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This vanilla can be classified Grade A or Extra depending on the country.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we offer you vanilla directly from our plantation, grown in optimal and environmentally friendly conditions in Brazil.

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    • Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar:   A Bean Adored by Pastry Chefs, Rich, Supple and Irresistible. With Subtle Cocoa Flavors and Exquisite Vanilla Intensity.
    • Tahitian Vanilla:  A Dazzling Bean with Sensual Aromas of Prunes and Anise, Blooming into a Captivating Floral Vanilla

    Brazilian Vanilla:   A Generous Bean with Exotic and Floral Aromas, Enhanced with a Subtle Touch of Acidity

    • Vanilla from Papua Tahitensis:  A Gourmet Treasure with Aromas of Spices, Leather and Floral Vanilla
    • Papuan Vanilla Planifolia:   An Aromatic Journey with Aromas of Spices, Leather and Intense Vanilla

    Le Comptoir de Toamasina selects like a sommelier the most beautiful vanilla pods during its annual trips.

    Arnaud travels the world in search of the most beautiful varieties of vanilla to introduce you to creative cuisine.

    Our vanillas are beautiful, herbs with rich, intense aromatic notes. 

    You love the world of vanilla then you will love Comptoir de Toamasina, the vanilla specialist since 2010.

    Everything you need to know about vanilla from Comptoir de Toamasina and Arnaud Vanille from A to Z

    Let us tell you the fascinating story of vanilla.

    Its introduction to the world of pastry, its place in our diet, as well as its botanical and aromatic complexity.

    This culinary adventure will allow you to discover vanilla pods from a new angle, exploring the cultivation method, the different existing varieties and preservation techniques.

    This article is a partnership with the Arnaud Vanille plantation of the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina. Comptoir de Toamasina is a vanilla producer in Brazil on a test plantation. Arnaud owes his nickname Arnaud vanilla following the report by Thalassa who will present his vanilla route to the whole of France, because at the time our Comptoir only sold vanilla on the Sébastopol market, Place du Concert and Wazemmes in Lille .

    Vanilla pods originate from Mexico for the planifolia variety .

    They have become an essential ingredient in the preparation of desserts and pastries around the world.

    However, vanilla production is a complex process that requires careful attention.

    Vanilla is produced by an orchid, the Vanilla, which only grows under specific conditions.

    Vanilla flowers must be pollinated by hand and their maturation requires great patience and expertise. Because it is during the last two weeks that the vanilla plant will give the flavor of vanilla, vanillin to the vanilla pod. 

    If you leave it on the stem for too long, the pod will not open for long and will not have good aromatic power. Only the Tahitensis orchid will not have its pods that split but we will talk about that later.

    The most commonly used variety of vanilla is planifolia vanilla and the best-selling vanilla in the world is Bourbon vanilla , grown in Madagascar , but there are others, such as Tahitienne or pompona, each offering benefits. different flavors and aromas.

    Finally, storing vanilla beans is crucial to maintaining their quality and flavor. Vanilla beans should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and humidity. And vanilla should never be stored in alcohol or in the freezer, because here you will destroy the aromatic power of vanilla and its flavor. 

    Thanks to this gourmet adventure, you will discover the subtleties of growing and preserving vanilla pods, as well as the different varieties and flavors they offer. You will never be able to look at this spice with the same eyes again and you will understand why you should buy your vanilla pods at Comptoir de Toamasina, the expert in the sale of vanilla since 2010.

    Explore Our Exceptional Vanilla Pods, An Unprecedented Aromatic Adventure - The Arnaud Vanilla signature

    Chefs and pastry chefs make no compromises when it comes to quality, and their trust in our vanilla is an honor that pushes us to continually push the boundaries to find exceptional spices to share with you. When a great chef chooses my vanilla, I am convinced of its exemplary quality.

    The creator of Comptoir de Toamasina's overwhelming passion for vanilla encourages him to look for unusual varieties.

    This spice is truly extraordinary. A joyful nature.

    Each provenance offers a unique taste experience, with fruity, floral, musky, woody or cocoa notes. Each vanilla pod is a real sensory journey .

    During his travels in vanilla and spice producing countries, he will discover production methods to develop his plantation in Brazil.

    As a vanilla specialist, he invites you to dive into a fascinating universe where exquisite flavors and captivating fragrances mingle .

    His incessant quest for excellence will lead him to select vanilla pods of extraordinary quality , to offer you an unparalleled taste experience.

    Pastry chefs, true connoisseurs, place precious trust in our vanillas, which constitutes an infinite source of motivation to always go further. 

    Arnaud travels the globe in search of exceptional spices, in order to share unique aromatic treasures with you on our YouTube channel and introduce you to world cuisines.

    Each variety of vanilla that we offer has been carefully chosen for its fleshy texture, its generosity and its flexibility. When tasting them, you will be transported by delicate notes of cocoa and an intensity of vanilla that will awaken your taste buds.

     Each vanilla pod that you will discover has its own character, influenced by its region of production, its maturation and its variety. I am committed to respecting a long traditional refining process, thus guaranteeing vanilla of exceptional quality.

    Let yourself be seduced by our selection, because every year we strive to offer you new aromatic palettes that will surprise you. Our ultimate goal is to make you understand that the authentic scent of vanilla can be very different from what we imagine. Each experience with my products is a true revelation, where intensity, power and subtlety combine for your greatest pleasure.

    Join us on this taste adventure and discover the wonders of vanilla that I have carefully chosen for you. On my site, you will find a selection of exceptional varieties that will awaken your senses and offer you an explosion of flavors. Let yourself be carried away into the fascinating world of vanilla, enhancing your culinary creations with elegance and refinement.

