20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
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20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans
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20 Madagascar's Bourbon Vanilla Beans

20 Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar, gourmet-extra* quality, black, 15 to 16cm, in a bag.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are shiny, plump, chewy, shiny, black, fragrant, and unsplit. It is the top of the range vanilla from Madagascar

Our Bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar in its economical format offers notes of chocolate and caramel.

  • Main notes : Cocoa and caramel
  • Aromatic : The star of pastry. A vanilla bean with an intense scent of gourmet vanilla, the most intense of vanillas
  • Quality : Gourmet - Extra with respect for a long aging
  • Size : 15 to 16cm

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the sale of bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar only the best of the harvest at the best price.



20 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar - at the best price

Le Comptoir de Toamasina invites you to succumb to the temptation of its 20 bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar in its gourmet – extra quality.

The creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, Arnaud is the French vanilla specialist. He is going to cultivate it in Brazil in the Arnaud Vanille plantation, he is doing research to improve the preparation of this one and he is studying crosses between native varieties of Brazil and the planifolia.

Since 2010, Le Comptoir de Toamasina is proud to offer you exceptional vanilla with the know-how of Arnaud, master vanilla maker in search of vanilla of excellence around the world.

Did you know that gourmet – extra quality is the top of the range vanilla 10% of the annual harvest.

Arnaud unearths for you each year a selection of the best vanilla pods at the best value for money. Expect to discover when you open your package of vanilla beans with an incredible and bluffing fragrance.

A mouth-watering vanilla that will make your taste buds vibrate in your creative recipes.

The black bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar is a prestigious gourmet vanilla.

In our Vanilla counter, you will find an incomparable quality of vanilla with a bewitching fragrance and a rich and complex aromatic amplitude.

The bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is indicated by hand and we ensure with our partners that each pod undergoes a preparation according to the rules of the art and in particular a refining in a trunk.

Our family company offers you in its packaging of 20 pods, the best vanilla pods from Madagascar. Did you know that bourbon label is the only vanilla that has a GI label.

We are committed during your purchase to send you the most beautiful vanillas of our category 14 to 20cm. Only a premium quality vanilla with the characteristic aromas of AOC Bourbon planifolia vanilla, that is to say fresh vanilla pods, not split with its intense vanilla note with a cocoa touch.

On the road to Madagascar vanilla off the beaten track

At the Comptoir de Toamasina we take the road and we go off the beaten track to make you discover a Grandiose vanilla pod.

The creator of Comptoir de Toamasina was inspired by the greatest starred and non-starred chefs in Brazil to select incredible vanilla for you.

In Brazil, the trust of many pastry and Michelin-starred chefs honors us and motivates us to go ever further in the search for exceptional spices.

When we work with the largest restaurant in Belo Horizonte who have chosen our vanilla from Madagascar, we are certain that the quality of our pods is exceptional.

Arnaud's passion for vanilla will make him meet a team from Thalassa who will take the vanilla route with them to go to one of the most beautiful plantations in Madagascar.

An extraordinary vanilla for you that you can discover by clicking on the vanilla destination report.

During his travels through the countries of spices and vanilla, Arnaud will know partnerships with producers, collectors and cooperatives to make you discover a vanilla bean with a rare aromatic amplitude and above all the respect of a long refining. traditional Malagasy.

Watch the report by Thalassa and discover the bourbon vanilla from Madagascar from the Comptoir de Toamasina.

Arnaud, seeks only vanilla with the most beautiful aromatic intensity to make your taste buds travel.

Why buy vanilla pods at Comptoir de Toamasina

We are the reference store for the sale of vanilla pods in France and around the world.

In our Bourbon vanilla counter, you will buy the superb vanilla pods from Madagascar at an excellent price-quality ratio and discover the most beautiful ripening.

Discover our video of vanilla pods and spices from Madagascar and enter the world of Comptoir de Toamasina vanilla.

Arnaud was trained at the age of 21 by a Madagascan vanilla producer and today he is an expert in finding the best vanilla beans.

