Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills
Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills

Discovery Box 8 Peppers + 2 Pepper Mills

Surprise yourself with the discovery box of 8 peppers and 2 mills. Peppers are spices that we discover with pleasure and that will never leave us again. The Comptoir de Toamasina offers a discovery box but which can also be offered. (The price is withdrawn in this case) Discovery Kit 8 Peppers + 2 Rechargeable Mills

Description of the box:

  • Sichuan pepper 20g bottle
  • Muntok White Pepper 60g bottle
  • Madagascar Black Pepper 50g bottle
  • Madagascar Wild Pepper 50g bottle
  • Jamaican pepper 38g bottle
  • Tellicherry Black Pepper 50g bottle
  •  Timut pepper 30g bottle
  • Long Fruit Pepper 40g bottle
  • 2 Adaptable mills on the bottles

Box of rare and traditional peppers at the best price. Box of world pepper.

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I wanted to offer you the most beautiful box of peppers , a box that will take your taste buds on a journey and above all introduce you to creative cuisine.

So surprise your senses with our Discovery Box which brings together 8 carefully selected peppers , accompanied by 2 rechargeable mills . Peppers, these precious spices, are an invitation to a taste journey and discovery.

Contents of the Box  :

  1. Red Sichuan Berry  (20 g): A berry with lemony and slightly spicy notes.
  2. Muntok White Pepper  (60 g): A refined classic, ideal for enhancing your dishes. With animal and civet notes
  3. Madagascar Black Pepper  (50 g): Intense and fragrant, it evokes distant lands with a woody and citric touch.
  4. Wild Madagascar Pepper  (50 g): A rare variety with wild and captivating aromas. It is one of the rarest pears in the world. 
  5. Allspice  (38 g): A pepper with spicy and woody accents.
  6. Tellicherry Black Pepper  (50 g): Full-bodied and aromatic, it appeals to lovers of intense flavors.
  7. Timut Berry  (30 g): Remarkable for its notes of citrus and pink grapefruit.
  8. Long Fruit Pepper  (40 g): An intriguing spice with sweet and spicy flavors.

The windmills  :

  • Our two mills fit perfectly into the bottles, allowing you to grind your peppers freshly for each preparation.

Why this Box?

  • Discovery  : Discover rare peppers from around the world.
  • Quality  : We have selected the best spices, from the beaten track to distant lands.
  • Ideal Gift  : Give this box to a cooking enthusiast or a curious epicurean.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina  invites you to explore the world of peppers, to savor their nuances and to awaken your taste buds. Order this exceptional box now for an unforgettable culinary experience!


The Discovery Box of Peppers is ideal for making gifts, an original gift.

In our box of rare peppers for a discovery of the world of pepper you will discover incredible berries with pepper flavors but also classic and original peppers. let's discover the 8 peppers in the box:

  • Red Berry or Sichuan Red Pepper: Sichuan red pepper is a pepper with magical notes. It is a cousin of the Timut berry, but it offers warm, spicy, floral notes with a touch of lemon. It’s a very special sensation in the mouth.
  • Muntok White Pepper: Muntok white pepper is an extraordinary pepper, it comes from Indonesia and it will have a touch of leather and smoked civet. It's a warm, camphorous scent. One of the best white peppers in the world
  • Black Pepper from Madagascar:  Black pepper, the most classic of French cuisine. Here, it is a pepper with fresh, delicious notes with a touch of lemon. We love it in all savory cuisine.
  • Wild Pepper from Madagascar:  Wild pepper from Madagascar is the rarest pepper in the world. It is a pepper with warm and subtle notes. You have notes of fern and fresh herbs. It’s a pepper Wow, incredible.
  • Allspice:  When you go to Jamaica to simply see a country that produces allspice, you will discover a berry with notes of cloves but also 4 spices. It is a delicious and magical spice to use
  • Tellicherry Black Pepper: A berry with wild notes of blueberry, rounded notes ranging from cocoa to slightly minty. 
  • Long Java pepper: Long fruit or Java pepper is an extraordinary pepper with magical notes. first of all a spicy and chocolate note which gives way to warm and spicy notes then the chocolate note returns. It's incredible

Discover the video of Comptoir de Toamasina on its pepper route in Bahia.


Here are 10 recipe ideas to highlight the spices in your Comptoir de Toamasina Discovery Box :      

  1. Orange Supremes with Sichuan Berries :

    • A very fragrant salad with orange supremes and syrup flavored with saffron and Sichuan berries. Refreshing and delicious.
  2. Sauteed Beef with Madagascar Black Pepper :

    • Saute pieces of beef with vegetables, ginger and garlic. Add Madagascar black pepper for a distinctive flavor.
  3. Gravlax Salmon with Spices :

    • A preparation of marinated salmon with red Sichuan berries. Perfect for raw fish lovers.
  4. Five Spice Peanuts :

    • These peanuts are served at breakfast in China. They add crunch to dishes and are ideal for snacking.
  5. Sautéed Chicken with Sesame Seeds :

    • A Chinese dish that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Sichuan pepper adds a spicy note.
  6. Spicy Cold Noodles :

    • Mix cold noodles with crunchy vegetables and a spicy Sichuan pepper sauce.
  7. Blackberry Jam with Sichuan Pepper :

    • An original jam with a touch of spice thanks to Sichuan pepper.
  8. Fillet of Coalfish with Zucchini and Orange :

    • A balanced dish where Sichuan pepper goes perfectly with orange and fish.
  9. Savory Waffle with Vegetable Charcoal :

    • Add a touch of Sichuan pepper to the waffle batter for an unexpected savory version.
  10. Orange and Spicy Honey Trifle :

    • A gourmet dessert with layers of orange, honey and cream, enhanced with Sichuan pepper.

Discover this video where I explain my work as a spice researcher in particular in search of the best pepper in Brazil, here discover me in a plantation in Bahia.
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