    1. Madagascar Vanilla: Immerse yourself in the world of Madagascar vanilla, a treasure cherished by pastry chefs around the world. This vanilla pod is distinguished by its fleshy texture, its generosity and its flexibility. Offering delicate notes of cocoa and exquisite vanilla intensity, it adds a unique dimension to your culinary creations. Let yourself be seduced by the unrivaled quality of our Madagascar vanilla, harvested and prepared with the greatest care. Bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your desserts by opting for this exceptional vanilla. Its captivating scent and subtle flavor transformevery bite into a memorable taste experience. Treat yourself to the pleasure of cooking with a vanilla known for its excellence. Buy our Madagascar vanilla now and enhance your culinary creations with this irresistible pod, appreciated by pastry experts around the world.
    2. Tahitian Vanilla: Let yourself be enchanted by the splendor of Tahitian vanilla, an exceptional pod rich in grains that will awaken all your senses. Its sensual aromas of prunes and anise create a captivating taste symphony , then evolving into a floral vanilla that will transport you to a fragrant garden . Each Tahitian vanilla pod is carefully selected to offer you a unique aromatic experience . Cultivated in the exotic regions of Tahiti, this variety of vanilla is distinguished by its gourmet quality and its complexity of taste . Treat yourself to the quintessence of Tahitian vanilla and add a touch of refinement to your culinary creations. Pastry chefs around the world know that this exceptional vanilla is a treasure in its own right. Surprise your taste buds with intoxicating notes of prunes and anise which blend harmoniously, then let yourself be charmed by the emergence of floral vanilla which will bring a delicate and captivating dimension to each of your culinary creations. Succumb to the irresistible appeal of Tahitian vanilla and give life to desserts and dishes of rare elegance. Buy our Tahitian vanilla now and let yourself be seduced by its captivating fragrance which will enhance your culinary creations with an incomparable note of exoticism.
    3. Brazilian Vanilla:  Let yourself be enchanted by Brazilian vanilla , a generously sized pod that will transport you to exotic lands . Its aromatic bouquet will seduce you with delicate notes of floral vanilla, evoking a captivating and sunny scent . To top it off, a slight touch of acidity will tickle your taste buds for an unforgettable taste experience. Each Brazilian vanilla pod is the result of careful selection, guaranteeing exceptional quality. Originally from the tropical lands of Brazil, this variety of vanilla offers unique aromas that will captivate your senses from the first taste. Give an exotic dimension to your culinary creations by adding Brazilian vanilla to your recipes. Let yourself be seduced by its intoxicating floral notes, which will bring a touch of sophistication to your favorite desserts and dishes. And let's not forget this subtle touch of acidity which will add a touch of freshness and balance to your preparations. No longer resist the call of Brazilian vanilla and treat yourself to an unrivaled taste experience. Buy our Brazilian vanilla now and let yourself be seduced by its aromatic generosity,
    4. Papua Vanilla Tahitensis variety: Let yourself be charmed by Papua Vanilla - Tahitensis variety, a real gourmet treasure that will awaken your senses. This vanilla pod, reminiscent of Madagascar in its size and appearance, offers you a unique aromatic experience. Immerse yourself in an exquisite universe where captivating notes of spices and leather mingle, for a subtle touch of floral vanilla. Each Papuan vanilla pod - Tahitensis variety is carefully selected, guaranteeing exceptional quality. Originally from Papua, it will undergo the same refining as Malagasy vanilla, the bourbon method. This variety of vanilla transports you to new taste dimensions.Give an exotic and refined flavor to your culinary creations by incorporating Papuan vanilla - Tahitensis variety. Let yourself be enchanted by its exotic aromas of spices and leather, which will bring depth and complexity to your favorite desserts and dishes. And let's not forget the delicate note of floral vanilla which will enhance the whole for an unforgettable taste experience. Let Papuan vanilla - Tahitensis variety transport you to new taste horizons. Buy our Papuan vanilla now and succumb to its irresistible charm, adding a touch of exoticism and sophistication to your culinary creations.
    5. Papua Vanilla variety Planifolia: Let yourself be carried away by exploring Papua Vanilla - Planifolia variety , a captivating olfactory journey where captivating notes of spices and leather meet , to then reveal all the intensity of a exquisite vanilla . Each Papuan vanilla pod - Planifolia variety is carefully selected, guaranteeing exceptional quality . This variety of vanilla promises you an extraordinary taste experience.Bring an exotic and refined dimension to your culinary creations by incorporating Papuan vanilla - Planifolia variety. Let yourself be captivated by its spicy and leathery aromas, which add depth and complexity to your favorite desserts and dishes. And let's not forget the final touch of intense vanilla which enhances the whole, offering a memorable taste experience. Let yourself be tempted by Papuan vanilla - Planifolia variety and treat yourself to a unique aromatic journey. Buy our Papuan vanilla now and succumb to its irresistible charm, adding a note of exoticism and sophistication to all your culinary creations.

    Vanilla tour of the world - The 3 most cultivated varieties of vanilla deciphered by Arnaud Vanille

    Before you talk about the three varieties of vanilla most grown in the world . It should be remembered that Brazil will have more than 40 different varieties of vanilla plants . Brazil is the country with the most different varieties of vanilla . And Comptoir de Toamasina is the first French company to open a boutique specializing in the online sale of vanilla to offer you its exceptional vanillas .

    The orchid will belong to the orchid family , vanilla is a hemi-epiphytic plant, meaning that it will develop on another support. 

    It grows in the undergrowth in primary forests in Brazil, tropical forests and also in vanilla plantations . Vanilla can grow from mother level up to 1200 meters above sea level. It is found in Goias, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais in particular. 

    The vine can reach up to the sky , but as a general rule it is between 15 and 20 meters long . Its diameter is 2cm maximum.

    We like to practice multi-cropping, vanilla pod, cocoa cloves in Madagascar and Brazil, it's this new trend.

    The vanilla will have aerial roots

    We must remember that in all vanilla species its vanilla flower is delicate and fragile and above all it does not have a great aromatic power; it does not actually smell anything. The petals sepal and flower only one morning per year in Madagascar and twice per year in Brazil. 

    For a vanilla flower bud which can have up to 15 flowers at different stages of maturity , each flower only blooms for one morning. Therefore, to produce fruit, the planter must be present at the appropriate time to pollinate each flower.

    You should know that the more flowers you pollinate on a vanilla tree, the smaller you will have vanilla plants. So ideally an adult vanilla plant should produce between 3 and 5kg of green vanilla which makes between 600g and 1kg of black vanilla

    However, it is important not to pollinate all the flowers to avoid depleting the plant, which can result in pods that are too small. Therefore, the planter must choose judiciously the flowers to be pollinated to ensure an optimal harvest.

    Because the more vanilla pods you have on the stem, the less vanillin it can give to each pod, which is the flavor of vanilla. 

    Arnaud Vanille, the nickname of the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, offers you a world tour of vanilla with the 3 most cultivated varieties in the world: 

    • Vanilla planifolia: Vanilla planifolia, also known as Bourbon vanilla for that produced in the Indian Ocean , is a variety of vanilla native to Mexico and Central America . Today, it is mainly cultivated in the Indian Ocean, particularly in Madagascar, where it is widely recognized for its natural vanillin content and its chocolate aroma. Vanilla planifolia is the variety with the highest level of vanillin in the three most cultivated vanillas in the world.. As a reminder, vanillin is an organic compound that gives vanilla its distinctive, sweet aroma. Vanilla planifolia contains a significant quantity of vanillin, generally between 1.6 and 1.8%, which makes it a very popular variety in the food and perfume industry. It is also considered the most commonly used variety of vanilla in desserts and pastries. In addition to its high vanillin content, Vanilla planifolia is also appreciated for its intense warm and chocolatey vanilla aroma. Growing Vanilla planifolia can be a complex process and requires special attention as it takes 3 years before the plant produces a flower after water stress and 5 years before it becomes an adult and 8 years before it produces 5kg of vanilla green per foot.Now you understand Arnaud's nickname and especially why buy vanilla at Comptoir de Toamasina.
    • Vanilla tahitensis:  Vanilla x Tahitensis, also called Tahitian vanilla by some people to keep it simple. It is a variety of vanilla grown in French Polynesia, Tahiti and New Guinea. It stands out from other varieties of vanilla by its unique taste which combines floral and anise flavors. Tahitian vanilla is also known for its fragrance which is very long in the mouth. They say it’s the vanilla of star chefs. Tahitensis vanilla is very popular in cold preparations. Its cultivation is also a complex process, requiring specific growing conditions and hand pollination techniques. In addition to its culinary value, Vanilla x Tahitensis is also used in the perfume industry for its sweet, floral scent. It is often used as a base note in women's perfumes to add an exotic and sensual touch. The difference between Papuan tahitensis vanilla and Tahiti vanilla is that Papua tahitensis vanilla will undergo scalding and Tahitian vanilla, no, it is dried directly on the 50% vine. Tahitensis vanilla pods do not open when ripe.
    • Vanilla pompona: Vanilla pompona, also known as banana vanilla, Cerrado vanilla which is the best vanilla in the world that we encountered in Brazil just behind Bahian which has a micro culture. It is native to Central America. Its pods, which can measure up to 27 cm in length, are very fleshy and give it its nickname. It is appreciated for its sweet, floral and fruity notes. However, its production remains quite low and it is therefore often used in the perfume industry.

    Now we are going to talk about Brazil and its 40 different varieties of vanilla and the first producer of wild vanilla. Because it is not uncommon to discover a vanilla tree during a hike in the Mata Atalantica (Atlantic Forest).

    Brazil, the country with the largest variety of vanilla beans in the world

    Our adventure in Brazil begins with our acerola powder .

    But during a trip to Brasilia to go to Tocantins, Arnaud will discover vanilla in Goais

    You know that he selects his vanilla pods like a chef sommelier chooses his great wines for his restaurant.