We know all the steps from planting a vanilla orchid to its pollination to its preparation and curing.

This is why we are the first online vanilla store to have a test plantation in Brazil where we are trying to produce our first vanilla beans.

We select like a head sommelier the best vanillas with complex and intense aromas for a rare and exceptional vanilla.

Every year you find on our youtube channel and our blog videos and photos of the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina in plantations.

Our expertise in the import and export of vanilla and peppercorns has enabled us to offer you the best bourbon vanilla from Madagascar at the best price per kilo.

In Brazil, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina is nicknamed Arnaud Vanille because he is an expert in vanilla beans. Each year he goes to a country, to a Brazilian state in search of vanilla to offer you the best of the harvest. Only the vanillas that will make your taste buds vibrate.

Our Madagascar vanilla from the best plantations of excellent quality.

You will discover on our site, the best vanillas with a rare and complex perfume.

Vanilla is a spice of choice for creative cooking. That's why we suggest you buy the best vanilla pods, the most incredible with a magical scent for creative cooking.

As the world of pastry knows very well, bourbon vanilla is the essential, the star of pastry.

Where to buy vanilla bean?

The vanilla bean fascinates for its plural and intense olfactory notes.

It is the most prestigious spice in pastry. The vanilla bean is a must that can be found in vanilla ice cream, a pastry flan or even the most sophisticated companies.

Our vanilla bean will sublimate your pastries and become the star of your creative cuisine.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina offers you to buy a black, unsplit bourbon vanilla pod that comes from the best plantations in Madagascar.

A vanilla with a high vanillin content has a moisture content between 32 and 38%, the sign of the best vanilla beans.

In our vanilla specialist counter since 2010, you will find good vanilla with a pod that measures 14 to 22cm.

Each vanilla pod will pass a final check before each shipment respecting the size, controlling its flavor so that it resonates in your kitchen like a firework of flavors.

We only offer you gourmet quality vanilla, a dark, unsplit vanilla with warm and sensual notes!

What are the best vanilla beans? Black bourbon vanilla

As you can see in the report "by Thalassa, the Comptoir de Toamasina offers you the best bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar. This vanilla for the best pastry chefs is the essential spice in relation to its unadorned notes.

But when we talk about what is the best vanilla? For an individual, a pastry lover, the answer is Madagascar vanilla.

But why is the vanilla bean from Madagascar the best vanilla in the world?

It's very simple, this vanilla will have a sensual, bewitching and very warm fragrance.

Vanilla will offer noble, sensual notes in your recipes that can be translated into a note of warm chocolate vanilla which will then give way to a long intense vanilla note.

This vanilla has notes that do not move. Unlike vanilla from Tahiti or even planifolia vanilla from Papua.

It's vanilla bean that's consistent throughout, you can't go wrong when dosing.

But, as for grand cru teas, good wines, there is no definite answer. It's up to everyone to experience it.

Because each palate is different. But in our vanilla shop, you will buy a vanilla with a rare and intense aromatic amplitude.

We only offer you vanillas that will thrill your taste buds and make you travel to the vanilla islands.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina invites you to buy the best bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar from the essential plantations of the big island.

Here, we offer you the best in the world, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar with the best value for money.

Arnaud creator of Comptoir is the vanilla specialist and offers you magnificent bourbon vanilla pods for a gourmet vanilla with a traditional refining of several months so that you receive the best of the world of vanilla.

So if you are looking for the best vanilla pods, it is here that you will discover vanilla with an incredible fragrance and the most beautiful pods.

Madagascar Vanilla Bean 2023

Order your vanilla pods at the Comptoir de Toamasina. Vanilla producer's best choice.

Here, you will buy only the best bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and discover a bourbon vanilla with notes of cocoa and intense vanilla.

Since 2010, Arnaud, the creator of Le Comptoir, has been selecting the best vanilla pods for you to offer you vanilla at the best value for money.

Like a sommelier, he will select only the great vanilla wines.

He travels the world in search of the best vanilla and micro-lots, such as our Brazilian vanilla.

