White Kampot Pepper IGP
White Kampot Pepper IGP
White Kampot Pepper IGP
White Kampot Pepper IGP
White Kampot Pepper IGP
White Kampot Pepper IGP
White Kampot Pepper IGP
White Kampot Pepper IGP

White Kampot Pepper IGP

Discover the Whole IGP White Kampot Pepper, a rare pepper because it lacks the animal odors characteristic of white peppers. Find a white pepper with fruity notes, undergrowth and fresh herbs. An explosion of flavors on the palate that will interweave heat, power, notes of ripe fruit and menthol.

  • Pepper Power: 8/10
  • Main notes: Ripe fruits, undergrowth and fresh herbs
  • Use: Ideal for all savory dishes and fruit salads
  • Origin: Cambodia

Buy Kampot white pepper at the best price per kilo at Comptoir de Toamasina. Find the white Kampot peppercorns in its pepper mill and our economical sachets.




Discover excellence with the Purchase of White Pepper from Kampot IGP  - The best white pepper par excellence.

I am Arnaud Sion, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, I consider it to be the best white pepper in the world, because it offers notes of fresh herbs, eucalyptus and undergrowth with a hint of citrus. You need to know that it will not have an animal taste unlike other white peppers. This is why it is for me the best white pepper if you don't like musky notes. 

Our IGP Kampot White Peppercorns are free from the animal and musky notes typical of classic white peppers, such as Muntok white pepper, and are distinguished by their purity.  

This exceptional pepper, grown in the sunny region of Kampot , is the result of delicate cultivation , respectful of traditions. The red grains, picked at full maturity , are then washed and dried in the sun for two to three days , thus revealing a rich aromatic palette : from notes of citrus and eucalyptus to delicate notes of fresh herbs , without forgetting the nuances undergrowth and ripe fruit.         

On the palate, IGP Kampot whole white pepper offers a delicate flavor and a minty freshness on the finish, making it ideal for accompanying shellfish or for mixing pepper into your culinary preparations. Its color, varying from creamy white to beige , is a guarantee of its quality and authenticity.       

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is committed to providing you with this IGP Kampot pepper at the best value for money per kilo. We are proud to collaborate with the importer who works with Cambodian producers who perpetuate unique know-how, making Kampot pepper a special product, produced from the red grains of the Piper nigrum vine .         

Choose the excellence and delicacy of  Kampot White Pepper IGP  for an unforgettable taste experience.


ampot White Pepper is a gastronomic treasure, grown in the Kampot region, where the sunshine and the unique climate between sea and mountains give this pepper worldwide fame.   

Did you know that the difference between red and white pepper is only the pericarp. We will now explain this difference to you. 

It is produced from fully ripe red grains, is a jewel of pepper cultivation. Unlike black pepper, white Kampot pepper is harvested by hand, then undergoes a meticulous process to reveal its true, delicate aroma.

Production steps:

  1. Manual harvest  : The red grains are carefully picked by a few dedicated planting families.
  2. Water washing  : The grains are cleaned to remove impurities.
  3. Scalding  : One night in a tank of clear water begins the transformation.
  4. Multiple washing  : To remove all traces of pericarp.
  5. Sun drying  : For three days, the grains are dried to obtain a creamy white to beige color.

IGP white pepper stands out for its refined spiciness and fresh notes, evoking fresh herbs and a minty note on the finish. It is one of the rare peppers in the world to be produced with such strict specifications, guaranteeing its exceptional quality.  


Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the French specialist in the purchase of Kampot White Pepper IGP , available in various formats adapted to your culinary needs:

  • In a Bottle  : Discover the practicality and elegance of our Kampot White Pepper IGP , presented in a designer bottle, ideal for refined tables. 
  • Rechargeable Grinder  : Enjoy the freshness of ground pepper on demand with our rechargeable pepper mill, combining convenience and durability.
  • In Economy Bag  : For cooking enthusiasts and chefs, choose our economy bag which offers the best value for money per kilo.

Each grain of our white Kampot pepper is carefully selected to offer you a unique and incredible flavor , worthy of the most renowned Kampot black peppers.   

We have studied all of our packaging so that the peppercorns preserve their flavors.

Experience an exceptional spice that will transform your dishes.


