

The paprika must be added at the end of cooking so that its taste does not become bitter.

How to use and feed your paprika in creative cuisine?

Paprika is a spice, it is more particular a red pepper with a sweet and slightly bitter taste and very aromatic. Its spiciness is always very sweet and allows you to decorate your dishes with a fragrant and slightly spicy touch.

The Hungarians use it very often and in large quantities, whether in their famous goulash, stews or chicken dishes. It is widely used in Spanish cuisine (chorizo) and in Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine. Because you should know that the Paprika is native to South America.

Paprika works wonders in meat and poultry stews, in fresh cheeses, cream and fish. It is also very good in sun-dried tomatoes, onions or even avocado.

The paprika is sweet, do not overcook it or it will become bitter.

To go further: We like paprika by adding it to dried tomatoes, onions, avocados, fish.

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