We want to offer you only the best vanilla bean with an authentic and pure flavor.

We work with great chefs in Brazil, for our bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Buy a bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar that will go off the beaten track.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the specialist in France for the sale of black vanilla from Madagascar.

20 Gourmet quality black vanilla pods (extra) in a bag

Madagascar vanilla pods: 20 vanilla pods from Madagascar AOC Bourbon, in its gourmet/Extra quality, black. The best vanilla from Madagascar in a bag of 20 vanilla pods from Madagascar, shiny, fleshy, supple, black, soft, full of seeds and not split.

Tips for buying a good vanilla pod from Madagascar on the internet

Le Comptoir de lavanilla by Le Comptoir de Toamasina, offers you only the best vanilla pods. Vanillas with the most flavors and above all of remarkable quality.

Arnaud, French vanilla specialist, will choose his vanillas like a sommelier or a starred chef who will choose his wines.

You are going to buy bourbon vanilla from Madagascar with an incredible flavor, with rich and complex notes.

In our delicatessen, you are sure to buy the best high-end vanilla bean that will make your taste buds travel.

We are going to summarize the good methods to buy the best Malagasy vanilla beans:

We are sure of the quality of our vanilla and we do not need to sell it vacuum-packed for the vanilla to keep its softness.

Did you know that vacuum packing is prohibited in Madagascar.

A vanilla does not sell in the open air, but in a glass or PET case and you will store it away from light and any temperature shock

  • A fresh vanilla = too often a vanilla that is poorly prepared or even unprepared, the risk of having a bourbon vanilla with a weak aroma and a vanilla that will mold with a very rapid loss of humidity
  • A bourbon vanilla from Madagascar which or will ask you to preserve in a finger of rum it is a vanilla which is badly prepared. Remember that alcohol is a natural preservative.

Putting your vanilla in the freezer or even the refrigerator is synonymous with poorly prepared vanilla, so with a weak taste that will mold quickly.

How to buy a vanilla pod on the internet?

  • Le Comptoir de Toamasina travels around the world to discover the best vanilla pods. We do not buy photos from databases
  • Take the time to look at the seller's site and its responses to the customer and above all never buy on a site that advises the conservation of vanilla which is prohibited in producing countries

Import of vanilla from Madagascar

Magnificent, superb bourbon vanilla pods that will come from an irreproachable selection.

We certainly sell the best vanilla bean from Madagascar in the world.

Our criterion and to offer you a gourmet vanilla in taste with its cocoa and intense vanilla note which is specific to planifolia vanilla from Madagascar.

A stunning vanilla for baking.

Our vanilla pod respects tradition with a long maturation of several, especially in a wooden trunk.

Buying your vanilla pod at Comptoir de Toamasina is discovering the best vanilla pods at the best value for money.

Sale of the best vanilla pods from Madagascar

Arnaud's passion for vanilla drives him to travel to the four corners of the world in search of different vanillas.

We want to offer you only the best of the world of vanilla.

During his annual trips to vanilla and spice producing countries, we try to find producers, collectors and family businesses in order to offer you only the best of vanilla.

We offer you a vanilla with the respect of a long traditional refining to exalt your pastries and savory dishes.

Buying your vanilla at the Comptoir de Toamasina means discovering a vanilla bean with a rare and authentic intensity.

A vanilla bean that will make your taste buds travel, with its warm, cocoa and deep vanilla notes.

Each batch that you are going to buy in our Comptoir, must always have an intense aromatic palette.

Our creator is a vanilla specialist and we perfectly master vanilla production with our test plantation in Brazil.

Do not hesitate to discover bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, Gold category, the Comptoir de Toamasina label of excellence. A vanilla pod of more than 17cm.

Vanilla Madagascar harvest 2022 -2023

When you think of vanilla, it's immediately in Madagascar, the big island that will produce more than 80% of the world's vanilla and sometimes even 90% depending on the year.

Did you know: That bourbon vanilla is an AOC that will bring together Madagascar, the Comoros, Mayotte, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion.

It is a label that was created to differentiate planifolia vanilla from the Indian Ocean from other planifolia vanilla in the world.

