Green Sichuan Pepper
Green Sichuan Pepper
Green Sichuan Pepper
Green Sichuan Pepper
Green Sichuan Pepper
Green Sichuan Pepper
Green Sichuan Pepper
Green Sichuan Pepper

Green Sichuan Pepper

Green Sichuan Pepper offers a taste experience of exceptional robustness and depth, setting it apart from its more famous cousin, Red Sichuan Berry. This green variety unveils its own unique palette of flavors, revealing sublime floral and citrus notes that intertwine harmoniously with peppery, earthy accents. A hint of terroir evokes the bewitching character of guarana, adding an intriguing touch to its creative cuisine.

  • Pepper strength: 06/10
  • Main notes: Eucalyptus and Lemony
  • Use: Ideal for all savory dishes, especially meat and fish.
In Asian cuisine, it's a favorite in seafood and fish stir-fries. So lightly toast Sichuan green pepper with a little salt and grind to create delicious fried meat, squid and shrimp. It also goes well with ginger and star anise.
5 2024
5/ 5



Szechuan green pepper is also known as Szechuan green berry . It is a berry with great freshness and a rare aromatic pepper . A berry with a floral and citrus approach, without forgetting its touch of jasmine. 

In 2018, I wanted to add green Szechuan pepper before the red berry, because its floral notes and hint of lemon will do wonders in your dishes.

To tell the truth, I discovered it when I was 17 years old in China during a 1-month trip in 2006.

At Comptoir de Toamasina you can buy the best Sichuan green pepper online . Sichuan false pepper is a berry grown in China and Bhutan. It is the cousin of Sichuan pepper. In France, only Piper Nigrum can be called pepper, and cubeb and longa peppercorns can also be called peppercorns. 

Asia is a land of spices and vanilla from Madagascar and Réunion is said to come from Asia and not Mexico. It is true that there are many varieties of vanilla in the world; Brazil has more than 40 varieties of vanilla and wild vanilla. We wrote an article about all the vanillas in the world.

It is a berry with character, very different from the Sichuan red berry, whose difference we will explain later.

As a specialist in the sale of Sichuan green berries, Comptoir de Toamasina offers you the opportunity to buy Sichuan green berries online in a variety of packaging, from classic packaging to the best price per kilo. Find out more about our packaging:

  • Sichuan pepper in bottle
  • Green Sichuan Pepper in Grinder
  • Green Sichuan Pepper per kilogram

Comptoir de Toamasina offers the best selection of rare peppers in a pepper box in the world.

If you are wondering what is the best Sichuan berry? We will try to answer your question and help you choose the best Sichuan color for your recipe.  


In ancient China, it was used as a perfume for festivals and wine offerings to the gods.

It was also used to flavor teas such as fagara, which is said to have been one of TE Tsung's favorite teas.

In the past, it was thought to have aphrodisiac properties and, to achieve this, it was burned as incense in the rooms of Chang'an Palace.

Read our article about aphrodisiac cocktails and aphrodisiac truffles with Açaí powder.

Even today, everything can be useful for libido. But really, it's all grandma's stuff. 

We can see it in the history of spices and even today, in the history of peppers as in the history of vanilla, there are always aphrodisiac writings. If you want to know more about rum, we suggest you consult our reference page on the subject.

In the 13th century, Marco Polo introduced the Sichuan berry to Europe, where it quickly became a fixture in the kitchens of the wealthy Doge's City in Venice. It then slowly disappeared from European kitchens until the end of the 19th century. Contemporary Western kitchens are starting to include it again.

Pimenta do Reino, or "King's Pepper", is the Portuguese name for black pepper, which became the best-selling spice in Portugal's monopoly on sea routes. 


In Latin, my name is Zanthoxylum piperitum , but I am known as the " Sichuan green pepper" or "piperita fagara ". In Brazil, they call me Pimenta Verde de Sichuan, but in France I am not allowed to call Pimenta Verde de Sichuan, due to a 1946 decree that establishes that only the fruit of the piper nigrum plant can be called pepper. I'm not a peppercorn.

It is part of the Rutaceae family, originally from Asia. 

The white and greenish flowers bloom from April to June.

It is a shrub that reaches a height of 3 to 4 meters.

Thanks to its ability to withstand temperatures of up to -25°C, it is easier to grow than Madagascar vanilla.

It can be grown in France. 

However, it needs a sunny to partially shaded position, and the most important thing is that it can grow in any soil.

However, soil acidity must remain within acceptable limits.

It can be grown in various ways, isolated, as a hedge or even as a bonsai.

Spring and autumn are the best times for transplanting.

Sometimes people talk about pepper, despite it being illegal in France. This is due to the fact that the term Pimenta in Portuguese refers to pepper and berry.

In the Rutaceae, or citrus, family, we find Sichuan, sometimes called Clavalier, a small tree or shrub.

It originates from China and has long been cultivated in Japan.

Zanthoxylum piperitum can easily be transformed into a small ornamental tree. The thickening of the old thorns, whose tips have become cloudy, continues on the trunk.

