5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet
5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet

5 Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar Gourmet

Bourbon vanilla is the most emblematic vanilla in the world. Madagascar produces AOC Bourbon vanilla, a planifolia vanilla native to Mexico, with anintense vanilla aroma and a hint of chocolate. It is a large, beautiful vanilla pod. Comptoir de Toamasina offers you 5 beautiful Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar that are shiny, full-bodied, soft and supple, with a rich, intense fragrance and hints of cocoa in a bottle of 5 beans.

  • Main notes: Cocoa and caramel
  • Aromatic: This is the little princess of pastry, a vanilla pod with intense, deep vanilla notes. A culinary journey with every use.
  • Size: 14 to 16cm
  • Quality: Gourmet - Extra with the respect of a long maturing process

A vanilla specialist since 2010, we have a test plantation in Brazil to help you discover and understand the world of vanilla and how to grow this princess.




Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is a world-famous vanilla variety , known for its rich taste with a chocolatey touch as well as its captivating fragrance .

Vanilla planifolia  is the variety of vanilla that grows in Madagascar and has an AOC Bourbon , a label for vanillas from the Indian Ocean that will grow only in Madagascar, Reunion Island, Comoros, Mauritius , Mayotte and Seychelles . Planifolia vanilla is the second vanilla in the world after Bahian vanilla which will have the highest level of vanillin , this is the aromatic power of vanilla. In addition, Reunion Island is currently an integral part of French territory. The history of this island is closely linked to the Bourbon dynasty, which ruled France from 1589 to 1789, then from 1815 to 1848. In 1642, the French took possession of the island in the name of King Louis XIII and he gave the name "Bourbon Island". This is how the planifolia vanilla variety grown in the Indian Ocean was called "Bourbon vanilla", in reference to its place of origin . This geographical designation gives it a unique identity and contributes to its international reputation . Did you know that its origin is from Mexico, but here, it is the story of vanilla and come and discover it on our blog. Did you know that Brazil has more than 40 species of native vanilla? Read our article on all the vanillas in the world . 

Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans are highly prized in the culinary world and are used in a variety of recipes, from the simplest desserts to the most elaborate dishes. If you are a cooking enthusiast, you know how much difference the quality of vanilla can make in a recipe. With this in mind, purchasing Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla in a gourmet quality 5-pod bottle can be a great option to give yourself premium vanilla at a reasonable price . In its bottle of 5 pods.

But in addition to buying the best vanilla in the world for certain amateurs, you will discover the whole world of vanilla , with articles, recipe ideas and how vanilla grows in YouTube videos and on our blog. As a bonus, we offer you the recipe for vanilla extract . 

On our site you will discover the most beautiful vanilla pods at the best value for money with beautiful aromatic power.


Buy 5 pods of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar in its case . Le Comptoir de Toamasina invites you to buy a bewitching vanilla pod with a rich and feminine scent, the sign of a Prestige vanilla pod, as vanilla lovers call it. It is not uncommon to see Madagascar vanilla, as a Prestige vanilla, because this little princess is expensive but its scent is delicate and incredible. 

Vanilla is still a spice that is grown and prepared totally by hand. You should know that there cannot be mechanization, that is why vanilla is expensive . Indeed, it takes human hands to plant, pollinate, prepare, refine, calibrate and package this little princess. A bit like saffron . 

The best vanilla pod is certainly not Madagascar for vanilla specialists, but it offers incredible value for money that the world is snapping up. 

A vanilla that has had an IGP since 1964, to differentiate it from other vanillas in the world. 

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is committed to finding you the best vanilla pods from Madagascar.

On our site, there are no red vanilla pods or marketing names, but only the best quality, gourmet quality vanilla pod, which can be found under the name gourmet vanilla, Grade A, Extra and Premium according to the classification in the world.

It is a vanilla with a humidity level greater than 33% which is supple, not split, shiny, shiny with a magical flavor. 

Le Comptoir de Toamasina has been the Vanilla Comptoir since 2010 and offers you a delicious vanilla to revolutionize your cooking. 

When we ask ourselves the question where to find real vanilla , we ask ourselves the question but what quality of vanilla should we buy? 

We made an article on our blog that explains the classification of vanilla . 

You should know that vanilla is grown in Madagascar in the Mananara-North region which will benefit from a late harvest, passing through Sambava, Andapa, Vohhémar and Antalaha. 

This traditional vanilla is not a stunning vanilla pod as we can see on certain sites, unlike Brazilian vanilla which is incredible and which we only offer by quote. 

But it is the vanilla of our childhood, with more than 80% of the world's vanilla production, Madagascar is the leading producer of vanilla in the world and it is certainly the first vanilla that you will discover. 

Our Madagascar bourbon vanilla contains in its 5 pods an incredible aromatic power with a note of intense vanilla and a touch of cocoa . It is magic. You will use it in your desserts to make the perfect vanilla infusion  and discover its aromatic power which is incredible and which no vanilla in the world can rival.

Indeed, the Malagasy soil is incredible for growing vanilla, Brazil too, but the Brazilian soil is naturally acidic and you will have a vanilla with a touch of acidity like a good Arabica coffee.