Today, bourbon vanilla is practically a quality label.

It was in the 20th century that French colonists imported vanilla from Réunion to Madagascar.

After the English colonization of Reunion, the French will bring the Malagasy feet back to Reunion, because the English had put sugar cane on Bourbon Island.

It is a vanilla which will very quickly know its letters of nobility with an international reputation, thanks to its excellent value for money, the know-how of the Malagasy producers, the quality of its refining and its symphony of flavors.

Today, from the industry to the great pastry chefs, everyone wants to work with bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

The industry is regularly in crisis due to speculation, climate change and other hazards that you can find on our youtube channel.

But consumers still keep their love for this little princess intact.

Purchase of the best vanilla from Madagascar 2023 in France

Arnaud vanille, offers you a bourbon vanilla from Madagascar with an aromatic amplitude that will make your taste buds travel in an enchanting world, this vanilla is a real addiction.

You can use it in savory and sweet dishes. But we love it, we love it in crème brûlée, floating island, panna cotta, pastry cream.

Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar Gourmet Extra Quality

Le Comptoir de Toamasina specializes in importing the best vanilla pods from Madagascar AOC Bourbon, from small plantations. We take the greatest care in the selection of vanilla pods in Madagascar.

All of our vanilla pods are shiny, supple, fleshy, shiny, fragrant, black, soft and not split. For this year our vanilla pods have notes of cocoa. Le Comptoir de Toamasina sells only the best vanilla pods from Madagascar selected each year by Arnaud Sion.

Vanilla pods - Madagascar

Find the scent and flavor of vanilla of yesteryear at the Comptoir de  Toamasina, specialist in the sale and purchase of very high quality vanilla beans. Our partner, producer of vanilla from Madagascar, ensures the assembly of the stages, he is a producer and preparer of vanilla.

  Buy a vanilla pod with confidence at the Toamasina counter.

Our vanilla pods are superb with gourmet notes and matured for several months in trunks or on racks. For a surprising result and an incredible quality.

Product Description

  • Product : 20 vanilla pods from Madagascar, gourmet-extra quality*
  • Type of Vanilla : Bourbon vanilla bean from Madagascar black
  • Quality : Gourmet/Extra
  • Size : 15 to 16cm
  • Characteristic : Soft, black, fleshy, shiny, fragrant, chewy and unsplit vanilla pods
  • Packing : In bag
  • Origin : Madagascar

      Preserving the vanilla pod

      To store the Madagascar Aoc Bourbon vanilla pod in its economical format, simply put it in a wooden or glass box in a room protected from light and any temperature shock. Absolutely avoid the cork stopper which will promote the development of mold.

      Discover the reference article on: Preserving vanilla

      You want to know our bourbon vanilla bean from Madagascar its history, the stages of pollination, flowering, harvest or its preparation, see our history all of its information is available on our blog.

      All you need to know about the vanilla bean from Madagascar from the Comptoir de la Vanilla

      Since the age of 10, our creator has developed a taste for travel. First to go to his grandparents in the Var, then after traveling around the world.

      Our story begins on Place Sébastopol in Lille at a market in 2010.

      We started to sell our vanilla pods on Lille markets. And we were pioneers.

      In 2010, when Arnaud went to Madagascar for the first time, he landed in Tamatave, then took a pick-up to arrive at the partner vanilla plantation.

      The harvest was over, but the vanilla was being dried and here it was intense vanilla smells.

      We were even introduced to the preparation of the vanilla pod with scalding.

      The vanilla pod is Arnaud's little princess.

      We offer you a vanilla pod of excellence.

      We want to sell only bourbon vanilla that makes us vibrate.

      Vanilla pods with vanilla beans on the surface with a bewitching vanilla scent.

      But it's a vanilla with a refining of several months for a result that will say Wow in your pastries.

      Did you know that the vanilla pod starts at 14cm. The inferior vanilla pods are rejection and of poor quality.

      The larger the size, the less vanilla it has on the foot and the more intense the vanilla.

