Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper
Tellicherry Black Pepper

Tellicherry Black Pepper

Tellicherry Black Pepper comes from India. It is one of the oldest peppers in the world. The Tellicherry Pepper has a very beautiful brown grain with vegetable odors. Its taste on the palate is a marriage between citrus and topsoil. A delicate, intense, deep and spicy pepper. To be used on roast beef, sardine papilottes, braised salmon, grilled meats.

  • Pepper power: 6/10
  • Main notes: topsoil and citrus
  • Use: A pepper for red meats, white meats, vegetables and grilled meats
  • Origin: India

Buy the best quality Tellichery pepper from the Malabar coast at the best price per kilo. It is one of the best and oldest peppers in the world. It is a Grand Cru of pepper.

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Tellicherry Black Pepper

Discover the Tellicherry pepper from Comptoir de Toamasina. This is where you will buy the best black pepper from Tellicherry, at the best price per kilo. It is a black pepper which comes from the coast of Malabar in India and more precisely from the city of Tellichery, it is a port. It is one of the first peppers that peppers discovered in Europe.

Did you know that like the great vintages, peppers and vanilla come from terroir which can bear this name to express the best quality.

Buy and Sell Tellicherry Black Pepper in Grains - India

Tellicherry black pepper, buy peppercorns from India

Tellichery Pepper from the Producer, Malabar Black Pepper

Purchase and sale of tellicherry black pepper. The tellicherry black pepper is one of the first peppers in the world discovered in particular by Vasco de Gama in India.

It is a pepper that belongs to the truth of piper nigrum. Come and buy at Comptoir de Toamasina, the best Tellicherry pepper in grain which comes directly from India, more precisely from the coast of Malabar. Tellicherry pepper is a very nice pepper with a very nice brown color.

It is a pepper with flavors of fruit and topsoil.

A very large intense deep and spicy delicate pepper.

Come buy an excellent Tellicherry pepper at the best price. Packaging of the bottle, per kilo, through the inexpensive tellicherry pepper sachet.

What is Tellicherry pepper, Malabar pepper from the origins

Tellicherry pepper directly from the plantation

What is Tellicherry Black Pepper?

The Tellicherry pepper in grain is first of all a pepper which comes from the piper nigrum vine. The piper nigrum is the traditional vine, which makes the traditional pepper the pepper of Madagascar, the pepper of Bahia, of Belem, the vast majority of peppers so as not to hide anything from you.

The first pepper vines come from the Malabar coast in India.

You should know when Vasco da Gama discovered the Indies, he imported a lot of spices from India into Portugal. The coast of Malabar is full of spices, it's a bit like the world of spices at that time.

The Tellichery pepper vine is a semi wild vine, it can grow up to 10 meters high. You should also know that the coast of Malabar is the birthplace of pepper.

Tellicherry Black Pepper, one of the oldest peppers in the World

Buy the best pepper in tellicherry grain, the taste of spices

Tellicherry pepper, a large black pepper

Tellicherry pepper is a very delicate pepper on the nose, it gives off woody notes and a smell of fruit, it will then be intense and deep in the mouth.

Tellicherry pepper has a very powerful attack on the palate with woody notes of plants and citrus. We discover, notes of lemon and grapefruit slightly acidulous then comes the intense spiciness to the bite and very fiery.

Its scent will evolve slowly to end on spicy notes very characteristic of piperine. It has an incredible length in the mouth an exceptional length in the mouth. Le Comptoir de Toamasina goes to India to discover the best tellicherry black pepper plantations but we are also a producer of spices in Brazil in Minas Gerais, Powdered Acerola, Turmeric, Ginger and soon a world of spices.

Product Description


Product: Tellichery Black Pepper

Packaging Bottle: 50g and Bag: 250g and 1kg

Characteristic: Tellicherry Black Pepper, a large pepper with a powerful attack on the palate, woody notes of plants and citrus. Slightly tangy lemon and grapefruit note

Origin: Kerala, India

Other packaging available: 250g resealable bag, 1kg vacuum bag

How to use Tellichery black pepper in your creative cuisine

Tellicherry Pepper is very easy to use in the kitchen. It can be used in all savory dishes. It is a black pepper that I recommend ideally when grilling, crushed or simply ground.

Tellicherry Pepper can also be used on roasts, salads, marinades, gravy dishes, fish, seafood and vegetables. You can use it a little bit in everything. It gives a very special, very warm taste to goat cheese in particular or to fresh cheese such as string. I don’t find it so subtle to use it in desserts like timut pepper.

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