    So you will discover on our site the vanilla pods, the rarest, intense, delicious which will come from micro batches in Brazil. 

    His passion for vanilla will make him travel in his Ford Ranger across Brazil with his dog in search of vanilla off the beaten track

    Today when a great chef from France or Brazil chooses vanilla from Comptoir de Toamasina , we are certain that our vanilla has exemplary quality and unique aromatic power. 

    Here, we are going to offer you all the vanillas that you can find in Brazil with the production status . During his travels through vanilla and spice producing countries and  the Brazilian states, Arnaud will set up a vanilla sector in Brazil with producer-collectors like our tonka bean

    You will discover only the most beautiful vanillas with rare and unique aromatic power depending on their region of production. Discover our Gold category bourbon vanilla or our Gold category peppers , it's 10% of the harvest . The peppers must have a weight per liter of less than 450g and the vanilla must be more than 18cm and other characteristics that you will discover in our product sheet.

    But like every year, we do our best to introduce you to the most beautiful vanillas , let's discover the new vanilla aromatic palettes of Brazilian vanilla . Our ambition is to introduce you to all the vanillas in the world and to produce them in the Arnaud Vanille plantation which is looking for vanilla with a beautiful aromatic intensity

    Discover the different varieties of vanilla pods according to the Brazilian states: 

    • V. cristagalli Hoehne (Amazonas)
    • V. cristato-callosa Hoehne (Amazonas)
    • V. dubia Hoehne (Rio de Janeiro)
    • V. ensifolia Rolfe (Mato Grosso)
    • V. pusura Rodr. Jr (Amazonas, Pará)
    • V. ribeiroi Hoehne (Mato Grosso)
    • V. schwackearana Hoehne (Minas Gerais)
    • V. uncinata Huber (Amazonas and Pará)
    • V. bahiana Hoehne (Pará, Pernambuco, Bahia)
    • V. bicolor (Amazonas)
    • V. chamissonis (Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Distrito Federal)
    • V. denticulata Pabst (Pernambuco)
    • V. eggersii Rolfe (Mato Grosso)
    • V. gardneri Rolfe (Pará, Piauí, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais)
    • V. lindmaniana Krzl (Mato Grosso)
    • V. palmurum Lindl. (Pará, Bahia, Paraná, Mato Grosso)
    • V. planifolia andr. (Amapá, Pará, Rio de Janeiro)
    • V. pompona Schiede (Amapá, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso)
    • V. sprucei Rolfe (Amazonas)
    • V. trigonocarpa Hoehne (Amazonas and Pará)
    • V. angustipetala Schltr. (São Paulo, Parana)
    • V. aromatica Sw (Amapá, Para, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais)
    • V. bradei Schltr. (São Paulo)
    • V. bertoniensis Bertoni (Paraná)
    • V. edwallii Hoehne (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul)
    • V. organensis Rolfe (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Mato Grosso)
    • V. ovata Rolfe (Pará)
    • V. parvifolia Barb Rodr (São Paulo, Paraná)
    • V. perexilis Bertoni (Paraná)

    The pods from Comptoir de Toamasina are superb , constant from year to year for their feminine, wild, gourmet notes to thrill the taste buds of the most demanding gourmets. 

    You will appreciate our vanillas with superb exotic , slightly tangy notes which will offer you a gourmet aromatic journey . When you discover the vanillas that we offer on our site, you will discover a new experience, that of the Comptoir de Toamasina, the Comptoir de Toamasina and specialist in vanillas from around the world since 2010.

    The Secrets Hidden Inside a Vanilla Bean

    Here, Arnaud Vanilla will explain to you what is inside the vanilla pod, a fascinating anatomy that reveals the aromatic power found inside the vanilla pod a fascinating dive into its aromatic components. 

    To better understand vanilla and what makes its beans and flavors so popular , it is necessary to understand the structure of the pod. The vanilla pod is made up of different parts:

    • Mesocarp: First of all, there is the external mesocarp, which is the brown, black or red envelope depending on the quality of the vanilla located all around the fruit. It is the first layer that protects the vanilla seeds inside
    • Internal mesocarp: Then there is the internal mesocarp, which envelops the seeds and promotes the synthesis of the vanillin it contains . Vanillin is the aromatic compound of vanilla that develops in the vanilla pod. It is this compound that gives vanilla its distinctive aroma and its warm, cocoa flavor for Madagascan vanilla.

    But vanillin is not the only aromatic component of vanilla. There are hundreds more that develop during the various stages of vanilla bean preparation.

    These additional flavor components are what give vanilla its complexity of flavors and aromas.

    Thus, to fully appreciate vanilla, it is important to take into account all the elements that compose it and to understand the different stages of preparation which contribute to creating this unique flavor appreciated throughout the world. 

    An overview of global vanilla production and its challenges and prospects by vanilla producing country

    The world of vanilla is a market in constant evolution and perpetual transformation . Thus, the name "Bourbon vanilla", created in 1964, is used to distinguish vanillas of the planifolia variety produced in the Indian Ocean (Reunion Island, Madagascar, Mauritius and Comoros) from those produced in other regions of the globe.

    However, the vanilla market has undergone upheaval in recent years with the arrival of new players and falling and rising prices. 

    Today with the increasingly competitive market in the world and particularly in France, we will see the emergence of a trend which consists of using the size of clothing to designate the different sizes of vanilla pods. This practice is gaining ground in France, where we can see names of Bourbon vanilla in sizes XS, S, L, or XL. 

    In addition, the vanilla market is also marked by a confusion of terms and names. Thus, we can see products labeled as “gold medal vanilla”, which are in reality rejects of vanilla, considered as industrial products, the red vanilla that we have seen among certain colleagues. This confusion can confuse consumers and tarnish the reputation of quality vanilla. The best quality of vanilla is gourmet quality.

    In short, the vanilla market is a sector in perpetual evolution, marked by price changes and new trends.

    However, it is important for vanilla sellers to preserve the authenticity and quality of their products by avoiding deceptive practices and respecting appellation standards.

    At Comptoir de Toamasina we offer you only the finest vanillas, only gourmet quality to thrill your taste buds and take them on a journey into the world of creative cuisine. We offer the same expertise for our teas .

    Here is the percentage of the world vanilla market by producing country:

    1. Madagascar – 80% 
    2. Indonesia - 5%
    3. Uganda - 3%
    4. Papua - 3%
    5. India - 2%
    6. Comoros - 1%
    7. Mexico - 1%
    8. Reunion - 0.53%
    9. Tahiti - 0.26%
    10. Tonga Islands - 0.21%
    11. Other countries 3.9%
    12. Brazil - 0.01%

    We are counting on an annual production of 2500 to 3000 tonnes per year. It is Madagascar that will set the pace for vanilla production in the world. A bit like Brazil with coffee.

    From red to gourmet: an exploration of the different qualities of vanilla

    We can call here the subtle nuances of vanilla. Arnaud Vanille offers you the guide to the different qualities of vanilla in Brief. You will find out why Comptoir de Toamasina is looking for the perfect vanilla, an examination of the different qualities available on the market and export prices in a vanilla plantation. 

    • The 3 different qualities of vanilla: 

    Red Vanilla - Extraction Quality: Red vanilla will have a humidity level between 15% and 25% to put it simply. Because there are two qualities, US and EU quality. It is ideal for making vanilla extract. It is a vanilla that is red in color and hard like wood. It is an industrial vanilla, ideal for making vanilla extract . In no case is red vanilla a GOLD medal vanilla . It is a vanilla that has been overdried in the sun and is the cheapest vanilla in producing countries. Red vanilla costs less than $80 per kilo in Papua compared to $150 for gourmet quality vanilla.

