Guarana White Powder
Guarana White Powder
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Guarana White Powder
Guarana White Powder
Buy Guarana White Powder

Guarana White Powder

Explore the vibrant energy of Brazil with our Guarana Powder, available in 50g per kilo format at Comptoir de Toamasina. As a guarana specialist, we provide you with a selection of this legendary plant, perfect for those looking for an alternative to coffee. Each grain has been powdered, according to Brazilian regulations. The caffeine level is minimum 5% in accordance with the Far book. Brasileira 6.ED.V.PM050-00

  • Spice strength: 10/10
  • Main notes: Earthy characteristic of guarana
  • Use: Dilute a teaspoon in your orange game
  • Active ingredient: High guaranine content (natural caffeine)
  • Native: Brazil, Amazonas, Bahia, Para

Buy powdered guarana directly from Comptoir de Toamasina and travel across Brazil and the world with our flavors. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and discover Ranger Expedition.




Purchase natural raw guarana powder at Comptoir de Toamasina. You will discover our tips for use and the discovery of the superfood by Arnaud , the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina.

Discover the energizing power of Guarana , our natural treasure directly from the Amazon and Bahia now available in powder to revitalize your daily life!

It is not the Amazon which is the leading producer but the state of Bahia in Brazil .

Our Brazilian Counter opens the doors to an exotic world where premium Guarana , a pure marvel of nature, is cultivated with dedication on the rich soils of Brazil.

The Guarana , jewel of the Amazon but it thrives best in the state of Bahia and it is the pillar of biodiversity, known under the scientific name of Paullinia cupana , is celebrated as the watchful eye of the forest, embodying an energy unaltered and ancestral vigor in Guarani culture.

Each packet reveals the strength of Guarana, rich in a remarkable content of more than 5% of Metilxantina which is the name of natural caffeine , from the finest harvests in Brazil. You should know that the book farm. Brazil 6.ED. V2. PM50-00, imposes a minimum caffeine level of 5% .

In its airtight packaging , our powder preserves all of its virtues, guaranteeing easy use in your concoctions, infusions or favorite dishes.

We invite you to an authentic adventure , to place your trust in our expertise. Explore the ways Guarana can enhance your wellness routine and give you sustained energy .

Scientific name: Paullinia cupana Kunth

Embark on a captivating journey to the heart of the Brazilian Amazon and Bahia .

Let yourself be carried away by the invigorating energy of our Guarana powder . Come meet us and breathe the vitality of Guarana into your life!


The year 2015 marked a decisive turning point in my life. At the time, I had already built a reputation as an expert on Madagascar Bourbon vanilla , a spice that had captivated my senses and my entrepreneurial spirit. 

Comptoir de Toamasina was created in March 2010 with the importation of vanilla from Madagascar and in April 2014, I had a report from Madagascar on my vanilla route.

But it was in Brazil, in 2015 , that I had an encounter that would redefine my professional and personal trajectory.

I had landed in Bahia , a Brazilian state known for its vibrant culture and lush biodiversity.

90 km from the town of Ilheus , I discovered a guarana plantation, an energizing and mysterious berry that would capture my imagination just as vanilla had done years before.

Local farmers , with their ancestral knowledge and their passion for the land, introduced me to the secrets of guarana cultivation. I learned to recognize the quality of seeds, to understand the growth cycle of the plant, and above all, to appreciate the value of this natural treasure.

This experience not only enriched my knowledge of spices but also broadened my vision of fair trade and sustainability . I saw in these little red seeds not only economic potential but also an opportunity to create deeper ties with local communities and promote environmentally friendly agriculture.

In November 2019 , after several years of learning and collaboration, I finally established a partnership with a guarana plantation , marking the start of a new adventure. My company, Le Comptoir de Toamasina , has become the symbol of this evolution, offering not only the best vanilla from Madagascar but also premium Brazilian guarana.

Today, I look back with gratitude for how far I have come since my first steps in French markets, selling vanilla and dreaming of travel. Guarana and vanilla are not just products; they represent a story of passion, discovery and commitment to quality and authenticity.


