Selim Pepper - Grinder
Selim Pepper - Grinder
Selim Pepper - Grinder
Selim Pepper - Grinder
Selim Pepper - Grinder
Selim Pepper - Grinder
Selim Pepper - Grinder
Selim Pepper - Grinder

Selim Pepper - Grinder

We offer you the best rechargeable Selim pepper mill, ideal for taking your taste buds on a journey. With more than 25 peppers at Comptoir de Toamasina, specialist in rare and berry peppers, it is difficult to buy 25 different pepper mills and especially the high price of a good pepper mill.

  • Pepper Potency: 5/10
  • Main notes: Licorice and black pepper
  • Origin: Cameroon

This pod will take your taste buds on a journey with a strong, sweet and somewhat peppery taste. We discover a superb aromatic palette with notes of ginger, licorice and black pepper. They can be used whole for stews and sauces then ground to add incredible flavors to fish, pork and vegetables.




I selected for a refillable Selim berry pepper mill.

The Baies de Selim pepper mill  is ideal if you want to have our entire collection of  peppers  and  rare peppers. And when we  buy Sélim bay , we are seduced by its original flavors ranging from smoked to licorice to black pepper. But you will find base and heart notes like coconut, eucalyptus, musk, ginger  and  this incredible touch of licorice and black pepper.  The fake African pepper as we like to call it will have a medium heat. 

The Selim berry will have a  blackish color, a berry in the form of a pod which is narrow with seeds inside. 

We will always recommend grinding it if you want to use it as a table pepper. 

Because  it will wonderfully replace black pepper  but with a flavor that is unique. 

Selim Bay is   ideal with white fish and coffee. But we also like it in the chocolate mousse recipe. 

La baie de Selim va avoir une couleur noirâtres, une baie sous forme de gousse qui est étroite avec des graines dedans. 

Nous allons toujours vous recommander de la broyer si vous souhaitez l'utiliser comme un poivre de table. 

Car elle va remplacer à merveille le poivre noir mais avec une saveur qui est unique. 

La Baie de Selim est idéal avec un poisson blanc et le café. Mais on l'aime aussi dans la recette de la mousse au chocolat. 


In France it is called Selim Bay, but in Africa you will find it under the name Poivre de Selim or Guinea black pepper or even Diar in Wolof!

Only piper nigrum can have the name pepper in France.


This berry is not part of Piper Nigrum and in France the pepper appellation is prohibited by an order of 1945.

But in Africa it is called false African pepper, even though there are beautiful pepper plantations.

You will discover it in tropical forests, near rivers and in the desert environments of the savannah.

It's a bit like the pinot palm which makes powdered acai , particularly the roxo variety. It grows on the banks of the Amazon and in the Cerrado, the Brazilian savannah with the most biodiversity. 

But you should know that the yield is different between the two production areas, on our blog you will find out everything.

You should know that in Ivory Coast, it is still called Guinea pepper, Selim pepper or long pepper. Even if it has nothing to do with Kampot long pepper or Java long pepper . But in Portuguese we designate pepper and pepper berry. Pink Berry , Pimenta Rosa and Pimenta do Reino black pepper. You understand that it was state property to have the name Reino. 

In English it is called African pepper or Ethiopian pepper (Xylopia aethiopica). It is a member of the Annonaceae family. It is known by a variety of regional names throughout the African continent. Its cylindrical, dark brown fruits resemble pods, like beans on a smaller scale.

Don’t hesitate to discover our  vanilla pods . 

Each pod can measure between 2.5 and 5 cm long and contain between 5 and 8 kidney-shaped seeds. The pods are fragrant, but the seeds are not. A bit like Timut Bay and Sichuan Bay .

Thus, the whole gives it a slightly bitter and slightly spicy aromatic flavor.

The spicy component appears to be a combination of cubeb pepper and nutmeg.

But when you smell it, you immediately notice the licorice and black pepper.

You should know that there are other species, for example, Xylopia parviflora.

For the record, this berry was first found in Ethiopia by Arab merchants, then by Europeans in Ghana, this African spice brought joy to families around the world until the 16th century, when Indian black pepper it's imposed.

Today, it is difficult to obtain it outside of the countries that produce it. Le Comptoir de Toamasina took time to select and offer you the Baie de Selim pepper mill. 


Selim bay you will be able to use it from starter to dessert to accompany purees, pan-fried, wok, but also in white meats and fish. 

But we love it in traditional cuisine like the legendary Pot-au-feu, carrot beef and all the northern dishes which will have an African touch. The mix of flavors and cultures through gastronomy is incredible. Arnaud, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, will combine the cuisine of Northern France with that of Minas Gerais. But Selim berry is amazing in soups with sweet potato, parsnip, pumpkin and all vegetables.

If you want to explore new flavors, you can use black pepper (another new nickname) in poultry, then make duck, pigeon, turkey, goose, chicken and all white meats. 

But its other nickname the kilo will harmonize wonderfully with seafood and shellfish but it is especially in white and fatty fish which will be appreciated to its fullest extent.

Replace your black pepper with Selim Berry vinaigrette. 


I want to share with you 8 recipes that you can make with Selim berry. Here, these recipes are simple and very quick to make. You see you are going to replace the pepper with it. 

  1. Duck breast with selim berries and honey sauce: Season duck breasts with crushed selim berries, salt and aromatic herbs. Cook them in a pan until golden brown. For the sauce, mix honey, balsamic vinegar, crushed wild Madagascar pepper and a little chicken stock. Serve the sliced ​​duck breast with the sauce.

  2. Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Selim Berries: Cook sweet potatoes until tender, then mash them with a little butter, crème fraîche and finely ground selim berries. Season to taste with salt and a little aromatic herb.

  3. Selim Berry Marinated Beef Skewers: Cut beef into cubes and marinate in a mixture of crushed selim berries, olive oil, soy sauce, honey and minced garlic. Thread the beef cubes onto skewers with vegetables of your choice, then grill until the meat is cooked to your preference. You will discover the recipe on my YouTube channel.

  4. Pumpkin soup with selim berries: Cook pieces of pumpkin with crushed selim berries in vegetable broth. It is important to crush the Selim berries so that they release their aromatic power. Once the pumpkin is tender, blend everything until you obtain a smooth texture. Season with salt and possibly a touch of crème fraîche before serving.

  5. Selim Berry Gingerbread: Add ground selim berries to your traditional gingerbread recipe to give it a unique flavor. Serve it with a little butter for a delicious snack or dessert.

  6. Selim Berry and Coconut Milk Vegetable Curry: Saute vegetables like carrots, potatoes, chickpeas and spinach in a pan with crushed selim berries, curry powder and coconut milk . Simmer until the vegetables are tender and the flavors have blended well.

  7. Fish en papillote with selim berries and citrus fruits: Wrap fish fillets with crushed selim berries, orange or lemon slices, some fresh herbs and a drizzle of olive oil in parchment paper. Cook in the oven until the fish is steamed and tender.

  8. Roast pork with selim berries and apples: Rub a pork roast with crushed selim berries, salt, pepper and a little mustard. Arrange apple wedges around the roast in a baking dish. Bake until the pork is cooked through and the apples are lightly browned.

Native country
Xylopia aethiopica
Selim berry
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