    TK Vanilla: TK vanilla is a vanilla that will have the same aromatic power as gourmet quality vanilla. It is less flexible and will have red stripes on the pod in addition to the black coat. Its vanillin rate ranges from 1% to 2.4%. It may or may not be split. She goes by the nickname brown vanilla. We did not see refined bourbon gold vanilla during our visit to a vanilla plantation in Madagascar in 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2023, nor luxury bourbon gold vanilla. The region of visit was Mananara-North and Maroensetra 

    Black Vanilla - Gourmet: Gourmet quality black vanilla is a black or dark brown vanilla which is shiny, fleshy with a uniform color and above all supple. On the nose you will discover round notes and a touch of chocolate for Madagascar vanilla. This is the ultimate in the world of vanilla. This vanilla has a humidity level between 30 and 38%. It is an unsplit black vanilla, the most beautiful vanilla. Its vanillin level ranges from 1% to 2.4% from 2.5% it is frosted vanilla but it is very rare.

    Be careful today some sellers say that vanilla

    Today with the high price of vanilla, some producers will stamp green vanilla on the stem. This practice is becoming widespread in Madagascar to find vanilla in the event of theft. You find it on some of our vanilla pods. 

    Why I can find split vanilla and frosted vanilla, what is frosted vanilla? 

    Today some sellers say that some of their vanilla frosts even in alcohol or a few days after unpacking the bag. Here, it's mold and not frost.

    Since 2016, Arnaud has not seen frosted vanilla in Madagascar. Here, it is a very rare vanilla, frosted black vanilla is an exceptional vanilla pod. 

    The latter is recognizable thanks to the white efflorescence which covers the lower part of the vanilla pod. You will then have small white dots.

    Crystallization is linked to the presence of a vanillin level greater than 2.5% for planifolia vanilla. The vanilla keeps its delicious chocolate and intense vanilla scent and it will always be supple. Don't forget when you are going to split the vanilla in two it must keep its flexibility otherwise it will be mold. 

    Split vanilla is a vanilla pod that comes from a late harvest. Simpler, the producer will leave the vanilla planifolia on the vine too long. It is during the last two weeks that the vanilla will give the aromatic power to the vanilla. But the planifolia vanilla tree will split its fruit when it reaches the end of two weeks. Vanilla is often harvested before the end of ripening on the vine to avoid this. 

    It is a good vanilla, but opening it leads to poor drying and a loss of its aromatic power with scalding.

    Signs to look for when choosing the best vanilla bean

    Arnaud Vanille, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, invites you to discover his tips for distinguishing good vanilla , how to choose a perfect vanilla pod , tips for buying your vanilla directly from a vanilla plantation , how to distinguish good vanilla when you buy vanilla. vanilla on the internet .

    You will discover the guide to optimally detecting the best vanilla: 

    To ensure you acquire a good quality vanilla pod, it is essential to use your senses.

    • First of all, smell makes it possible to distinguish the fragrant aroma of vanilla and to recognize the different aromatic profiles depending on the variety. A good vanilla pod gives off a strong and pleasant smell, characteristic of the chosen variety. It has no notes of phenols or acrid 
    • Next, sight is another important sense for identifying a premium quality pod. You should select a vanilla pod that is bright but not too moist. Its color must be uniform and not show any stains, scars or tears, except for traditional punches. Indeed, red/brown filaments are telltale signs of the inferior quality of vanilla.
    • Touch is another sense to use to judge the quality of a vanilla bean . A supple and soft vanilla is a guarantee of freshness and quality. It is possible to feel the pulp by rolling the pod under your fingers, and when the pod is knotted, it should not break. Above all you can squeeze the vanilla and no liquid should come out of it 
    • Finally, taste is another important criterion for judging the quality of a vanilla pod. By using just a few beans in a recipe, high quality vanilla can deliver high aromatic power and imbue the recipe with its subtle fragrance. It is therefore recommended to taste the vanilla to assess its taste quality.

    In short, it is crucial to use your senses when choosing a high-quality vanilla bean. The sense of smell allows you to feel the fragrant aroma, the sight allows you to select a shiny and spotless pod, the touch allows you to feel the soft texture, and the taste allows you to appreciate the aromatic power and taste quality of vanilla.

    • Important point: A vanilla pod that has been harvested on time and prepared properly cannot go moldy. It remains flexible for 1 year before losing its moisture content, even if you only store it in baking paper. But for this you need a good balance between the humidity level and the vanillin level. Poorly prepared vanilla stored under vacuum in the vanilla-producing country will go moldy. A trader who asks you to keep vanilla in alcohol or in the freezer is aware of the poor quality of vanilla and alcohol being a natural preservative and freezing removes the humidity level, you know everything now.

    What are the different vanillas on sale here?

    As explained by chef Arnaud, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina and Apogée Bar in Belo Horizonte and his ephemeral bar during the winter festivals in Brazil Bourbon Gold . Vanilla must be chosen according to its place of production .

    Because each vanilla pod will have its own aromatic power and flavors. In Brazil, the earth gives tangy vanilla notes, in musky Papua and Madagascar a buttery, floral and gourmet touch. 

    The island of Madagascar will cultivate more than 80% of the world's vanilla production. 

    You should know that Mexico is the true land of origin of vanilla planifolia.

    This is how vanilla planifolia will conquer the world and the vanilla-producing countries. 

    We are a producer of planifolia vanilla in Brazil in a test plantation . Even if Mexico is the birthplace of vanilla and Mexican vanilla is increasingly rare and its production is of variable quality . You should know that Brazil is the country with the most varieties of vanilla and wild vanilla in the world . Like the Bahian variety, dubia vanilla and other species from Mata Atlantica and Cerrado vanilla .

    Brazil has more than 40 native species . Brazil is the country that produces the most different varieties of vanilla. But, these are wild vanillas, from micro-lots and sometimes they grow in the forest.

    The creator of Comptoir de Toamasina and the Arnaud Vanille plantation, invites you to discover the different varieties of vanilla which all have a specific use in cooking . We offer here, the guide on the choice of vanilla according to its variety, the recipes that you will make, for creative cooking on a daily basis. 

    • Exceptional vanillas from Comptoir de Toamasina, the largest choice of vanilla in the world:

    Brazilian Vanilla : Brazilian vanilla is an incredible vanilla bean. These are the rarest vanilla beans in the world. With more than 40 varieties in the country we cannot describe them all to you. But it is a vanilla that is rather floral with tangy notes that are specific to Brazilian soil. 

    Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar:  When you wonder what Madagascar vanilla tastes like , it is a vanilla that is warm and round in the mouth with intense and delicious chocolate and vanilla notes . It is a beautiful and great vanilla to discover and work with every day.

    Comoros vanilla: It is the cousin of Madagascar vanilla. The Comoros will produce a beautiful and great vanilla. It will have the same notes as Madagascar bourbon vanilla. If you put Madagascar vanilla and Comoros vanilla side by side you will not tell the difference. The country produces a beautiful vanilla but in a lower quantity than Madagascar. During the vanilla crisis in Madagascar this vanilla pod was available on our site.

    Costa Rican vanilla:

    Vanilla from Guatemala: This vanilla with the name chesibik vanilla in the Mayan language is a rare vanilla, it is a vanilla with floral notes with a touch of clove and the very round note of spicy cocoa. But the quality is very uncertain, it is difficult to match the Malagasy vanilla producers who are the world vanilla experts.

    Congo Vanilla:  Congo vanilla is not available every year on our site and it is a rare vanilla. It will come from the Moon Mountains region where you have many vanilla plantations. It is an agroforestry culture. The notes are woody, with a touch of biscuits and cocoa due to the planifolia variety. On the other hand, the pods are not as beautiful as vanilla from Madagascar, Papua and Tahiti.

