Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)
Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)
Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)
Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)
Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)
Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)
Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)
Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)

Cubebe Pepper (Tailed Pepper)

Cubed pepper with a fresh aroma and at the same time minty. Cubèbe Pepper is an excellent pepper, a gourmet pepper. The Cuban Pepper or Pepper with tail is very tasty with tasty notes and with a taste of fresh mint naturally. It is an ideal pepper to sprinkle with cavaillon melons.

  • Pepper power: 4/10
  • Main Notes: Menthol and Eucalyptus Notes
  • Use: Salad, dessert and Asian cuisine
  • Origin: South India and Indonesia

Discover the cubèbe pepper, pepper with tail which will make your food travel in a creative kitchen with its unique notes. A rare pepper. Buy cubèbe at the best in our pepper counter.



Cubeb Pepper (Tailed Pepper) - Buy java tailed pepper - quality rare pepper

Buy cubeb peppercorns online. Buy a tailed pepper with a unique aromatic power.

The cubeb tail pepper is a pepper that will take your kitchen on a journey into creative cuisine.

Read the history of pepper, to discover the story of the King of Portugal discovering this black gold.

You should know that the fascinating world of Cubeb pepper, an intriguing spice with a captivating character that has conquered palates around the world.

Appreciated for its distinctive aroma and slightly spicy flavor, Cubeb pepper has become a popular ingredient, particularly in Asian cuisine.

On our YouTube channel and on our blog you will discover why you should buy cubeb pepper and why it is the best pepper for summer.

  Join us in discovering some delicious recipes highlighting the exceptional taste of Cubeb pepper, also nicknamed “tailed pepper” to distinguish it from wild Madagascar pepper.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the online grocery store specializing in the best spices, cubeb pepper, vanilla pods, rare peppers, peppercorns and flavors from around the world.

In our Rare Flavors and Peppers Counter, you will buy the best cubeb pepper online.

Cubeb pepper is a peppercorn that is grown in Indonesia.

The land of Indonesia will give this pepper character and a totally unique flavor.

With the cubeb we rediscover the world of pepper.

Cubeb has a magnificent note of mint, resinous and bitterness.

In Indonesia, it's a bit of a star, the piper cubeba.

You will buy the best cubeb pepper in grains but also learn everything about what cubeb pepper is, how to cook with cubeb.

Buy our cubeb peppercorns at Comptoir de Toamasina and forget everything you know about the world of pepper. You will discover a pepper with a unique flavor, for creative cooking.

Don't hesitate to discover cubeb pepper by the kilo, our packaging for professionals.

Meet our vanilla pod from Madagascar, Vanilla Planifolia from Papua and vanilla from Tahiti.

Cubeb-tailed Pepper in a few words

Cubeb pepper, also known as tail pepper, is a variety of pepper native to the regions of Java and Sumatra.

It is the fruit of a perennial climbing plant of the Piperaceae family. Cubeb peppercorns, dark in color and elongated in shape, are distinguished by their characteristic small tail, hence their name.

Cubeb pepper is widely appreciated for its distinct aroma, which is often described as being a cross between black pepper and cloves. Its slightly fruity and tangy taste makes it a versatile ingredient to enhance a variety of dishes, from meat dishes to vegetarian dishes to spice blends like ras el hanout.

Our Counter offers you the opportunity to buy cubeb pepper, tailed pepper. Discover and purchase cubeb, know its history, its use in creative cooking and buy it at the best price per kilo. The tailed pepper comes from the island of Java like the long pepper, it is subtle with a little bitterness and notes of mint.

It's a pepper that doesn't sting and works wonders in Asian cuisine.

In our Counter of the best peppers in the world you will buy tailed pepper, cubeb pepper.

We offer you a pepper with subtle notes, a slight bitterness and a powerful and intense fragrance for a pepper that is off the beaten track.

La route des poivres du Comptoir de Toamasina et D'Arnaud - le Poivre Cubèbe

Cubeb pepper is a bit like the new star of Comptoir de Toamasina, because it can also replace vanilla.

It is a pepper that is little known in Europe and France and yet it is a peppercorn that has flavor.

We love it for its intense flavor.

It is true that it can be used from starter to dessert.

Our cubeb will be characterized by a symphony of intense flavors for an incredible culinary journey.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we want to sell you the best cubeb pepper for creative everyday cooking.

The tailed cubeb pepper takes you to the island of Borneo, Java, Sumatra and immerse yourself in Asian cuisine.

