Black Kampot Pepper IGP
Black Kampot Pepper IGP
Black Kampot Pepper IGP
Black Kampot Pepper IGP
Black Kampot Pepper IGP
Black Kampot Pepper IGP
Black Kampot Pepper IGP
Black Kampot Pepper IGP

Black Kampot Pepper IGP

Peppercorns black pepper from Kampot IGP is considered by pepper lovers as the best black peppercorn in the world. It is a pepper with elegant and gourmet notes when traveling. Each use of IGP Kampot whole black pepper is a journey to Cambodia.

  • Pepper Power: 7/10
  • Main notes: Fruity and Menthol
  • Use: Ideal for all savory dishes
  • Origin: Cambodia

A black pepper harvested and sorted by hand then delicately dried in the sun. It offers the most beautiful scent of black peppers. Discover our shop for Kampot pepper, the first pepper to receive the IGP Label. A black pepper with a rich and complex aroma.



Kampot Black Pepper IGP - Purchase Use and Recipes

Buy Kampot IGP black pepper at the best quality ratio at Comptoir de Toamasina . Discover the most beautiful pepper in the world . A pepper which has a PGI which shows its unique character and the work of producers in Cambodia .  

Before purchasing black pepper, we must remind you that it is a pepper that offers an exceptional culinary journey . This is not thanks to its protected geographical origin but above all by its flavor and its color which is very rare. 

After 3 years of research, it was in February 2010 that we offered you Kampot PGI Cambodian black pepper.

It is a true culinary gem prized by pepper lovers around the world.

Here, you will discover why to buy it at Comptoir de Toamasin , we will reveal to you why it is a taste treasure, because everything starts from its meticulous harvest and its exceptional preparation which will make it a unique black pepper grain

Be part of this sensory adventure and discover how this unique pepper can enhance your dishes and recipes.

Let yourself be seduced by the excellence of Kampot Black Pepper IGP , available at Comptoir de Toamasina. 

A taste experience that will transport you to the heart of Cambodia with every bite.

Purchase and sale of Kampot black pepper IGP - A pepper with intense black and exceptional aromatic power

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we are passionate about researching exceptional products, like our Madagascar vanilla which was our first flavor to be marketed on our online store. 

Here, it is with particular pride that we present to you Kampot Black Pepper IGP.

Arnaud, the founder of our establishment, has traveled the world to unearth the most refined culinary treasures , and he affirms that Kampot Black Pepper is undoubtedly one of the most sublime he has ever encountered.

These intense black and shiny grains promise you an explosion of flavors in the mouth , a unique sensory journey .

You can now purchase it at the best price, whether by the kilo, in a pepper mill, from 50g format to 10kg carton. Don't miss this opportunity to taste the most beautiful pepper in the world.

WHAT IS Kampot BLACK PEPPER - DISCOVER THE STORY of an extraordinary pepper that almost disappeared

The history of Kampot Pepper, nicknamed the "green gold" of Cambodia , in comparison to the black gold of Madagascar which is the vanilla pod , goes back to ancient times. The first pepper plants were apparently planted by the Chinese in the 13th century.

During the 20th century, during the colonial period, its production reached peaks before declining in the 1970s, due to the conflicts that shook the country. You should know that Kampot pepper has practically disappeared from Cambodia. It was only in the 2000s that a small group of farmers decided to revive pepper cultivation in the region.

Under the Khmer Rouge , pepper production almost completely disappeared, both black pepper and white pepper

Rediscovered by world gastronomy chefs, this spice now adorns the tables of the greatest restaurants. A strange thing is that Kampot pepper PGI is not used by chefs in Brazil. 

 In 2010, it became the first Cambodian agricultural product to benefit from a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), then in 2016, the European AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) label.

To distinguish it from the many counterfeits, each package is stamped with the “Kampot Pepper” logo, black and red. A sure way to identify this high-end product, often described as the best pepper in the world.

He will know that here, it is a recognition of the cultivation of Kampot pepper , of the Kampot region for the production of quality spices. It is said to be the best pepper in the world. Cambodian pepper is a truly unique pepper. 

On our boutique store, you will discover it in its color: White Kampot Pepper and Red Kampot Pepper

Traditional picking takes place in a peaceful setting, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, on fertile land, in a humid climate , where Kampot cultivates its pepper plantations.

The famous pepper seeds, from the piper nigrum (a tropical vine attached along large stakes), are produced and packaged respecting ancestral know-how.

