Guarana Powder 5 Kg Import
Buy guarana powder
Guarana sale
guarana bay
Guarana Powder 5 Kg Import
Buy guarana powder
Guarana sale
guarana bay

Guarana Powder 5 Kg Import

Guarana is a superb bay that comes straight from the Amazon. We are the first importer from France and Europe who masters the whole process from harvest to packaging. White Guarana Powder is a powerful energizer, which will allow you to last a whole day without fatigue. Import Brazil the price includes guarana + shipping: 5kg: 10 bags of 500g

  • Power of the spice: 10/10
  • Main notes: Earthy characteristic of guarana
  • Use: Dilute a teaspoon in your set of orange
  • Active ingredient: High guaranine content (Natural caffeine)
  • Native: Brazil, Amazonas, Bahia, Para

Buy guarana at the best price per kilo and of high quality in our Counter. We are wholesaler and importer.

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Guarana Powder 5 Kg Import

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is an importer, exporter and wholesaler of premium powder guarana. We only market the best guarana cru. As for our vanilla pod from Tahiti, vanilla from Madagascar.

This is where you will find the best price per kilo of guarana powder directly from the best plantations.

We can also offer you to buy guarana drink direct from Brazil, guarana seeds and guarana tea the tea of adventurers.

Importer - Exporter - Wholesaler in Guarana

Buy the best white guarana sold in France, directly from our warehouse in Brazil in Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais in Brazil. Guarana Blanc directly from the producer at the best price per kilo.

Please note the delivery time is on average between 4 and 6 weeks. But we take care of the delivery to your home and customs procedures.

Guarana Powder from Brazil

Guarana Powder from Brazil - energy needed for the whole day

You have a delicatessen of superfoods see you are a big consumer of guarana, then it is here that you will buy the best guarana powder at the best price per kilo.

Purchase of 100% Natural White Guarana Powder directly from the Producer to the consumer

Arnaud, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina travels through Brazil in search of the best spices and flavors in the world.

Buy and sell cheap online sale of Guarana Powder

Buy a white guarana powder directly buy in a small rural plantation in the state of Para, a high quality white Guarana powder

What is White Guarana Powder?

The guarana is first of all a small shrub from the Brazilian Amazon. Our Guarana comes from the state of Para in Brazil. It’s in this state that we make the best premium white guarana in the world.

 Guarana is part of the tree family. You may not know it, but guarana is the most caffeine-containing plant in the world.

The name Guarana comes from Guarani, Amerindians from the Amazon. Guarana is used as an energizer by the Amazon Indians and to better endure hunger.

To make a good You should know that it was in the 19th century that guarana was the most popular.

In 1840, we discovered its main active ingredient, caffeine, which we call guaranine for guarana.

From 1880 to 1910 guarana was in the American pharmacopoeia as a natural stimulant.

It is also diuretic and hypertensive. Doctors in the Amazon still use it to help combat headaches and menstruation.

Today, guarana extract is used in the preparation of various carbonated energy drinks, but not only. It is also in energy drinks.

Guarana Culture in Brazil

Guarana Culture in Brazil

Brazil is the first producer and exporter in the world of guarana with more than 2000 tonnes per year. It’s 70% of world production. We market the best Guarana in the Amazon, a White Guarana Seed - Wild Powder.

Wild guarana is very strong in guaranie, that is to say richer in caffeine and very well balanced in tannins, pectin, trace elements and vitamins. It is a very good dietary supplement, which you will find in pharmacies or shops without origin. Without even knowing where the guarana is in the Amazon.


Le Comptoir de Toamasina dit stop à l’achat sans visuel, le Comptoir de Toamasina achète le guarana directement chez des producteurs dans l’Amazonie profonde.

Guarana Powder Production

Organic Guarana powder from Brazil

In order to obtain the best guarana in Brazil and keep all of its guarana benefits, Le Comptoir de Toamasina will transform the seeds into powder according to the ancestral method.

The first step to make Guarana Powder is cooking, you have to dehydrate and grind the seeds, the temperature must be very controlled.

At a low temperature, it will have an excess of tannins because it does not evaporate and the guarana is too rich in tannins and saponin. Its taste will then be very bitter.

If the guarana is ground at too high temperatures the tannins will completely evaporate. The caffeine effect becomes preponderant and is no longer offset by that of tannin. The absorption of caffeine is then very rapid and results in a sensation of whiplash which is dangerous in the long term for the body.

The traditional treatment of guarana meets the requirement of the Comptoir de Toamasina as for our vanilla. Cooking and dehydrating is done in a clay oven, then grinding on stone wheels. It’s the ancestral use of Guarana.

Product Description:

Product: White Guarana powder from Pará in Brazil

Packaging in resealable sachet: 500g = 10 sachets of 500g

Percentage of Guarana: 100%

Feature: Powerful energizer, increases metabolism and appetite suppressant effect

Provenance: Brazil from the State of Pará, Amazona é Bahia

Guarana Powder Benefits

The properties of Guarana

Guarana is a powerful physical and intellectual stimulant. It increases alertness and fights against fatigue. A lot of scientific experience proves it. White guarana powder is an ally to use on many occasions in everyday life: an overly busy day, an exam, during jetlag, if you go for a long hike, dance or parties. Guarana will stimulate the central nervous system, which increases attention and helps fight drowsiness and drowsiness.

Guarana promotes thanks to the action of lipolytic which will reduce the feeling of hunger. Slightly euphoric, it can be used as a substitute by people used to stimulants (tea or coffee).

Guarana powder with Cognitive functions, guarana is ideal for memorization, perception, learning…. Several clinical trials show that caffeine can improve cognitive performance. Identical results have been obtained with only guarana powder or mixed with Ginseng.

How to properly prepare Guarana powder

Take powdered guarana as a dietary supplement

Use of Guarana powder: 1 teaspoon of guarana powder to be diluted in fruit juice, yogurt or a glass of water in the morning.

Buy the best Amazon guarana online at Comptoir de Toamasina

Online sale of Amazon white guarana. Comptoir de Toamasina sells the best guarana in the Amazon, the white Guarana, it is a light color unlike other guarana. It is an exceptional guarana. A great guarana.


You can buy our Guarana with confidence because we are a Franco-Brazilian company and we control today the whole process, from its production to its marketing. So come and buy guarana from Comptoir de Toamasina.

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