Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)
Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)
Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)
Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)
Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)
Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)

Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)

The Chinese star anise or star anise is the fruit of a tropical tree that is found in southern China. Star anise is also produced in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Japan and the Philippines. Ideal for pastries or herbal tea.

  • Power of the spice: 9/10
  • Main notes: The characteristic notes of star anise with its anise flavor
  • Use: Savory, sweet and herbal tea
  • Origin: Vietnam

Discover and buy star anise from Comptoir de Toamasina, a Comptoir des épices. You will buy it at the best price and especially an anise of great qualities. Discover our recipes, tips for use and lots of useful information.

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Badiane of Vietnam (Anise Star)

Discover the star anise from the Comptoir de Toamasina, in real Comptoir des Tisanes, we suggest you buy a delicious star anise with the authentic and characteristic flavor of Anis at the best price. We offer recipes, advice on use, an explanation of its benefits for your vitality. To buy star anise (Star Anise) it's good here.

Star anise (star anise) - Purchase, sale, uses, benefits, importer

What is star anise?

The star anise is the fruit of a shrub called the Chinese star anise. It is one of the most celebrated herbal teas these days.

It is a magnificent tree with evergreen leaves which comes from China and Vietnam. The badianier likes mild climates and acid soils.

Did you know: that you can grow this tree in the south of France on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Its fruit, the Badiane, which forms a star that we call star anise because its taste is reminiscent of anise and liquorice.

It is used a lot in baking as well as in savory cooking. But it is in herbal teas that it is preferred today.

Little reminder: the taste of anise is due to anethole which is the essential oil that contains star anise. Each branch of the star anise contains a brown seed which is less aromatic than its envelope.

Use of Badiane nowadays

Today, Badiane is widely used as a flavoring, natural flavor, in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, as well as on our spice stalls to enhance salty and sweet dishes.

Harvest of star anise - buy star anise herbal tea online

There must be two harvests of star anise per year. The whole harvest, like the majority of spices such as timut pepper, is made by hand.

As with our spices from Brazil, in China it is in April and October that the harvest takes place.

Imagine a field with an anise smell of the pickers will harvest this spice on the tree. Then after this harvest the star anise will undergo ripening. As for bourbon vanilla.

The fruit delicately dried in the sun in order to take its shape and its final color.

Once dried, the star anise will be pulled and the damaged stars will be downgraded.

Product Description

Origin: Vietnam

Description: The Chinese star anise or star anise is the fruit of a tropical tree that is found in southern China. Star anise is also produced in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Japan and the Philippines

Traditional uses: star anise is a more powerful spice than green anise. Star anise has stomachic and carminative properties.

Used in infusion: it suppresses bloating and reduces gas.

Infusion: one flower per cup

The flavor and taste of Badiane

star anise is a spice that will remind us of anise and licorice. Its aromas look so much like green anise that it is called star anise.

In a herbal tea this spice will flavor your drink with a characteristic taste of anise.

It is even said that Badiane gives a drink close to patis in terms of taste.

How to use star anise in cooking?

Star anise is the most fragrant anise, it is also called star anise. Star anise is used in the preparation of 5 spice mixes.

To use star anise, you can either grate it or simply let it infuse in broth dishes, gravy dishes, marinades .... A single star of anise will serve to flavor the whole. Star anise is the spice of nostalgia, which will give a taste of yesteryear to all of your dishes, drinks and desserts.

In pastry making, especially in western France, it is used to flavor desserts, in pancakes. To use it you just have to put the star anise in the milk and let it steep for a few minutes.

You can use star anise, in fruit marinades, it will be ideal in orange and apple based marinades.

Star anise is very popular in alcoholic drinks like Pastis.

We also drink it as an infusion, in teas or simply as an infusion.

Good to know: Today we are selling more and more powdered star anise, we advise you to buy whole spices and finally keep all the flavors. The whole spice that you use at the last moment will keep its organoleptic qualities and properties. The whole fruit will keep better over time than the powder.

What dose to use to make a Badiane infusion

it is very difficult to express the dose to use, everything will depend if you like the taste of anise.

If you like a star for 500ml of water to infuse for 10 minutes.

If not, you can break it in 3, for 250ml of water.

Badiane in the pastry shop

Badiane will be used as a tonka bean, cinnamon, vanilla. It is very easy to use for creative cooking.

In pastry, we like it for making Christmas meals. But it is also used to make jams and marmalades.

It will be used to replace the vanilla pod in pastry and crème brûlée for example.

On the road of vanilla and spices in Bahia

Go on an adventure with the Comptoir de Toamasina and come and discover our entire spice route.

Each week new videos and reports on our road to the spices of the world.

Discover our flavors from Brazil like raw acerola, acai berry and our powdered guarana.

In addition to buying star anise online, we offer on our blog, articles to better use it.

Each week discover recipes with this spice. And it's not over because we offer recipes from starter to dessert, including herbal tea.

Let yourself be carried away by this spice to create creative everyday cooking. At Comptoir de Toamasina, we offer much more than spices, spices with a story and you can discover the work of our creator on our blog.

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