It is the fruit of a vine, Piper Cubeba, it is a pepper like black pepper, but for purists only Piper nigrum can have the name pepper.

Its picking is done by hand with care.

It has a grain with a long stalk that may be as large as the diameter of the grain.

As with all peppers, you can use it in savory and sweet cooking.

You don't have a mill, discover the cubeb pepper in a refillable mill. 

Le Comptoir de Toamasina - The Pepper and Cubeb Pepper Specialist

Le Comptoir de Toamasina, the undisputed French specialist in the intoxicating world of exotic peppers.

Among our collection of aromatic treasures, we are proud to present our jewel: Cubeb Pepper.

In search of a unique spice to enhance salads, melons and Asian dishes, our creator Arnaud undertook a taste journey in search of a unique pepper.

It was while traveling in Asia and Vietnam that he discovered this pepper.

He will start looking for an importer and will discover it in 2014 in Germany. He will show me a batch that is unique in taste and above all, he will show me the art of using it in cooking. Because it is a pepper that cannot be used like all peppers.

This pepper is distinguished by a unique aromatic power, deploying refreshing notes of mint and eucalyptus, creating an exceptional taste experience. What makes it truly unique is its non-spicy character, offering a captivating alternative for fans of subtle flavors.

However, the magic of Cubeb Pepper lies in its delicate use. It is strongly recommended to use it sparingly to avoid any unwanted bitterness. In addition, it is crucial to never subject this aromatic treasure to excessive heat, thus preserving its delicate nuances intact.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, our commitment to quality and authenticity is reflected in each of our products.

Cubèbe Pepper embodies our passion for discovering rare flavors, and we are delighted to share this unique experience with our customers.

The story of cubeb pepper

It is quite simply the fruit of a climbing and perennial plant of the Piperaceae family, native to the Indonesian islands, Java, Sumatra and India.

It is a pepper which is also cultivated in Sri Lanka. It is often grown in the middle of coffee plantations.

The cubeb pepper is harvested green before it is ripe, then the cubeb peppercorns are dried in the sun which will give its dark color.

The use of piper cubeba its scientific name has been known since the dawn of time in China. We do not hesitate to use it, particularly for its benefits on respiratory problems in traditional Chinese medicine.

It was the Arabs who imported cubeb pepper to Europe in the Middle Ages.

It is a pepper that will become very rare in the 17th century, because the king of Portugal who will reign put it on the pepper route will ban it to favor black pepper.

It was first unfound in Europe in the 19th century and very little known today, the tailed pepper is still widely used in the Maghreb.

We should not call it pepper, which is a name reserved for the Piper Negrum family, but it is commonly accepted to extend the term to other members of the piper such as cubeb, long java pepper. To find out more about pepper, see our article dedicated to pepper: “Peppers – from its history to its harvest”.

what is cubeb - tailed pepper

You should know that cubeb pepper is a very rare pepper which originates from Indonesia or southern India.

It stands out completely from other peppers with its fresh notes, its own minty taste and its small tail.

Cubeb pepper is ideal to accompany braised endives, fish or even Cavaillon melon. It will wonderfully enhance your citrus or red fruit sorbets, all your chocolate-based preparations and of course all your Asian recipes.

Atypical pepper, it is a curiosity at every meeting.

Product Description


Product: Cubeb pepper or tail pepper

Packaging in bottles and sachets per gram and kilo

Characteristic: It is spicy with a note of mint and a touch of bitterness

Origin: India / Kerala, Ceylon, Indonesia

Other packaging available: Cubeb pepper in a mill

How to use cubeb in cooking and baking?

The tailed pepper gets its name from the small tail attached to its seed. Be careful, it should not be confused with wild Madagascar pepper.


Cubeb pepper can be used crushed, ground or used as a whole grain.

Like the vast majority of peppers, cubeb pepper can be used in savory or sweet cooking.

It is a pepper that is used in a salty or sweet marinade, sprinkled on ostrich steak, smoked salmon, Indonesian cuisine as well as in dishes with rice.

Compared to other peppers, cubeb pepper will be sprinkled at the end of cooking or even directly on the plate.

Be careful, pepper can turn bitter if heated too long.


Tasting Cubeb Pepper in the Kitchen: When you taste cubeb pepper, you will discover a pepper that is quite hot and long in the mouth with notes of mint.

Bitterness in cooking today: Today, bitter is a flavor that many can no longer like. It is absent from our daily diet.

