Cubebe pepper - Grinder
Cubebe pepper - Grinder
Cubebe pepper - Grinder
Cubebe pepper - Grinder
Cubebe pepper - Grinder
Cubebe pepper - Grinder
Cubebe pepper - Grinder
Cubebe pepper - Grinder

Cubebe pepper - Grinder

Cubebe pepper with a fresh and minty aroma. Cubèbe Pepper is an excellent pepper, a gourmet pepper. The Cuban Pepper or Pepper with tail is very tasty with tasty notes and with a taste of fresh mint naturally. It is an ideal pepper to sprinkle with cavaillon melons. 

  • Pepper power: 4/10
  • Main Notes: Menthol and Eucalyptus Notes
  • Use: Salad, dessert and Asian cuisine
  • Origin: South India and Indonesia

Cuban pepper can be crushed, ground or used as whole grain, ideal for creative everyday cooking. Sale of cubed pepper in grain at the best price.




Today you are about to buy cubeb pepper , tail pepper . On my online store specializing in peppers and vanilla, I offer you cubeb pepper in a pepper mill .

Here I want you to purchase Cubeba Pepper , a variety of vine from the piper family which is also known as tailed pepper , it is a unique spice that will transform your dishes and enhance your recipe in a creative kitchen .

Originally from Indonesia, rather from Java, this false pepper , made from the fruit of a climbing plant from the Piperaceae family, offers an incomparable sensory experience.

Harvested before maturity, then dried in the sun to obtain its characteristic dark hue, Cubeb Pepper exudes a captivating aroma . Used since antiquity, it was prized by the Chinese for its therapeutic benefits on breathing and was introduced to Europe by the Arabs in the Middle Ages.

Unlike black peppercorn, it does not sting, it is sweet , bitter and very fragrant . This cubeb tail pepper is truly unique.

Despite its ban on being called "pepper" in France, due to its belonging to a family other than Piper Negrum, the term " cubeb pepper " is accepted and tolerated by the French administration unlike the timut bay.

Its notes of freshness and its powerful fragrance make it an essential ingredient in Asian cuisine, perfect for enhancing your dishes.

From savory to sweet, Cubeb Pepper finds its place in many recipes. Its minty flavor and freshness make it an ideal companion for desserts, including fruit, pies and chocolate. Whether infused or ground to sprinkle your dishes, this pepper offers unparalleled versatility.

At the Comptoir de Toamasina, a specialist in Spices and Peppers , we suggest you purchase Cubeb Pepper packaged in a refillable mill to preserve its freshness and intense aromas.

Our Indonesian Tailed Pepper seduces with its exceptional taste quality , its rich aromatic palette and its slightly spicy character, enhanced with gourmet notes and a subtle bitterness , reminiscent of a touch of clove.

Whether alone or in combination with other spices, Cubeb Pepper is a great ally for inventive cuisine full of flavors. Treat yourself to the unique sensory experience of our Cubeb Pepper , carefully packaged in a PET pepper mill , equipped with an anti-UV filter to preserve all its flavor.


Cubeb pepper or tail pepper will have a rich, complex and spicy flavor, offering an incomparable taste palette. I call it the unique pepper. 
With nuances reminiscent of black pepper , Sichuan pepper, mint  and juniper berry , this pepper also reveals a slightly lemony but not spicy taste.
However, it is essential to note that  cubeb pepper has a unique characteristic: its bitterness combined with notes of mint. It should be used with caution, as excessive exposure to heat may accentuate this bitterness or an overdose
This versatile spice is widely used in Asian and Mediterranean cuisines to add depth  and heat to dishes. Its unique flavor profile makes it a choice ingredient for those seeking an authentic and captivating culinary experience.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we invite you to explore the exceptional flavor of  cubeb pepper and to integrate it into your culinary creations for a touch of originality and refinement.


As an expert in the world of peppers, I wanted to offer my customers pepper in 4 different packages. A package for every use, for all budgets and above all for everyone. 

All of our packaging is produced in the EU, we work with packaging that is made in Holland for the bottles. 

Here are the 4 packages of our Madagascar black pepper: 

  • Cubeb Pepper in Bottle
  • Cubeb Pepper in Refillable Mill
  • Cubeb Pepper in Economic Bag
  • Cubeb Pepper at the best price per kilo


The tailed pepper gets its name from the distinctive little growth attached to its seed. It should not be confused with wild Madagascar pepper.

This versatile spice can be used crushed, ground or whole grain, adapting to various culinary preparation methods.

Unlike other peppers, cubeb pepper is often added at the end of cooking or directly on the plate, as it can develop bitterness if exposed to prolonged heat.

Tasting Cubeb Pepper: An Enriching Sensory Experience

When tasting, cubeb pepper reveals a subtle and persistent heat on the palate, accompanied by delicate notes of mint. Its characteristic bitterness gives additional depth to its flavors.

Bitterness in Cooking: An Underestimated Element

Bitterness, once neglected in our daily diet, is now coming to the fore as an essential component of gastronomy. Well balanced, it adds complexity and richness to dishes, highlighting other flavors.

The Unique Flavor of Cubeb Pepper

The cubeb tail pepper is distinguished by its freshness, its powerful fragrance and its aromatic intensity. With its subtle aftertaste of cloves and mint, it offers an unforgettable taste experience.

