20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
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Vanilla pod - vanilla beans
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20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
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Vanilla pod - vanilla beans
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20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans

20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar owes its name to producers who have introduced this variety on the Big Island in 1880. Vanilla Gourmets is a constant year after year, it owes its balanced alliance and scent to the "know-how" of the Malagasy farmers.

The Comptoir de Toamasina offers you a rich and voluptuous bean. We are happy to propose you one of the Best Vanilla of the World. 20 vanilla beans pack. 

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Madagascar Bourbon Vanille Beans Grade A 

20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Madagascar vanilla pods : 20 vanilla pods from Madagascar AOC Bourbon, in its Gourmet / Extra quality , black . The best vanilla from Madagascar in a pack of 20 vanilla pods from Madagascar, shiny, fleshy, supple, black, mellow, full of seeds and smooth-skinned.

Importation of vanilla from Madagascar

Arnaud Vanilla

Sale of the best vanilla beans from Madagascar - Madagascar's Vanilla

Purchasing the best vanilla from Madagascar in the USA

Sale of the best vanilla beans from Madagascar

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The Comptoir de Toamasina specializes in the importation of the best vanilla pods from Madagascar AOC Bourbon , small plantations . We take the greatest care in the selection of vanilla beans in Madagascar . All of our vanilla pods are bright, supple, fleshy, shiny, fragrant, black, mellow and smooth-skinned. For this year our vanilla beans have cocoa notes. The Comptoir de Toamasina sells only the best vanilla pods from Madagascar selected each year by Arnaud Sion.

Best Madagascar bourbon vanilla

Find the scent and flavor of vanilla of yesteryear at Toamasina counter, specialist in the the purchase and sale of very high quality vanilla beans . Our partner, the vanilla producer from Madagascar assures the assembly of stages, he is a family vanilla producer . Buy a vanilla pod with confidence at the Comptoir de Toamasina.

Product Description

Product: 20 vanilla pods from Madagascar quality gourmet-extra *

Vanilla Type: Black Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean

Quality : Gourmet / Extra

Size: 15 to 17cm

Characteristic: Soft vanilla pods, black, fleshy, shiny, fragrant, mellow and smooth-skinned.

Packing: In sachet

Provenance: Madagascar

The conservation of the vanilla bean

For the conservation of the Madagascar Aoc vanilla bean in its economic size, it is sufficient to put it in a wooden or glass box in a room protected from light and any temperature shock. Avoid the cork stopper which will promote the development of mold.

You want to know our bourbon vanilla pod of Madagascar its history, the stages of pollination, flowering, harvest or preparation, see our history all of its information is available on our blog .

The 5 Best Recipes with Madagascar Vanilla Bean

All about Madagascar vanilla bean

All about Madagascar vanilla bean

The properties of Madagascar vanilla bean

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean is a natural stimulant for the nervous system and a general stimulant. It thus makes it possible to fight against the intellectual and physical fatigue.

Thanks to its perfume, it soothes and relaxes. Vanilla would also be an antispasmodic, it would fight against stress.

It will facilitate digestion and help fight against depression like chocolate.

To make the most of the aroma of your vanilla pod

madagascar bourbon vanilla gold

In the milk: you just have to split the vanilla pod in its length before using it and scratch with the flat of the knife blade the inside of each half vanilla pod. Then put the vanilla beans and the pod in warm, non-boiling milk for 10 minutes. If possible cover and let stand overnight, so the milk will be perfectly flavored with vanilla from Madagascar.

In cold infusion: for a few days, you can put the split vanilla pod with the seeds in fruit juice, in a cocktail, in alcohol or in a fruit salad.

To make a rum: put 2 to 4 vanilla pods in a bottle for 2 to 6 months.

To learn more about our vanilla pod

Since the early 1990s, the vanilla market in Madagascar has been totally transformed. It entered globalization with the arrival of the Chinese who took full control of the black gold market to the detriment of the French. This takeover will bring about a total change in the way of working and this economy, which contributes 35% of the country's GDP.

Vanilla beans with singular aromas and a rare intensity!

From preparation to commercialization

To make a good vanilla pod of Madagascar AOC Bourbon , you need all the traditional knowledge of Malagasy producers and here are the steps.

Bourbon Gold Vanilla Beans Madagascar

To make a good vanilla from Madagascar

The maturation of Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod

the pollination of Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod

Seven to nine months after fertilization, vanilla pods from Madagascar AOC Bourbon begin to ripen, in the vast majority of cases vanilla will reach full maturity when it:

  • Its light green color will turn yellowish
  • Madagascar vanilla will become more or less rough and tender
  • At the end of Madagascar bourbon vanilla we will see a departure of vanilla cracked
  • The sap of Madagascar bourbon vanilla pod becomes viscous

The preparation of Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod


The purpose of the preparation is to favor the formation of the Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod fragrance and to give Madagascar vanilla beans a beautiful appearance. This will facilitate conservation.

To make a good preparation you need a wicker basket, soubics, a big pot, a scalding box, wool blankets, a thermometer, shelves, driers, a sorting table, a large trunk, a balance , raffia and parchment paper.

Before cooking, the preparer will sort the vanilla pod of Bourbon AOC Madagascar, the vanilla pods of mature Madagascar will be picked up on the foot, at this stage we witness the end of the plant life of the pod vanilla from Madagascar. The harvest of this one will spread on 3 months from June to August.

The grading of the Madagascar green vanilla pod will be done in two batches, the first will be the nonfenous pods and the second the split and withered pods.