The sugar that we use in many dishes will help sweeten the preparation. Which will not offend the taste buds.

But bitter is delicious if it is well balanced. A few notes of bitterness in a salty or sweet recipe is a sign that our gastronomy is delicious.

The note of bitterness in a dish or dessert is the note which will give relief to the flavors, and which will highlight all the other final flavors of the dish.

Bitter we will find it today in: chocolate, coffee, beer, following the slightly prolonged cooking of the sugar where we will obtain a bitter caramel. We also find a superb example of much appreciated bitterness in our Bitter Orange Peel powder from the Bitter Orange, and in our Cubeb peppercorns.


Cubeb-tailed pepper is subtle, incredibly fresh and has a powerful and intense scent.

It hardly stings on the palate.

It has a light and subtle aftertaste of cloves or even mint.

It is an essential pepper in Asian cuisines.

It is a spice that is often used with cottage cheese and eggs.

The flavor of cubeb goes perfectly with all meat dishes (especially game), but also vegetables.

Don’t hesitate to put it in fruit.

Recipe ideas with cubeb pepper

Chef Arnaud from Apogée Bar also offers you 10 incredible recipes to make with cubeb pepper available on our blog:

  1. Cubeb Peppered Salmon with Lime: Marinate salmon fillets with crushed Cubeb Pepper, lime zest, and olive oil. Bake and serve with a garnish of basmati rice. Read our article how to cook salmon.
  2. Melon and Feta Salad with Cubeb Pepper: Combine melon cubes with crumbled feta cheese. Season with ground Cubeb Pepper, a drizzle of olive oil, and fresh mint leaves.
  3. Asian Chicken Skewers with Cubeb Pepper: Thread pieces of chicken onto skewers, marinate them in a sweet soy sauce with Cubeb Pepper, then grill them. Serve with peanut sauce.
  4. Beef Carpaccio with Cubeb Pepper: Thinly slice beef fillet, season with crushed Cubeb Pepper, parmesan shavings, capers and a drizzle of olive oil.
  5. Rice Pilaf with Cubeb Pepper and Vegetables: Cook rice pilaf by adding whole Cubeb Pepper during cooking. Stir in sautéed vegetables such as peas, carrots and peppers.
  6. White Chocolate and Cubeb Pepper Mousse: Prepare a white chocolate mousse by adding a pinch of ground Cubeb Pepper. Refrigerate before serving, garnish with dark chocolate shavings. Chocolate mousse recipe from our childhood.
  7. Avocado Tartare with Cubeb Pepper: Mix diced avocado with halved cherry tomatoes, finely chopped red onions, lemon juice, and ground Cubeb Pepper. Serve on slices of toast.
  8. Chicken Curry with Cubeb Pepper: Prepare a chicken curry by adding Cubeb Pepper for an exotic touch. Serve on a bed of fragrant rice.
  9. Vanilla and Cubeb Pepper Crème Brûlée: Infuse Cubeb Pepper into the cream for the crème brûlée, providing a subtle heat. Caramelize the top before serving. Discover our vanilla crème brûlée recipe.
  10. White Cheese with Red Fruits and Cubeb Pepper: Mix cottage cheese with fresh red fruits, a drizzle of honey, and a pinch of ground Cubeb Pepper for a note of freshness.

Discover more recipes on our blog.

how to store cubeb pepper

To keep cubeb pepper or tail pepper in the best conditions, Comptoir de Toamasina recommends storing it away from light and any temperature shock.

Where to find and buy Cubeb Pepper online

It is at Comptoir de Toamasina that you will find the best cubeb pepper at the best value for money.

Buy a cubeb pepper with incredible, chef-driven flavors.

Au Comptoir is the buying and selling of the best cubeb pepper.

The virtues of cubeb pepper in cooking

Here are some good reasons to use cubeb peppercorns.

When you smell cubeb pepper, it's not uncommon to get a slap in the face and get a boost. We are going to talk about its perfumes. Because the scent of pepper is fresh and intense, your sense of smell will have a multitude of flavors to analyze.

So imagine in the mouth and in savory and sweet dishes.

The virtues of cubeb pepper in cooking are a pepper that brings freshness to all of your dishes with unrivaled aromatic power.

Native country
South India and Indonesia
Piper Cubeba
Cubebe Pepper
Bottle, Sachet and Mill
Preparation / Delivery
Preparation within 24 hours - Delivery within 48 hours
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