      We only offer you the quality which is a high quality, rare and high-end vanilla bean.

      A supple vanilla bean.

      If you want to treat yourself and buy the best vanilla then come and try our pods.

      Every year, Arnaud travels to Brazil, to discover new vanilla bean plantations and introduce you to new varieties on our youtube channel and via very special orders.

      To make the most of the aroma of your vanilla bean

      Discover our article on how to properly use a vanilla pod.

      It is good to know that the longer you let a vanilla bean infuse, the better your cream will be.

      • In the milk : you just have to split the vanilla pod lengthwise before using it and scrape with the flat of the blade of the knife the inside of each half vanilla pod. Then put the vanilla beans and the pod in the hot, not boiling milk for 10 minutes. If possible, cover and let stand overnight, so the milk will then be perfectly flavored with Madagascar vanilla
      • In cold infusion : you can put the split vanilla pod with the seeds for a few days in fruit juice, in a cocktail, in alcohol or in a fruit salad
      • To make a rum : put 2 to 4 vanilla pods in a bottle for 2 to 6 months.

        For other uses, discover our youtube channel and our blog.

        How to make a good Madagascar vanilla pod ?

        How to choose a good vanilla bean? How do you make gourmet quality bourbon vanilla from Madagascar? We tell you everything.

        Discover the most beautiful bourbon vanilla pods in its noblest form, the vanilla pod.

        In addition to enjoying the best value for money on the market. You will buy our vanilla bean at the fairest price.

        All our Malagasy vanilla will come from the planifolia variety. The most sold variety in the world.

        A vanilla that is fleshy with incredible notes of vanilla.

        Our bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is very rich in vanillin. Perfume your most beautiful creations with our little princesses.

        Our vanilla is gourmet quality, found under premium quality, bourbon gold vanilla and other marketing designations today.

        On our youtube channel, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina explains everything about vanilla.

        Our vanilla is supple and oily and long in the mouth.

        The cultivation of vanilla and its botany

        The vanilla tree is a tropical vine that can measure up to 25 meters, but in the vast majority, it will be between 10 and 15 meters.

        Its appearance is pretty, green in color, its roots will cling to its tutor or even the tree.

        It is possible to grow vanilla anywhere below the tropical belt, but always at less than 1000m and at a temperature between 15 and 30°C.

        In the state of Sao Paulo, vanilla is grown in greenhouses due to the cold in winter.

        The vanilla flowers are like a trumpet of yellow-green colors.

        Matchmakers are needed to achieve the marriage between the stamens and the pistil. A thin tongue that only a bee in Mexico see hummingbirds in Brazil can forage and marry.

        For the acai berry, ants can do the wedding.

        Flowering is for 2 months every day the matchmakers go out to do their magic job.

        Then 2 months later the vanilla will grow well and you have to wait for the 8th or 9th month to harvest it.

        Everything you need to know about the preparation, refining in the trunk and the sale of bourbon vanilla

        The preparation of the vanilla is the most important step in the development of a good vanilla pod. It cannot have an exceptional vanilla bean without perfect preparation.

        First of all, we remind you that the pollination of vanilla is done by hand.

        Then, you have to wait for the decree of the government of Madagascar to move on to the harvesting stage. The vanilla is harvested green about seven to nine months after fertilization, the Madagascar AOC Bourbon vanilla pods begin to ripen, in the vast majority of cases vanilla will reach full maturity when it :

        • Its light green color will turn yellowish
        • Madagascar vanilla will become more or less rough and tender
        • At the end of the bourbon vanilla from Madagascar we will see a start of split vanilla
        • The sap of the bourbon vanilla bean from Madagascar becomes viscous

        Then there are two solutions either the producer is a vanilla preparer and he will prepare the black gold according to the traditional bourbon method to make a delicious vanilla pod, black bourbon.

        See he will sell his precious pods on the local market and a preparer will prepare and export them.

        Did you know that our Vanilla Counter was the first online vanilla store to launch bourbon gold vanilla from Madagascar and also to explain the methods of preparing bourbon vanilla and especially to see on our youtube channel.