If you want to create a hedge, this shrub is impenetrable because its branches and leaves are covered in thorns. Serrated leaflets are visible on the long, lanceolate leaves. The leaves have a strong smell when touched. They are adorned with autumnal tones.

The panicle-shaped flowers are the first to bloom. They are small and green. Sichuan is generally dioecious, but some cultivars are monoecious. To obtain a large harvest of fruit, it is preferable to have two monoecious stems or one plant of each sex.

The Sichuan tree will produce Xanthoxylum piperitum fruits, which are incredibly aromatic but not very pungent.

They are 4-5 mm in diameter. 

When they separate into two halves, revealing a huge, shiny black seed, they are ready to be harvested.


Just like limes and lemons have unique flavors, Sichuan red berries and Sichuan green peppers have fantastic flavors.

To the untrained palate, green Sichuan berries taste like a mixture of peppercorns and citrus, with hints of lime and a lot of freshness.

Fresh aromas of eucalyptus and citrus fill the palate with notes of dried black lemon and combawa. Aromas of dried flowers and tea are also present.

It is a berry with incredible aromatic power that we love all year round.

Read our article about the best pepper in the world. 

But be careful, green Sichuan berries have a numbing effect on the tongue that distinguishes them from other berries. So add them in moderation to get that unique tingling sensation on the tip of your tongue. 


Sichuan Pepper is very easy to grow. You can even plant your crops at home with a very beautiful, protective hedge.

Discover how to grow rare peppers and peppers.

Even in heavy soil, Zanthoxylum piperitum will not be disturbed. So why not make a Sichuan Bay hedge at home?

If possible, we recommend a sunny or slightly shaded location, protected from late frosts and therefore cold winds.

It can be planted in fall or spring, and you can use manure as fertilizer.

During the first year, it likes the soil to be moistened every week.

Sichuan is known for its rapid development and flourishing.

It takes three years for a seed to blossom and grow.

The Sichuan tree cutting method is very important for the tree to grow quickly and flourish.

Therefore, mature branches of Zanthoxylum piperitum should not be cut frequently.

Young stems and branches must, however, be oriented.

To improve aesthetics, some branches are left at the base while others are pruned. The branches in the crown are also pruned so that hands can pass through them without being stung by the harvester.

To encourage growth of the crown, it is styled at the appropriate height.

Harvesting Sichuan Fruits

We continue with the section of the fruit panicles. The wild fruits have a rare aromatic power, but the black seeds are very bitter and must be separated from the fruit.

Then the fruit is dried and must be spread out on a flat surface. Can be used immediately after drying.

You can also use the young leaves to season food. We also do this in Sichuan.

Sichuan breeding

Sichuan cuts are simple to make.

Sowing fresh seeds requires stratifying the seeds in a cool environment before sowing. Much progress has been made in a short time.

Cuttings from mature or semi-mature wood or a stump are also acceptable propagation methods. During the warmer months.

Zanthoxylum species and varieties

There are approximately 250 species in this genus, some of which may or may not have therapeutic characteristics.

  1. The branches of the Zanthoxylum ailanthoidesa tree are very long.
  2. The timut berry Zanthoxylum simulans, the spicy Zanthoxylum armatum gives the timut berry
  3. Large tree Zanthoxylum fagaraa
  4. Piperitum zanthoxylum sp. “Purple Leaves”, as its name suggests, has purple foliage.


Sichuan green pepper is a culinary marvel with its powerful aromas of pepper, flowers and lemon.

When we used it for the first time, we were just as excited as when we used our acai powder or tonka bean for the first time.

You can use it as a seasoning on its own.

In Asian wok cuisine, it is often used to season meat and poultry. However, Sichuan berries have been used in cooking for thousands of years in China and Japan, where the most famous spice blends originate.

The green berry is part of the composition of the Chinese and Vietnamese “five spice” (or “five flavors”) mixture.

Then you can mix fennel, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and of course the powerful Sichuan berry. Then you just need to grind them.

Don't hesitate to discover our article how to roast a seasoning.

For the recipes you can make a Peking duck, see all Chinese cuisine recipes.

Grilled pork chops and fish go very well with Sichuan Green Bay.

Did you know that the Sichuan berry is used in Japanese spice blends and can be found in Shichimi Togarashi?

Red pepper, nori, tangerine peel, sesame, poppy and Sansho are just a few of the ingredients we think you'll love in this mix. It is a distant relative of this small cove.

So let your imagination run wild with this colossal Chinese fruit, which will take your taste buds on an exciting and unforgettable culinary journey.