    Guyana vanilla:  A rare vanilla, with a very black color, a Grandiflora vanilla, Pompna Schiede vanilla, it is a vanilla found in the Cerrado in Brazil. We distinguish this vanilla by its notes of tonka with a touch of tobacco, ripe apples and above all a tangy side which is specific to Brazilian soil. The price of vanilla from Guyana is around 5 euros per pod for a weight of 10g

    Vanilla from Indonesia: Indonesia wants to become a major producer of vanilla. He will cultivate planifolia and tahitensis vanilla with the bourbon preparation. Its vanilla pods will be of lower quality than Madagascar vanilla. The pods are larger because the drying process is stopped with export in vacuum bags. Since Papua vanilla is more qualitative, there is a lot of smuggling between Papua and Indonesia. You will find a pod with a woody scent, sometimes of burnt wood which gives way to a note of floral vanilla. In Indonesia, we advise you to buy long pepper 

    Indian vanilla:  Indian vanilla pods are of the planifolia variety. It is said that Asia is the cradle of vanilla because in the history of vanilla, Malagasy vanilla comes from Asia. And the story is surely true. With dark brown vanilla colors, it is a light vanilla that leans towards spicy caramel. But it is much lower in quality than a black tea from India

    Mauritius vanilla: This bourbon vanilla because bourbon vanilla is an AOC which brings together the islands of the Indian Ocean is a beautiful vanilla. Fleshy, shiny and supple pods with a complex nose with floral and warm notes. It's a very nice vanilla but difficult to buy. We advise you to buy it from a plantation in Mauritius.

    Vanilla from Mayotte: Few people think of Mayotte, but the French department will produce incredible vanilla. It is even better than Madagascar vanilla. This frost vanilla, with the same notes as Madagascar vanilla, a buttery and chocolatey taste, is a gourmet and intense vanilla.

    Vanilla from Mexico (Papantla in the state of Veracruz): It is the first vanilla pod, it is very little known today. It comes from vanilla planifolia, it is finer than Madagascar vanilla. It is a vanilla that is very little produced. 

    Vanilla from New Caledonia:  It is on the island of Ouvéa, Maré, Lifou and South Grande-Terre that you will have the production of vanilla in Papua. A vanilla that is interesting for its intensely vanilla notes with a fruity touch. It sometimes looks like cocoa from Bahia in Brazil. A vanilla with beautiful aromatic power

    Uganda Vanilla:  This is a vanilla that is worth discovering. This vanilla contains a unique aromatic power with wild chocolate and spicy notes. It's a vanilla that will have an average preparation. It is very difficult to find Gourmet quality Uganda vanilla

    Papua VanillaWith the production of planifolia vanilla and tahitensis vanilla, Papua vanilla isone of the best vanilla pods in the world. Theplanifolia variety will have more vanillin levels than Madagascar bourbon vanilla. This vanilla will undergo scaldingas for thebourbon method. It is a vanilla which will have spicy and musky notes which give way tofloral notes for the tahitensis vanilla and chocolate for the planifolia variety. Papuan vanilla is the best vanilla in theworld

    Sao Tomé Vanilla:  Sao Tomé black vanilla is a new vanilla. It's a journey into a rare land, a new land of vanilla. This vanilla is grown as in plantations in Tahiti, not wildly as in Madagascar and Brazil. We find many intense and delicious cocoa notes and above all a tangy touch. This vanilla is of the planifolia variety

    Vanilla from Sri Lanla: Sri Lanka, formerly the island of Ceylon, is best known for its Ceylon black tea and its wonderful cinnamon , which is real cinnamon, verum. Sri Lankan vanilla is a planifolia vanilla with notes close to Mexican vanilla. It is both softer and more delicious in the mouth. But does not have the power of Malagasy vanilla. But by knowing the know-how of vanilla planters and producers, it is certain that this vanilla will become a great vanilla like Ceylon black pepper.

    Tahitian Vanilla It is said to be the most awarded vanilla in the world. Tahitian vanilla is a vanilla that is delicious and very different from other vanillas in the world. We start with notes of anise and prunes which will give way to intense and delicious vanilla notes. You should know that this vanilla is extraordinary. A vanilla that is very long in the mouth with notes of floral and gourmand vanilla. It is the best vanilla pod in the world for cold preparations

    Tawaïn Vanilla:  Tawai vanilla is a vanilla that is a new vanilla. Tawai is better known for its computer components than its vanilla. A vanilla with notes of vanilla fruits, a touch of gourmet cocoa and red fruit notes. It is rare and expensive, more than 800 euros per kilo.

    Vanilla from Tanzania:  You know our black pepper from Tanzania , here we are going to tell you about a vanilla which is becoming the new vanilla of the bourbon gold vanilla bar in Brazil. An opening on Queen Claude which gives way to aromas of caramel and chocolate

    Vanilla from Tonga: It's a rare vanilla, we don't find it everywhere but the Comptoir de Toamasina will have a few pods per year. Here we have an intense gourmet vanilla with fruity notes, cocoa and a spicy touch. This vanilla is to be discovered

    Vanilla from Trinidade and Tobago: This vanilla was offered at Comptoir de Toamasina but did not pass its test to be for sale on our site. A vanilla that is planifolia but which will not have the intensity of a good vanilla. 

    Vanuatu Vanilla:  I am a vanilla that will have warm, fruity and cocoa notes. This vanilla works well. A vanilla that is love at first sight, from Arnaud Vanille. But we only have a few kilos per year of this delicious vanilla

    Which Vanilla Varieties Should You Choose?

    Vanilla is a spice appreciated for its fragrance and delicate flavor . It is the favorite flavor of the French. 

    The vanilla will come from various origins but it is good to know that each terroir will bring its own notes and aromatic power to the vanilla pod .

    Vanilla is a fruit of the only orchid which will produce an edible fruit , the vanilla orchid which has its origins in Mexico .

     There are mainly four varieties of vanilla offered on the world market, including the Bahian vanilla variety grown by Comptoir de Toamasina which is the rarest vanilla in the world , get to know them to choose the vanilla you need!

    A quick reminder, there are more than 40 vanilla orchids in Brazil , but vanilla planifolia will dominate 95% of the world market . But not all vanillas will have the same aromatic power. Here you will discover the 4 vanillas that you can buy: 