        But what is the preparation of vanilla with the bourbon method?

        The purpose of the preparation is to promote the formation of the aroma of the Madagascar AOC Bourbon vanilla pod and to give the Madagascar vanilla pods a beautiful appearance. This will make storage easier.

        To make a good preparation you need a wicker basket, soubiques, a large pot, a scalding box, woolen blankets, a thermometer, shelves, dryers, a sorting table, a large trunk, a scale , raffia and parchment paper.

        Before cooking, the preparer will sort the Madagascar AOC Bourbon vanilla pod, the mature Madagascar vanilla pods will be picked up on the stalk, at this stage the plant life of the pod stops. Madagascar vanilla. The harvest of this one will be spread over 3 months from June to August.

        The sorting of the green Madagascar vanilla pod will be done in 2 batches, the first will be the unsplit pods and the second the split and faded pods.

        Traditional preparation of the bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar

        In Madagascar, producers will practice the preparation of vanilla with the Bourbon method.

        It is the most used preparation method in the world and even for Papua Tahitensis vanilla and Papua vanilla. In Tahiti, it's a different method.

        Once picked the vanilla pod, will go through 6 stages of preparation, to reach the black bourbon vanilla. Only the best vanilla can be labeled gourmet or extra.

        We explain here the Bourbon method which is the most widespread in the world.

        Scalding the green vanilla: We will pour water into the large pot or a barrel. This water will be heated to 65°C, the vanilla will be put in the basket and it will be soaked for two minutes. The vanilla is again taken out of this water for a few seconds, then plunged back into the hot water for less than a minute. Cooking will be perfect if the vanilla changes color and the Madagascar AOC Bourbon vanilla pods resist breaking and emit oil. It will then be necessary to pour the contents into a box, with woolen blankets. We will fold the covers over the vanilla and leave to rest for 2 days

        Lot 2 will only be immersed for 5 minutes in water then it will be padded. During this phase the temperature of the vanilla should not be below 50°C.

        • The padding : The padding is an important step after scalding, the vanilla is put in a woolen blanket and placed in a crate, here the vanilla will start to catch its superb color
        • Drying : Two or three days after the steaming (upholstery) we will open the crates and let them cool for 2 to 5 hours then we will start drying for about 3 months. The vanilla will be exposed to the sun for 2 hours a day
        • Refining in a wooden trunk or an all-black room : Refining is the most important stage, the vanilla will become mature and above all it is here that it will take on its flavor. It will lose up to 40% of its water. She will have her beautiful black and brown color. Refining can last from 1 month to 6 months depending on the vanilla
        • Calibration : The vanillas are triller and then calibrated by size
        • Export : The vanilla import export companies will buy the vanilla from the producer where the importers

        Understand the different classifications of vanilla before grading and export

        • Fresh pods : Split or not, these are the vanilla pods from Madagascar whose content is still high (+30% humidity)
        • Dry pods : Split or not, having reached a so-called normal degree of drying with a humidity rate of 25 to 30%
        • Fermented pods : Altered giving a sour smell
        • Moldy pods : A black coating has formed on the stem
        • The moth-eaten pods : the vanilla pods from Madagascar have been bitten by mites or moths, causing an unpleasant odor
        • Dotted pods : the vanilla pod has small burst peas leaving small traces in its upper part
        • Flaccid and cut pods : Cut vanilla are cut or non-standard pods less than ten centimeters, the pods can also be puddled or immature.

        We are in the phase of sorting the vanilla from Madagascar, here the producer-preparer will proceed to the classification of the pods which consists in distinguishing and arranging the different qualities. In this first phase there will be 4 categories:

        • shiny black vanilla pods
        • vanilla pods with slight defects
        • vanilla pods with more marked defects
        • rough or flaccid vanilla pods

        After this sentence, the Madagascar AOC Bourbon vanilla pod will be measured and packaged for export.

        The Madagascar AOC Bourbon vanilla pod must in no case be vacuum-packed during export and preparation, if it is vacuum-packed, it is a sign of bad vanilla. (even when selling). Vanilla packaging will be done by 80 pods, i.e. a package between 250 and 500 grams depending on the length and category of the pod.

