Saffron Premium Threads 10G
Saffron Premium Threads 10G
Saffron Premium Threads 10G
Saffron Premium Threads 10G

Saffron Premium Threads 10G

The flavor of saffron is enveloping, slightly bitter with a persistent fragrance and a blood red color. (Color of a high-end Saffron) in 10g bottle

  • Saffron power: 10/10
  • Main notes: Tannic, slightly honeyed and metallic
  • Saffron category: 1 (The best quality of saffron)
  • Origin: Sabzevar, in the North-East of Iran

At Comptoir de Toamasina in Comptoir des épices we suggest you buy the best saffron from Iran in our economical packaging. Our Saffron comes from an excellence plantation. Buy the best quality of saffron at the best price. Here you will be able to buy the best saffron at the best price per kilo. And find out everything about the price of saffron per kilo.

the high-end of the saffron harvest!

5 2024
5/ 5


Saffron Premium Threads 10g

Purchase Saffron Néguine Quality Packaging Wholesaler - Restaurateur

Premium Quality Saffron - The saffron pearl neguines

Wholesaler in Iranian Saffron - Buy Premium Saffron

Le Comptoir de Toamasina invites you to buy the best saffron in the world. Iran saffron. We suggest you buy a Neguine quality saffron, i.e. the saffron pearl. Our saffron comes from the North-West of Iran, from the province of Khorasan.

If you are a professional, a delicatessen, a pastry chef or even a restaurateur, this is where you will buy the best saffron.

Iranian Saffron from the Land of Origin

Saffron is a spice from a crocus, Crocus sativus. Its name comes from its blood red color. Each bulb produces only one or two light or dark purple flowers. They each carry three red stigmas, which give off the characteristic smell of saffron. It takes more or less 140,000 flowers to make 1kg of saffron, which explains the high price. Above all, keep it dry.

Saffron negates is the excellence of saffron. It comes from the only upper part of the saffron pistil. It is the noblest and most prestigious part. It is in the upper part that the aroma of the crocus will be concentrated, the best level of crocin, picrocin and superior safranal. The filaments are smaller and redder than the others available. It is said to be blood red in color. The upper part of the filament is cut by hand and allowed to dry immediately after pruning.

Buy saffron

Product: Iran Saffron

Bottle packaging: 10g

Feature: Deep notes, characteristic of Saffron

Saffron in savory and sweet cooking

Infuse the Iranian saffron pistils in water, wine, broth, cream for at least 4 hours (24h for purists, incorporate this infusion into your dish at the end of cooking in the last 5 minutes.


Tip, you can pour your infusion into an ice cube tray in the freezer, so you can use the saffron of Iran as you wish by incorporating an ice cube into your dish.

The dosages of saffron by the toamasina counter.

Sauce: 0.15g per 250 cream

Rice and pasta: 0.3g per 500 rice or pasta

Desserts 0.08g for ½ liter of milk

Breads and cakes: 0.1g for 500g of flour

The best recipes with black saffron

Cooking with saffron

Wholesaler in Iranian Saffron

Buy the best saffron pearl

Le Comptoir de Toamasina offers you the best saffron pistil in Iran. We carefully select the best saffron pistils to offer you an exceptional spice.

Go on a gastronomic trip with the Iranian saffron pistil from Comptoir de Toamasina.

Saffron and its gastronomic power

They say we don't cheat with saffron. Because it is a spice that has its own flavor. An aromatic palette of its own.

How to recognize a good saffron: It is a spice in the shape of small very fine filaments called stigmas. It has a blood-red color or an intense red, orange-rust color.

The flavor of saffron: It is a spice that will make you travel, which is conducive to creative cuisine, it is on aromatic floral and tannic notes that we recognize saffron. There are also notes of honey and very metallic wilted flowers.

Saffron in the kitchen: It will bring sweet and sweet notes to your creative cuisine. It is said to also have sweet notes.

All about saffron

All you need to know about Saffron How you know, the best quality of saffron and negine.

But did you know that cricin provides the coloring power of Saffron.

The word saffron which designates the scent of saffron.

Finally picrocrocin will give saffron its bitter side.

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