    • Vanilla Planifolia: Vanilla Planifolia is the original variety of Reunion vanilla, today AOP . It is mainly cultivated in Madagascar which will hold 80% of the world's vanilla production . It is the best-selling vanilla in the world . Exceptionally high quality, supple, dark black vanilla beans , with a warm scent with a hint of chocolate, are available from the Vanilla Planifolia species . Thus, there are three qualities of vanilla pods in Madagascar. Red vanilla (a low-end , brittle vanilla with a humidity level below 28%, especiallyred bourbon vanilla M - "gold medal does not exist, it is a commercial name ), then tk vanilla , of which you can find red traces and finally gourmet quality vanilla, the ultimate in vanilla . Gourmet grade vanilla beans have a fleshy, oily appearance and a dark hue ranging from dark brown to deep black . Vanilla planifolia is often considered the best vanilla in the world, by baking enthusiasts . It is the second vanilla having the highest level of vanilin, the first is Bahian vanillafrom the Comptoir de Toamasina. We must remind you that bourbon vanilla is an AOC which brings together the islands of the Indian Ocean and Madagascar is the leading producer of this vanilla. Thus, Madagascar bourbon vanilla is distinguished from vanilla produced in Latin America, Asia or Tahiti. This species has a significant quantity of vanillin, but the name is to mark the consumer and so that he knows where the bourbon vanilla comes from. From appetizer to dessert, a bourbon vanilla bean can be used to make creative recipes. We advise you to discover the recipes from Comptoir de Toamasina on our blog, to discover all the methods of use.
    • Tahitensis vanilla:   This vanilla pod is the second best-known variety in the world of vanilla . For great restaurants and starred chefs, it is the best vanilla in the world . This second variety of vanilla can be picked when it is at the peak of its flavor and aroma. That is to say, unlike Madagascar vanilla, vanilla opens when it ripens, Tahitensis vanilla does not open and you can dry it on the vanilla r. But tahitensis vanilla has a lower level of vanillin than planifolia vanilla . Tahiti tahitensis vanilla pods are fragrant, but rarely exceed 20 cm in length.Vanilla Tahitensis has a sweet aniseed then floral vanilla scent . T ahiti is the leading producer of vanilla tahitensis with production on the archipelago of French Polynesia. It’s a vanilla that makes you dream and turn heads. First its price then its notes which are rich and incredible. But there is a difference between Tahitian vanilla and Tahitensis vanilla from Papua, because the second will resemble Madagascan vanilla because it will undergo scalding. Discover our article on preparing vanilla
    • Pomona vanilla is a lesser known and less popular species of vanilla that is grown in the West Indies. The pod quality of this variety is considered inferior due to a lack of pod aromas . Pomona vanilla is also known as banana vanilla, and its yield is lower than that of other vanilla varieties. Pomona vanilla has less vanillin than bourbon vanilla, but it is still a flowery vanilla with colorful, sweet undertones; It even reminds me of licorice! But this hybrid vanilla between tahitensis vanilla and planifolia is a vanilla that will have incredible aromatic notes when it is well cultivated. It is a vanilla that is the favorite of Brazilian chefs, particularly Cerrado vanilla , a high quality pompona vanilla. The price of pompona vanilla is 1200 euros per kilo for exceptional gourmet quality in Brazil. 
    • Bahian vanilla, the rarest vanilla in the world:  Bahian vanilla is the rarest vanilla in the world and the most expensive vanilla pod in the world . With a price of more than 3000 euros per kilo . It is a wild vanilla , it grows in the state of Bahia, but also in Rio and Minas Gerais . It will have a vanillin level 4 times higher than Madagascar vanilla. It's a vanilla that's about 8cm.   This wild variety of vanilla was endangered but today with a new producer and the passion of Arnaud Vanille, this vanilla is becoming an essential vanilla

    Natural vanilla extract to enhance your preparations

    Here, you know that Edmond Albius, a young slave in 1841 , was not the first person to pollinate vanilla but it was a Belgian in Liège who carried out the first pollination . It was in 1836 that the Belgian discovered pollination . You have seen that the vanilla tree needs a warm and humid climate and that the artificial pollination method .

    We love vanilla in a compote, rice pudding and its white color. But due to lack of time, we want to use vanilla extract . Because let vanilla infuse for 12 to 25 minutes in the milk so that it takes on the vanilla notes, it's a long time . So, we are not going to take the tip, with the Mayans for the infusion of vanilla but an extract .

    We bought a vanilla extract which is 100% natural , the same extract that Arnaud Vanille presents on his channel.

    You see the vanilla purchase is at Le Comptoir de Toamasina .

    Because if you want to make a soup, you need to know that you are going to sweeten it with vanilla. Vanilla goes well with soup , Arnaud had recipes with a vanilla collector.

    You should know that the extract is used by Guerlain to make a perfume, because vanilla is used extract to make unique perfumes . But here, you are far from the reference to the black color of vanilla , but rather white , it represents less but it is just as powerful.

    Selection of vanillas only gourmet vanilla

    Vanilla is one of the most popular spices in the world . Originally from Mexico, vanilla is extracted from pods that come from the vanilla planifolia orchid . The latter are often harvested in Madagascar, Bourbon Island, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti and the Comoros. Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and Tahitensis vanilla from Papua are recognized for their exceptional quality and distinctive aroma .

    Buying vanilla is an investment, so to buy the best fruit from vanilla vines, vanilla, Arnaud vanilla offers you vanillas with unique aromatic power. Vanillas that can be dried for months in wooden trunks, or even the traditional method. Because it is here that it will develop the aromas. You will find the vanilla planifolia andrews which likes the undergrowth to develop. 

    Arnaud Vanille offers an exquisite selection of vanilla beans from all over the world, guaranteeing the best value for money . Among the products offered by Arnaud Vanille, we find the bottle of 5 Gourmet Quality Bourbon vanilla pods , the 15 Madagascar vanilla pods in a box , the 20 Madagascar Extra-Gourmet vanilla pods , the 100 Madagascar Extra vanilla pods -Gourmet , bourbon vanilla from Madagascar in 1 kilo format , 5 Tahitensis vanilla pods from Papua , 10 Tahitensis Gourmet vanilla pods from Papua over 14 cm ,20 Tahitensis vanilla pods from Papua and 100 Tahitensis vanilla pods from Papua .

    Planifolia vanilla from Papua New Guinea is also available from Arnaud Vanille , as are Tahiti Extra Gourmet vanilla pods and Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea sold by the kilo . For those who prefer to use vanilla extract, Arnaud Vanille offers liquid vanilla extract from Madagascar and Tahitensis vanilla extract for baking .

    Arnaud Vanille offers a unique aromatic experience with its selection of exceptional vanilla pods. The Comptoir de Toamasina is the place where you can discover and learn more about vanilla from Comptoir de Toamasina and Arnaud Vanille . The store offers a tour of the world's vanilla , deciphering the three most cultivated varieties: Bourbon vanilla , Tahitian vanilla and Vanilla Pompona .

    Brazil is the country with the largest variety of vanilla beans in the world, offering a diversity of aromas and flavors . The secrets hidden inside a vanilla pod are fascinating, while the overview of global vanilla production by producing country highlights the challenges and prospects of this industry.

    The excellence of vanilla comes in different qualities, ranging from red to gourmet . To choose the best vanilla bean, it's important to know the signs to look for, such as softness , moisture, and aroma . Arnaud Vanille offers a variety of vanillas for sale, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their needs. Whether for pastry preparations or savory cooking , there is a vanilla suitable for each recipe.

    To choose vanilla, it is also essential to understand the differences between the varieties and to know the quality criteria to take into account when purchasing. Vanilla sticks should be stored properly to preserve their freshness and flavor . Arnaud Vanille offers advice on preserving vanilla pods .

    The history of the vanilla bean through the ages is fascinating, as is the history of Tahitian vanilla . Arnaud Vanille also offers delicious vanilla-based recipes , such as those from Comptoir de Toamasina , Apogée Bar and Bourbon Gold . For those interested in vanilla processing , Arnaud Vanille offers a journey into the picking and preparation of vanilla pods , revealing the steps and methods for obtaining quality black vanilla .

    Arnaud Vanille offers quality vanilla pods at low prices, allowing everyone to enjoy this exquisite spice. Le Comptoir de Toamasina is synonymous with excellence in vanilla , offering a unique and incomparable experience.

    Which vanilla should you choose for making pastries and savory cooking?

    Vanilla is a versatile spice that can be used in a wide variety of recipes, from sweet desserts to savory dishes. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which vanilla to choose to achieve the best result in your preparations.

    For pastries, Madagascar vanilla and the planifolia variety generally preferred for its intense taste and rich in aromas and the traditional notes of vanilla.

    Tahitian vanilla beans have an aniseed and floral aroma that is perfect for adding depth to desserts such as cakes, creams, flans and ice creams. But as they say, cold preparations.

    It is important to choose fresh, high quality and fleshy vanilla pods , as they contain a large quantity of black seeds which bring an intense flavor to your preparations. The vanilla beans can be cut in half lengthwise and the seeds can be scraped out to use in the recipe .

