Clou de Girofle de Madagascar 40g, clou de girofle pas chère, clou de girofle à Lille
Clou de Girofle de Madagascar 40g, clou de girofle pas chère, clou de girofle à Lille
Clou de Girofle de Madagascar 40g, clou de girofle pas chère, clou de girofle à Lille
Clou de Girofle de Madagascar 40g, clou de girofle pas chère, clou de girofle à Lille

Clove Madagascar

The cloves of Madagascar have a penetrating, warm and rich aroma. Their taste is spicy and slightly bitter. They are used to decorate broths, marinades, meats, stews, preserves and many cold cuts.

  • Power of the spice: 10/10
  • Main notes: The warm and rich notes characteristic of cloves
  • Use: stews, poultry, vegetable broths, marinades and meats
  • Origin: Madagascar

Discover and buy online the best clove from Madagascar and its powerful and intense flavor. Discover our advice on uses and recipes. Sale at the best price of whole clove and powder.

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Clove Madagascar

This is where you will buy a clove from Madagascar. The clove is a cooking classic. In our page we offer you recipe ideas and buy cloves at the best price.

Buy and Sell Madagascar Clove Online

Buy and Sell Madagascar Clove Online

Purchase high quality cloves

Le Comptoir de Toamasina has specialized since 2010 in the purchase and sale of Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar and black pepper from Madagascar. We invite you to discover cloves, a great classic in our kitchens.


The clove has been known for more than two thousand years. In Indian books we discover that the clove was used to keep the breath fresh, fragrant and clean.

In China those who wanted to meet the emperor had to take a clove in the mouth in order to purify it before meeting his highness. The Chinese bought cloves from India. Later, Arab merchants transported cloves from the Bay of Bengal and the China Sea to the Syrian and Lebanese markets. Afterwards the nails were sold in Rome. The clove was a sought after spice.

In the Middle Ages, the clove cost extremely expensive and like all the spices whose origins were jealously guarded, in particular by the Portuguese, great people of discoverer.

The origin of the clove has remained a mystery for a very long time. It is Vasco da Gama who will bring her back to Europe.

In the 17th century, in Europe it was a gold spice, a more expensive spice than gold.

In India and Indonesia, it is used with tonka bean to flavor cigarettes.

Product Description

Product: Clove

Packaging in Bottle or Bag: 40g - 100g - 200g

Characteristic: the characteristic smell and taste of cloves.

Origin: Madagascar



The clove has a very strong flavor. If you like it, you can flavor broths, preserves, vinegars, marinades, poached meats, stews but also in cold cuts.

Our clove is used for our Christmas Tea, Madagascar Black Tea and Adventurers' Black Tea.

You know that cloves are used to prick broths or in oranges. You can also make mulled wine with it.

The clove will go very well with Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, ginger.


Besides buying cloves, you are going to buy a spice with amazing health properties.

Clove is a pain reliever. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.

It is also used in dental hygiene, in the composition of many toothpastes, against time sickness, in fumigations to disinfect a part or in lotion. It is also ideal in mouthwashes.

It is even said that cloves are an aphrodisiac.

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