You should know that the harvest of Kampot black pepper and organic Kampot black pepper is done in the same way, that is to say by hand.   Kampot is an exceptional pepper. 

From green to black to red, Kampot Pepper comes in different colors depending on the degree of maturity of the berries , knowing that the first bunches appear in September.

Thus, green pepper, harvested in January, is eaten fresh, just picked.

Red pepper, harvested in March, is riper and dries in the sun. red pepper is the final stage of pepper maturation. It is fruity and fragrant, it perfectly complements salads and is one of the most popular spices.

As for black pepper, it comes from mature berries picked in February, then exposed and dried in the sun. Intense and spicy , it is generally used ground. Here, the remarkable thing is that you will discover a beautiful grain with a beautiful pericarp. Because it is a pepper that is dried in the traditional way in the sun and not by machine or 50% by machine and 50% in the air. You should know that it is easy to recognize because the peppercorns which are mechanically dried will have a smooth pericarp. 

Traditional pepper cultivation is a delicate and time-consuming operation, because the harvesting, sorting and selection of the grains are done entirely by hand . Often, the spice is packaged in small bags sewn by seamstresses. An entirely artisanal production!

WHAT DOES Kampot Black Pepper TASTE ?

Kampot Pepper is distinguished by a delicate spiciness with fresh, herbaceous notes, subtly enhanced with a touch of vanilla and menthol . Its remarkable persistence in the mouth testifies to its exceptional quality. It is undoubtedly an exceptional pepper, in the same way as Wild Madagascar Pepper and Timut Pepper.

HOW TO USE Kampot BLACK PEPPER in your daily cooking

But how to use Kampot black pepper, the pepper from southern Cambodia. Here, we will reveal to you the methods of pepper producing countries, kampot farmers but also at home and in great restaurants and among star chefs. 

Kampot Black Pepper is a rare pepper and an exceptional spice that can enhance your everyday dishes. Here are some tips for integrating it into your kitchen:

  1. Classic seasoning, everyday pepper: Use Kampot Black Pepper to season your everyday dishes, such as soups, salads, meats , vegetables , and even eggs. Its intense aroma will add a unique taste dimension to your preparations.

  2. Fresh grind: Invest in a pepper mill and opt for the fresh grind of this exceptional pepper. Freshly ground Kampot Pepper releases its aromas optimally. Ideally we advise you to grind it into large grains. You discover our Kampot pepper in the best way. 

  3. Marinades: Add freshly ground Kampot Black Pepper to your marinades for meat, fish or vegetables. It will enhance the flavors and give an exquisite touch to your dishes. You can make the pepper beef recipe with intense pepper. 

  4. Exotic dishes: Use this pepper in exotic dishes inspired by Cambodian cuisine, such as coconut milk fish curry or Loc Lac beef. It goes perfectly with spices like lemongrass and coriander. Then, if you are cooking Amazonian cuisine it will go incredibly well with fish and acai

  5. Pastries: Surprise your taste buds by adding a pinch of Kampot Black Pepper to your desserts, such as chocolates, dark chocolate truffles, or fruit tarts. It will bring a subtle and refined spicy note.

  6. Infused Oil: Infuse this pepper in olive oil or other vegetable oils to create a fragrant oil to use in your culinary preparations.

By incorporating Kampot Black Pepper into your daily cooking, you will discover the richness of its unique flavors and add a touch of elegance to your dishes. This exceptional pepper invites you to explore new culinary dimensions and delight your taste buds. The Kampot Pepper is a unique journey to the first Asian land IGP Cambodia. 


As you know Arnaud showed you on our YouTube channel how to roast pepper. Here you will discover how to have the unique flavor of Kampot pepper. Only roasting will give it its vanilla flavors. The pepper mill will not be able to give this flavor. Buy the Kampot black pepper mill. An ideal refilling mill to have fresh pepper every day. 

The 3 reasons to roast your pepper: 

  1. Accentuate the flavor : Roasting helps intensify the flavors of Kampot Black Pepper by revealing its subtle aromas, ranging from minty freshness to a light vanilla note.

  2. Remove Moisture : Roasting removes residual moisture from pepper, making it drier and extending its shelf life.

  3. Develop complexity : The roasting process develops flavors by creating new nuances and taste complexity that enriches your dishes.

How to roast Kampot Black Pepper?

  1. Preparation : Start by selecting high quality Kampot Black Peppercorns. You can roast them whole or previously crushed, depending on your preferences.