    When it comes to savory cooking, vanilla powder is often preferred for its subtle taste and versatility. Vanilla powder is made from dried and crushed vanilla beans, which results in a smoother, more subtle flavor than fresh beans. Vanilla powder is ideal for adding a sweet, fragrant note to savory dishes such as cream sauces, meat marinades and soups. We have explained how to make vanilla powder.

    But if you have to use vanilla in savory cooking, you should know that depending on the recipes you are going to make, you will have to choose the right vanilla. 

    And chef Arnaud from Apogée Bar will use Papuan vanilla in Tahitensis or planifolia as a marinade to give a high intensity to his preparations . Then for more exclusive sauces and dishes , in savory cooking the chefs love to use Dubia vanilla, Bahia vanilla and Cerrado vanilla . These are the 3 best vanilla beans in the world for savory cooking .

    Chef Arnaud from Apogée Bar offers you weekly journeys into the world of vanilla with his gourmet and intense recipes.

    How to choose vanilla?

    To choose your vanilla pod well there is no secret, a good vanilla must be supple you must know how to tie a knot with a magnificent intense black color a shiny brown and especially when you are going to touch it it must not have any water coming out of that. 

    In three words, a good vanilla will be: Soft, oily and shiny

    How to use vanilla in cooking?

    Vanilla is one of the most popular and widely used ingredients in cooking . This spice has a mild taste, it is said to resemble our mother's milk in smell. He has articles on this. Make your baby smell vanilla and see who relaxes. 

    As you have seen, each origin of vanilla will have its own aromatic power .

    Now you know that you can buy vanilla at Comptoir de Toamasina, the French vanilla specialist since 2010.

    Chef Arnaud will invite you to discover how to enhance your pastries with a luxurious and gourmet touch: vanilla.

    Find out how to use a vanilla pod in cooking:

    1. Using Vanilla Beans: Vanilla beans are the most popular in baking and cooking. To use them, you need to cut the pod in half lengthwise and scrape out the black seeds inside . The seeds can be used in cakes, ice creams and sauces to add a rich, intense flavor. Discover on our blog how to infuse vanilla
    2. Use Vanilla Extract: Vanilla extract is a liquid that is made by extracting the flavors of vanilla. It is easy to use and can be added to a variety of recipes, such as cookies, cakes, hot and cold drinks, and many more. Vanilla extract can be made on a hydroalcoholic base or sugar base
    3. Using Vanilla Powder: Vanilla powder is made by grinding dried or used vanilla beans. It can be used as an alternative to vanilla extract and is especially delicious in savory recipes, such as cream sauces, soups and salads. It's mainly to give a little visual side
    4. Use vanilla sugar: Vanilla sugar is a mixture of sugar and vanilla. The vanilla sugar can be made with crushed vanilla or simply used vanilla which will be reduced to powder. It is often used to sweeten recipes like pastries, creams and sauces, and can add a subtle but pleasant touch of vanilla to these dishes.

    Combine vanilla with other ingredients: Vanilla is delicious when combined with other ingredients such as chocolate, fruits, coffee, nuts and spices like cinnamon and cardamom. Try combining these ingredients in recipes to create unique and delicious flavors. We made a video on the best chocolate fondant with a runny center, adding vanilla to reduce the bitterness and give more gourmet notes.

    In summary, vanilla is the most versatile spice that can be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Whether you use vanilla beans, extract, powder or vanilla sugar, or combine it with other ingredients, you can be sure that vanilla will add a touch of luxury to your dishes. So don't hesitate to experiment and add vanilla to your favorite recipes and discover on our YouTube channel and blog our vanilla recipes with chef Arnaud, from Apogée Bar and Bourbon Gold Vanille in Nova Lima

    How to properly store vanilla sticks?

    Vanilla is one of the most precious and widely used spices in the culinary world . It ranks just after black pepper .

    However, to get the most out of it, it is crucial to store it correctly for the best possible preservation.

    We are going to repeat here the tips that you find in our advice article for optimal conservation of vanilla.

    Vanilla is very sensitive to environmental factors such as heat, humidity, light and air, which can alter its flavor and aroma. Following these simple tips will help maintain the quality of the vanilla for a long time.

    • The choice of packaging for storing vanilla is crucial:   Airtight glass tubes and jars are one of the best choices for storing vanilla. They must be of appropriate size to avoid contact with air, as oxygen can alter the quality of the vanilla. Aluminum or plastic corks are preferable to cork, which can be a breeding ground for mold. You need a jar that traps as little air as possible. If there is too much air, make a bunch with the vanilla and surround it with baking paper.Another option is to use a metal can similar in size to the vanilla beans to limit contact with air. Vacuum bags are also a great option for storing vanilla. This method allows you to completely remove air and preserve the quality of the vanilla for a long time. At Comptoir de Toamasina we also offer PET tubes which are ideal for preserving your vanilla pods.
    • A cool, dry place: It is important to store vanilla in a cool, dry place, away from light and humidity. Vanilla tends to lose moisture over time, which can alter its flavor and aroma. By following the tips above, vanilla can be stored for 12 to 18 months while maintaining its chewy texture.
    • However, certain storage methods should be avoided, as they can alter the quality of the vanilla. For example, the use of aluminum foil, paper towels, plastic bags or cling film is not recommended because it can dry out the vanilla and encourage the proliferation of mold.
    • It is also important not to store vanilla with other spices, as this can mix the aromas and alter the flavor of the vanilla. Read our article on vanilla is a chameleon

    In conclusion, it is crucial to store vanilla correctly to get the most out of it for the longest time possible. It is possible to buy 1 kg of Madagascar vanilla and store it for 1 year without problem.

    Vanilla beans are a precious and delicate ingredient, and proper storage can make all the difference in quality and flavor. By following these simple tips, vanilla can be stored for a long time while retaining its fluffy texture and delicate aroma.

    When you come across a vanilla sales site that advises you to store the vanilla in alcohol or even in the freezer , you are sure that the vanilla specialist site is aware that you have purchased a batch that may have been poorly prepared .

    At the Arnaud Vanille plantation , we never store our vanilla in the freezer or in alcohol. The vanilla is exported to Madagascar in a cardboard box with parchment paper and the vanilla can be kept for more than a year without problem with this preservation method. 

    History of the vanilla pod through the ages - Discover the history of Tahitian poultry

    The fascinating story of Polynesia's black gold begins in 1848, when Vanilla x Tahitensis, known as Tahitian vanilla , was discovered in a private garden in Tahiti.

    Over time, this rare variety prized by pastry chefs was cultivated on a larger scale on the island. Although it currently represents less than 5% of global vanilla production, Tahitian vanilla is known to be one of the most delicious varieties in the world, mainly grown in French Polynesia and Papua New Guinea. It's a surprising vanilla with its floral vanilla touch.

    Discover on our blog: The history of vanilla and discover the little princess of Madagascar

    Vanilla x Tahitensis is a unique species, with a stem and leaves that are finer than those of Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla pompona. The particularity of this variety lies in the fact that its fruits do not open spontaneously when ripe, which means that they are indehiscent. This is the only variety that will not open at full maturity.

    On the island of Tahiti, no less than 14 cultivars of Vanilla x Tahitensis can be found, but only two are mainly cultivated: “Tahiti” and “Haapape”. The second is characterized by more robust vines, while the flowers of the first are easier to fertilize.

    The production of Tahitian vanilla is a long and meticulous process. Each flower is hand pollinated and the fruits are not harvested until 9 to 10 months later when they reach full maturity. After the pods brown, they are then dried alternately in the sun and in the shade for several weeks. They then gradually take on their supple and shiny appearance. Finally, refining allows the preparation of the pods to be completed and guarantees their good conservation.

    It is said that Tahitian vanilla is dried 50% on the vine and 50% of time in the sun. Tahitensis vanilla in Papua will undergo the traditional preparation of vanilla and its refining.

    Tahitian vanilla has a complex aromatic bouquet, composed of more than 200 different molecules.