Guarana, this energizing berry native to Bahia in Brazil, is known for its unique and complex taste. Guarana seeds, once ripe, reveal a harsh and robust flavor, reminiscent of the richness of the land from which they come. This characteristic flavor, both bitter and pungent, is the result of a high concentration of caffeine, much higher than that found in conventional coffee beans.

When you taste guarana, you are immediately transported to the depths of Bahia , where the plant grows wild. The first impression is often surprising, because the taste of guarana is unparalleled: it evokes a mixture of earthy notes with a hint of bitterness which gradually fades, giving way to a slight refreshing acidity.

In the mouth, guarana stands out for its ability to stimulate the senses. He doesn't just wake up the palace; it awakens the mind thanks to its invigorating properties. It is an invitation to discover an extraordinary taste dimension, an experience that goes beyond simple tasting.

In Brazil, guarana is often made into a very popular sparkling drink, appreciated for its distinctive taste and invigorating effect. But at Comptoir de Toamasina , we celebrate guarana in its purest form, allowing our customers to fully savor the authenticity of this exceptional spice.

The guarana from Comptoir de Toamasina is carefully selected to guarantee unique quality, thus offering an unforgettable taste experience. Whether incorporated into recipes, consumed as a food supplement or enjoyed as an infusion, guarana promises a unique sensory journey, marked by the imprint of the wild and preserved nature of Bahia.


Guarana is the fruit of the guaranazeiro , a plant native to the Amazon. Its benefits are mainly attributed to its high content of three xanthines: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. These substances are stimulants that reduce fatigue and the feeling of weariness, while increasing concentration.

Guarana has acclimated well to other regions of Brazil and is now cultivated there. According to the “Brazilian Regional Foods” report published in 2015 by the Ministry of Health, guarana production in Bahia now exceeds that of the Amazon.

This expansion makes the fruit more accessible and popular in different parts of the country. A specialist in Brazil explains various ways to use guarana and where to get it.

"Using guarana powder is an excellent alternative. It is easily accessible and affordable for the general public. It is recommended to consume one teaspoon per day, preferably in the morning. You can add it, for example, to Acai powder , mixed with banana and a teaspoon of guarana in a blender.

It is also possible to dilute it in a little water first thing in the morning to improve concentration and reduce physical and mental fatigue. You can sprinkle it on fruit or mix it into smoothies. ".

By processing the seeds, guarana can be obtained in the form of powder, stick, extracts or syrups. The caffeine content of guarana seeds ranges from 4% to 7%, which is higher than that of coffee, mate and cocoa.


Le Comptoir de Toamasina is much more than a simple seller of Guarana Powder, it will help you discover how guarana is grown in Brazil.

The fruit

Guarana fruits are distinguished by their predominant red color , accompanied by orange and yellow nuances . When fully ripe, they partially open, revealing one to three dark brown seeds , the base of which is enveloped in a thick white aril .

Harvesting is carried out at this stage to prevent the capsules from opening completely and thus prevent the seeds from falling. The fruit contains guaraine , a substance similar to caffeine, known for its stimulating properties . It increases resistance to mental and physical efforts while reducing mental and motor fatigue .

Plant and Cultivation


Guarana is a climbing perennial shrub adapted to hot, humid tropical climates . It can reach up to 10 meters in height when it uses trees for support. In isolated cultivation, it adopts a bushy form and generally does not exceed two to three meters in height.


Brazil is the only country to produce guarana on a commercial scale. The average productivity of Brazilian plantations is 298 kg per hectare . This low productivity can be explained by several factors: limited use of selected clones , planting of unimproved traditional varieties , aging of plantations, high incidence of parasites and diseases , as well as a lack of appropriate cultural care .

For optimal commercial production, it is recommended to use selected seeds or plants . Specialists advise propagating guarana by rooting cuttings , taken from herbaceous branches with fully developed leaves. Propagation by seed is not recommended due to high genetic variability , which results in non-uniform orchards and fluctuating productivity.