        Then the vanilla will be put in a tin box lined with special vanilla paraffin paper. Before being exported in cartons with waxed paper inside.

        • Extra or Gourmet Category – ENF: This is the best "extra" Unsplit Madagascar Vanilla Bean

        Whole unsplit Madagascar vanilla pods, supple, healthy, good flavor, uniform dark brown or chocolate brown color, may have a few spots or scratches not exceeding one third of the length and whose water content is 38% and a minimum length of 14cm.

        Any vanilla pod from Madagascar less than 14cm is a vanilla that we consider downgraded.

        At the Comptoir de Toamasina we market this vanilla bean. It is the top of the range vanilla bean from Madagascar. The weight of our pod and between 2.8 to 7 grams. (Be careful because of the poor preparation of vanilla in Madagascar, we prefer to have better refined and therefore less heavy pods to avoid problems with its quality). Buy vanilla at the Comptoir de Toamasina, it is a vanilla pod with intense and unique notes. A vanilla bean for a symphony of flavors.

        Specialist in Vanilla from Madagascar since 2010, our format of 20 vanilla pods is ideal for lovers of the princess of Madagascar.

        Arnaud will explain all the classifications of vanilla above, you will find all the explanations on our youtube channel.

        Here, you are going to buy a good vanilla from Madagascar, cheap vanilla, and especially the purchase of the best Extra gourmet quality vanilla:

        Common classification of vanilla from Madagascar:

        Extra or gourmet vanilla

        Madagascan vanilla pod "Extra" Split: vanilla pod of the same characteristic but split

        Prima Category

        vanilla from Madagascar "Prima" Unsplit - PNF: vanilla pods from Madagascar, unsplit, healthy, supple and may have some stains. Brown, dark brown or chocolate brown in color with a minimum length of 13cm its humidity rate 36%

        Vanilla pod from Madagascar "Prima" PF: Same characteristics as above but split

        Superior Category

        Madagascar Vanilla Bean "superior" Unsplit-SNF called TK in France: it is a whole unsplit vanilla pod, of good value, supple or dry which may have spots or many ragues and some red streaks, its rate humidity is 30% and length 13cm, minimum.

        Vanilla pod from Madagascar Superior Split-SF called TK in France: Same characteristic as above but split

        Current category

        "Common" Unsplit-CNF Madagascan Vanilla Bean from Madagascar called red in France: Whole unsplit vanilla pods, but healthy, good value, may have spots, reddish brown or even red in color with a maximum of 25% water and minimum length of 13cm.

        short vanilla

          Madagascar vanilla bean with a length between 10 and 13cm.

        vanilla cut

          Madagascar vanilla batch with a length of less than 5cm, it is free of foreign matter and mold, they may or may not be split.

        Definition and technical term in the world of vanilla in Madagascar

        • Red streaks : fine longitudinal stripes on the reddish-brown vanilla pod
        • Madagascar vanilla bean : Trade term designating the whole fruit
        • Mark: brownish-colored scarring due to the application of the pod with a special punch
        • Spot: localized accident giving a color or shine different from the normal appearance
        • Vanilla Boisée : very dry, rigid and brittle vanilla with often non-uniform reddish streaks
        • Creosote Vanilla : Vanilla with a characteristic creosote odor
        • Vanilla from Madagascar : "moth-eaten": Vanilla parasitized mainly by mites
        • Vanilla from Madagascar : “poiquée”: vanilla with blisters
        • Split vanilla : partially open pod in the longitudinal direction from the heel
        • Frosted vanilla : vanilla with naturally exuded vanillin crystals
        • Moldy vanilla : vanilla with a musty smell
        • Prepared vanilla : green vanilla that has undergone appropriate treatment to develop its aroma
        • Healthy vanilla : vanilla that has not undergone any alteration due to natural or artificial circumstances such as mould, insect attacks, injuries or diseases
        • Dry vanilla : more or less dehydrated vanilla that has partially lost its suppleness
        • Supple vanilla : fleshy and flexible vanilla.