Various Culinary Uses

This exotic pepper is a must-have in Asian cuisines. It goes perfectly with meat dishes, especially game, as well as vegetables and seafood. Also try it with cottage cheese or eggs for a touch of sophistication.

Here are some ways to use cubeb pepper in your recipes:

  1. Seasoning meats  : Mix ground cubeb pepper with salt and rub it on meats before cooking. This will add a unique, spicy flavor.
  2. Sauces and marinades  : Add cubeb pepper to your sauces, marinades or vinaigrettes for an exotic touch. It pairs well with ingredients such as garlic, ginger and coriander.
  3. Stews  : Use cubeb pepper in stews, such as stews, curries or soups. It will provide subtle heat and depth of flavor.
  4. Cheeses and cold meats  : Sprinkle a little cubeb pepper on cheese or cold meats for an interesting taste experience.
  5. Fish and Seafood  : Try it with grilled fish or seafood for a bold flavor.

Here are 8 easy-to-make recipes: 

  1. Duck Breast with Cubeb Pepper and Orange:

    • Marinate duck breasts in a mixture of olive oil, orange zest, ground cubeb pepper, salt and pepper.
    • Cook them in the pan until they are golden brown and cooked through.
    • Accompany them with an orange sauce and serve with roasted potatoes and green beans.
  2. Chicken with Cubeb Pepper Cream and Tarragon:

    • Brown pieces of chicken in a pan with olive oil.
    • Add crème fraîche, crushed cubeb pepper, chopped fresh tarragon, salt and pepper.
    • Simmer until the sauce thickens and the chicken is cooked through.
    • Serve with white rice or fresh pasta and a green salad.
  3. Beef Tartare with Cubeb Pepper and Capers:

    • Mix fresh beef cubes with chopped capers, finely chopped shallot, ground cubeb pepper, salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.
    • Serve the tartare on slices of toast and garnish with rocket leaves and parmesan shavings.
  4. White Fish in Papillote with Cubeb Pepper and Lime:

    • Place fillets of white fish (such as cod or sole) on sheets of parchment paper.
    • Season them with crushed cubeb pepper, salt, lime juice and lime slices.
    • Close the foil packets and bake them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.
    • Serve with wild rice and steamed vegetables.
  5. Grilled Shrimp with Cubeb Pepper and Curry:

    • Marinate peeled shrimp in a mixture of curry powder, ground cubeb pepper, salt, pepper and olive oil for about 30 minutes.
    • Thread them onto skewers and grill them on a barbecue or in a grilled pan until pink and lightly caramelized.
    • Serve with a yogurt and fresh coriander sauce, accompanied by basmati rice.
  6. Creamy Risotto with Cubeb Pepper and Mushrooms:

    • Saute a variety of mushrooms (like button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms) in butter and minced garlic until golden.
    • Add Arborio rice and cook for a few minutes while stirring.
    • Gradually pour in hot stock, stirring constantly until the rice is cooked and creamy.
    • Season with ground cubeb pepper, salt and grated Parmesan before serving.
  7. Exotic Fruit Salad with Cubeb Pepper and Mint:

    • Mix diced exotic fruits (such as mango, pineapple and papaya) with chopped fresh mint leaves.
    • Add a pinch of ground cubeb pepper, lime juice and a drizzle of honey to lightly sweeten.
    • Serve chilled as an accompaniment to a fish dish or as a refreshing dessert.
  8. Beef Carpaccio with Cubeb Pepper and Parmesan:

    • Thinly slice beef tenderloin and arrange the slices on a plate.
    • Season with crushed cubeb pepper, salt, lemon juice, olive oil and parmesan shavings.
    • Garnish with arugula and slices of fresh mushrooms, then serve as a starter with toasted bread.

As you can see, whether it is for eggs, white or red meats or salads, it is a unique and very long-lasting pepper. A high-end pepper, but be careful, you either like it or you don't like it. Because its aromatic power is incredible. Especially its aromatic notes of mint. 


The preservation of cubeb pepper, like that of many other spices, is based on three essential principles:

  1. Protection against humidity:   Cubeb pepper should be stored in a dry place, protected from humidity. Humidity can alter the flavor of the spice and encourage the formation of mold, which would compromise its quality. It is recommended to store it in an airtight container to avoid contact with humidity.

  2. Keep away from light and heat:  Cubeb pepper should be protected from direct sunlight and excessive heat. Heat can cause the essential oils that give the spice its characteristic aroma to break down. It is therefore best to store it in a cool, dark place, such as a cupboard or kitchen drawer.

  3. Using an airtight container:  To preserve the freshness and flavor of cubeb as much as possible, it is recommended to store it in an airtight container, such as a glass jar or food-grade plastic container. Make sure the container seals tightly to avoid exposure to air, which can cause flavor loss over time.

As you see, Comptoir de Toamasina is the pepper specialist. You will discover on our blog that you can make Raz-el-hanout with this pepper, the grains are unique and you should know that in history books it is said that the king of Portugal was amazed by the richness of the spices which came from Asia. And in history we see who kept this spice route secret. 

I forgot, don't hesitate to make a marinade for red meats with this spice, cookies, chocolate mousse from cubeb berries. You can freshen your breath by chewing the berry. 

Native country
South India and Indonesia
Piper Cubeba
Cubebe Pepper
Bottle, Sachet and Mill
Preparation / Delivery
Preparation within 24 hours - Delivery within 48 hours
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