Here, I offer 8 quick and easy recipes to make with this fruit:

  1. Salmon Honey: Sichuan Green Pepper and Ginger: Marinate salmon fillets in a mixture of honey, soy sauce, grated fresh ginger, crushed Sichuan berry and minced garlic. Bake them in the oven or frying pan until they are soft and golden. Serve with basmati rice and steamed vegetables.
  2. Shrimp with Teriyaki Sauce: Sauté peeled shrimp in a pan with teriyaki sauce, minced garlic and fresh ginger. Serve over a bed of white rice or soba noodles, garnished with sesame seeds and chopped scallions. Just crush the Sichuan bay and add it to the shrimp.
  3. Honey Mustard Pork Loin: Brush pork tenderloins with a mixture of Dijon mustard, honey, crushed Sichuan berry and chopped fresh rosemary. Bake them in the oven until they are golden and soft. Serve with roasted potatoes and green beans sautéed with garlic.
  4. Red Curry Tofu: Saute cubes of firm tofu in a pan with red curry paste, coconut milk, red peppers and peas. Serve with jasmine rice for a spicy and comforting vegetarian meal. Add the Sichuan Verte berry at the last moment.
  5. Grilled Sesame Tuna Steak: Coat fresh tuna steaks with sesame seeds and quickly sear them in a hot skillet. Sprinkle with Sichuan green pepper. Serve with a crunchy edamame, cucumber and carrot salad, dressed with ginger and lemon vinaigrette.
  6. Lamb with Herbs de Provence: Marinate the lamb chops in olive oil, minced garlic, lemon and herbs de Provence. Grill or bake until pink on the inside and crispy on the outside. Serve with Sichuan green pepper mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.
  7. Spicy Beef Ribs: Sear the beef ribs in a hot skillet and coat them generously with ground pepper. Bake in the oven until desired doneness. Accompany them with roast potatoes and a fresh green salad.
  8. Grilled Eggplant with Zaatar: Cut the eggplant into thick slices, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with zaatar (Middle Eastern spice mix). Grill them until they are soft and golden. Serve with mint yogurt and raisin couscous for a satisfying vegetarian meal.


You can store Sichuan green berries in our Sichuan green pepper mill or in our Sichuan green bottle away from light and any thermal shock in order to preserve their freshness for months and months. But always protected from light and any thermal shock.


Discover the 5 best spices and peppers to replace Sichuan in a 1:1 ratio at Comptoir de Toamasina , a grocery store that ventures off the beaten track.

  1. The Madagascar wild pepper , like the dubia vanilla, is considered the rarest pepper in the world. This is the real wild pepper. A wild Malagasy pepper that grows in the treetops. You imagine a vine climbing to the top of a tree and producing fruit. It's incredible. Just like our açaí, it is very difficult to harvest. Its flavor profile is incredible both woody and fresh, as well as a pleasant sweetness with a mild touch of pepper and a warm aftertaste. It is excellent on vegetables, meats and even desserts.
  2. The maniguette seed will bring notes of black pepper , ginger and citrus fruits for a mix of incredible flavors. Today we use this seed to replace Sichuan pepper in our cooking. This seed is fresher, spicier and with a wonderful touch of ginger that will take your taste buds on a journey.
  3. White Kampot pepper is number three . This is a fantastic white pepper. You will discover a pepper without animal notes and extremely soft on the palate. For us, it is the best white pepper. A white pepper with regular grains and a beautiful white hue, you will be enchanted by its flavor. Kampot pepper is chosen by Le Comptoir de Toamasina for its notable fresh notes and minty tones, but it never presents animal aromas.
  4. Cumin powder advantageously replaces Sichuan berry in recipes that require it. Add a pinch to your recipe. If using cumin seeds, we recommend toasting them.
  5. Timut Pepper: The best substitute for Sichuan is Timut Bay, which is related to Sichuan Bay. It's his cousin. But it is much more aromatic. Discover notes of pink grapefruit and more pronounced citrus notes. In savory and sweet dishes, Timut pepper is an excellent substitute for the Sichuan berry. A chocolate mousse with Timut fruits is fantastic and wonderful.

Peppers to replace Sichuan green pepper?

As an alternative to Sichuan bay, you can use black pepper and coriander seeds.

  • Black pepper and fresh coriander seeds can mimic the flavor profile of the green Sichuan berry. But here you will have to bake them. Discover our article how to roast a seasoning.

The Best Spice Blend to Replace Sichuan Bay

  • Garam Masala for Meat: This is the best alternative to Sichuan Bay.
  • Mild Curry The second item on the list is mild curry, a delicious blend of spices. Ideal for white meats and vegetables, this spice blend has a mild flavor.

Arnaud from Comptoir de Toamasina offers a combination of spices worthy of a brilliant perfumer, the number one choice. Tonka bean, maniguette, Madagascar wild pepper, Timut and Cumin will be roasted there. Grind the rest of the spices and grate some tonka. After that, you will incorporate it into your dish. Be careful with this potent blend of exotic spices. It's the perfect combination of spices for the global traveler. Global flavors include Tonka, maniguette, Timut and cumin from Asia, as well as Tonka from Brazil. This is a very unusual and powerful flavoring. Make your own spice blends instead of buying ready-made blends. Meat and vegetable dishes will benefit from this spice blend.

Native country
China or Bhutan
Zanthoxylum piperitum
Green Sichuan Pepper
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