White Penja Pepper - Grinder
White Penja Pepper - Grinder
White Penja Pepper - Grinder
White Penja Pepper - Grinder

White Penja Pepper - Grinder

Are you tired of using the same white pepper for dinner? Spice up your evening with Penja pepper from Cameroon. This white pepper is the perfect peppery touch to any dish. Try Penja pepper and you won't be disappointed! Buy white penja pepper in mills from our online pepper specialist Comptoir forgreat recipes.

  • Pepper strength: 7/10
  • Main notes : Ripe fruit, undergrowth and fresh herbs.
  • Use: Ideal for all savory dishes and fruit salads.
  • Origin: Cameroon

Give your dishes the flavor they deserve with this Penja white pepper from Cameroon! This IGP white pepper is of the highest quality and will satisfy all your taste buds. Order now!




JI suggest you purchase Penja white pepper in a refillable mill at the best value for money. I am Arnaud Sion, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina. Today I want to offer you my pepper mill with this pepper that turns all heads. 

Penja White Pepper , presented in an elegant refillable pepper mill, is more than just a condiment, a simple pepper, it is a culinary revelation that attracts the attention of gourmets and chefs around the world. Available on our online pepper specialist store, my family company Le Comptoir de Toamasina , offers you the purchase of white Penja pepper which will revolutionize your cooking with its animal notes and its exceptional menthol aromas.   

The sale of Penja White Pepper is an invitation to rediscover pepper in a new light. Cultivated in the soils of the Penja region in Cameroon, this pepper is the fruit of a unique terroir and climatic condition. Its pure white color is the result of a meticulous harvest and a controlled drying process, thus preserving all the power and subtlety of its aromas.

But why is it turning all heads? The answer lies in its incomparable flavor. Penja White Pepper offers an explosion of sensations in the mouth, with notes that are both warm, woody and slightly floral. Its ability to enhance dishes without dominating them makes it a preferred choice for the most demanding palates.

By choosing to buy Penja White Pepper , you are opting for a quality, recognized by connoisseurs as one of the best in the world. Its unique taste and rarity make it an exceptional product that deserves its place in the most refined kitchens.

The accompanying refillable pepper mill is both practical and durable, allowing fresh peppercorns to be ground on demand for the optimal taste experience. This is a gesture both for the environment and for ensuring constant freshness.

Purchasing Penja White Pepper on Le Comptoir de Toamasina is much more than a simple transaction, it is the assurance of bringing to your table an exceptional product, which will turn all heads and travel your senses . Don't miss the opportunity to transform each meal into a moment of pure pleasure and discovery. Experience Penja White Pepper, a spice that leaves no one indifferent.  


Penja White Pepper, originally from Cameroon, is a spice of exceptional quality that charms the finest palates and awakens the senses to new taste dimensions. Each grain of this pepper is imbued with the rich aromas of its sunny terroir.

When tasting Penja White Pepper, we are greeted by a spicy heat which gives way to a captivating symphony of flavors. Its complex notes oscillate between woody tones evoking ancestral forests, notes of civet, musky accents reminiscent of the whispers of nature, and a subtle minty freshness that soothes the mind.

Nicknamed “bird pepper”, this culinary treasure crosses the ages to offer us its refinement and elegance. It goes harmoniously with red and white meats, fish, and even the most daring desserts. A simple pinch of this pepper is enough to transform an ordinary dish into an exceptional culinary experience.

But here, I will explain everything to you just after for the penja with animal and unique notes. 


Purchase the Penja Pepper Mill at the best value for money, at Le Comptoir de Toamasina .   

Our store is proud to offer you this treasure of spices, renowned for its purity and unrivaled taste, in a practical and elegant pepper mill.

Penja White Pepper is an exceptional spice, grown in the volcanic soils of Cameroon, which seduces with its delicate flavor and controlled power.

Each grain is a promise of a taste journey, an invitation to explore new culinary horizons.


Penja White Pepper is much more than a simple white pepper, it is a true culinary gem that adds a touch of refinement to your dishes. Here are some tips to enhance your culinary creations and awaken your taste buds:

  • At the end of cooking: To preserve the richness of its exotic aromas, add a few grinds of Penja White Pepper to your hot dishes just before serving them. This final touch brings a subtle exotic flavor that will delight your guests.
  • On meats: Whether for tender red meats or delicate white meats, this pepper subtly enhances their taste without overpowering it. Sprinkle it generously on your grills and marinades for an explosion of flavor that will transport you.
  • With fish and seafood: Thanks to its mild and subtle character, Penja White Pepper goes perfectly with the freshness of fish and the richness of seafood. A simple pinch is enough to transform an ordinary dish into a gourmet feast .
  • In vegetables and salads: Add an aromatic dimension to your vegetarian dishes by sprinkling a little Penja White Pepper. It goes particularly well with eggs, mushrooms and green vegetables, giving your dishes an extra touch of sophistication.
  • In sauces: This pepper is magical because it will not color all of your dishes because of its white color. It is the best pepper for sauces. 
  • For daring desserts: Dare to be original by adding a light pinch of Penja White Pepper to your fruit tarts or to fresh juices. This unexpected and refined note will pleasantly surprise your taste buds and add a new dimension to your desserts.

I would like to offer you 8 unique and incredible recipes to pair with Penja PGI white pepper: 

  1. Sea Bass Fillet with Herbs and Penja White Pepper : Gently sprinkle freshly ground Penja white pepper over sea bass fillets seasoned with fresh herbs before baking them in the oven for a subtly fragrant touch.

  2. Duck Breast with White Penja Pepper : Mix crushed white Penja pepper with salt and rub this mixture on duck breasts before grilling for an explosion of delicate and spicy flavors.

  3. Crunchy Vegetable Salad with White Penja Pepper : Sprinkle a salad of crunchy vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and radishes with a pinch of freshly ground white Penja pepper for a refreshing aromatic touch.

  4. Scrambled Eggs with Penja White Pepper : Add a pinch of Penja white pepper to scrambled eggs to enhance their flavor and give them a subtle aromatic dimension.

  5. Salmon Gravlax with White Penja Pepper : Coat a salmon fillet with salt, sugar and crushed white Penja pepper, then let it marinate to create a deliciously fragrant gravlax.

  6. Penja White Pepper Apple Pie : Sprinkle a light pinch of Penja white pepper over a freshly baked apple pie to add a subtly spicy note to this classic dessert.

  7. Penja White Pepper Rice Pilaf : Add freshly ground Penja white pepper to a cooked rice pilaf to give it a delicate, fragrant flavor that pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes.

  8. Refreshing Penja White Pepper Cocktail : Infuse white Penja pepper into a simple syrup, then mix with gin, fresh lemon juice and sparkling water to create a refreshing and aromatic cocktail.


To preserve the freshness and exquisite aromas of Penja White Pepper, follow these practical tips:

  1. Keep it in a bottle: Store the pepper in an airtight container to protect it from humidity and any alteration of its flavor.
  2. Cool, Dry Place: Opt for a cool, dry location in your kitchen for storage. Avoid areas exposed to direct heat or sunlight, which could alter its quality.
  3. Whole grains: Store the pepper in the form of whole grains and grind it just before using it to preserve all its freshness and aromatic qualities.
  4. Shelf life: Penja peppercorns retain their freshness indefinitely in their whole form. However, once ground, it is recommended to use it within three months to ensure optimal flavor.

By following these simple recommendations, you will be able to fully savor the rich flavors of Penja White Pepper with each use, adding a touch of excellence to your dishes.

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Piper Nigrum
White pepper
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