Superb Bourbon vanilla beans

Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod before preparation / Baunilha antes da preparação

After this operation we will practice scalding

We pour water into the big pot or a keg. This water will be heated to 65 °C, the vanilla will be put in the basket and it will be soaked for two minutes. the vanilla is again released from this water for a few seconds, then back in hot water for less than a minute. The cooking will be perfect if the vanilla changes color and Bourbon Bourbon AOC vanilla pods resist breakage and emit oil. It will then be necessary to pour the contents in a box, with wool blanket. We will fold the covers over the vanilla and let rest for 2 days.

Lot 2 will only be immersed for 5 minutes in the water and then it will be upholstered. During this phase the temperature of the vanilla should not be below 50 ° degrees.


Two or three days after steaming (padding) we will open the crates cool for 2 to 5 hours and then we will start drying for about 3 months. Vanilla will be exposed to the sun for 2 hours a day.


Packaging Bourbon vanilla pod of Madagascar AOC Bourbon Understanding the different vanilla pods of Madagacar and the world

Fresh pods

Split or not, it is the vanilla pods of Madagascar whose content is still high (+ 30% moisture content)

Dry pods

Split or not, having reached a so-called normal degree of drying with a humidity rate of 25 to 30%

fermented pods

altered giving a sour odor

Moldy pods

A black coating formed on the stem

The mothed pods

Vanilla beans from Madagascar have been stung by acarsens or moths, causing an unpleasant odor

The peach pods

The vanilla pod has broken peas leaving small traces in its upper part

The flabby pods and cuts

Vanilla cut are pods cut or out of standard lower than ten centimeters, the pods can be puddles or immature.

We are in the phase of sorting vanilla from Madagascar, here the producer-preparer will proceed to the classification of pods which consists in distinguishing and arranging the different qualities. In this first phase he will have 4 categories:

  • black and shiny vanilla beans
  • vanilla beans with slight defects
  • vanilla pods with more pronounced defects
  • rough or flabby vanilla pods

After this sentence, Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod will be measured and packaged for export. Madagascar Bourbon AOC vanilla pod should never be evacuated during export and the preparation if it is vacuumed is the sign of a bad vanilla. (even during the sale). Packaging of vanilla will be done by 80 pods or a package between 250 and 500 grams depending on the length and category of the pod. Then the vanilla will be put in a tin box lined with a special waxed vanilla paper. Before being exported in cartons with waxed paper inside.

Export standard

Extra or Gourmet category - ENF

Madagascar vanilla bean "extra" Not split

Madagascar vanilla pods, not cracked, supple, healthy, of good taste, of uniform dark brown or chocolate brown color, which may have some stains or rakes not exceeding one-third of the length and whose water content is 38% and a minimum length of 14%

At the Comptoir de Toamasina we sale this vanilla pod . This is the top of the vanilla pod of Madagascar . The weight of our pod and between 2.8 to 7 grams.


Vanilla from Madagascar, to make a good vanilla from Madagascar, vanilla cheap, buy better vanilla. Gourmet Extra

Extra or gourmet vanilla

Madagascar "Extra" vanilla bean split

Vanilla bean of the same characteristic but slit

Prima category

Vanilla from Madagascar "Prima" Not split - PNF

Vanilla beans from Madagascar, not split, healthy, supple and may have some spots. Brown, dark brown or chocolate brown with a minimum length of 13cm its moisture content 36%

Madagascar vanilla pod "Prima" PF

Same features as above but split

Superior category

Vanilla pod of Madagascar "superior" Not Split-SNF known as TK in France

it is a vanilla bean whole unsplit, good value, soft or dry may have stains or many rakes and some red nets, its moisture content is 30% and length of 13cm minimum.

Vanilla pod of Madagascar Superior Split-SF so-called TK in France

Same feature as above but split

Current category

Vanilla pod from Madagascar "current" Not split-CNF called red in France

Whole vanilla pods not cracked, but healthy, good value, may have spots, brown red or red with 25% water maximum and length 13cm minimum.

Short vanilla

Madagascar vanilla bean with a length between 10 and 13cm.

Vanilla cut

Lot of Madagascar vanilla with a length less than 5cm, it is free of foreign matter and mold, they can be split or not.

The definitions :


Red fillet: fine longitudinal stripes on the vanilla pod of reddish brown color.

Vanilla pod from Madagascar: Trade term for whole fruit.

Brand: brownish scar patch due to the application on the pod of a special punch.

Spot: localized accident giving a coloration or a different brightness of the normal aspect.

Vanilla Woody: Vanilla strongly desiccated, rigid and brittle with reddish threads often not uniform.

Creosote Vanilla: Vanilla with a characteristic creosote odor.

Vanilla from Madagascar: "moth": Vanilla parasitized mainly by mites.

Vanilla from Madagascar: "poiquée": vanilla with blisters 

Split vanilla: pod partially open in the longitudinal direction from the heel.

Frosted vanilla : Vanilla with naturally exuded vanillin crystals

Moldy vanilla : Vanilla with a moldy smell

Vanilla prepared: green vanilla having undergone a suitable treatment in order to develop its aroma.

Healthy Vanilla: vanilla that has not been altered by natural or artificial circumstances such as mold, insect attack, injury or disease.

Dry vanilla : vanilla more or less dehydrated having partially lost its flexibility

Soft vanilla : fleshy and flexible vanilla.

Since 2010 Comptoir de Toamasina offers on the markets of Place du Sebastopol on Saturday and Sunday on the Place du Concert in the markets of the city of Lille, a vanilla pod of Madagascar AOC Bourbon rare and exceptional and since 2014 via its e-commerce site. Our vanilla always comes from our partner plantation for packaging:

Our vanilla pod of Madagascar AOC Bourbon is one of the best on the market, it offers the best value for money on the market. No vanilla pods have an average of 3 to 5 grams but can reach 7gram. We can say that we sell a cheap vanilla as we work mainly live with the producer. To test the vanilla pod of Madagascar AOC Bourbon of Comptoir de Toamasina it is to adopt it.

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