    The pods are fatty and saturated with aromas, offering intense and subtle notes at the same time. The dominant aromas are floral, anise and prune notes. 

    It's a vanilla that we love in cold preparations.

    Delicious vanilla recipes from Comptoir de Toamasina, Apogée Bar and Bourbon Gold

    Whether you are a culinary professional or a passionate amateur , you will find at Comptoir de Toamasina a multitude of recipes highlighting our exceptional vanillas . From the famous Saint-Honoré to the traditional flan , including the delicious millefeuille, panna cotta, canelés , vanilla crème brûlée and many more, each recipe is carefully crafted to bring out the best of the aromatic power of our vanillas.

    We have put together for you a selection of classic and innovative recipes to inspire you and stimulate your culinary creativity . Each of these recipes is designed to enhance the subtle and refined flavors of our vanillas, adding an extra touch of delicacy to your culinary creations.

    Chef Arnaud from Apogée Bar offers you his fabulous recipes on our blog and in video on our Comptoir's YouTube channel.

    We work in close collaboration with renowned chefs in Brazil to develop original and tasty recipes , while highlighting the exceptional quality of our vanillas and their aromatic powers.

    Our goal is to offer you a unique and unforgettable taste experience, using the highest quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques.

    Whether you are looking for traditional recipes or new culinary creations, you will find at Comptoir de Toamasina the best vanilla recipes to satisfy all palates. We hope you enjoy our recipes as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!

    From picking to preparation: how to process vanilla pods - A journey into vanilla processing: steps and methods to obtain black vanilla with Arnaud Vanille

      The cultivation of vanilla, its picking until its preparation is a magical work and incredible. 

      Here, we'll tell you all about the key steps in preparing vanilla.

      • Did you know that it takes 5kg of green vanilla to make 1kg of black vanilla .

      But here we are talking about growing vanilla in Madagascar, a skill that requires experience.

      As we explain in our YouTube videos, vanilla flowering is caused by water stress on the plant . Light stress is rarer, because vanilla is often grown in countries that will have a dry and rainy season. 

      From June, in Madagascar as in Brazil, we arrive at the dry season which begins at the end of April with the last drops of water. Here, in June the earth becomes dry, very dry. The vanilla tree will enter into water stress until September and the first rains. 

      2 months after September, in November the first flowers arrive.   You should know that the humidity level in Minas Gerais and the Cerrado in Brazil can drop to less than 20% and the land becomes arid. 

      Let's discover the key stages of vanilla production: 

      • June: The vanilla will start to experience water stress, it hasn't rained since the end of April and the earth is starting to dry out. In an attempt to survive, the vanilla tree will produce a flower, as a last goodbye, like the isp in Brazil. It is in August that this tree is covered with pink flowers for this variety in July and August and with the first rain it turns green with leaves.
      • September: The first rains arrive and the vanilla tree
      • October to the end of November: This is the vanilla tree pollination period, this stage can last 2 months. Every flower must be pollinated. The vanilla tree produces its first flower at 3 years old and becomes adult at 5 years old but at 8 years old it will have its best production up to 15 years old.
      • June to mid-August: It is the vanilla harvest in Madagascar, 9 months after flowering. The harvest is fixed by Malagasy decree, the Sambava region is one of the first and the last is Maroenstra. It's a time that gives a lot of work
      •  During this period until the beginning of September , there is scalding, here the vanilla will be soaked in water at 70°C for 2 to 3 minutes as you will see in the photo at the bottom. This causes the vegetative arrest of the pod 
      •  It is then immediately placed in a wool blanket and will undergo padding , here the vanilla is placed in a large wooden bin and will remain there in its wool blanket for 48 hours. Here the objective is for the vanillin and aromatic compounds to develop. The vanilla starts to turn oily and black
      • September to November: The vanillas will undergo drying in the sun for 1 month, each day they are spread out in the sun, massaged and turned over then put back in the wool blanket and stored. The best vanillas become gourmet and the worst become red vanillas. We can already see at this stage
      • From October to December see the beginning of January it is the refining, here, the vanilla is put on racks in a completely dark room and not in a wooden trunk, it is very rare to develop the aromatic power, this procedure ranges from 1 month to 3 months
      • December to February , the vanilla is calibrated, put into bunches according to quality
      • December to the end of May: This is the export season for new harvest vanilla, at the end of May vanilla is banned from export until the next harvest 

      Then it's time to practice harvesting the new season's vanilla. 
      You see the bourbon preparation method requires a lot of work but the Tahiti method is how, we will find out now. 

      How is the Tahiti version of vanilla tahitensis prepared? 

      1. June to October: Tahitian vanilla is grown in the plantations. It is at night that pollination will take place on the islands
      2. 1 month after pollination the pods are almost adult and the harvest will take place at the 10th month
      3. Unlike Malagasy vanilla and the bourbon method, tahitensis vanilla will not undergo scalding but will be dried in the sun because it does not need to stop the vegetative state of the orchid fruit alone. 
      4. On average the preparation lasts 4 months in Tahiti for this vanilla to develop all its flavor

      As you can see, Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the French specialist in the world of vanilla from its production to its sale and even in its use. 

      Vanilla at a low price: how to find quality pods without breaking the bank

      Le Comptoir de Toamasina is a vanilla unearther engaged in the production of vanilla and the search for exceptional vanilla for inspired gourmet creations

      We want to highlight this raw material which is the most expensive after saffron and which will highlight terroirs for a magical gourmet experience.

      Thanks to Arnaud Vanille, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, we want to guarantee you the most beautiful experiences with our vanillas for chefs, pastry chefs, restaurateurs and pastry lovers. 

      A high quality vanilla pod to help you discover the world of vanilla in a different way.

      Buying quality black vanilla at Comptoir de Toamasina means buying gourmet quality vanilla at the best value for money. 

      Arnaud's experience of more than 10 years in search of the most prestigious vanillas in the world. 

      The creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, Arnaud Vanilla reminds you that it is first of all important to be wary of products that are too cheap, because they are often of mediocre quality and do not have the aromatic power of a good vanilla from Comptoir de Toamasina. Toamasina. A seller who sells vanilla and advises you to preserve it in alcohol should be avoided.

      The authentic vanilla pods are harvested by hand and undergo scalding then refining.

      So, it is better to buy vanilla beans from reliable suppliers known for their quality. Le Comptoir de Toamasina has been the reference in the world of vanilla since 2010.

      Finally, it is possible to use alternatives to vanilla to reduce costs. For example, vanilla extract or vanilla powder are less expensive than whole vanilla beans, although they do not have the same complex and subtle flavor.

      You want to know everything about how to choose your vanilla pods like a star chef. 

      Le Comptoir de Toamasina: the excellence of vanilla

      Thanks to the Arnaud Vanille plantation , Comptoir de Toamasina invites you to discover its own production of excellent vanilla pods every year on our site. 

      At Comptoir de Toamasina, we do everything we can to establish a relationship of trust and proximity when purchasing our vanilla from a French vanilla importer who is in contact with authorized exporters in Madagascar.

      We carefully select the best vanillas from the most prestigious terroirs in the world, grown and prepared with respect for ancestral traditions.

      Because for more than a century, the preparation of Malagasy vanilla has not changed.

      We are committed to offering our customers optimal traceability for our Brazilian vanilla, for a gourmet and responsible experience.

      We have established a partnership with Abaçai, a Brazilian Comptoir that is concerned about the quality of their raw materials, to continue our commitment to excellence and sustainability in Brazil.

      This collaboration allows us to work together to create exceptional products, by promoting cultivation and production practices that respect the environment and local communities.

      Our acai is the finest example of our work. 

      We are convinced that we will offer you an unforgettable taste experience with our vanillas from around the world. 

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