        Vanilla Bean FAQ: Expert Answers from Arnaud Vanille

        1. What is a vanilla pod?

        A vanilla pod is the fruit of a tropical orchid called Vanilla. There are over 500 species of orchids in the world, and only the vanilla orchid produces fruit. The most commonly cultivated orchid is Vanilla Planifolia, which accounts for about 95% of the world's vanilla pod production. These pods are long and slender, typically dark brown in color, with a smooth and glossy texture. Inside each pod are small black seeds, known as "vanilla caviar." The aroma of vanilla is contained in both the pod and the seeds.

        2. How to recognize a high-quality vanilla pod?

        To recognize a high-quality vanilla pod, pay attention to several characteristics. First, look for pods that are plump and supple, indicating an adequate moisture content of around 33% for a gourmet-quality vanilla pod. Quality vanilla should also be flexible and malleable, meaning it is not dried out and can be tied into a knot. A high-quality vanilla pod will have a rich and powerful aroma and the seeds inside should be well-developed and deeply black. Avoid pods that are brittle, dried out, or show signs of mold.

        3. When to harvest vanilla pods?

        Vanilla pods are harvested when they reach maturity, which typically occurs between 7 and 9 months after pollinating the vanilla flowers. The exact timing of the harvest can vary depending on the region of cultivation, climatic conditions, and specific farming techniques. In Madagascar, the harvest takes place between June and August, depending on the production areas. In Brazil, there are two harvests per year. To achieve the best flavor, it's essential to harvest the pods at the right time when they have developed their characteristic aroma. It's during the last two weeks that the vanilla plant imparts its full aromatic power to the pod.

        4. How to split a vanilla pod?

        To split a vanilla pod and extract the fragrant seeds, follow these simple steps:

        • Use a sharp knife to cut the vanilla pod in half lengthwise.
        • Gently open the pod to reveal the seeds inside. You can use the flat side of the knife to scrape the seeds and add them to your recipe.
        • Empty pods can also be used to infuse liquids, like milk, to impart flavor to your preparations.

        5. Can vanilla be frozen?

        No, you should not store vanilla in the freezer. Freezing vanilla pods can lead to the deterioration of the 11 vanilla molecules. Freezing initially dehydrates the vanilla pod, making it less supple, dry, and brittle. Furthermore, it can alter the essential aromatic molecules of vanilla, including vanillin, vanillic acid, 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, and 4-hydroxybenzoic acid. The result is a vanilla pod that loses much of its distinctive flavor.

        6. Is it possible to store vanilla in alcohol or white rum?

        No, you should not store vanilla in rum or alcohol. This technique is often recommended by vanilla sellers for lower-quality batches, namely poorly prepared vanilla pods. When vanilla is immersed in alcohol, it tends to absorb the alcohol's flavor, and if the vanilla is of lower quality, it won't dry out or mold as quickly as it should. Additionally, the molecules that make up vanilla are "chameleons," meaning they have the ability to capture the flavor of the alcohol. As a result, your vanilla could have a pronounced alcohol taste, masking its natural flavor. It's preferable to store vanilla pods in a cool, dry place to preserve their authentic flavor.

        Native country
        Vanilla Planifolia
        Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar Gourmet Quality
        Bag of 20 pods
        Preparation / Delivery
        Preparation in 24 hours - Delivery within 48 hours
        2 Reviews

        Une vanille incomparable
        Première commande au Comptoir de Toamasina et j'ai reçu une vanille unique. Une belle vanille et très aromatique. On pouvait la sentir à travers l'enveloppe.
        By Gilles on 06/12/2024

        Une vanille de grande qualité
        Je dois en être à ma cinquième commande de vanille, peut-être même plus. Avec ces magnifiques gousses, je prépare des glaces, à la vanille bien sûr, ainsi que de la panna cotta. C'est assez simple et n'a rien à voir avec les autres vanilles, c'est tout simplement délicieux. Une belle vanille.
        By arnaud on 06/12/2024

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