  2. Heating : Use a dry skillet over medium-low heat. Make sure the pan is clean and dry before using it.

  3. Roasting : Pour the peppercorns into the hot pan. Stir them regularly to prevent them from burning. Roasting should take about 2-5 minutes. You'll know it's ready when the beans begin to give off a rich aroma and become slightly darker in color. At the end of roasting it pops like popcorn. 

  4. Cooling : Remove the peppercorns from the pan immediately to avoid excessive roasting. Let them cool to room temperature.

  5. Storage : Once cooled, store the roasted Kampot Black Peppercorns in an airtight container away from light and humidity.

  6. Use : Use freshly ground roasted Kampot Black Pepper to flavor your dishes. Its delicate fragrance and complex flavor will pair perfectly with various culinary preparations.

Good to know, the piperine contained in pepper is in the pericarp and not in the grain. Pepper harvested at full maturity from which the pericarp is removed, the famous white pepper will not have its spicy notes.

Don't forget that real Kampot black pepper will have a beautiful unified black grain. It is differentiated from Madagascar pepper. On our blog, discover our articles on the different varieties of pepper. 

RECIPES WITH Kampot BLACK PEPPER a call to discover the cuisine of the Kampot province and the great restaurants

Discovering recipes with Kampot Black Pepper means traveling into the authentic cuisine of the province of Kampot, Cambodia, but also into the culinary creations of great restaurants around the world. This exceptional pepper, known for its subtle flavors and unique aroma, brings an unparalleled dimension to all kinds of dishes. You can use it on a daily basis by simply grinding Kampot black pepper in the kitchen to give your taste buds an incredible journey. 

Kampot Cuisine: An Unforgettable Taste Journey

In the province of Kampot, Black Pepper is a real star. It is the soul of many traditional Cambodian recipes. Try the “Lok Lak Beef” sautéed with Kampot Black Pepper, where the flavors of the pepper mingle with the tenderness of the meat. Or, try the “Pepper Crab”, an emblematic local dish where the flavor of the crustacean is enhanced by the intensity of the Black Pepper. In China we love the spiciness of Kampot black pepper and above all it is used in the composition of Peking duck. 

Great Restaurants: The Art of Creativity

Great chefs from around the world have also succumbed to the charms of Kampot Black Pepper. In their starred kitchens, this aromatic treasure is featured in a variety of dishes. You can taste an exquisite “Filet de Saint-Pierre au Poivre de Kampot” in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, or savor a “Magret de Canard au Poivre Noir” in a renowned establishment in New York. You should know that green kampot pepper cannot be found, which is a shame, because it is very difficult to produce. Don’t hesitate to discover our Kampot salt. 

The Art of Association

Kampot Black Pepper is versatile and can be used in a multitude of recipes. It enhances the flavor of meats, fish, vegetables, and even desserts. Try it in a pepper sauce to accompany a juicy steak, or incorporate it into a chocolate ganache for an exotic touch.

Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or simply looking for an exceptional taste experience, recipes with Kampot Black Pepper invite you on an incomparable culinary journey. Discover this jewel of Cambodian gastronomy, explore local traditions, and appreciate the innovative creations of the great restaurants which have made Kampot Black Pepper an undisputed star of international cuisine. It’s an invitation to a feast for the senses, a culinary adventure not to be missed.

Discover Kampot pepper, the first Cambodian product and bring your cooking to a new dimension thanks to a small grain that comes from the Kampot province.

HOW TO STORE Kampot BLACK PEPPER to preserve its flavors

To preserve the exceptional flavors of Kampot Black Pepper, it is essential to store it correctly. Here are some simple tips to ensure the freshness and aromatic power of this culinary treasure:

1. Storage in a Suitable Place: Keep your Kampot Black Pepper in an airtight container, protected from light and any temperature shock. Heat and humidity can alter its flavor, so choose a cool, dry place.

2. Use a Pepper Grinder: To preserve its aroma, it is recommended to grind Kampot Black Pepper at the last moment, just before using it in your recipe. The aromas are released during grinding, thus providing an intense flavor to your dishes.

3. Avoid Long-Term Storage Once Ground: If you decide to grind a large quantity of Kampot Black Pepper, use it quickly to prevent its flavors from fading over time. Otherwise, store it in an airtight container to minimize oxidation.