Discover our article how vanilla grows


Since 2010, Le Comptoir de Toamasina has been the vanilla specialist in France and Brazil, thanks to our Brazilian Comptoir, Abaçai Vanille . 

We have been offering only the best natural vanilla for over 10 years, in a company on a human scale.

Our company has received no funding, no state aid, we practice self-financing. 

We are also specialists in the import and export of acai powder directly from the producer to the consumer. 

We offer delicious and incredible spices for your creative recipes. 

Every year, a ranger expedition across Brazil to discover a new producer.

We are trying to become a vanilla producer in Brazil with the cultivation of Dubia wild vanilla, a wild variety that we wish to cultivate. 


Every week, we invite you to discover our reports on the spices of the world that we offer you. 


Vanilla is a climbing vine from the orchid family, native to Mexico.

The orchid does not require much attention, but during its pollination, yes. Check out vanilla cuttings in water . 

It first crossed the Atlantic Ocean to arrive in Europe then the Indian Ocean in the 19th century to reach Madagascar, which quickly became the world's leading producer.

You should know that the majority of vanilla plants come from Asia, according to writings; 

In Central America, the Melipone bee was responsible for pollinating flowers. But Edmond Albius discovered that hand pollination of the flower was possible, which made it possible to extend vanilla production to regions where the Melipone bee was not present.

We must give back to Caesar what is Caesar's, it was a Belgian, a botanist from Liège who was the first to discover the pollination of vanilla. 

This essential procedure must be done daily on open flowers, because you have less than 12 hours to fertilize its princesses. 

After nine months, the pods develop and resemble giant beans. You should know that it is in the last two weeks that the vanilla plant will give vanillin, that is to say the aroma of vanilla. 

The vanilla is harvested by hand when they reach maturity, and a long process begins to transform these odorless green fruits into a deliciously aromatic and flavorful spice. The preparation is done in 8 steps:

  1. scalding 
  2. steaming
  3. sun drying 
  4. Drying in the shade
  5. Refining 
  6. Calibration
  7. Export
  8. Packaging in France

Did  you know  that tahitensis vanilla does not open at full maturity and Madagascar vanilla and planifolia variety does. 

The production and processing of vanilla requires patience and incredible know-how, to have a Prestige vanilla.

This spice is the most difficult to produce, a bit like red pepper . 

The different varieties of vanilla and countries of origin: 

Vanilla Planifolia:

  • The islands with the bourbon appellation
  • Mexico 
  • Indonesia 
  • Brazil
  • Uganda
  • Papua
  • And many other countries that we explain in our blog

Vanilla Tahitensis: 

  • Brazil
  • Tahiti
  • Mauritius
  • Papua 

Vanilla Pompona:

  • Brazil
  • Guadeloupe 
  • Madagascar 

Vanilla Dubia:

  • Brazil

As you can see, Brazil has an important place in vanilla production with a wide variety of vanillas. And Comptoir de Toamasina was the first specialist in the purchase and sale of vanilla to source this vanilla and want to produce it in Brazil. 


It is good to know that the aroma of vanilla will come from the vanillin, it is during the last week or even the last two if the harvest is well done, that the vanilla will take on its characteristic flavor. The foot gives it a feminine scent. 

You should know that the closer the content is to 2, the more vanilla will have a strong aromatic power. It is good to know that if you leave the vanilla on the foot for too long, the vanilla will open. Tahitensis vanilla no. On our YouTube channel, you have a report. 

There is no other vanilla bean in the world that has the charm and flavor of Madagascar bourbon vanilla.

A vanilla that begins with warm and intense notes with a touch of cocoa which then gives way to a vanilla with a long note of warm and delicious vanilla. It’s a gourmet and tasty vanilla that takes our taste buds on a journey. 

We particularly like it in sweet recipes. 


Arnaud, will have the name of Arnaud Vanille on the Lille markets, he was trained in Madagascar in the cultivation of vanilla pods, the preparation and refining of this princess. 

Next, we are going to offer an exceptional vanilla, the fruit of the Arnaud Vanille plantation in Brazil.

But currently, you will discover a vanilla with excellent value for money. 

We only select the finest vanilla vintages. 

The creator of Comptoir de Toamasina travels the world to discover new vanilla plantations, to discover new production techniques and learn more about this vanilla. 

Vanilla is the French's favorite spice and on our YouTube channel you will find out everything about this princess.


We have produced a superb article on the fruit of the vanilla tree .

You will learn everything about why vanilla is a fruit, how to grow vanilla at home.

Did you know that you can have your own vanilla plantation at home? You don't believe us, then check out our YouTube channel. 


You should know that the main difference between Madagascar planifolia vanilla and other vanillas in the world is quite simply an AOP, in terms of name.

On the ground, it's other things, Madagascar vanilla is a princess cultivated for generations with producers who will pass on the know-how in the family.

The vast majority of new vanilla producing countries have been producing vanilla since 2000 or even 2015 with the increase in the price of black gold. 


To properly store your vanilla pod, you can read our article, how to store your vanilla pods .

The 5 pods of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar in its case, you will simply keep them away from light and any temperature shock. 

Native country
Vanilla Planifolia
Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar Gourmet Quality
Bottle of 15 beans
Preparation / Delivery
Preparation in 24 hours - Delivery within 48 hours
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