The Brazilian Agricultural Research Company ( Embrapa ) has developed selected cultivars with high productivity . These clones not only offer a high yield — between 400 grams and 1.5 kilos of seeds per plant — but are also resistant to anthracnose , a disease caused by the fungus Colletotrichum guaranicola , which causes serious damage to crops.

Plants obtained by cloning have the advantage of requiring a shorter training time , of seven months, compared to twelve months for traditional plants grown from seeds. Clones start producing after about two years , compared to four years for traditional plants. Commercial production stabilizes after three years for clones and after five years for traditional plants. In addition, the survival of clones after one year of planting exceeds 90% , compared to less than 80% for plants grown from seed.

For marketing, the guarana fruit must be pulped and roasted . After harvest, the fruits are stored in bags or stacked in a clean place for up to three days for fermentation. The place must have a cement or ceramic floor and be closed to prevent access by animals. Fermentation facilitates the removal of the shell, which is done manually or using appropriate equipment. After pulping, the seeds are washed in clean water and classified by size using a six millimeter mesh sieve .

The seeds are then roasted separately to standardize the roasting point and obtain a homogeneous product. Roasting is done in a terracotta or metal container , over low heat, stirring the seeds constantly for uniform heat distribution. In a terracotta container, roasting takes four to five hours , while in a metal container it lasts around three and a half hours .

For the soft drink industry, seeds are ready when they reach the "crack point" or 5% to 7% moisture . For stick guarana, the humidity should be 8% to 12% .

The roasted seeds are stored in ventilated bags , preferably made of natural fibers such as burlap. Under appropriate conditions, they can be stored for up to 18 months.


Guarana, known for its natural caffeine content, offers a multitude of health and wellness benefits.

Natural Caffeine: Guarana is a source of natural caffeine, making it an ideal ally for maintaining normal cognitive function, stimulating alertness and concentration, as well as improving physical performance while boosting energy. In addition to these benefits, caffeine can also help burn fat and improve metabolism, making it a popular supplement for active and health-conscious people.

Usage tips :

To benefit from the benefits of guarana, it is recommended to consume approximately one teaspoon of guarana powder per day, or approximately 4 grams.

How to use it ?

Guarana can be integrated into your daily diet in different ways:

  • Diluted in water or sprinkled on your favorite breakfast dishes to start the day with a natural boost.
  • Added to sweet preparations such as compotes or dairy products for an energetic and tasty touch.
  • Mixed with drinks like juices, smoothies or hot drinks for a refreshing boost any time of the day.

In what form ?

Guarana can be used in two main ways:

  • Diluted: Add guarana powder to your drinks or preparations to benefit from its benefits in a gentle and balanced way.
  • Sprinkled: Sprinkle guarana powder on your food for a subtly energizing flavor.

When is the best time?

  • At breakfast: Incorporate guarana into your first meal of the day to start with energy and vitality.
  • Throughout the day: Enjoy the benefits of guarana any time you need a boost of energy and focus.

Ideas for use:

  • In a smoothie: Add a teaspoon of guarana to your favorite smoothie for an invigorating and stimulating drink.
  • In a compote: Mix guarana with your fruit compote for a touch of natural energy.
  • Diluted in fruit juice: Add guarana to your morning fruit juice for a vitamin boost.
  • In a drink: Add a pinch of guarana to your favorite hot beverage for an energizing alternative to coffee or tea.
  • In sweet preparations: Sprinkle guarana powder on your desserts or sweet snacks for a unique and energetic flavor.
  • In a dairy product: Mix guarana with your yogurt or cottage cheese for an energetic and nourishing snack.
  • In a glass of water: Dilute guarana in a glass of water for a thirst-quenching and energizing drink.
  • As an infusion: Infuse guarana in hot water to create a tonic and revitalizing drink.

By integrating guarana into your diet in creative and varied ways, you can enjoy its many health and well-being benefits throughout the day.

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Guarana Powder
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