Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo
Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo

Cubèbe Pepper with Kilo

Cubeba pepper with a fresh and minty aroma. Cubèbe Pepper is an excellent pepper, a gourmet pepper. The Cuban Pepper or Pepper tail is very tasty with tasty notes and with a taste of fresh mint naturally. It is an ideal pepper to sprinkle with cavaillon melons.

  • Pepper power: 4/10
  • Main notes: Menthol and eucalyptus notes
  • Use: Salads, desserts and Asian cuisine
  • Origin: South India and Indonesia

Buy cubeb pepper online, a tailed pepper that will take your dishes on a creative journey with its unique notes. A rare pepper. Buy cubeb peppercorns at the best price from our pepper counter. Buy the best tailed pepper.

5 2024
5/ 5



We offer you cubeb pepper by the kilo . You will discover a packaging of 150g per kilo . Immerse yourself in an exquisite taste experience with our Cubeb pepper by the kilo , a captivating spice that transports your taste buds to distant lands. 

It is a pepper which is a cousin of piper nigrum, a pepper with a beautiful bitterness, a rare pepper, the cubeb or tail pepper has a small tail compared to wild pepper.

Originally from the Indonesian islands, Cubeb pepper is a treasure of world gastronomy, recognized for its slight spiciness and its delicate aromatic notes, subtly evoking cloves and fresh mint.

From 0.150 kg to 25kg , our selection of Cubeb pepper offers you the possibility of exploring and purchasing according to your use.

Whether you are a starred chef in search of excellence or a passionate cooking enthusiast in search of new sensations, our Cubèbe pepper will meet all your expectations.

Since 2010 , Le Comptoir de Toamasina has been a family grocery store which specializes in the purchase of Madagascar spices, cloves and vanilla . 

But did you know that cubeb-tailed pepper is not only a pepper for cooking but also for cocktails and spice mixes.

Dive into our description, its fascinating history and discover its multiple uses throughout the centuries. 

You will learn everything about its use from starter to dessert including cocktails. 

Let yourself be seduced by the magic of Cubeb pepper and embark on an unforgettable sensory journey with each meal.


We are a pepper specialist and our principle since 2010 has been to offer you the best flavors at the best value for money.

We have had a lot of demand from pepper lovers and small businesses who want to buy cubeb pepper at a better price. 

To stand out from our competitors, we would like to sell you cubeb pepper in per kilo format, discover our official price for cubeb pepper per kilo:

  • 0.150kg of cubeb pepper: 12.80 euros
  • 0.5kg of cubeb pepper: 34.70 euros
  • 1kg of cubeb pepper: 49 euros


We offer you an incomparable selection of more than 25 different peppers and berries, carefully chosen to offer you an exceptional taste experience. Our goal is to provide you with the best peppercorns at the best value for money per kilo . I am Arnaud Sion and the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, on my online store you will buy my selection of pepper at the best price per kilo and on my blog unique recipes.

The Piper botanical family is a true source of diversity, offering a fascinating range of flavors and nuances:

  • Piper nigrum , more commonly known as black pepper, represents the timeless classic of our tables. Its round grain and characteristic texture make it the traditional pepper of our mills.

  • Tailed peppers , such as wild Voatsipérifery pepper from Madagascar or cubeb from Indonesia, add an exotic and aromatic touch to our dishes. Although the Madagascar wild is a cousin of the piper nigrum, the cubeb has its own distinct variety.

  • Long peppers and other berries , such as Ethiopian timiz, along Java or Indian Assam, offer a unique taste experience thanks to their elongated shape and distinct aromas.

The final color and flavors of pepper depend on the degree of ripeness at harvest and post-harvest handling.

The famous Piper nigrum pepper comes in four colors:

  • Green pepper, fresh and spicy.
  • Black pepper, intensely aromatic after being dried.
  • Red pepper, offering gentle heat and fruity notes.
  • White pepper, refined and subtle, the result of a careful soaking and drying process.

Explore this diverse range of peppers to elevate your dishes to new heights of deliciousness and refinement.


Cubeb pepper is obtained from berries harvested before they are fully ripe , then dried or ground, if you buy the peppercorn or powdered spice.

These small berries can be consumed directly by chewing them, providing a unique taste experience. Native to  South-West India, between Sumatra, Java and Borneo , Cubeb pepper , botanically known as Piper cubeba L. , grows wild in the heart of the tropical forest. Its picking, meticulous and demanding , lasts about a month and takes place in June, when the clusters of berries turn red when ripe. These berries grow by wrapping around majestic trees that can reach more than 10 meters high . A single tree produces on average 50 kg of fresh berries , of which 4 kg are needed to obtain 1 kg of dried pepper . The peppercorns are then dried in the sun for 3 to 4 days to evaporate excess water.