Buying Kampot White Pepper is an invitation to a taste adventure. This is why many chefs in Brazil are going for this white kampot pepper. Its delicate notes of fresh herbs and citrus will give the pepper a truly unique pepper aroma.  

This pepper, far from the animal notes of classic varieties, offers your taste buds a palette of astonishing flavors.

If you don't like classic white pepper you will love it, love Kampot white pepper.

Let’s discover the aromatic spectacle together:

  • Citrus  : A zesty touch that awakens the senses.
  • Fresh Herbs  : Delicate notes that recall the sweetness of nature.
  • Eucalyptus  : A minty freshness that lingers in the mouth.
  • Sous-Bois  : An earthy depth that anchors the experience in a unique universe.

As you see, white pepper does not have a pericarp, so it does not sting in the mouth and it does not have a strong odor. 


Using Kampot White Pepper  in cooking is an art that deserves to be mastered to enhance your dishes. This pepper, from  meticulous cultivation  in the Kampot region, is renowned for its  true aroma  and  delicate flavor .

Usage tips :

  • Crushing  : To release the full power of its aroma, crush the pepper at the last moment or use a pestle for an ideal texture.
  • Perfect Pairings  :  Kampot White Pepper  goes wonderfully with white meats, fish, seafood, as well as in salads and sauces.
  • Innovative Desserts : Dare to combine it with fruit salads or chocolate mousse for a touch of originality.

The  sensory notes  of Kampot White Pepper are unique, evoking  freshly cut herbs  and a  rare liveliness , giving remarkable elegance to your daily culinary preparations.


Kampot pepper is unique and incredible, it can be used in sweet or savory dishes, discover my 8 favorite recipes: 

  1. White Kampot Pepper Chicken  : Saute pieces of chicken with garlic, ginger, soy and a generous pinch of white Kampot pepper. Serve with rice.

  2. Kampot White Pepper Shrimp Salad  : Toss cooked shrimp with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and a lemon and Kampot white pepper vinaigrette.

  3. White Kampot Pepper Steak  : Grill a steak to your liking, then sprinkle it with ground white Kampot pepper. Serve with roasted potatoes.

  4. Kampot White Pepper Squash Soup  : Cook squash with onion, garlic and vegetable stock. Blend until smooth, then season with white Kampot pepper.

  5. Lemon and White Kampot Pepper Pasta  : Cook pasta al dente, drain and toss with lemon zest, olive oil, grated parmesan and white Kampot pepper.

  6. Kampot White Pepper Risotto  : Cook arborio rice with vegetable stock, stirring constantly. When the rice is cooked, add grated parmesan and a generous pinch of white Kampot pepper.

  7. Omelette with cheese and white Kampot pepper  : Beat eggs with milk, pour into a hot pan, add grated cheese and season with white Kampot pepper.

  8. Grilled Fish with Kampot White Pepper  : Season a fish fillet with salt and Kampot white pepper, then grill it. Serve with a green salad.


White Kampot pepper , native to Cambodia and grown in the eponymous province, enjoys worldwide fame for its exceptional quality and distinctive taste . Its ideal growing conditions, favored by the climate and quartz-rich soil of the Kampot region, give this pepper unique characteristics. It thus develops a powerful bouquet and delicate aromas , offering an intense and spicy taste experience , enhanced with subtle accents of fresh herbs and lemon .

Compared to other varieties of white pepper such as Sao Tome white pepper and Muntok white pepper, which both have strong animalic notes , Kampot white pepper clearly stands out. Sao Tome white pepper, grown on an island off the coast of Gabon, seduces with the generous size of its grains and its high musky content , offering fruity, civet aromas that can be enhanced with  red meats and even fruit salads. . However, despite its appreciable qualities, it cannot compete with the complexity and richness of taste of Kampot white pepper.

Similarly, Muntok white pepper, famous in Indonesia and the international market, is grown in the Muntok region of Bangka Island. It seduces with its distinctive aroma and warm, creamy flavor . Despite its strengths, Muntok white pepper cannot match the unique flavor and incomparable aromatic bouquet of Kampot white pepper.

Check out this video where I explain the different colors of Kampot pepper and their flavors. 

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White Kampot Pepper IGP
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