Maté 90g
Mate 90g
Mate 90g
Maté 90g
Mate 90g
Mate 90g

Mate 90g

Green Mate is the traditional drink of Gaúcho living in southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. It is a traditional South American tea. It is also consumed in the Middle East. We drink it in a Bombilla. It is also ideal for replacing coffee.

It is a powerfully scented and is quite bitter, we will consume it throughout the day in the south of Brazil. It is also said that this infusion is ideal for dieting. It is part of our composition of the carioca silhouette herbal tea.

  • Tea power: 10/10
  • Main notes: The characteristic notes of maté
  • To savor: Morning and afternoon

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Mate 90g

It is here that you will buy online the green maté from Gaúcho, you will know everything about its history, how to taste and prepare it and its virtues for your vitality.

Arnaud creator of Comptoir de Toamasina has traveled more than 15,000km in Brazil in 2 years aboard his Ford Ranger to discover producers and discover Brazilian flavors. Our meetings allow us to taste and discover new flavors, including acai powder, acerola, guarana and our Brazilian tonka bean for you to discover them.

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We have selected for you a maté from the origins, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay which is soft on the palate and balanced with its own little bitterness.

What is mate?

Brazilian Green Mate - the gaucho drink

It is a drink called chimarrão, yerba maté, Paraguay tea, Jesuit tea, Brazil tea and Parana tea.

It is an infusion that is drunk mainly in southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. You will never see an Argentinian and a gaucho travel without his mate and his bombilla. Even in Bahia under 40 ° C they drink mate.

It is a drink that is ideal for replacing coffee.

We are going to consume it with a straw in a bombilla.

To prepare mate, nothing could be simpler. The mate is immersed in water and left to infuse. But in Rio de Janeiro we like fresh mate on the beach. You find her with street vendors on Copacabana. (Discover our article traveling to Rio de Janeiro)

Did you know: That the mate tree can measure up to 15 meters and that its leaves are harvested every 2 years. It is a tree that will give off a powerful fragrance. Depending on the vintage, the mate may have a different taste.

Product Description:

Products: Mate from Brazil, Argentina

Bag weight: 90g

Characteristic: Mate is ideal for the whole day.

Packaging: Bag

The Virtues of Green Mate

Green mate is a drink that is like the Café du Minas Gerais, black teas and flavored black teas, it is a tonic drink. It fights fatigue and is said to increase metabolism.

It is a stimulant for our nervous system.

Yerba maté is a plant with an impressive composition for our vitality. It is very beneficial for our body.

How to prepare mate like in Brazil and Argentina

How to properly prepare your mate like an Argentinian and Brazil

You want to prepare your mate well as in Brazil and enjoy its special flavor so follow our recipe:

Put 15g of mate in 1 liter of water and leave to infuse for 5 to 6 minutes at a temperature of 100 ° C.

If you have a bombilla, you can use it several times at least 5 to 6 times.

It is an infusion that will be drunk without sugar.

All you need to know to buy a good green mate and discover mate

Green mate was consumed by Indians from the southern states of Brazil long before the Portuguese arrived in Porto Seguro.

It was fundamental in the way of life and the nutritional need of the Indians of the South of Brazil.

The Guarani Indians had adopted the mate grass and even in the Mato Grosso of the South. The Andinos people travel thousands of kilometers to come and stock up on mate in the south of Brazil.

This drink can also carry the grass of Paraguai which was given by the Spanish colonizers see tea of the Jesuits because it is the Jesuits who will make the first culture in 1610.

The Jesuit missions will play an important role in the marketing of this tree before the expulsion of the Jesuits in the 17th century from Brazil.

After the expulsion of the Jesuits it is the natives of the region who will start production and harvest again.

It should be known that Paraguay will prohibit at the beginning of the 19th century the export of Yerba Mate which considers as a weed and the Argentines will turn over towards the Brazilian producers.

The largest plantations of mate tea are found in the state of Parana.

The economy of Mate

Unlike the coffee economy, which after its golden cycle will undergo reform, the model for growing native mate will be a model for extractivism from plants.

This is an important factor in the lack of improvement in the sector for years and its financing circuit compared to coffee or chocolate from Brazil.

In 1970, it had a policy that would encourage the production of annual crops for the domestic market and for export.

It is here that many native varieties of mate grass will be eliminated.

They will be replaced by Soybeans and Wheat.

Currently the production of mate grass is higher in Argentina than in Brazil.

The vast majority of green mate that is produced in Brazil is exported and on the domestic market we have a lot of Argentine mate.

In Brazil, there are 700,000 hectares of mate production for 200,000 plantations in 500 cities.

The southern region of Brazil will produce 97% of Brazil's mate.

According to certain data, the production of mate is very beneficial for the forest in particular the Araucaria forest and the conservation of biodiversity.

Why? because first of all, mate does not need chemicals to grow and producers keep the ancestral production system.

From a social point of view, yerba maté will generate around 700,000 jobs in Brazil.

The use of mate today

Today mate is consumed as tea mainly on the international market for its properties and its caffeine, theobromine and saponin content.

You should know today that mate is used in energy drinks, cosmetics and even in cleaning products.

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