The history of Cubeb pepper is as rich as its aroma. Imported to Europe by the Arabs in the Middle Ages , this pepper was initially used medicinally to treat respiratory problems. It was also renowned for its mystical properties and was often used in love potions . In the 17th century , its growing rarity was explained by a royal ban in Portugal , aimed at promoting the trade in black pepper. Today, Cubeb pepper is widely used in North African cuisine, notably in the raz-el-hanout spice blend .

Cubeb pepper , the fruit of an Indonesian climbing plant, embodies not only gastronomic richness but also a fascinating cultural and historical heritage .


When we talk about cubeb pepper. You should know that cubeb pepper is a gourmet pepper for me. I am Arnaud Sion, the creator of Comptoir and pepper specialist. Don’t hesitate to discover my world of spices on my YouTube channel.

It is a pepper that wants to take you on a journey into a sensory world where fresh, honeyed and herbaceous mint flavors mingle that will awaken your senses with each use. This pepper, both  mild and spicy , goes perfectly with a multitude of dishes, whether savory or sweet. From traditional cuisine to the most daring culinary creations, Cubeb pepper brings a touch of originality and refinement to your recipes.

Be careful, this is a pepper that should not be heated because it will have a very bitter taste.


Cubeb proves to be a very versatile pepper, adding aromatic richness and an exotic touch to your culinary creations . Here are some ideas for incorporating it into your dishes:

  • Red meats and game : Its woody aroma and spicy flavor enhance meats rich in flavor, bringing additional depth to your dishes.

  • Stewed dishes and sauces : A pinch of ground cubeb can transform a sauce or a simmered dish, giving it unparalleled complexity and aromatic intensity.

  • Desserts and pastries : Surprise your taste buds by adding cubeb to your sweet preparations, such as fruit tarts or spicy cakes, for an exotic and original touch.

  • Cocktails and Drinks : Infused in syrups or used as a garnish, cubeb adds a spicy and refreshing note to your drinks, elevating your taste experience to the next level.

This pepper is characterized by honeyed and herbaceous flavors , both sweet and spicy, and can be used in a variety of recipes, both savory and sweet. Locally, it is sometimes infused for its medicinal properties, such as to fight fever or facilitate digestion.

  1. Exotic Mango and Cubeb Pepper Smoothie : Mix half a teaspoon of cubeb pepper with mango pieces, yogurt and a few ice cubes for a refreshing and spicy smoothie.

  2. Grilled Cubeb Pepper Chicken : Sprinkle chicken tenders with ground cubeb pepper before grilling for a bold, fragrant flavor.

  3. Pear and cubeb pepper tart : Add a teaspoon of ground cubeb pepper to the filling of your pear tart for a spicy twist on this classic dessert.

  4. Exotic fruit salad with cubeb pepper : Mix tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and papaya with a pinch of cubeb pepper for a fruity and spicy salad.

  5. Cubeb Pepper Fried Rice : Add ground cubeb pepper to your fried rice for a unique, aromatic flavor that perfectly complements Asian dishes.

  6. Cubeb Pepper Crème Brûlée : Infuse a vanilla bean with a pinch of cubeb pepper into your cream before baking for a spicy and decadent take on this classic dessert.

  7. Marinated salmon with cubeb pepper and orange : Mix ground cubeb pepper with orange zest, fresh orange juice and a little olive oil for a delicious marinade for salmon.

  8. Chocolate ice cream and cubeb pepper : Add half a teaspoon of ground cubeb pepper to your chocolate ice cream base (for 1kg) for a spicy and unexpected touch that will delight your taste buds.


In the heart of the city of Lille, cradle of innovation and commerce for centuries, my small family business is emerging, passionate about the excellence of flavors.

We are a wholesaler of Cubeb pepper. With our commitment to quality and authenticity, my grocery store stands out for selling spices in mills or simply in bottles and by the kilo for your restaurant. 

Thanks to the extensive logistics network, we ensure fast and reliable delivery throughout France and across Europe. Whether you are a starred chef in Paris, a cooking enthusiast in Berlin or a gastronomy lover in Milan, our Cubeb pepper will reach you fresh and intact, ready to enhance your most exquisite dishes.

But our commitment does not stop at simple commercial transactions. We are driven by the desire to share our passion for authentic flavors and to support our customers in their quest for culinary perfection. 

By choosing Le Comptoir de Toamasina to purchase Cubèbe pepper, you are opting for excellence, quality and service. Let yourself be carried away by the captivating aromas of our pepper and make each dish an unforgettable taste experience.

Native country
South India and Indonesia
Piper Cubeba
Cubebe Pepper
Bottle, Sachet and Mill
Preparation / Delivery
Preparation within 24 hours - Delivery within 48 hours

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