4. Be Careful with Condiments: Avoid storing your Kampot Black Pepper near strong-smelling condiments like garlic or onion, as it can absorb these aromas and alter its subtle flavor.

6. Respect the Use By Date: Although Kampot Black Pepper can be stored for a long time, it is best to consume it within 12 to 18 months of purchase to fully benefit from its unique flavor.

Buy Kampot black pepper by the kilo at the counter in Toamasina

If you are a restaurateur, a passionate chef or simply a pepper lover, you now have the opportunity to buy Kampot Black Pepper in large quantities at Comptoir de Toamasina. Discover the unique flavor of this exceptional pepper and add a touch of elegance to your culinary creations by incorporating it into your recipes. Opt for quality, tradition and authenticity by choosing Kampot Black Pepper by the kilo, available from us. Transform your dishes into true gastronomic masterpieces with the best pepper in the world. Buy it today at Comptoir de Toamasina.

We offer Kampot black pepper in bags of 450g, 1kg and 10kg                        

Some common questions about Kampot pepper

Here is a list of other common questions we receive about this spice:

  • What is the price of Kampot pepper?  The price per kilo of real IGP certified black Kampot pepper varies from €70 to €150 per kg, depending on the seller and the packaging. A pepper sold in a plastic bag is 0.04ct per bag in our special pepper doypack 0.25ct and the pepper mill 1 euro. Conditioning must be taken into account. Good to know, white and red pepper are more expensive than black pepper. You can have two harvests per year of black pepper compared to 1 for red or white pepper. You should know that the planting families charge a fair price for the shops specializing in the world of pepper. 
  • Where to buy Kampot pepper? You can buy your Kampot black pepper at Comptoir de Toamasina. We favor the best value for money over the sole criterion of cheapness, you will discover Kampot black pepper in a rechargeable pepper mill from the EU and our doypack see our pepper mill.
  • Why should you not buy ground Kampot black pepper? Here, you will have a pepper that will have lost all of its aromatic power after a few weeks. So if you are wondering where to buy ground Kampot black pepper? It's nowhere. It is best to buy it in grain and grind it gradually in a pepper mill.
  • Why is Kampot pepper so expensive? The hand harvest, the method in which it is cultivated sustainably and responsibly by Kampot pepper producers will make it a characterful pepper with magnificent color and unique aromatic power. 
  • Can we use Kampot pepper instead of other peppers in cooking such as long pepper? Kampot black pepper has a unique, aromatic taste that may be different from other types of black pepper. So it is ideal if you want to replace your traditional black pepper. But be careful, it is less spicy than Sarawak black pepper and cannot replace unique peppers, a cousin of piper nigrum like long pepper . The pepper has a characteristic with notes of cocoa while Kampot black pepper is a pepper with a herbaceous and vanilla touch. 
  • What makes Kampot pepper so unique? Kampot Pepper is one of the best peppers in the world, appreciated for its unique taste, its artisanal production process, and its exceptional quality. It has fresh, vanilla and menthol notes, persistent on the palate. Kampot Pepper benefits from the controlled designation of origin (AOC) and promotes fair trade. It is an authentic, sustainable and ethical product, offering an incomparable gastronomic experience.
  • What is the best black pepper in the world? If we can talk about Piper Nigrum, Kampot pepper has a unique feature. Kampot pepper is considered the best in the world, for its color, grain and aromatic power. Three things that make Kampot black pepper an exceptional pepper, particularly because of its terroir. Kampot pepper is cultivated in the pure tradition of great peppers. Discover our article on the top 5 best peppers in the world and why it is like one of the best peppers in the world thanks to its cultivation method.
  • How to recognize real Kampot black pepper? You will recognize it by its color, an intense and shiny black, its perfect and good quality grain and its herbaceous flavor. Kampot pepper is considered one of the best in the world because of its 3 things. 
  • Why is Le Comptoir de Toamasina the reference store for Kampot pepper? Arnaud, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, will travel around the world to learn about the cultivation of pepper, organic and non-organic Kampot pepper, vanilla and other spices. On our YouTube channel you discover our work as spice researchers like the Chinese explorer Tcheou and Bartolomeu Dias. Pepper in Kampot has been a tradition since the 2000s and Arnaud wants to open the most beautiful grains for you.
  • How many tons of pepper are produced in Kampot each year? We expect an average annual quantity of 2,000 tonnes per year for the quantity of pepper produced in Kampot. 

Arnaud presents Kampot nori pepper to you in less than 2 minutes in video

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